The Radiance Foundation, Purcellville, VA Video May 8, 2019, 4:46pm

Videos by The Radiance Foundation in Purcellville. We believe we are all created with God-given Purpose. Planned. Unplanned. Able. Differently abled.

What Fake Feminism Sounds Like

Christine Quinn is a lesbian activist who tried to silence pregnancy centers in NYC (and failed) as the Speaker of New York City Council. She believes the #LGBT pseudoscience that guys can be girls and vice versa. But this really fires her up--calling an unborn child "human"!!! Rick Santorum was in the CNN twilight zone, fighting for basic biology. #ProLife #ProScience #ProConstitution #NotSoGreatDebate

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Life. The First Unalienable Right.
Without Life, nothing else matters. Happy 4th of July! #IndependenceDay #AmericaTheBeautiful #GreatestNationOnEarth 🇺🇸

I Am The One Percent
On the capitol steps of historic Montgomery, Alabama, Ryan Bomberger (adoptee, adoptive father and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation) shares how every human life--planned, unplanned, able, or disabled--has purpose. Help us spread this message to millions.

The Pro-Life Reply to "Women Will Die From Illegal Abortions"
How often do you hear, "if abortion is outlawed more women will die from unsafe, illegal abortion!" Here is how to tactfully reply to this argument with Dr. Kathi Aultman, a former abortionist and Medical Director for Planned Parenthood.

Cory Booker Compares Fake Feminists to WWII Heroes
Radically pro-abortion Cory Booker compares fake feminists' fight for the violence of abortion to our courageous #WWII soldiers who gave their very lives storming the beaches of Normandy. They were fighting the spread of the evil NAZI regime, birthed in the VERY same pseudoscience as Planned Parenthood—Eugenics. And it wasn’t Sojourner Truth that spoke those words: “I’m sick & tired of being sick and tired.” It was #prolife voting rights and anti-poverty activist Fannie Lou Hamer. She was an adoptive mama who adamantly denounced Planned Parenthood and considered abortion to be genocide in the black community. The #prolife movement never has to abort history, science, statistics or (more importantly) humans in our fight for real justice. #DDay75thAnniversary #DDay

Hang Up The Hangers
When the president of #PlannedParenthood, a billion-dollar abortion chain, forgets that her own organization debunked the "thousands died every year before Roe" lie that she's selling today... #SorryNotBuying #PlannedPropaganda #HangUpTheHangers

Unleash Beautiful Possibility
Adopt. Be the hope. #FosterCareAwarenessMonth Learn more about this incredible family:

What Fake Feminism Sounds Like
Christine Quinn is a lesbian activist who tried to silence pregnancy centers in NYC (and failed) as the Speaker of New York City Council. She believes the #LGBT pseudoscience that guys can be girls and vice versa. But this really fires her up--calling an unborn child "human"!!! Rick Santorum was in the CNN twilight zone, fighting for basic biology. #ProLife #ProScience #ProConstitution #NotSoGreatDebate

Turn The Unplanned Into a Loving Plan
There are so many stories that prove we're all stronger than our circumstances. Some think an "unplanned" pregnancy is the end of their lives. In a culture of Life, it's the beginning of a stronger you. Meet Jonny Moses. His birthmom was sixteen and pregnant, but she courageously turned the unplanned into a loving plan. Jonny was adopted and loved. She became a nurse, married, and had more children. Now, Jonny is able to be loved by both families. Now, that's a win-win-win situation. #AdoptionUnleashesPurpose #BirthmomStrong #AdoptBeTheHope

We're One Human Race
No one is perfect. We're all far from it. But sometimes MLK would say the perfect words to explain how to elevate the human condition. 51 years ago today, his assassination tried to silence truth. It failed. #MLK51 #ThursdayThoughts #OneHumanRace

Meet Roo - Planned Parenthood's New Chatbot for Kids
Predators groom. That's just what they do. Planned Parenthood targets our young with medical malfeasance. Planned Parenthood misinforms. Teens comply. Customers created. Treat and repeat. It's Marketing 101. Now, the nation's largest abortion chain and sex (mis)educator is reaching out with their latest effort--malware called #Roo.

See the "Unplanned" Movie!
Make a plan this week. See our friend Abby Johnson's Pure Flix film, UNPLANNED! Find where it's showing in a theater near you. Oh, and ignore the political MPAA 'R' rating. Teens and adults should see this movie.

Reproductive Injustice
Tonight, radically pro-abortion Democrat Stacey Abrams, will deliver a response to President Donald J. Trump where, predictably, the truth will be aborted. She will celebrate "reproductive justice" and pretend that black people rise when our children are killed before they're born. Amazing what happens when a billion-dollar abortion chain--Planned Parenthood--funds your [failed] election campaign. Trailblazer Dr. Mildred Jefferson knew the difference between human equality and enmity. She denounced the violence of abortion and exposed the racism of #PlannedParenthood. #ShePersisted #SOTU #BlackHistoryMonth #BHM Learn more about Dr. Jefferson here:

Abortion IS systemic racism.
While #Democrat politicians feign outrage over the racism that has defined their Party for over a century, they celebrate the everyday systemic racism of Planned Parenthood—the leading killer of black lives. "If you're a Black woman in America, it's statistically safer to have an abortion than to carry a pregnancy to term or give birth." This racist pseudoscience was tweeted by Planned Parenthood. Imagine if President Donald J. Trump spoke those exact words (encouraging what famed anti-poverty activist Fannie Lou Hamer called 'genocide' in the black community) tonight at the #SOTU. What kind of reaction do you think he would get? #BlackHistoryMonth #BHM #PartyOfSlavery #PartyOfAbortion Governor of Virginia Justin Fairfax Democratic Party of Virginia

Not. Just. Cake. (
More #fakenews today, claiming that Governor Matt Bevin's lawyers are demanding that #KimDavis personally pay attorneys fees to the *losing* plaintiffs that sued her. First, the brief (see it here: shows that the state's lawyers decried that any attorney fees should be paid in the first place to plaintiffs who LOST the case. Secondly, it shows they insist that Rowan County (not Kim Davis) and not the Commonwealth is responsible to pay any fees if judge doesn't recognize the lunacy of paying the losing side in the first place. Kim Davis' court win illuminates a much bigger issue that affects all of us. It should remind us of #LGBT activists' continued attacks on our First Amendment rights, especially in the case of cake artists, photographers, painters, filmmakers, florists, printshop owners and others who don't think anyone should dictate when/where they provide their artistic expression. #CivilRightsGoneWrong #MasterpieceCakeshop #JackPhillips #WeGotYourBackJack

It was never about "safe, legal and rare". Abortion's never "safe". Evil has repeatedly been "legal" (see slavery, Jim Crow). Deliberately killing innocent humans should not be "rare"; it should be abolished. At a time when nationwide abortion numbers are declining pro-abortion Dems, like Delegate Kathy Tran, are fighting to increase them, at any cost. Following in the footsteps of DC, CA, NY, China and Korea, the Democratic Party of Virginia is pushing a radical abortion bill (#HB2491) that puts women's health in danger and will legalize killing the unborn up until the moment of birth. Read the bill to see how pro-abortion Dems are waging a War on Women's Health: #ToxicFeminism #AbortHB2491

Those #Prolife Covington Catholic Teens Weren't the Racists
Yet another example of dangerous #fakenews media malfeasance. #CovingtonBoys #NathanPhillips #Racism #FakeNewsEstablishment #ViolentTwitterverse

We Have a Dream
Dr. King understood that you can never fight racism with more racism. Mainstream media thrives when it divides. Let's reject their destructive means of coloring narratives, crying fake racism, and demonizing and defaming many to push a harmful political agenda. On this #MLKDay, may we remember that we are one human race. #MondayMotivation #MartinLutherKingJrDay #MLKJr #LoveOneAnother

Pro-Life Con 2019
Pro-Life Con officially kicks off at Family Research Council! Speakers include: Congressman Ralph Norman Obianuju Ekeocha Kristan Hawkins Congressman Andy Harris Congressman Roger Marshall Congresswoman Debbie Lesko Secretary of HHS Alex Azar and more!



The Speech Wheaton College Doesn't Want You to Hear
Wheaton College doesn't want you to hear this speech, especially if you're a parent of a student or a donor. It's why they never made it publicly available. They paid for Emory University professor, Dr. George Yancy, to deliver this raunchy and hostile lecture in the school's Billy Graham Center. The speech can only be described as an f-bomb-laced, pornographic, racist, anti-biblical screed on racism. One of the gems from the speech: “It’s not about leaving white people with hope. That’s not my job. White America sees me as a nigger. White America sees you, if you are black, as a nigger. And I don’t want you to forget that.” You can never fight the evil of racism with racism. Do you know what your Christian college is peddling to your son or daughter?

The Leading Killer of Black Lives
A hashtag that needs a qualifier: ALL #blacklivesmatter. #LessActivism #MoreFactivism

Be A Factivist.
Your year-end tax-deductible donation makes our #factivism possible. Thank you for supporting our life-affirming work. We can't WAIT for 2019!!! #BeAFactivist #TruthSetsUsFree #LessActivism #MoreFactivism

Stronger - The Christmas Story
Merry Christmas! For unto us a Child is born. Unto us a Savior (who loves the mess out of us, literally) is given.

A Little Christmas Jingle
Christmas. Simply defined (in an original a cappella Radiance jingle). #MerryChristmas

Planned Parenthood in the Courts
Planned Parenthood: the courts, eugenic roots, and what 2019 holds for the pro-life movement.

Did Brett Kavanaugh Betray The Pro-Life Community?
Did Brett Kavanaugh betray the Pro-Life community? The case may be more involved than headlines suggest.

The Greatest (Humanly Unplanned) Story Ever Told
During #NationalAdoptionMonth, here's a reminder about a powerful (true) story of a courageous teen mother, a father who chose adoption over abandonment, and a child who would become the Savior who changed everything.

Kavanaugh, Sexual Assault, and False Accusations
Ryan Bomberger, someone conceived in rape but adopted and loved--shares his perspective on the #Kavanaugh hearings and whether or not the new Justice's accusers should be punished if their accusations are proven false. Rape destroys lives; it should never be exploited. Making false accusations destroys lives; sexual assault should never be exploited. It diminishes those who've actually lived through such tragedies and brands the falsely accused for life. Learn more about The Radiance Foundation's perspective on Kavanaugh, #MeToo and the exploitation of rape:

White Privilege?
As someone who is bi-racial, adopted into a multiracial family of 15 (10 adopted), my passion is to bring reconciliation. Speaking at Wheaton College, someone asked to further explain my rejection of the concept of "white privilege". Blaming 'white privilege' on seemingly every negative outcome in black communities employs the very prejudice we should all be fighting. I reject bogus narratives that do nothing but assume, accuse and alienate. We'll never fight racism with more racism. #onehumanrace (See entire presentation and Q&A here:

PINKOUT! The Dr. Leana Wen Remix
The new #PlannedParenhood prez, Dr. Leana Wen, is telling the same old pro-abortion lies. Her predecessor, Cecile Richards, made the same 1 in 5 claim. No mainstream media journalist or "fact-check" org has ever challenged it. So, we did MSM's job for them. Guess if you abort over 320,000 human lives a year, you'll abort basic math, too.

When #Prolife means everything, it means nothing.
This #ElectionDay, don't believe the hype of those who try (every day) to redefine language. Some self-proclaimed "prolife feminists" & liberals who identify as "Christians" pretend that language is as changeable as hair color. They promote the easily disprovable lie that "pro-lifers don't care for people after they're born." Actually, we do care and act...all the time. But we're not confused about how some injustices transcend others. When #prolife means everything, it means nothing. #VoteProlife #EndTheViolenceOfAbortion #VoteTuesday


They Trick and It's No Treat.
This #Halloween, let's commit ourselves to fighting even harder as we peacefully challenge the real horror that happens to mothers, fathers and their children 2,500 times a day in this country (881 times a day inside #PlannedParenthood alone). #DefundPlannedParenthood #EndAbortion #VoteProlife #Midterms2018 #trickortreat

Life Has Purpose
"Dear CNN, when did you actually ever #GoThere and tell the stories of children conceived in rape yet were still wanted and loved? When did you actually #GoThere and tell the stories of rape survivors who courageously rejected abortion and chose to be stronger than their circumstances by parenting the child or making a loving adoption plan? I am the 1% percent that is used 100% of the time to justify abortion. This is my story. There are many stories like mine that will never be told by #CNN or the rest of mainstream media. They don't believe in #FactsFirst. They believe in #AgendaFirst. Journalism, without truth, is just advertising." --Ryan Bomberger, co-founder of The Radiance Foundation

Gosnell Movie Opens Tomorrow!
#Gosnell is proof that the back alley never went away. He is what happens when abortion is LEGAL. Ignored and never reported by abortion organizations, that knew of his squalid "House of Horrors", the convicted murderer/abortionist was able to operate in the dark for decades. Kermit Gosnell delivered babies alive and then snipped their necks, stuffing their body parts into a toilet and keeping severed babies' feet in jars as trophies in his office. Fake feminists won't #SayHerName, but Karnamaya Mongar was killed by Gosnell because abortion is more important to these activists than protecting women. The #GosnellMovie opens tomorrow. Get tickets NOW: In theaters Friday Oct. 12 ➡️

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