Race Quest Travel

Race Quest Travel

RaceQuest Travel is your backstage pass to sold-out endurance events around the world. Travel with top professionals and have the race of your life!

“Pursue your dreams, fight for want you want, believe in yourself. I think that is the basis for everything. The only success is finding a way to live your life your way” ~ Race Quest Travel client Mauricio Mendez

Our goal is for all RaceQuest athletes to walk away from their multi-sport training and race adventures feeling that they were treated magnificently. To us, that means ensuring smooth, hassle-free travel experiences for all our athletes and their families. We want our athletes to train and travel with us again and again – to become loyal clients for life.


A glimpse of what life is like for our triathletes, teams, and friends who join #RaceQuest for a little "Pura Vida"-style training... in the paradise, natural environment of Las Catalinas Costa Rica. Join us next Feb. 13-18, 2018 and experience it for yourself! Beautiful video by Herbalife24 and our friends at Campsite Media House, well done! http://race-quest.squarespace.com/rock-the-w-triathlon-camp/

"When you find that thing that draws you in and you get passionate about it ... it's life changing." - Wattie Ink Elite Team Director Robert "Flanny" Flanigan

From top-tier professionals to the everyday athlete, Herbalife is a proud partner in performance for Team Wattie Ink 🏊🚴🏃#HerbalifeEndurance

Challenge ROTH Stories Part 1


UPDATE: Just a handful of race entries remain for #ChallengeRoth 2018. The deadline to get in is fast approaching. We can get you in at race-quest.com. Huge thanks to all of our past travelers for helping us describe what it's like to tour with us, and why ROTH should be #1 on your #triathlon to-do list. Here's one of those stories... #trichat

vimeo.com Ryan and Kat Meyers joined us for Challenge ROTH and our post-race tour of Prague and Salzburg. Here's what they experienced, in their own words. Photography:…

"Let's race in NEW ZEALAND!"


Latest updates from RaceQuest, including the new race entry tour to #IRONMAN New Zealand plus an update on #ChallengeROTH 2018 race entry tour! #LetsTravel race-quest.com

us6.campaign-archive2.com See the details for our new race week tour and catch up on the latest from your friends at RaceQuest Travel. @racequesttravel #LetsTravel race-quest.com 855-TRAV-NOW

Challenge Roth


Challenge Roth 2018 Update: We have some new availability for race access tours (5-night or 7-night) that include access to purchase a guaranteed entry into the 2018 race. For all inclusions, details, and how to book, go here while they last-->> http://race-quest.squarespace.com/challenge-roth-package


Challenge ROTH 2018 Race Entry Tours Now Open


NOW BOOKING: Guaranteed race entry into 2018 Challenge Roth! Choose our 5 night or 7 night tours and gain access to this legendary race. Race entry is paid separately from our tour. See the details and book before we're sold out! #trichat

us6.campaign-archive1.com Secure your spot on the ROTH 2018 start line now! http://race-quest.squarespace.com/challenge-roth-package

Consider visiting #Prague with us in 2018. It's an ideal place to be for some fine Challenge Roth race recovery. Now we're off to #Salzburg! #trichat #EuropeanTreasures

European Treasures!

After one spectacular week at #ChallengeROTH we are packing up and shipping out. Luggage Forward is an exceptional service that can handle getting your bike around the world and back seamlessly. We are LF customers too and appreciate the excellent job they do for us and our #RaceQuest athletes! #trichat #LetsTravel

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