Endless Summer Harvest

Endless Summer Harvest


Your website says everything is out of stock. How can one shop then?
Just picked my order and made myself this yummy lunch! It’s weird to get so excited about lettuce, but let me tell ya...this is seriously incredible lettuce! Flavorful, tender and no bitterness. Go get you some...☮️💕🥬
Is the Dupont Circle Farmers' Market open on Sun, Apr 5th? Will you be there? Do I need to pre-order? Is there anywhere in the District where I could pre-order and pick-up this week or next? Please let me know. I love your lettuce!
Just making sure that I can come and pick up some lettuce tomorrow! I will need 3 bags of mixed lettuce.
Beautifully done! I will keep spreading the word. Thank you.
How can I get a tour?
Looking forward to seeing you at the Falls Church farmers market this weekend!
Hello from Puerto Lopez Ecuador.
Lester Chapin Burnett My Boy
HELP .. need to reach you to see if you'll be at PQ on Thurs. and if you can still get the Cavanna pasta sauces for me! Didn't know how else to each out!
Love the fresh (hydroponically-grown) lettuces from Endless Summer Harvest. So fresh and tasty! & locally-grown. Happy to see them Saturday mornings at the Falls Church Farmers Market!!
Are you still in business? All of your postings seem to have stopped end of 2014. Thx.

Growers of hydroponic lettuces, gourmet greens and herbs in Purcellville VA

Gourmet lettuces, speciality greens,and culinary herbs are grown hydroponically without pesticides 365 days a year in a controlled agricultural environment. Several varieties include living butterhead, green and red oak and romaine lettuce as well as arugula, watercress, and basil.


Shop | EndlessSummerHarvest

Dear ESH Friends and Fans,

As Phase One re-opening begins Friday in NoVa, we would like to reiterate that the plan for the rest of the season at Falls Church Market continues to be "Grab and Go" shopping. We support this approach, and would like to comply, and encourage our fans to continue to pre-order for pick up at the market! endlesssummerharvest.com/shop

If you have any questions or trouble with our online store, we've got a live chat option on our site which you can utilize, or post a comment below, we are here to help. Together, we have made this work, let's keep up the good work!


2020 Teacher of the Year: Mark Muldowney


"I am a professional farmer in Loudoun County only a few miles from Round Hill Elementary School where Mr. Muldowney teaches. Mark sough me out specifically because I grew crops hydroponically (all water, no soil) in a computer controlled agricultural environment. He asked for a tour of my farm and to witness a working commercial hydro farm to best teach his students. Mr. Muldowney already had designed and built numerous hydro growing systems operating in his classroom and school halls. Knowing that hydroponic farming is a sustainable method, Mr. Muldowney educated himself about the benefits of this type of future farming in America. It was important to him that he saw proof in concept and to share this with his students. He can validate that their way of growing crops is actually a viable profession and business to be a hydroponic farmer. Establishing an educational partnership with my farm, Mark brings his classroom lessons "alive". As a community business owner it is the greatest feeling helping Mr. Muldowney inspire future scientists farmers."

– Letter of recommendation from Mary Ellen Taylor, owner of Endless Summer Harvest, that Mr. Muldowney be nominated Teacher of the Year

This is "2020 Teacher of the Year: Mark Muldowney" by LCPS-TV on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Heads up y'all, our living heads are back by popular demand! You can now purchase living heads online, at the market, and at the farm stand. Visit endlesssummerharvest.com/shop to see which varieties are available. Remember, if you're picking up at the farm stand, include FARMSTAND as your promo code to get yourself a discount.

We all have that friend, it's time to get them the good stuff. #lettucechangeyourmind

Few things are guaranteed in life, but we know two of them: 1. We'll always be at Falls Church Farmers Market with our lettuce, and 2. Guy will always be repping the Yankees. See you this weekend!


Endless Summer Harvest

Hello Friends and Fans! We've been working on updating the appearance and functionality of our website in the last few weeks. This includes regular blog posts to keep you updated on what's happening at the farm, a FAQs page, a (nearly) live chat function, more photos, and a more modern theme throughout. Let us know if you find what we've got on the site helpful, or if something could be more clear. Thanks for all your support, despite the pandemic, because of you, we are still growing!

endlesssummerharvest.com Premier grower of gourmet lettuces and salad greens in the metropolitan Washington DC area.

Happy Mother's Day from Endless Summer Harvest

Thanks to all the Moms out there, especially the Moms of our Endless Summer Harvest staff, you made some great team players. We love you! ❤️❤️❤️


Loudoun Made, Loudoun Grown Marketplace - Loudoun County Farms, VA

Hi Friends and Fans of ESH! Today, we bring you the Loudoun Made, Loudoun Grown marketplace. We know that our fans are so supportive of the farm to fork idea and all that it embodies. For the past several weeks you have likely heard that farmers markets suddenly had to find ways to safely stay open, and farmers and producers had to find ways to make up for lost business due to restaurant closures. This includes our little lettuce factory.

Since that happened, we all pivoted, and have changed the face of local farmers markets and shopping. So when our customers responded in major LoCo supportive fashion, people took notice. One group that took notice was the fine folks over at Loudoun Economic Development. They have worked hard and put together a pretty cool idea. They partnered with farmers and producers all over Loudoun County to bring you a phenomenal, single online place to find your favorite local products.

Think of it like an online farmers market. They give you a really great synopsis of how it works on their landing page. I highly recommend you read it through. But for now, here is a quick snapshot.

You go to their website LoudounFarms.org/marketplace, and you can search up the kind (or category) of products you are looking to purchase, or a vendor name. You purchase your items from each farmer/producer individually, and choose your pick up location and date individually. Then you go pick your goodies up with minimal contact. Some producers are participating in single location pick ups, and some are trying out a multi-vendor pick up site. No matter which pick up you choose, you can expect minimal contact. By minimal contact, I mean drive up, give your name/invoice numbers, the people put it in your back seat or trunk, you drive away. Boom. Done. Pretty nifty, amIright!

Endless Summer Harvest is participating in this online marketplace. We want to get nutritious lettuce and herbs into the hands of folks like y'all who appreciate the local farmer. And we want to point you to other producers who also sell nutritious products, or locally sourced products that you may not yet be familiar with.

What this means is that you now have two different online places you can find our lettuce. This new option offers a small selection of lettuce blends and a small selection of herbs and dressing. (Not all items are available on the LoCo site.) You still pay through Square. And now, you have two places you can pick up your lettuce: one being the farm, and the second for now being the National Conference Center.

The National Conference Center?!! Yes, the NCC! This is a temporary location that a select assortment of farmers and producers are going to participate in, to bring you all of your goodies in one place. One trip! This pick up day is on Fridays, starting this Friday, May 8th. Again, this location is temporary, and depending on if and to where the location changes, we may continue to offer this option. It all depends on how this experiment goes. We'll let you know if things change.

So, if you're a major fan of local farmers markets, but your'e still pretty squeamish about actually going to the markets, consider this a fantastic source to find what you're missing. Local LoCo fresh produce, meats, wines, lettuce, eggs, yarn, maybe pickles, who knows, the list could go on and on, just like the farmers market product diversity. This looks like a pretty perfect way to support your local farmers and producers, right from your home.

We humble lettuce factory family have no opinion about which website you use to purchase lettuce from us. Either will work. Both get you the same exact products you have grown to trust, know, and love. If you choose to order through Loudoun Made Loudoun Grown, that's cool. If you'd rather stick with this website that you are familiar with, that's equally cool. What will not change one iota is our farm stand hours of operation. If you choose to come to the ESH on site farm stand to pick up your lettuce (and we'd love that!), we are open Wednesday through Friday, 9am to noon. We are staying with those hours and days for the foreseeable future.

As always, if you have any questions, please utilize the contact us form on this website, or check to see if we are online and able to chat. We will get back with you ASAP. If we cannot answer your question, we will forward it on to the Head of Lettuce, our fearless leader, The Proprietress of ESH, Mary Ellen, and she will get back with you as soon as she is able.

Thank you from the bottom of our lettuce hearts for supporting us and other local farmers. It means everything to all farm families. We appreciate your time, business, and love. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and your family.

loudounfarms.org Loudoun County’s farm-to-consumer experience is going digital with the launch of the Loudoun Made Loudoun Grown Marketplace, an e-commerce platform that offers a one-stop-shop for consumers to support local farms.

Good morning from the Endless Summer greenhouses! The farmstand is open today through Friday morning, 9:00 am to Noon. We've got 7oz. or 1lb. bags of our beautiful Loudoun Lettuce blend, living herbs, arugula, and more.

Drop by, or place an order online at endlesssummerharvest.com/shop (remember to add the promo code FARMSTAND to your order for $3 off each item). Hope to see you at the farm!


It's Farmers' Market Week in Virginia

"Some local farmers are finding the new shopping processes to be advantageous to their business, as they see an uptick in interest from consumers wanting to purchase locally grown products.

At Endless Summer Harvest in Purcellville, the husband-wife team of Mary Ellen Taylor and Wallace Reed have had to reinvent their business model during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they've been pleased with the end result, according to Taylor.

Endless Summer grows hydroponic vegetables year-round, and they sell products directly to restaurants and at the Falls Church and Dupont Circle markets.

Now, they have set up an online ordering system for customers at the markets, and they opened a new home farm market in Purcellville, which is open Wednesdays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to noon.

“People come every week to our home farm market. It has turned out to be a nice silver lining. We will likely keep this open even after the pandemic is done. I would have missed out on all this love if we had never had this happen,” Taylor said.

In order to keep her team and customers safe, Taylor said her staff members have attended food safety programs to understand the new protocols. They also helped her set up the new online ordering system.

“The pre-orders are an amazing thing. I never saw it coming. We have increased our sales and now I know what I need to bring to market. Pre-order is also an automatic deposit and the cash flow system is wonderful,” Taylor said.

Thanks to the increase in business, Taylor has been able to keep her entire team on board during the pandemic.

“We are receiving so much love and appreciation from our customers. It's a good time to be a farmer and growing fresh food in our community,” she said.

There are more than 300 farmers' markets across Virginia, according to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Organization officials say the markets provide an essential link between farmers and consumers.

"Many Virginia farmers' markets are open for business as they have transitioned their operations to encourage social distancing and no-contact purchasing," Dr. Jewel H. Bronaugh, VDACS commissioner, said in a prepared statement. "Farmers' markets allow farmers to sell their products directly to consumers. So when you shop at a local market, you are helping to boost your local economy."

More information about farmers markets in Loudoun County and the commonwealth can be found at LoudounFarms.org and VirginiaGrown.com."

loudountimes.com As shoppers look for ways to avoid big box stores and localize their food sources, Virginia Farmers' Market Week is getting underway April 27 through May 3 to raise awareness


Olive - Director of Security

Have you met Olive?? Olive is our Director of Security. You might have seen a quick profile for Olive on our About tab. Please allow me to formally introduce Olive, in detail. Olive is a pretty famous little lady at ESH. She is very important, and she takes all of her jobs seriously.

Olive came to ESH by way of her mom, Alicia. (Alicia is a pretty big deal around ESH as well.) You see, Olive hit the jackpot one day. It was the same day Alicia hit the jackpot, when Olive needed to come live with Alicia. Alicia didn't know it then, but Olive would become the best roommate/coworker ever. Many times we have speculated about Olive's breed. Lately, we have decided that she looks a lot like a cur. She's pretty, huh?

Olive is a very special girl, because she used to have quite a bit of separation anxiety. That's why she came to work at the farm with Alicia. She did not like to be without her human. So, Olive started out as Alicia's shadow, but fast forward to today- she runs the farm, and has been named our official Director of Security. She is a good example of overcoming fear, and we are so proud of Olive's progress.

Olive is also an expert in treat acquisition. There's nobody more experienced in this, really. I dare to say that treats are more than a part of her paycheck...(Don't tell her mom.) Her favorite pastime is stick chewing. Make no mistake, no stick is safe, when Olive finds it. No treat is safe either, now that I am thinking about it.

While Olive is not making her rounds, you will find her on her recharging station. She loves laying out in the sunshine, or on her big fluffy bed (be jealous!!). Other times, you might find her hanging out in the greenhouse, while Alicia is working. Sunshine naps are the best. Olive recommends them.

Olive is not a real huge fan of men (sorry, fellas). It takes a while to get Olive to warm up to visitors (ladies too). But she's growing and progressing in human acceptance. So, if you come to the farm to grab a bag of your favorite lettuce, don't be afraid. She's not going to pose any risk to visitors. But don't be sad if she keeps her distance, as she lets us know that you are there. Keep coming back, she'll get to know you.

On occasion, we will have another canine visitor to the farm. Olive is happy to meet other dogs and play, as long as her new buddy is also friendly. There is nothing like doing zoomies with a friend, where the wide-open space allows for such antics.

Speaking of zoomies, Olive just got back to doing her routine zoomies. Just this past year, Olive managed to tear both of her CCLs (ACLs in human knees). She had two surgeries to fix these injuries, and she is back to 100 percent! It was not the same, not having Olive at the farm, while she recovered. But now she is back, full force, no restrictions (other than not having too many treats).

Olive has an occasional helper at the farm. The other security team member at ESH is Jax - our Deputy of Security. He is a most handsome boy, and he also brings his expertise in treat acquisition. He is also very adept in receiving scratches and hanging out. Jax rides shotgun sometimes, when his dad is out delivering. Jax-protector of the greens... unless he's napping..

Some of you may be wondering if Olive and Jax help in the day-to-day lettuce preparation activities. While it would be nice to have an extra set of hands sometimes, the answer is no. Also, ewww. It's safe to say, your greens are far away from paws.
They are really more concerned with security and companionship duties. Olive and Jax leave the prep work to the bi-peds with opposable thumbs, and carry on with their assigned work.

Really, there is nothing better than a good boy and a good girl to hang out with while you're working on the farm! I dare to say that we have the best. Maybe you can meet one or both on your next visit to ESH.

Now that Olive is the Director of Security, she keeps us very safe. As you may have read, Olive has extensive training in visitor alerting. You might call this barking, but it is so much more than just barking. It's important to know when we have a visitor. Olive is much better than a boring ole doorbell. She even chases away the occasional bogeyman.

endlesssummerharvest.com Olive, Director of Security

Try this excellent pesto variation with our fresh herbs! Here we combined our cilantro, parsley, and watercress with lots of garlic, feta cheese, a dollop of Greek yogurt, olive oil, salt & pepper, and added it to some radiator pasta. 🤤 Also good on toast and to add to sandwiches.

Kenneth Capp Plays Endless Summer Medley

Eagerly awaiting summer? Take a tour of our greenhouse, accompanied by the talented Kenneth Capp's "Endless Summer Medley."

Hello! We are updating our farmstand hours beginning this week. Thanks for rolling with the changes with us & hope to see you at the farm!


Mary Ellen Taylor: 'It's A Wonderful Time To Be Farming In Loudoun County' - Loudoun County Economic Development, VA

"LISTEN: “We’re finding that the greens and herbs that we’re growing here are becoming ever more valuable to people. We’re just churning it out over here.”

"In a time of crisis, Loudoun Farms like Mary Ellen Taylor’s Endless Summer Harvest are ready to provide reliable, safe food options:"

biz.loudoun.gov Endless Summer Harvest is Virginia's oldest operating hydroponics farm and produces more than 8,000 lettuce plants and other greens on a weekly basis.

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Happy Mother's Day from Endless Summer Harvest
Kenneth Capp Plays Endless Summer Medley
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