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[05/14/19]   PHC Library will close Wednesday, May 15 at 12:30 for the PHC Employee Picnic. We will reopen on Thursday morning as usual at 8:30AM. You may want to start thinking about your summer reading list - so many books, so little time!

[05/09/19]   There's still time to get extended due dates if you have a DRW, thesis, incomplete or any professor approved extension - this currently include Dr. Roberts Philosophy of Religion course. Email [email protected] and we'll provide details.

[05/07/19]   PHC Library closes today at 5 PM, but you can still drop books off in the book return all evening in Founders' lobby. Wednesday begins summer hours, 8:30AM - 5PM, M - F.

[05/07/19]   Library friendly reminder: All items must be returned by 5 PM on Wednesday to avoid fines. You may have received a notice that an ILL had a due date after that time. Those items still need to be returned by tomorrow unless you have prior approval from Mrs. Pensgard or me. Sadly, we have discovered that items kept past dorm closings each semester struggle to find their way home. Questions?? Email or stop by. Hang in there - you are almost to the finish line!!

[05/06/19]   Return all library items by Wednesday, May 8, at 5 PM to avoid fines - which no one wants! If you have a thesis, DRW, or professor approved extension, please see Mrs. Thornhill for approval to keep items past Wednesday.

[05/03/19]   Books due 5/4 can be returned anytime before 5/8 without fines. If you are done with anything, in kindness to library staff, please return soon. Processing the over 400 books that are still out can be a bit overwhelming. Thank you for your consideration.

[05/01/19]   Lemonade, cookies, popcorn, and so much more available in the library now - tutors, research assistance, and cheerful encouragement, too!

[05/01/19]   Cookies, lemonade, and snacks in the library today, 2 - 5 PM. Tutors, research assistance, and cheerful encouragement will be available. PHC Library - we are here for you!

[04/30/19]   Cookies and lemonade study break in the library on Wednesday will be combined with the end of the year "Study Blitz" sponsored by the Study Support Center tutors - more snacks, more tutors, more research assistance! 2 - 5 PM. See you there!

[04/16/19]   Exegetical worksheet due tomorrow? Why, yes it is! Please plan ahead if you need the library commentaries as we don't carry one commentary for each student. You may have to share! You can also access the 4 - 5 commentaries on Ephesians that are available in the library's ebook collection linked from the library home page. Blessings!

[04/12/19]   The PHC Art Society's Annual Spring Showcase is now open in the Library Study Center. The showcase will only be on display until Monday the 15th so stop by soon!

Competition? LOC has a new "askalibrarian" service, but they don't know your profs or assignments like the PHC librarians do. Use [email protected] email for research assistance - we are here for you!

While we'd love to see you, you don't have to visit Washington, D.C. for expert reference advice from our top-notch staff—use our Ask-a-Librarian online service to get help with those questions that Google just can't figure out:

Careers | Patrick Henry College (PHC)

Library is hiring PHC student positions for Fall 2019. Mature, responsible, attentive to detail, positive attitude? You might fit here!

Student Problems

Entertaining, yes, but don't be this person - the library is open today until 11 PM, Monday - Thursday, Friday til 5:30 and Saturday til 6 PM. We are happy to help!

Anytime now 😅..

[03/29/19]   Come see our new display of Revolutionary War era documents. Each one was signed by a key figure in American politics.

[03/28/19]   Overdue library books? Email [email protected] to renew! PHC items renewed immediately. ILL renewal requests will be sent to lending library. You'll get an email that item is renewed and a new due date OR no renewal and a request to return.

[03/25/19]   The Study Support Center has cookies - now! Tutors also offer homework help, paper advice, memes, personal portraits, dating tips, ancient wisdom, and research help. Tonight, tomorrow, Wednesday night, 7:00-10:00 PM, Library Study Center. Personal note: Please someone ask for dating tips and share with us all ;)

Loudoun County Public Library

FYI: PHC students can get library cards for Loudoun (LCPL) and Fairfax County Libraries. Sign up online for a Loudoun County card - show your PHC ID at pick up to prove you go to school in the county. Then you can use your Loudoun County card for a card for Fairfax. Check out their collection of audiobooks and ebooks. Loudoun County Public Library

[03/18/19]   Exegetical worksheet coming up? Don't wait til the last minute. The library has lots of commentaries, but the ones that specifically answer the questions may be limited. If the books are in use, you can scan and email copies of the most helpful sections from the library's printers.

[03/12/19]   Library upper and lower levels are now open, normal hours - yay!

[03/11/19]   The Library Study Center (upper level) is closed today and tomorrow for an event. The lower level is cheerfully open for normal hours. We are here for you!

[03/07/19]   PHC will be displaying ancient Hebrew scrolls from the collection of the Christian Heritage Foundation.

Monday in Hodel Lobby - A display of 16 Hebrew scrolls comprising the entire Old Testament. Presenter will be available throughout the day and discussing opportunities to teach at the English speaking Anglican School in Jerusalem - a good school and a great experience. Presentation at 7 PM in the coffee shop.

[03/06/19]   We are here for you! Library is open, M - F, 8:30AM - 5PM, if you need to get a jump on your reserve reading or research papers. On campus or away - ebooks, and journal articles are available everywhere and always. [email protected] is answered during office hours and other times when I am awake.

[03/01/19]   Have high school friends in Loudoun County? Loudoun County Library is holding free SAT prep workshops, Monday, March 18, at Gum Spring Library and Thursday, March 28, at Sterling Library. Check the website for details.

[02/28/19]   Spring Break library hours: 8:30 - 5 PM, M - F, 3/4-8. Closed Saturdays and Sundays. Away from campus and need to work on a paper? ebooks are great. Also, check out the journal articles on ProQuest and JStor.

[02/19/19]   PHC Library is closed tomorrow as the college is closed. If you need books - music app? Revelation? anything? - plan to stop in before closing tonight at 11 PM. You can also access the ebook collection when the library is closed. There are lots of get sources in there - especially for the music app paper.

Faith and reason from Galileo!

[02/19/19]   African American History month: PHC Library is hosting an exhibit of artifacts from the slave and segregation period in American history. Becoming more familiar with this tragic period of history will hopefully make us all more sensitive to others who are or have been impacted by injustices and more courageous in confronting injustice wherever it is found.

The 6-year-old New Orleans girl who taught the world a lesson in grace

During African American History Month, consider the bravery of one of the Civil Rights Movement's littlest heroes, Ruby Bridges. What strength it must have taken her and her parents to do what they did? What would I have done in their place? Part of a New Orleans tricentennial series on the people and events that connect and inspire us.

Library of Congress brings us stress reducing coloring pages from their collection - they are so good to us!

If you’d like to apply your coloring skills to more Library illustrations, browse B&W bookplates in our Bookplate Challenge album & drawings found in the Illustrated Newspaper Supplements. Share your work!

[02/05/19]   Thought for today: Information overload and decision exhaustion is real. From the library, make sure you take breaks - take a walk in this beautiful weather, eat well, and sleep. You'll be healthier for it. And if you need us, we are here and at [email protected].

[01/29/19]   The library is closing at 3 PM today due to weather. We are sorry for any inconvenience. You may want to use the time to check out our ebooks and journals - linked from the library home page OR build a snow person!

[01/18/19]   Library is open today 7:30AM - 5:30, Saturday 10 - 6 PM, and closed Sunday and Monday for Martin Luther King Day. Make sure you have what you need by closing on Saturday! It may be a good time to check out the library's ebooks and databases - ProQuest, JStor, and others, as well as the Research Guides.

[01/16/19]   Textbook or required reading and the library does not seem to have a copy? We are trying to get everything, but may have missed something. Let us know so that we can make sure to have it. Email [email protected] or stop by. Blessings on SPRING2019!

This just won't do... how could you choose just 30 books?

People are buzzing about Marie Kondo's Netflix show, "Tidying Up." Marie, we need to talk about your book rule. Did you mean 30 books per room, per nightstand, per car seat?

[01/09/19]   Looking for books? Remember PHC Library places all textbooks and required readings on reserve. If you can manage with a 2 hour check out, in-library use only, then you can save a $$ more for that Chipotle dinner date!

[01/08/19]   The library is open, Jan. 7-11 and Jan. 14, 15, 8:30AM - 5 PM. Normal semester hours will resume on Jan. 16.

You may no longer be in high school, but you might know one or two high school students that would be interested. It looks like a great opportunity.

Get ready for It's All Write kicking off on Jan 1! Get you're submissions ready and find the details at

For the First Time in More Than 20 Years, Copyrighted Works Will Enter the Public Domain

Wonderful news - more information entering the public domain. Remember, sources always need to be cited. Now - back to holidays and possibly some of you "stopping by the woods on a snowy evening." (Robert Frost) A beloved Robert Frost poem is among the many creations that are (finally) losing their protections in 2019

[12/14/18]   Christmas holiday hours:
Dec. 17 - 21: M - F, 8:30 - 5 PM
Dec. 22 - Jan. 6: Closed - Merry Christmas!!
Jan. 7 - 11, 14-15: 8:30 - 5 PM
Jan. 16: Welcome back and normal hours

[12/14/18]   Friendly reminder #1: All library books are due back no later than Saturday, Dec. 15, to avoid fines unless you have approval for an extended check out. Friendly reminder #2: Blessings on your finals.

When finals start to wind down, you may want to consider just what you want for Christmas. Books are good.


[12/10/18]   Hot apple cider and munchies in the Library Study Center this morning - cookies, carrots and humus, granola bars. Also, friendly librarians ready to help you with your research projects. Merry Christmas!

[12/09/18]   Hot apple cider and snacks in the library tomorrow beginning at 10 AM. It's the library's way of blessing you as you study!

For PHC students who might, like me, think that books are always a great idea. You may want to post this on your fb page... blessings!


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