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HISTORY Woodgrove was planned on around 2000 to alleviate overcrowding primarily at Loudoun Valley High School, where the student population has doubled since the 1995-1996 school year. In 2005, the Loudoun County School Board approved the use of Fields Farm, a property north of the Town of Purcellville on County land, but in an urban growth zone jointly controlled by the Town and the County, known as PUGAMP. The town of Purcellville was not pleased with the decision, because of traffic concerns and also because it was expected to provide essential services to the new high school, despite being located outside of the Town. The School Board claimed that the high school's best location was in Fields Farm, and on June 20, 2006, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted 6-3 to start construction of Woodgrove on Fields Farm. The Town of Purcellville pursued legal action in court to stop its construction with a Richmond legal firm; the case is still pending in Court. In July 2006, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors reexamined the possibility of opening Woodgrove in Round Hill, but efforts were unsuccessful. In February 2007, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) began its standard procedure for drawing boundary lines which would split Loudoun Valley into two high schools. Land construction still did not start on Fields Farm due to the lawsuit filed by Purcellville. LCPS also acknowledged that because of the lawsuit, they would file a special construction exemption to expedite construction of the school, but still "split" Loudoun Valley into two schools in the 2008-2009 school year. According to LCPS, if Loudoun Valley was not split into two schools by 2008, students who move to the area may be forced to attend Briar Woods High School or Freedom High School because the school would be at maximum capacity then. Briar Woods and Freedom at the time would not have student populations at capacity for at least two school years. On March 17, 2007, the Loudoun County Circuit Court ruled in favor of the Town of Purcellville, due to Loudoun County's lack of consultation with the game town on the building of the high school. Because of the decision, the high school was delayed. On September 12, 2008, The Virginia Supreme Court ruled that the County of Loudoun has sole authority over location decisions for public facilities in the Purcellville Urban Growth Area located outside the Town of Purcellville’s corporate limits. The decision came as a result of a series of lawsuits brought by the Town of Purcellville against Loudoun County to challenge the proposed Western Loudoun High School location north of the town. The court rejected the argument that the Town of Purcellville had authority to decide whether new public facilities, such as the high school, could locate in this unincorporated area of the county. That decision lies only with the county. The court also decided that the proposed high school was not a feature shown on the Purcellville Urban Growth Area Management Plan, and so its location must be submitted by the Loudoun County School Board to the Loudoun County Planning Commission for a determination that it was in substantial accord with the plan. This review is referred to as a “Commission Permit.” County Attorney Jack Roberts said; “I am pleased with the court’s ruling. It rejected the town’s fundamental assertion that it had authority beyond its borders to veto the location of public facilities.” Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York said; “The next step is to work with the School Board to coordinate the filing and scheduling of a Commission Permit request so that we can move forward with this desperately needed school.” The school broke ground for construction in 2009. Woodgrove High School had finished construction and opened for the 2010-2011 school year. Students who went to school together were separated and split upon redistricting, except for the 2010-2011 seniors, who all stayed and finished their education at Loudoun Valley. Thus, only the rising 9th-11th graders were moved to Woodgrove High School. ATHLETICS Woodgrove brought home its first state championship in its second year, with the girls' soccer team completing an undefeated season (24-0-1) by defeating district foe Loudoun County High School in the AA State Championship game 3-0 on June 9, 2012. Later that day, Woodgrove's softball team (27-2) won the school's second state title, defeating Broadway High School in the AA State Championship game 9-0. In June 2013, the Girls' Soccer team became back to back AA State Champions.


Welcome - StageClip

Our graduation celebration begins at 11 am at https://woodgrove-hs.stageclip.com/

woodgrove-hs.stageclip.com Welcome to your Virtual Celebration Ceremony!Find your ceremony by clicking the playlist button on the top-right of the playerFind Your Clip × Share#WoodgroveClassof2020#MoveTheTasselNeed Some Help?

[06/12/20]   Congratulations
Class of 2020!

Keep reading this summer! Sign up for the 2020 Loudoun Public Library Summer Reading program. It's all online this year and all ages can participate.

Our all-ages Summer Reading Program starts today. Sign up, read books and complete challenges! It’s a great way to stay engaged this summer. Register at library.loudoun.gov/SRP.

[06/11/20]   🎓In-Person graduations are underway for our seniors!🎓 We'd like to take a moment to thank Mr. Shipp, Ms. Fiore, Ms. Allis and everyone at Woodgrove who are contributing to this event.

From decorating and preparing the campus to organizing plans for indoor and outdoor ceremonies to setting up a live stream to spending hours on their feet while welcoming every family of the graduating class, our administration, teachers, and staff have worked tirelessly to give the Class of 2020 a memorable conclusion of their 2 million minutes of high school. 💙💚💙💚

Loudoun County Public Schools

The Loudoun County School Board will hold a virtual meeting at 4 p.m. Tuesday, June 9. All School Board members and staff representatives will participate electronically from remote locations. The Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Administrative Building will be closed, and no opportunities for public participation will be available there.

Live public comment will be accepted virtually and aired in real time during this meeting. Online and telephone registration will open through 3 p.m. Tuesday (telephone registrations may be made between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday and 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Tuesday at 571-252-1030).

To participate in the June 9 2020, School Board meeting, please register here (https://tinyurl.com/y7tdcc9e).

The full meeting agenda (https://tinyurl.com/yc7vdea9) is available on the LCPS website.

The board will consider two action items during the meeting: Recommendation for Expenditure of FY20 Appropriated But Unspent Funds, and Policy 7320, Staff Health.

The agenda also contains seven information items. The information items include:

· Policy 8225, Re-Admission, Exclusion or Admission of Students and Deletion of Policy 8-16, Students Expelled or Suspended by Other Than Loudoun County and 8-23, Readmission of Expelled Students.

· Annual Grant Application for the 2020-2021 School Year for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as Amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) P.L. 114-95

· LCPS Head Start Annual Training and Report 2019-2020 and PY28 Grant Application and Budget for Funding Period December 1, 2020 to November 30, 2021.

· Policy 2610, School Board Staff Aides.

· Revision of Policy 2510, School - Community Communications and Community Involvement.

· Schoology.

· COVID-19 Update on LCPS Continued Response.

The Loudoun County School Board believes that strong community engagement and outreach are important components of a successful school system, even while the COVID-19 crisis requires special arrangements to safely conduct business while implementing recommended preventative measures. The meeting will be available for public viewing through the live-stream telecast (https://www.lcps.org/Page/140009) on LCPS.org, and live on Comcast channel 18 and Verizon FIOS channel 43.

Volunteers Needed!
We are thrilled to be able to hold our Woodgrove Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremonies June 10-12. We need several volunteers to hand out water bottles from the concession stand during the ceremonies. Please consider helping at this much anticipated event. Go to www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0f4bafa62ba13-graduation to sign up for a 2 hour shift. Thank you!


LCPS Decision Day 2020 - Woodgrove High School

See where our seniors are going! Check out the Senior Shoutout video on the #LCPSDecisionDay2020 site https://sites.google.com/lcps.org/lcps-decision-day-2020/woodgrove-high-school?authuser=0

sites.google.com You are a special group of young people who are not defined by the events surrounding the day of your graduation, but by all that you've accomplished leading up to that day and the choices you make going forward.

[06/04/20]   Today is the LAST DAY FOR SENIORS!
Congratulations to our Class of 2020!

Updates to public use of LCPS facilities starting Friday June 5

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) will allow public use of its facilities, with limitations, beginning Friday, June 5.

The guidelines for public use were outlined by Assistant Superintendent for Support Services Kevin Lewis at the Tuesday, June 2, meeting of the Loudoun County School Board. Lewis outlined the restrictions for use in the following categories:

Individual Use

LCPS walking tracks, fields and basketball and tennis courts will reopen for individual public use on Friday, June 5. Those using LCPS facilities individually must maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet at all times.

Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation & Community Services

Through its partnership with Parks, Recreation & Community Services (PRCS), the school division will allow PRCS to use outdoor fields and property. PRCS will manage all outdoor field allocations for LCPS.

The following restrictions will apply to PCRS activities:

• There will be no games or scrimmages permitted.
• The approved activities involve only drills and conditioning.
• No groups larger than 10 will be involved in these activities.
• Physical distancing of at least 6 feet will be in effect at all times.

Religious Services

Religious organizations that use LCPS facilities are allowed to reconvene in these facilities with a reservation approved by LCPS staff. These organizations must submit a compliance plan to use LCPS facilities, as outlined in Gov. Ralph Northam’s executive order governing the easing of temporary restrictions in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

LCPS custodial staff will conduct cleaning before, during and after religious services. The cost of this required cleaning will be paid by the religious organization using the LCPS facility.

Events for non-profit organizations – excluding religious services – remain postponed or canceled.

LCPS Activities

Organized LCPS activities remain postponed or canceled until further guidance is provided by the Governor’s Office.

We're looking forward to this! #Classof2020

Join us Monday, June 1st at noon when we will unveil the LCPS Decision Day 2020 site! A collaborative effort between all high schools that came up with creative ways to celebrate our seniors. #DecisionDay2020 #WeAreProudOfYou

Loudoun County Public Schools

Information on LCPS fall plans

LCPS to Implement Schoology to Enhance Learning Management

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) will implement the Schoology Learning Management System in fall 2020 to improve the learning environment for students, staff, and families.

Planning for the adoption of a division-wide Learning Management System began in 2017. When the COVID-19 pandemic impacted classroom instruction in March, the district turned to Google Classroom, the digital classroom tool used by a majority of teachers, to support distance learning through the remainder of the school year.

As LCPS plans for potential scenarios for the fall, having access to a full-featured Learning Management System will provide a number of important benefits.

Schoology will provide a seamless learning environment to help LCPS improve student performance, foster collaboration, and personalize learning for every student.

As an integrated division-wide system, Schoology will enable parents to see what their students are learning and how they are performing; teachers will be able to efficiently collaborate and share resources; and administrators’ ability to monitor, track and assess student, school, and division-level performance will be enhanced.

Belmont Ridge Middle School Instructional Facilitator for Technology Steve Norman compares and contrasts Google Classroom and Schoology. "With Google classroom, you go to Classroom and then you pick your class and you're still going into those individual environments. In Schoology, when you log in, you come to your dashboard and you're seeing due dates or things that are coming up for all of your classes in one spot. You'll see anything that's overdue for all of your classes in the one spot. If the principal or I, as an IFT, are trying to push out a daily announcement or a daily communication, you can put it there in that one spot," Norman said.

Family accounts in Schoology will provide better visibility into a student’s assignments and schoolwork, providing parents better tools to be partners in their child’s education. Parent access to the courses in which their students are enrolled includes the ability to see:

Upcoming assignments and classwork;
*Recent assignments;
*Overdue activities;
*Groups their student is a part of; and
*A calendar displaying events and assignments for each course.

Parent accounts in Schoology also allow parents to participate in courses as learners, allowing LCPS to engage and support parents via the platform.

Schoology’s assessment functionality in LCPS will include:
*Enhanced assessment tools and question types;
*Standards-aligned assignments and assessments;
*Selective grade passback to Phoenix Gradebook; and
*The ability to share district-created assessments and assignments if desired.

Schoology also works hand-in-hand with Phoenix, our division’s Student Information System that houses all student records, course schedules, and teacher grade books. Parents will continue to use ParentVUE to access and update important information about their children and see up-to-date information about grades. While ParentVUE continues to provide information about student’s important records and academic progress, Schoology will give parents a new window into the work that is happening in class that leads up to the grades that display in Phoenix.

Park View High School Social Science and Global Studies teacher Liz Thomas speaks to how the platform can empower parents as partners in their children's learning. "The nice thing about Schoology is...parents have a much better idea of the things that are coming up, the things that students are working on right now,” Thomas said.

Teacher sharing and collaboration becomes division-wide in this new platform. Currently, sharing is localized in teams and schools. Division-wide sharing will reduce duplication of effort and save teachers time. It also can be used to provide better access to division-curated content and resources.

More than half of LCPS teachers have already completed training in the use of Schoology, and virtual training continues. Many teachers who have taken the training have provided positive feedback.

Tracking student usage and engagement also is simplified with Schoology. Integral division content and distribution tools will enable school and division administrators to support teachers better, and district management and data syncs will save teachers time.

LCPS is currently exploring three instructional scenarios for fall 2020, including in-person learning without physical distancing; a combination of in-person learning with physical distancing measures in place and distance learning; and distance learning without in-person learning. The Schoology platform will support learning across all three scenarios.

LCPS will provide self-guided and self-paced virtual student and parent training in the use of Schoology over the summer. More information, including user guides and support materials for how to use Schoology as a parent and a student, also will be made available at back-to-school time.

For more information, please visit https://blogs.lcps.org/schoology


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Loudoun County Public Schools

Superintendent's Letter to Seniors, May 27, 2020

To the Members of the Loudoun County Public Schools Class of 2020 and Their Families:

I am very pleased to announce that Loudoun County Public Schools has created a plan to hold in-person graduation ceremonies for individual 2020 graduates and their families, between June 8 and June 24.

The ceremonies will include a senior walking across a stage at their school, listening to their name announced as a graduate, and receiving their diploma with family members in attendance.

In April, I wrote a heartfelt letter to you in which I stated that we would hold in-person graduation ceremonies when it is safe to do, based on the recommendations of public health authorities and the conditions that are present in the community. Yesterday, the Governor confirmed Northern Virginia will enter Phase 1 of the Forward Virginia Blueprint for easing public health restrictions on May 29, which enables us to announce these plans. As long as the Governor does not return Northern Virginia to Phase 0 or change the restrictions for Phase 1, we will be able to hold the ceremonies between June 8 and June 24.

As I said in my previous letter, “You have anticipated walking the stage, receiving your diploma and turning the tassel on your cap.” You have earned a joyous celebration, and we are excited to be able to provide an opportunity to recognize your effort and dedication in achieving this important milestone.

Additional details of the in-person, individual graduation ceremonies need to be finalized by individual schools, and seniors and their families will receive more information as soon as it is available. Schools are continuing with the previously announced virtual celebrations of seniors.

Ceremonies for individual students are not the same as whole-school ceremonies, but we are just as excited to celebrate you and your accomplishments through these individual ceremonies. Congratulations!


Eric Williams, Ed.D.

SENIORS: Balfour is shipping caps and gowns directly to you this week. Look for them in your mail by Friday!

C O N G R A T S to all those whose
✨knowledge suffices✨

Loudoun County Public Schools

Loudoun County Public Schools’ Parent Resource Services offers online tools to help parents navigate, and create structure for, distance learning.

Parent Resource Services is committed to positive relationships among parents, schools and communities to support the development of the whole child. It assists families with questions and planning as well as providing resources and training.

To view full article visit, https://tinyurl.com/y9e6u5gg

Loudoun County Public Schools

In observance of the Memorial Day holiday weekend the LCPS School Meal Delivery Program will be providing two shelf-stable breakfasts and two lunches for each student at all meal sites and meal stops on Friday, May 22, 2020. No meals will be delivered and all meal sites will be closed on Monday, May 25, 2020 in observance of the holiday. Meal sites will reopen from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and regular meal delivery will resume on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

Loudoun County Public Schools

Superintendent's Update for May 20, 2020

I am writing to share information regarding how Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is approaching our planning for the next school year, which is scheduled to start on August 27, 2020. We will be ready for the 2020-2021 school year, and I believe it is important for the community to understand the process we are implementing, with guidance and support from the Loudoun County School Board, to achieve that goal.

First, I want to express my hope that you and your family members are okay. COVID-19 dramatically changed all of our lives, with some members of our community experiencing strong challenges to their physical, mental and economic well-being. Nonetheless, members of the Loudoun community are stepping up, and as School Board members have commented, our community has earned a sense of pride for the tremendous level of community care that we continue to show one another. Within LCPS, staff members are embracing new roles and responsibilities, continuing to improve their craft every day. Parents inspire us as they work to support their children’s education while fulfilling numerous other responsibilities, and students amaze us with their resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges. I am grateful for each of your acts of community care.

Looking ahead, LCPS, under the leadership of the School Board, is planning how we will continue to fulfill our educational mission during the 2020-2021 school year, even in the face of continued uncertainty and challenges. We are preparing for the 2020-2021 school year with multiple COVID-19 scenarios in mind. Importantly, decisions regarding when and how to reopen school, and whether to extend distance learning will be condition-based, not time-based. Pre-defined, science-based metrics and re-opening metrics articulated by public health officials and other government authorities guide our decisions. This approach can reassure community members who recognize that our decisions must be fact-based and not driven by arbitrary timelines OR unfounded fears.

We are planning for three scenarios, as well as many possible variations of each.
• Reopen schools with 100% in-person learning (Scenario 1): In-person learning in this scenario would occur without physical distancing or other public health mitigation strategies.
• Reopen schools with a combination of in-person and distance learning (Scenario 2): In-person learning would occur with physical distancing and other public health mitigation strategies.
• Extend distance learning without in-person learning (Scenario 3): Distance learning would be extended with a revised approach, building on the strengths of the current distance learning approach and making good use of opportunities for improvement.
We also recognize that after starting the 2020-2021 school year in one scenario, we need to be agile enough to shift back and forth among scenarios, if necessitated by conditions.

In the Forward Virginia Reopening Blueprint, Governor Northam set forth a multi-phase blueprint for easing public health restrictions that includes metrics to guide progress through the reopening phases. This blueprint will significantly affect which scenario we are in at the start of the new school year. Officials have not yet provided information that specifically connects the operation of public schools to the phases of the Forward Virginia Reopening Blueprint. Also, the Virginia Department of Health has not yet provided recommendations regarding physical distancing and other mitigation strategies that are specific to schools serving students in kindergarten through grade 12. With Virginia releasing additional details on an ongoing basis, we look forward to greater clarity regarding state guidance on the reopening of schools, including how public health recommendations should be applied in school settings.

The scenario we are in at the start of the new school year will also be greatly influenced by which phase of reopening Northern Virginia is in at the start of the school year. Northern Virginia is currently scheduled to enter Phase 1 of reopening at midnight on Thursday, May 28. We do not yet know when Northern Virginia will enter a phase of the blueprint that allows us to reopen schools with 100% in-person learning or to reopen schools with a combination of in-person and distance learning.

As noted above, LCPS will be ready for the 2020-2021 school year. To prepare, we are developing prototype approaches for each of the three scenarios. Each prototype includes modules, or components, relating to particular topics. Some modules apply to one scenario, while others apply to multiple scenarios, including iterations of the three primary scenarios. Here are examples of modules that we anticipate being included in the prototypes for one or more scenarios:
• student and teacher schedules, including the amount of time in live, interactive, face-to-face (“synchronous”) distance learning;
• serving the needs of students with disabilities and English learners;
• the social-emotional needs of students and adults;
• assessment and grading;
• cleaning protocols; and
• enhanced 100% distance learning options for parents who choose not to send students back to school, even if LCPS is offering in-person learning
We are revising our prototypes based on feedback and evolving information in order to work toward detailed plans for the start of the new school year.

We recognize that the way in which we start the new school year will have major implications for students, parents, staff members, employers and the broader community. For example, take the scenario in which we might reopen schools with a combination of in-person and distance learning. The need for physical distancing and other public health mitigation strategies in this scenario would affect many aspects of school operations, including:
• The number of students that can be present in a classroom or a school at any one time;
• Bus transportation;
• Procedures for entering school, moving within schools, and departing schools;
• Meal service within schools;
• and many others.

Consequently, in a scenario in which we reopen schools with a combination of in-person and distance learning, on any given day some students would likely attend school for in-person learning while other students participate in distance learning. I underline the preceding sentence because of the significant implications for the community if not all students attend school on days when schools are open for in-person learning. Addressing the effects created by each scenario and identifying approaches to manage them is a substantial part of the work we are undertaking in our planning, and a high priority for the School Board.

Moving ahead, in early June we will solicit feedback from a variety of internal and external stakeholders to inform the ongoing revisions and enhancements to our scenario plans. We will conduct focus groups with multiple parent, employee, and community groups. Prototypes of individual school plans will be developed that apply division-wide prototypes to the unique situations at individual schools. Planning groups will develop new modules to address requirements not previously considered. And in every case, we will evaluate scenarios and modules for viability and safety. And throughout the process, the School Board will review our work, while also revising policies and allocating resources, as needed, to support success.

We plan to update the community by the end of June regarding our plans for the new school year. By then, we anticipate having additional information regarding how the phases of the Forward Virginia Reopening Blueprint and how the recommendations of public health experts will apply to schools.

Given the ambiguity we all face, LCPS remains committed to communicating frequently regarding the information that we do know. For example, we anticipate providing additional details regarding summer school soon. And while we do not know when conditions will permit us to hold in-person graduation ceremonies, we will provide additional information, once it is available, and stand firm in our commitment to hold in-person graduation ceremonies. As I said to seniors in my letter last month, it is heartbreaking that graduation ceremonies will not be held on their originally scheduled dates. Seniors have earned a joyous celebration.Their families, their teachers, their friends and the community look forward to celebrating seniors’ accomplishments.

I want to close by again acknowledging the significance of the decisions we will make regarding the 2020-2021 school year. It is an understatement to say that this is a difficult situation for every member of our community. With that in mind, our commitment to community care includes continuing to work to meet the academic, physical health, and mental wellness needs of our students. Community care also involves striving to help parents, employees, and the broader community thrive, not just endure, as we meet our challenges. We will be #ReadyTogether for the new school year.

Warm regards,
Eric Williams, Ed.D.

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The best way to support our high school is to join the PTSO. Membership doesn’t require you to attend any meetings or to sell any products. In fact, if everyone were to join the PTSO, we wouldn’t need to do any fundraising! Your membership allows us to provide financial support to our teachers, our students, and our community, so please consider joining the PTSO today. In order to continue to do all that we do, we need YOU.

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