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Getting to see some very cool and unusual yellow diamonds this week for a custom project- this one hasn’t been chosen for the pieces, but someone out there needs this one carat natural yellow lozenge shaped diamond. SAVE ME FROM MYSELF I WANT TO KEEP THIS! #yellowdiamond #unusualjewelry #unusualdiamonds #custommade #customjewelry #artisanjewelry #handmadejewelry #purcellville #loudouncounty

Carolyn is going live in about 20 minutes with great deals over The Cozy Fox Estate Jewelry! And she has an amazing giveaway!

Holy Tourmaline, Batman! #customjewelry #notforsale #rubelite #diamond #handmadejewelry #artisanjewelry #addmorecolortoyourlife #purcellville #loudouncounty #takeloudounhome #loveloudoun

Things got a little whacky around here when we were all home, but this tourmaline carousel pendant Ed made kinda makes up for it. Claire cut this barrel shape as an experiment many years ago and Ed finally had just the right idea to bring it to life. #huntcountry #metalsmithchallenge #metalsmith #lapidary #artisanjeweler #handmade #handmadejewelry #customjewelry #oneofakind #carousel #gemstonejewelry #tourmaline #purcellville #loudoun #loveloudoun #takeloudounhome #visitpurcellville @therlolc

Just a reminder: Carolyn’s sister company @thecozyfoxestatejewelry is currently accepting estate jewelry consignments! If you have cleaned out your jewelry box while staying home, chat with her about helping you find new homes for your pieces! #huntcountry #cozyfox #estatejewelry #vintagejewelry #antiquejewelry #robertocoin

Seriously sweet new Montana sapphire and diamond ring! Sapphire cut by Claire and setting designed and handmade by Ed! #montanasapphire #huntcountry #handmadejewelry #lapidaryartist #artisanjeweler

We’re back! Limited hours: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12-4. Private appointments, video appointments, and our full inventory is still available online- including this brand new color change sapphire and diamond ring. 🔥#huntcountry #sapphire #handmade #takeloudounhome #loveloudoun #purcellville #addmorecolortoyourlife #ring #engagementring

The Real Ladies of Loudoun County

I had a blast chatting with The Real Ladies of Loudoun County!

Join Carolyn Cutshall of Hunt Country Jewelers
in Purcellville to talk jewelry in a time of isolations, love of sparkly things and Kids Gemology Detective Kits. We're helping kids and families explore shiny rocks and the science of gemology from home with your own toolkit and a series of videos to follow along with!

Keep the pearls looking lustrous!

What's the first thing you can do to keep your jewelry clean? Not get it dirty!

Why worry about cleaning your jewelry?

DIY Jewelry Cleaning!

Our DIY jewelry cleaning solution you can make and use at home!

Crack a Geode with Hunt Country Jewelers

Get the inside scoop on the Kids Gemology Detective At Home Kits and watch us crack a geode!

As of April 1, 2020, we have suspended all normal open hours in our Purcellville showroom.

*We ARE continuing to work on current projects at home
*Video appointments available for design consults, wax approvals, stone selections, etc
*We ARE accepting new projects! Our workshop is already at home, so we can work and social distance!
*Private curbside pickup or shipping available for all work
*Our website is fully up to date with our current inventory and shipping is free!
*Private video shopping available!
*Kids Gemology Kits are ready to ship!
* We are NOT accepting any new repair work at this time.
*We ARE accepting new appraisal work; appraisals can be mailed or dropped off by appointment.
*The Cozy Fox is ACCEPTING new consignments!

We know that marriages, new babies, anniversaries, and birthdays- the happy moments of life we love- will not be stopped by any pandemic. We are here to support celebrating, even in times of uncertainty. If we can do anything for you, we are happy to try! Be well, Friends, we'll see you all soon! -The Cutshalls

Sound on for my blooper reel! Our first Gemology Detective video is live and all our pre orders have shipped! Join in the fun and order a kit at #huntcountry #kidsgemologydetective #stayhome #isolationactivties #kidsisolationactivities #kidsloverocks #purcellville #loudouncounty

It’s been a busy week of assembling materials, filming the tutorials, and packing kits, but they are almost ready! Our first Kids Gemology Detective Kits ship out tomorrow! Kits can be ordered at and I cannot wait to share them with you! #huntcountry #kidsgemologydetective #purcellville #loudouncounty #loudounmoms #isolationactivities #kidsactivities

What are your #isolationactivities ? I’m catching up on my jewelry reading! Thank you to @debra_rose_collection for sending me a signed copy-🤗! @thecartiersbook #huntcountry #handmadejewelry #artisanjewelry #stillmakingjewelry #covıd19

Self care is important in times of stress! Consider a relaxing bubble bath; Purell Take Me Away! #gemsinthetimeofcovid #selfcare #purelltakemeaway #huntcountry #artisanjewelry #handmadejewerly #metalsmith #gemologist #purcellville #loudouncounty #loudouncountyva #loveloudoun #visitpurcellville #covıd19 @purellbrand @therlolc

Hunt Country Jewelers Kids Gemology Detective At Home Kit PREORDER

Kids Gemology Detective Kits are now available to Preorder! Shipping starts March 30. Kits are $20, free shipping, and our first video tutorial will be live the day they start shipping with many more to follow! Preorder here: Kids Gemology Detective At Home Kit PREORDER

Hunt Country is dedicated to the health and well being of all our clients, friends, and vendors. We will be following our state guidelines of limiting people in our store to under 10 at a time.

Our individual approach to working with clients often means you will be the only person in our showroom, which we love and have designed our creative process for because of the attention it allows us to give to each project, repair, or purchase. We are especially grateful now, that we are already set up to limit contact as much as possible while still serving our clients.

We have gloves, hand sanitizer, and lysol wipes available for you in our showroom. We are increasing our own cleaning of all our jewelry and surfaces.

We are taking private appointments and video appointments for all design consults, wax approvals, stone selections, and private personal shopping. We are more than happy to mail or meet you at your car with your projects, repairs, and purchases.

Our full and complete inventory is up to date on our website, and shipping is, as always, free.

As many of you know, our employees (the few we have) are all family, quite literally. We are all continuing to work in our home workshops and are limiting who is going into the showroom. We will all continue to work as a team to keep up with your current and future projects. We do not anticipate any delays with current projects!

We urge you to take advantage of our long distance options and we are very grateful for your continued support of our small family business during this unsettled time. Be safe, Be Healthy! -The Cutshalls

UPDATE 2: Preorder for kits is live! Shipping starts March 30, first video goes live March 30!

I have an idea forming... would anyone be interested in a Kids Gemology Detective Kit you could use at home? A loupe, specimens, goodies? With some video tutorials you can follow along with to learn about your tools? We can mail the kits to anywhere! Drop your interest or ideas 👇🏻!

UPDATE: Apparently, there’s interest 🤣. Family discussion tonight and tutorial filming starts Friday! I’ll post when the kits are live on our website- hopefully early next week, I have to reorder some supplies, but I’ll get them posted ASAP!
#huntcountry #loveloudoun #loudoun #loudouncounty #purcellville #covid_19 #socialdistancing #stuckathome #gemology #gemologydetective

This ring has sold, but we've just picked up a brand new one from the one and only @precisiongem! How should we set it? Metal color? Style? #huntcountry #huntcountryjewelers #Huntcountrystyle #loveloudoun #purcellville #gemstone #gemstones #gemstonejewelry #handmadejewelry #handcraftedjewelry #artisanjewelry #customjewelry #jewelrydesigner #finejewelry #lovegold #showmeyourrings #diamond #diamonds #diamondjewelry

I'd like to promise you that these dragons are lucky- don't we all need a little bit more luck? But really, there isn't anything intrinsically lucky about them. But they do mean you are lucky; cause if they end up in your personal collection it's because someone- a significant other, a family member, dare I say, yourself?!?- has decided to give them to you. In fact, I think gifting these to yourself would be the luckiest gift of all. After all, you're worth it. #huntcountry #huntcountryjewelers #Huntcountrystyle #loveloudoun #purcellville #gemstone #gemstones #gemstonejewelry #handmadejewelry #handcraftedjewelry #artisanjewelry #customjewelry #jewelrydesigner #finejewelry #lovegold #showmeyourrings #diamond #diamonds #diamondjewelry

I'd like to promise you that these dragons are lucky- don't we all need a little bit more luck? But really, there isn't anything intrinsically lucky about them. But they do mean you are lucky; cause if they end up in your personal collection it's because someone- a significant other, a family member, dare I say, yourself?!?- has decided to give them to you. In fact, I think gifting these to yourself would be the luckiest gift of all. After all, you're worth it. #huntcountry #huntcountryjewelers #Huntcountrystyle #loveloudoun #purcellville #gemstone #gemstones #gemstonejewelry #handmadejewelry #handcraftedjewelry #artisanjewelry #customjewelry #jewelrydesigner #finejewelry #lovegold #showmeyourrings #diamond #diamonds #diamondjewelry

I want to thank all the people who have reached out to us to schedule video wax approvals and new custom projects, who have made appointments to meet one on one for stone approvals and for repair pickups. I want to thank our lovely FedEx guy who worked out a system of signing for packages that didn't involve passing the pen and tracker to every single person on his route (because if we have any shot of making it through this ((royal we, not us specifically, we're not going anywhere)) we are going to need our mail carriers to continue business!). I want to thank all of you for following along and for looking for ways to support your favorite businesses when it's anything but business as usual. #huntcountry #huntcountryjewelers #Huntcountrystyle #loveloudoun #purcellville #gemstone #gemstones #gemstonejewelry #handmadejewelry #handcraftedjewelry #artisanjewelry #customjewelry #jewelrydesigner #finejewelry #lovegold #showmeyourrings #diamond #diamonds #diamondjewelry

Our local school system has closed until March 23. We are in a unique position that we create all of our work at home, so that will continue; we do not anticipate any delays for your current projects and our website will continue to be updated with our new inventory pieces. Right now, we are going to stay open in the store- we want people to have access to their repairs and projects, we need to continue the background work of the business and we anticipate an increase in mailing finished projects back home to you. We will be limiting how many of us go in to the store to work and practicing healthy personal space bubbles while there. Please do not hesitate to reach out to work out an alternate way to get your things repaired, created, or ordered if you are staying home- we can work through video for wax approvals and design consults and are happy to do so. We will reevaluate having open hours as the days continue. This is a nervous time for everyone and we appreciate your steadfast support of our family and our work over the last 40 years. If you are in a position to do so, please remember to support the local small businesses that you still can- call them, I bet everyone is willing to make arrangements to continue their relationships with you right now. Be safe, be healthy, and #washyourhands💖🚰💎 #huntcountry #purcellville #loudouncounty #loudoun #loudoun #LoveLoudoun

I feel like now might be a good time to remind everyone that we work remotely! Technology is a wonderful thing and we're able to work with clients all over the country and the world for both sales and custom projects. You can see our full ready to ship inventory of all original handmade jewelry on our website and feel free to contact us through your favorite channel (phone, email, website, insta, facebook, telegram...) to start a custom project! #huntcountry #huntcountryjewelers #Huntcountrystyle #loveloudoun #purcellville #gemstone #gemstones #gemstonejewelry #handmadejewelry #handcraftedjewelry #artisanjewelry #customjewelry #jewelrydesigner #finejewelry #lovegold #showmeyourrings #diamond #diamonds #diamondjewelry

[03/10/20]   Power and Phones are down at the store due to a downed utilities pole, so we are CLOSED until tomorrow!

I love shopping for clients in Tucson! With texts and FaceTime and good phone cameras these days it’s easy to shop for you in real time! I hand picked this boulder opal from Spectrum Award winning @rsopals for a client and got to bring it home for him! We’re back now and open for regular hours again, but we’re always happy to assist with special client requests all year long! #tucsongemshow2020 #tucsongemshow #tucsonloot #huntcountry #personalshopper #purcellvilleva #purcellville #loudouncounty #loveloudoun #gemologist #coloryourworld

[02/04/20]   We will be closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Feb. 7-9 while we are in Tucson! What can we look for for you while we are there?

Thank you all for a wonderful year! We will be closed Dec. 25 & 26 to enjoy some downtime with our families. We haven’t decided about the 27th yet, but we will update this space and will definitely be back to regular hours Saturday the 28th. May everyone’s Christmases be joyful, restorative, and sparkly!

There’s still time! We’re open today, Sunday 12-5, tomorrow Monday the 23rd & Tuesday the 24th 11-6. We’re ready to wrap and have new and estate jewelry in all price ranges starting around $100, so let’s knock out your list for you! #purcellville #visitpurcellville #purcellvilleva #loudoun #loudouncounty #loudouncountyva #loudounladies #ladiesofloudoun #loveloudoun #loveloudouncounty #takeloudounhome #huntcountry #handmadejewelry #artisanjewelry #customjewelry

It’s SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! And we’re introducing, for the very first time, a Speakeasy Sale! DM us for the secret password to unlock savings on our website or visit us in Purcellville today and ask for the secret discount! Website open all day of course, store open 11-6. Thank you for shopping small! #huntcountry #smallbusiness #smallbusinesssaturday #purcellville #loudouncounty #loveloudoun #takeloudounhome

Hunt Country Jewelers's cover photo

It's Sunday...the very last day of our sale. It's been a great run this year and I'm so excited about all the pieces that found their forever homes! You have time to make that special pieces yours today- don't wait, prices go back up tomorrow! #huntcountry #huntcountryjewelers #Huntcountrystyle #loveloudoun #purcellville #gemstone #gemstones #gemstonejewelry #handmadejewelry #handcraftedjewelry #artisanjewelry #customjewelry #jewelrydesigner #finejewelry #lovegold #pendant #neckmess #necklaces #necklaceaddict #statementnecklace #diamondnecklace

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DIY Jewelry Cleaning!
Crack a Geode with Hunt Country Jewelers
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