Body by Becky

Body by Becky

40 pounds down and I know she is going to keep going! Hard work always pays off...
Congratulations Lynn! You are amazing!

Face your fears today and be unstoppable!
You never know who you will inspire..

[02/20/18]   It is impossible to be unhappy when you express gratitude on a daily basis.. Be grateful for even the small things in life.

Take your next workout to the water!
There is nothing more peaceful...
Burn the calories then sit back and take in the beauty of nature.
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Natural Tips For Boosting Your Metabolism There are many things you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here is a nice list of all-natural tips for boosting your metabolism.

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Are you ready for an amazing detox, especially after the holidays hit? Do you want more energy with zero caffeine? Try my trick first thing in the morning before eating breakfast!

Why do I drink this you may wonder, as it seems like torture...Here is the long list of reasons:
Whole body detox, balances your ph levels, improves digestion, kills bacteria, suppresses appetite, decreases inflammation, provides strong antioxidant capabilities, destroys fungus and yeast, improves brain function, builds immune system, helps allergies, and will naturally increase your energy levels!!

In 8 ounces of water add:
1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar
2 scoops of the green supreme fusion (or other organic greens mix).
2 teaspoons of pure cranberry juice ( from concentrate, no sugar added).
1,300 mg of tumeric root. I take two capsules while eating, as I do not care for the taste of the powder form.

Do this just once a day, first thing in the morning, and you will start the day off right!
* This daily detox must be combined with a healthy nutrition plan. Sitting on the couch eating bon bon's, while sipping on this juice isn't going to cut it ; ) Let me know how you feel after doing this for a couple weeks! ~ Body by Becky

Check out all the health benefits of cranberry!
Did you know it could do all this?
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Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day with family, friends, and food! Don't forget to do some cardio in the next few days though. 😊

The 20 Worst Drinks at Starbucks | Eat This Not That

Coffee fanatics read this!
Empty calories can kill your diet plan.. Curious as to how bad the Bux’s buzz-laden drinks could really be? You may be surprised that many of your favorite drinks made it onto our list.

Do you suffer from horrible back pain?
Doing just 5 minutes on an inversion table daily could truly change your life!

Several years ago I was informed that I had a birth defect called kyphosis of the lumbar spine, which caused incredible pain as I aged. I did cardio and stretching almost everyday, and nothing changed.
I knew I wasn't going to be on pain killers, or muscle relaxers to mask the pain for life, so I needed to find a solution, and quick!

I was apprehensive at first, as hanging upside down didn't sound very inviting to me. Thankfully, my machine adjusts from 15 degrees to 90, so I could start slow. I do just 5 to 10 minutes each day after my morning workout. I have more flexibility now, and most importantly, zero back pain!

The way an inversion table works is by decompressing the spine, increasing blood flow, which aids in healing.
Do your research, and always check with your healthcare professional first, as this isn't for everyone.

I hope this information helps, and that you start living a pain-free life soon!

~ Body By Becky

Do you believe in yourself?
The answer should be yes, or you are holding yourself back!
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Buy 1, get 1 half off this week only! Only $45 for both products now while supplies last!
Joint health/Stress and mood formula.

Women are already hard enough on themselves...
Let's always lift each other up!
People will never forget how you made them feel, so keep spreading the love!
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Lol! Hopefully you still have some of your hurricane snacks left! Stay safe everyone!

This just in.....

"If it is important to you, you will find a way."
~ Ryan Blair

Even on vacation you can find the happy medium between working out and indulging in delicious italian food. It's all about balance, so work hard and enjoy life!

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Are you ready to burn some extra fat?
Then make sure you do your cardio or weight training first thing in the morning (before eating), or two hours after a meal. This will force your body to tap into fat stores for fuel. If you find this difficult, because your blood sugar levels get too low, grab a protein shake without carbs, (or lower carbs) before your workout. Also, make sure you eat within a hour after you train, so your body doesn't start breaking down protein out of the muscle.

*This is only for people trying to lean out, not for power lifters or endurance athletes.

Train hard! ~ Body by Becky

This is so true! If you aren't where you want to be with your fitness goals then it's time to tweak your nutrition.
This is 80% of your results!

[07/20/17]   Live life with purpose..

Are you trying to get into shape, but you're struggling with where to start?

Follow these three steps to get you moving forward:
1.) Plan so you won't fail! Schedule your workout first thing in the morning, or right after work. If you go home to change first, there is a good chance other things will take priority over your workout.
2.) Prepare your healthy meals and snacks, so you won't be tempted to hit the vending machine, or grab fast-food. You should try to eat something small every three hours to keep your metabolism optimal.
3.) Have patience! Start slow if you haven't worked out in a while. Three days per week is a good goal to hit for the first month, depending on your fitness level. Hire a personal trainer if you need help achieving your goals, keeping you motivated, or holding you accountable.

If you have any questions, or you need some help with a workout plan, I am always happy to help!
( [email protected]/407-619-3755).

Body by Becky's cover photo

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Contact me now for July specials!
(Valid through July 31st only).
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Look and feel your best now!
Personal Training/Body By Becky

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Need help with anxiety, appetite, or depression?
5htp is one of the top sellers, and it is very inexpensive!
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Email me at: [email protected]
Text me at:407-619-3755

Body By Becky

Good morning! Many of you already know that I moved out of the Publix plaza. When you need your supplements, and personal training here is how to find me now: (407-619-3755). Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert

Hi everyone! Meet Sandra. She is excited to start her journey to obtain a healthier and more fit lifestyle.
I gave her a four week deadline to hit her first set of goals. She wants to post her results to keep motivated, and inspire others to do the same.

A huge key to success is setting a DEADLINE for yourself. I am very proud of Sandra for having the courage to do this, and to share these results with you!

Kristin is down 20 pounds today! Two months of healthy eating and good workouts... All her hard work has paid off! Go Kristin!

Body By Becky


Health Food USA will be transitioning to Body By Becky LLC on May 26th. During the next 3 to 4 weeks (Or until inventory is gone) everything will be 10%-50% off!

On May 26th, my new website and web store will be live. Every order placed can be shipped, or there will be free pickup available. Personal training will continue in Oviedo, and in Waterford Lakes. More information will be available on my new site.

Thank you so much for your support and loyalty all these years! I look forward to continuing a business relation with you.

See you soon!

~ Becky Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert

Need help with muscle cramps, anxiety, sleep, heartburn, constipation, or headaches? Give magnesium a try to help combat these issues! Over 70% of Americans are deficient, as it is difficult to get from our foods. This product is only $12.99, and is definitely worth a try.

[03/07/17]   Never settle.
You get what you expect...
So expect success today!

~ Body By Becky

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