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Offering handmade artisan soaps and bath products

Wildwood Cottage Soap Company LLC is a small business located in Central Virginia. We specialize in small batch, hand-crafted soaps, lotions, and other bath & body products.

[07/18/18]   Hi all. The store is temporarily closed as I prepare for the clearance sale. It will reopen in August!!

Happy weekend everyone! I know it has been a minute or two since I posted. I've had lots on my mind recently and needed to sort through it before I posted.

As you may recall, I posted a few months ago that my mortgage paying job holds some changes for me in the coming months. Due to these changes, I made the decision to close the soap studio but I was going to continue selling soap...just less options.

And, as the saying goes...the best laid plans...ha.

While a difficult decision, I have decided to close the doors of Wildwood Cottage Soap Company...for now. Once I'm on the other side of these life changes, I will re-open my doors.

And when I re-open...watch out! I am already plotting and planning...and the next iteration of Wildwood Cottage will be AMAZING. We'll have our wonderful soap...and a whole lot more.

With the closing of the doors, I do have a lot of product to clearance. The clearance sale will begin August 1 and you won't want to miss it. This will be a great time to stock up and pick up a lot of great items for holiday gifts.

In addition, I will offer fun little mystery grab bags that will be filled with all sorts of fun. Each bag will be different and may contain soap samples, lotion, bath soak, body butter, room spray OR some products I was testing but hadn't begun producing!!

AND if YOU are a budding soap maker and have interest in some supplies and materials, send me a note and let's make a deal!

Thank you for your support, your cheerleading, and your patronage. I have so enjoyed this soapy journey and am very grateful you have joined me along the way.

Until next time...stay soapy, friends!!


Hello friends! I still have plenty of soaps, lotions, and other fun stuff to keep your rubber ducky happy. Order today...I need to clear the shelves by June 10!!

Hello Wildwood friends! The store remains open and in full sale mode! We still have lots of great things to sell...sugar scrub, room spray, body spray, lotion, and plenty of soap. Help us clear our shelves! www.wildwood-cottage.com

*While the store remains open, shipping is paused until May 14 as we are out of town on vacation!

Friends- The sale is still ON! Plenty of great soap, lotion, and other fun stuff! I have to clear the shelves! If you order by Thursday, May 3 at noon ET, your purchase will go out this week! Don't miss out on this awesomeness!

(The store is open for orders next week but this little elf will be on vacation. Orders placed after noon on May 3 will be shipped after May 14.)

[05/01/18]   I am hard at work, boxing up your orders. I may have gotten as many orders in two days as I did in two weeks at CHRISTMAS. :) Everything will be out the door THIS WEEK.

Ready for a sale??? Well, grab your rubber ducky and pick up some great soap, bath soak, bath oil, lotion, and more over at www.wildwood-cottage.com

The countdown is on!!

Who is ready for a HUGE sale??? The store will open THIS weekend with big discounts on almost everything!

We will also be taking CUSTOM bulk soap orders. So, if you want to stock up on a scent you love, consider a custom bulk order! Stay tuned!!!

Hello Wildwood Cottage friends. I hope everyone is staying warm this spring...how crazy is this spring weather???

Someone once said the only constant in life is change...and I tend to agree!

Change is good and healthy. It brings new opportunity even when sometimes it seems to pinch just a bit.

Here at Wildwood Cottage, we too are undergoing some changes. Not exactly the changes we anticipated earlier this winter. But changes that, in the long run, are a great thing.

While I have absolutely LOVED running my little soap company, it isn't exactly paying the mortgage yet. So, that means that the mortgage paying job that allows me to run the soap company must come first. And, like many of you, I anticipate some big changes within the next year at this mortgage paying job.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that it is time to do a little restructuring of my own. Wildwood Cottage Soap Company will continue on...just in a much smaller capacity for the next year or so. You will still be able to get all of the bar soapy goodness and silky lotion your heart desires. However, all other products will go on hiatus until we get through this big life change.

While this is not the path I wanted to take, it is the best path for now. I thank each and every one of you for supporting me over the past 18+ months. I can't wait to get through these changes and get settled on the other side so I can resume making all of the fun body and bath products I love so much.

To prepare for this big change, Wildwood Cottage will have a big blow-out sale later this month. We will close the store for the next week so we can inventory everything and get stuff priced at a some bargain prices! Watch here for details!

All the best to you and yours!

Owner, Wildwood Cottage Soap Company

Don't forget to "spring clean" your skin!! Check out the soapy goodness and sugar scrub awesomeness at www.wildwood-cottage.com!!!

Y'all...it is almost spring! Who else is excited??? Time to get your skin in "glow shape." Slough off winter skin and prepare for that wonderful sunshiney glow of spring and summer. Best way to do that?

Sugar scrub and lotion!! Pick up yours today at www.wildwood-cottage.com

[02/19/18]   Hi Wildwood friends! I need your help. Over the past year, Wildwood Cottage has offered a variety of different scents in our soaps. Here is my question:

Do you like seeing a variety of scents that rotate throughout the year with a few "steady eddie" scents that are always available?


Would you like to see a small selection of always available scents with a special fragrance every once in a while?

Well-dressed Man...the rough cut! This soap smells fantastic! Warm wood notes, amber, musk, leather, peppercorn...it is warm, clean, has a slightly sharp note. It is very, very delightful!!

The soap is out of the mold, cut, and on the curing rack...available in March. Mark your calendar!! www.wildwood-cottage.com

Can you believe it is almost MARCH? That means spring, sunshine, and so many flowers are right around the corner. That also means it is almost time to wave good-bye to our luscious little lotion bars.

Lotion bars do not ship well in warm weather. We will continue shipping until 3/15. Depending upon weather, we may extend the end ship date. But, why delay and risk missing out? Order today!

**If you have some of these cute little metal containers that are empty and lonely, check out our new lotion bar refill item!!**

Don't see a scent you like? We do custom orders for as little as three (3) bars!


Soapy Saturday...prepping for spring. This beauty is Well Dressed Man...and oh.my.gosh. It smells DIVINE! Ladies...you will want a bar of this for your guy! Seriously...no. For real. Pinky promise! This one will hit the shelves in March...the line starts here! :)

It may be January but...I'm already thinking of spring! Making spring soap today...a fan favorite- Lilac and the scent that wakes everyone up- Good Morning Sunshine. Later this week, two new spring fragrances will be mixed up. #comingsoon #SpringDream #WellDressedMan #SoapingSunday

Who else has been hibernating this winter??? Did the cold wind do a number on your skin?? Our soaps, lotions, and bath products are designed for the ultimate in pampering! Pick up yours TODAY!! Bonus: Almost everything is ON SALE!!!

Our awesome sale is still happening people! :) Stock up today...almost everything is on sale! This is a great time to grab some soapy goodness for upcoming birthdays, baby showers, house warming, and "just because" gifts! www.wildwood-cottage.com

Drum roll please...

Wildwood Cottage is having a KILLER sale! No...REALLY! Almost everything is on sale...go check it out and STOCK UP!! www.wildwood-cottage.com

Drum roll please...

Wildwood Cottage is having a KILLER sale! No...REALLY! Almost everything is on sale...go check it out and STOCK UP!! www.wildwood-cottage.com

Happy New Year friends!! 2017 was an AMAZING year for Wildwood Cottage. We learned so much about running a small, artisanal soap company...what to do and what not to ever do again. :) We also learned that we have the most FANTASTIC friends and customers. THANK YOU for your support during 2017.

We have big plans for 2018, including some changes to our products and packaging. We are super excited about what we have planned and hope you will love it too.

Stay tuned for more information about all of these changes! In the meantime, stay soapy friends!!!

Wildwood Cottage Soap Company's cover photo

Wildwood Cottage Soap Company's cover photo

Good morning Wildwood Cottage friends! The elves at Wildwood are taking some time off over the holidays. While the elves will be celebrating, you can still place orders online (heck, the elves encourage it!!). Orders placed between 12/19 and 12/27 will be mailed 12/28.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

We still have lovely items that need a home this holiday season. Order today...I'll get it in USPS Priority Mail TOMORROW! And, Santa willing, you may get it in time for Christmas. (No promises but we will try our best!!) www.wildwood-cottage.com


Welcome to Wildwood Cottage Soap Company

Happy Sunday friends! While Friday was the last "official" day to place a holiday order so that it arrives prior to Christmas, Wildwood Cottage is still open and can still ship orders! While we can't guarantee orders placed today will arrive to you prior to Christmas, we can certainly give it a shot!!

So, if you need a last minute gift, hop on over to www.wildwood-cottage.com and fill your cart up. We will get your order out ASAP!

wildwood-cottage.com Here at Wildwood Cottage, we LOVE soap, lotions, and the occasional hot bath! So much so that we have developed a line of wonderful hand-crafted soaps, lotion bars, bath salts, and milk baths. All of our products are made in small batches with high quality, skin-loving ingredients. From luxurious,....

Wildwood Cottage Soap Company's cover photo

Today is the last day to order...we still have a few gift sets and we always have wonderful hand-crafted soapy goodness. Everyone on your list would LOVE some soap, lotion bars, silky lotion, bath soak, or linen spray. No. Really. EVERYONE. :)

Need a fabulous gift for someone on your list? Look no further! We have you covered! Order by tomorrow, December 15! www.wildwood-cottage.com


Luxury Soap and Body Wash

Looking to add some Christmas cheer to your soap routine? Give our Luxury Soap and Body Wash in Sugar Plum Fairy, First Snow, or Christmas Wish a whirl!


wildwood-cottage.com While we love our hand-made bar soap, sometimes you need a liquid soap...and we are happy to supply you!!! Our liquid soap has a wonderfully thick consistency and lathers up with big bubbles. It comes in several wonderful fragrances...you are sure to find one you love! (7.5 ounces of awesome)

Holiday Gift Guide, Part 5

People. Lavender. Linen. Spray. This stuff is fantastic and is great for anyone on your shopping list! Lightly mist your pillows and sheets then drift off in lavender-inspired slumber. Made with Lavender Floral Water and Lavender Essential Oil, this spray is FANTASTIC. And one bottle will last FOR.EV.ER.

Which means...this is a gift that keeps on giving!!! Pick up yours today at www.wildwood-cottage.com

Holiday Gift Guide, Part 4

Have someone on your list that LOVES a relaxing hot bath? Our Bath Soaks, Bath Oils, and Bubble Baths were MADE for those who love to stay in the bath tub until they get wrinkly! Pair one of these lovely bath products with a silky lotion or lotion bar in an adorable gift bag and viola! Instant fabulous gift!!

YIKES!!! The shopping window is getting small! Order by FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15!!!! www.wildwood-cottage.com

Welcome to Wildwood Cottage Soap Company

The elves are back from NYC and ready to box up your order!!! Last week of holiday shopping at www.wildwood-cottage.com ...order today so we can get your gifts in the mail in time to make it to your tree!!!!

wildwood-cottage.com Here at Wildwood Cottage, we LOVE soap, lotions, and the occasional hot bath! So much so that we have developed a line of wonderful hand-crafted soaps, lotion bars, bath salts, and milk baths. All of our products are made in small batches with high quality, skin-loving ingredients. From luxurious,....

Be the hostess with the mostest...hand-crafted soap, liquid soap, room spray, and linen spray are wonderful finishing touches for preparing your guest room for the holidays!

The elves of Wildwood Cottage Soap Company are heading to the Big Apple tomorrow for some Christmas fun and shopping. But don't worry...the online store is OPEN and ready for orders. And the elves will take care of packing and shipping them as soon as they return to the soap studio on Monday!!!

(And yep...that is me at the Rockefeller Center tree last year. Can't wait to see it this year!!!)


Build Your Own Gift Set

Holiday Gift Guide, Part 3- Mother, Sister, Best friend

The women in our life work hard. Show your appreciation with a personalized gift set. Build your own gift set to show her how much she is appreciated. For the ultimate in pampering, consider including:
- Hand-crafted soap
- Bath Soak
- Creamy Sugar Scrub
- Silky Lotion
- Lavender Linen Spray
- Pink Bath Pouf

Order today!

wildwood-cottage.com Need a gift for a special person? Build Your Own Gift Set, right here at Wildwood Cottage. These adorable gable boxes will hold all sorts of soapy goodness. Purchase one of three festive designs, fill your cart with all sorts of goodies, and VIOLA! Your own customized gift! During check out, enter t


Lotion Bar Love- Gift Set

UPDATE: Well. Those went quick!! While these cute boxes are SOLD OUT, These little adorable gift sets are now available in a clear cello bag tied with red raffia ribbon!

Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2: Acquaintances

Sometimes you just need a "quick gift." A small token to let someone know you are thinking of them this holiday season. A tastefully packaged Lotion Bar is the answer!!https://www.wildwood-cottage.com/shop/lotion-bar-love-gift-set

wildwood-cottage.com A sweet luscious little Lotion Bar nestled in an adorable Christmas gift box...what a great little gift! Available in: Lavender Essential Oil Pink Salt & Water Lily Sugar Plum Fairy Little Black Dress In the Orchard Christmas Wish

[12/06/17]   Friends...my internet service is down. If you have a question, please send it via Facebook. I should be back online tomorrow!!

Everyone loves a Wildwood Cottage package under the tree!! www.wildwood-cottage.com

Who is on your nice list? Don't they deserve some Wildwood Cottage??? www.wildwood-cottage.com

Need help selecting the perfect gift? Let Wildwood Cottage help! We have several gift sets available for purchase OR build your own gift set!! We have some GREAT fabric gift bags and ADORABLE gift boxes just WAITING for you to fill them up with soap and other goodies!

Still not sure what you need? Let me help! Email me at [email protected]


Let it Snow- Gift Set

Holiday Gift Guide, Part 1- Teachers

Show your appreciation for the teachers on your list this holiday season with the ABCs of gift giving:

A lotion bar
Bar of soap
Creamy Sugar Scrub
(^see what I did there???)

Our Let It Snow gift set has all three in some wonderful winter fragrances and is available NOW: https://www.wildwood-cottage.com/shop/let-it-snow-gift-set

wildwood-cottage.com This gift set is for those on your list who just love winter time! All of their favorite winter scents in one adorable gift bag! - Hand-crafted soap- First Snow - Creamy Sugar Scrub- Peppermint - Lotion Bar- Sugar Plum Fairy

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