Orlando Barbell-24 Hr Gym

Orlando Barbell-24 Hr Gym

Orlando Barbell is a 24-hour gym that caters to powerlifters. We have a variety of cardio machines, strength machines, kettlebells, and resistance bands.

We are a training center that offers: - Personal Training - Group exercise classes - 24-hour membership - Powerlifting Team A small portion of our members are powerlifters. The remaining portion of our members are people that want to get fit in a welcoming atmosphere. Our staff is very knowledgeable and would love to help you improve your fitness regimen! If you want to follow Brian Schwab's training log, here is the link: http://asp.elitefts.net/qa/training-logs.asp?tid=92&__N=Brian%20Schwab

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Florida Fit Fam! Speak up and be heard!
Let Governor DeSantis know
Tag @rondesantisfl
Email: [email protected].myflorida.com
Call: 850-717-9337

Gyms promote mental, emotional and physical fitness. Liquor stores do not promote anything positive yet are classified as essential. Gyms are able to implement and enforce cleaning protocols required of both staff and patrons far more effectively than @publix @officemax or @homedepot Respectfully, reconsider gyms to be essential businesses. We are able to operate our businesses safely and responsibly while promoting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for Floridians. #gymsareessential #beheard #standup #fightforyourrights #weareessential #fightcovid19 #antibody #news #fearmongering #misinformation #wethepeople #gotothegym #health #fitness #responsible #positive #gym #cardio #crossfit #bootcamp #personaltrainer" (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)

Free Haircuts at Orlando Barbell starting on Monday! In all seriousness, I’m glad that the reopening of Florida is progressing and that DeSantis decided to have barber shops as well as hair and nail salons reopen on Monday, but I feel like gyms could have been included in this, especially small, privately owned gyms like OBB. Here’s the latest letter from the Department of Agriculture (thanks Tommye from @perfectstormhardcoregym for sending it to me) as well as an article specifying that gyms are not included in this latest reopening. As the memes say, the virus doesn’t know the difference between a grocery store, a barber shop or a gym. Enough is enough. If we’re not included by Monday, the 18th, I’ll be reopening OBB regardless and I’ll deal with the repercussions. #ftherona #thevirusdontknow #phasewhat @ Orlando Barbell-24 Hr Gym


Training after a layoff

elitefts.com This is a relatively simple and easy program

Unfortunately there are still no updates as to when gyms will be included in the phases of Florida reopening. I’m hoping we’ll be in phase 2, but there also aren’t any details specifying how long each phase will last. I keep checking the news hoping to hear the latest updates and promise you we’ll be open as soon as we’re allowed. It’s a frustrating situation. Until then, although they’re all back ordered, I’m working on stocking up on disinfectant sprays that specify that they kill the Coronavirus. Here’s the first to arrive, Mat Attack! I also have 4 gallons of Simple Green Pro 5 Disinfectant and Spray Nine on the way. We’ll have to use these diligently as well as incorporating the CDC guidelines of social distancing and limiting the crowds to 10 people are less. I hope you’re all hanging in there and are continuing to stay safe.
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Are You Losing muscle?

elitefts.com The good news is that it will come back relatively quickly.

I was hoping to have good news and to be able to tell you that gyms are in phase 1 of Florida reopening and that we’ll be back open on Monday, May 4th. Unfortunately, although he stated that people recommend he include gyms in phase 1, DeSantis opted to see how other states fared first. Hopefully Georgia won’t have a big influx in cases and we’ll be in phase 2, which I assume will be in a week or two following the start of phase 1 (barring any influxes here as well). Based off this, don’t quote me since it’s still just a guess, I would assume that we’ll be open on the 11th or 18th. 🤞
For now I’ll leave you with a before and after picture of more reupholstering we’ve done. Also, the AC broke. I already got it fixed, but you can be happy you didn’t have to train while it was out.
I hope you’re all staying safe and have found a way to enjoy your time at home. Although I’d like to be, I have not been very productive.
Thank you for your continued support through this difficult time. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.
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Here are more improvements at OBB during the closure this time thanks to @thebenchcover! These are a perfect fit, will prevent slipping, will add to the life of the benches and are Bella approved! I’m looking forward to getting you all back in here soon! I’m still hoping that we’ll be able to safely open back up on May 8th, if not sooner. I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything else. Stay safe! #orlandobarbell #teamorlandobarbell #obb #teamobb #ftherona #thebenchcover #dogfriendlygym #rescuesarethebest #americanbully @ Orlando Barbell-24 Hr Gym

Happy Birthday to OBB’s employee Josh Dawkins @joshuajdawkins who isn’t afraid to chase after his dreams!

[04/22/20]   Here’s why you need a gym. Hopefully we’ll all be back open soon.
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Being stuck training at home is shaping up to be as dangerous as the Coronavirus...
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This is big news for the fitness industry.
24 Hour Fitness is reported to be looking into bankruptcy as well.

If monolith gyms, that run much higher margins than small "real" gyms are closing, we need to think about the state of our industry as we move deeper into this crisis.

Please realize before commenting, this is purely an industry/business post. I don't need to be called out for not being sensitive to the victims of this virus.

When the government shutdown of nonessential businesses is lifted, who will be left?

I commented on a @defrancosgym post the other day about this exact situation.

Most small facilities operate on paper thin margins and many are operated by people very passionate about serving clients and members (unlike big box ones) but have little business skills.
This is not ripping on them, rather it is saying that some in our business actually care about their members and may not have the skills or financial ability to survive.

In order to come out of this we as gym owners need to adapt quickly, find ways to serve our clients during the shutdown and preserve as much revenue/cash on hand as we can to make it through.

If we don't all you'll have to train at will be White Goodman owned Globo Gyms when the shutdown is lifted.

Help your favorite small gym survive any way you can.

Every membership and member are more valuable to us than you are to the chains with 5 or 10 thousand members.

They operate on high volume, low price, so 25 or 50 cancellations don't affect them much.

For the small gym, 25 cancellations could be 20% or more of their gross revenue.

Support small business.
Shop local.
Stay safe.

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#shoplocal #globogym

More reupholstering improvements during the closure. These were a bitch, just ask Trinity. There are still more improvements to come to make your return to OBB even more enjoyable. I’m still hoping that we’ll be able open back up on May 8th, if not sooner. I’ll keep you updated. Stay safe! #orlandobarbell #teamorlandobarbell #obb #teamobb #ftherona @ Orlando Barbell-24 Hr Gym

While we’re forced to be closed we’re making improvements at OBB that we normally wouldn’t have time for. Here are some pics of reupholstering that Trinity and I have been working on. Stay tuned, there are more improvements to come! I’m still hoping that we’ll be able open on May 8th as originally stated in the letter I received from the Department of Agriculture. I’ll update you soon as I know for sure. We hope you’re all staying safe! #orlandobarbell #teamorlandobarbell #obb #teamobb #ftherona @ Orlando Barbell-24 Hr Gym

Want an idea of what it’s like to own a small business that’s forced to shut down during a pandemic? Here’s the email I received from our property management regarding rent. We don’t get any breaks. Our revenue is gradually dwindling while our expenses stay the same. I’ve applied for every potential loan possible, but there are no guarantees as well as no information as to when they’ll be dispersed, if at all. If you’re supporting a small business, please continue to do so if you want them to still exist when this is over.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

[03/16/20]   Yes we are open! Unless there’s a statewide mandated quarantine we will remain open and members will continue to have 24 hour access.

During this time please be courteous. If you feel sick, please stay home.

Although you already should be, please make even more of an effort to wipe down the equipment with simple green and to wash your hands.

We’ll get through this and will be stronger because of it.

At this point we really don’t know the extent of this, so it can’t hurt to be safe.
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Hello friends and family. If you are sick or feeling any flu like symptoms, please stay home and respect the safety of others.
We have plenty of cleaning supplies, so after each equipment use, please be respectful and clean after yourself. Let’s stay healthy friends.

Congratulations to OBB’s Jon Burnham @jon_burnham for going 633.8, 440.9, 661.3 for a 1736 Elite total and 1st place in the Junior and Open 220 Class and Dominic Beswick @dombes for going 639.3-374-727.5 for 1740.5 and 3rd place at 275 (even though he had a lot more in him on the squat and bench and locked out 777 on the deadlift but was red lighted for a change of direction). It was a great day for both of them! #orlandobarbell #teamorlandobarbell #obb #teamobb #powerlifting #orlandopowerlifting #orlandopowerliftinggym

We have more Deadlifting for Doggies shirts in stock in all sizes! Order yours today @
and help support local pitbull rescues!
#orlandobarbell #deadliftingfordoggies #bullyuprescue #fundraiser #giveback #livelearnpasson #dontbullymybreed

I posted this video on our story the day of the event, but am so happy with the turnout (and forgot to take a group picture) so I wanted to post it for posterity. Thank you to again to everyone who participated and/or donated!
#orlandobarbell #deadliftingfordoggies #bullyuprescue #fundraiser #powerlifting #deadlift #livelearnpasson #spectrumnews

Congratulations to Orlando Barbell’s Brandon Hagerott @brandonhagerott629 for deadlifting the evil 302.5 kgs/666.9 lbs @ a BW of 252 to place 2nd in the men over 200 class at our Deadlifting for Doggies fundraiser for @bullyuprescue on February 1st! Thank you to again to everyone who participated and/or donated!
#orlandobarbell #deadliftingfordoggies #bullyuprescue #fundraiser #powerlifting #deadlift #livelearnpasson #spectrumnews

Congratulations to Orlando Barbell’s Sami DePass for placing 3rd in her very first Strong Woman contest this past weekend! Here’s what she had to say:
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•3rd overall•
This day was fun but hard as hell. Signed up like 2 weeks ago on a whim because my friends were doing it. Ended up qualifying for nationals. I knew powerlifting would carry over strength wise... and I’ve been doing that consistently.
1. Stone clean and press - 7 reps.
2. truck push/pull - 75 ft.... this event about killed me 🤢
3. Max husafell load - 250lbs
4. hammer hold- 1:07
Tire flip not captured .
The strength community is f**king amazing. Every woman competing showed some serious heart yesterday and did an awesome job. Thank you to @ironlifeorlando and all the volunteers that put this show on...this couldn’t happen without you. ••
My friends/extended fam showed up and really showed out in supporting me and all the strongman competitors. You can hear my people in the videos encouraging me... thank you.
#builtforthissh*t #orlandosstrongest #strongerthanyourman #ctxteam #obb #backbonebarbell #topstrengthbrigade #strongman #usstrongman

Congratulations to my buddy, client and Orlando Barbell’s own Dean Harris for deadlifting a PR of 125 @ 9 years old and a BW of only 80 lbs at our Deadlifting for Doggies fundraiser for @bullyuprescue this past Saturday. Thank you to again to everyone who participated and/or donated!
#orlandobarbell #deadliftingfordoggies #bullyuprescue #fundraiser #powerlifting #deadlift #livelearnpasson #spectrumnews

Congratulations to Orlando Barbell’s Dominic Beswick @dombes for deadlifting an easy 315 kgs/694.5 lbs @ a BW of 250 to win the men over 200 class at our Deadlifting for Doggies fundraiser for @bullyuprescue this past Saturday. I have no doubt that Dominic will have the heaviest pull at OBB soon. Dominic won a medal, a doggies shirt and a cutting board from @norriswoodworkingco. Thank you to again to everyone who participated and/or donated!
#orlandobarbell #deadliftingfordoggies #bullyuprescue #fundraiser #powerlifting #deadlift #livelearnpasson #spectrumnews

Deadlifting for Doggies fundraiser at Orlando Barbell for Bully up Rescue on Spectrum News, 2/1/20

Orlando Barbell held it's 3rd annual Deadlifting for Doggies fundraiser on 2/1/20. Deadlifting for Doggies is a no holds barred non-sanctioned 1 rep max dead...

Congratulations to Orlando Barbell’s Natalie Falbo @nattylightlifts for deadlifting 142.5 kgs/314.2 lbs to win the women over 150 class at our Deadlifting for Doggies fundraiser for @bullyuprescue this past Saturday. Thank you to again to everyone who participated and/or donated!
#orlandobarbell #deadliftingfordoggies #bullyuprescue #fundraiser #powerlifting #deadlift #livelearnpasson #spectrumnews

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Thank you to everyone who participated and/or donated for our 3rd annual Deadlifting for Doggies fundraiser today! I forgot to get a group photo which I feel bad about, so here’s a video of some of the crowd and a pic of me with one of the super cute puppies. We had 23 competitors (the most ever for one of our fundraisers) and raised $875 to go to @bullyuprescue! It was a great event! I’ll post video of some of the lifts soon. Thanks to @lukehetrick we’ll have a spot on Spectrum News 13 Monday night at 10:30!
#orlandobarbell #deadliftingfordoggies #bullyuprescue #fundraiser #powerlifting #deadlift #livelearnpasson #spectrumnews @ Orlando Barbell-24 Hr Gym

The T-Shirts have arrived for our 3rd annual Deadlifting for Doggies fundraiser tomorrow! Thank you again to @katchibi for designing the new logo and @anthonyliardo and his family’s company, Fama 7, for making them. The shirts will be on sale at the event and on our website for $20 with the proceeds going to Bully up Rescue.
Deadlifting for Doggies is a no holds barred non-sanctioned 1 rep max deadlift contest fundraiser. This year we decided to have the proceeds go to Bully Up Rescue @bullyuprescue. The minimum donation is only $25 to compete, but any donation is appreciated. You can register or donate here: http://orlandobarbell.com/deadlifting-for-doggies/ .
Bully Up Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer, foster based organization aimed at restoring the positive image of the bully breed. They also advocate for proper companionship management and responsible ownership. We believe in a brighter future for all Bully breeds and Bully companions. Advocate, Educate, Rehabilitate, Foster, Adopt, and Volunteer to help save a life in need. They rescue from shelters in the FL & GA areas as well as assist in the safe placement of owner surrenders that meet our program qualifications. They also offer assistance in socialization, obedience, and basic training. Their goal is to create a safer environment for Bully breeds & their loyal human companions. .
We plan to have food and some beer there as well. We hope to see you there!
#bullyuprescue #orlandobarbell #deadliftingfordoggies #fundraiser #adoptdontshop

The Vending machine is re-stocked with @razeenergy and @bangenergy drinks! Now we have Miami Cola Bang for @jon_burnham. #orlandobarbell #OBB #raze #razeenergydrink #bang #bangenergy #bangenergydrink #preworkout #train #b2doesntwork

The calibrated kilo plates are organized and the deadlift platform is now dent free with better rubber thanks to our valued member Rich Hayes and @rhayes_ws6! #orlandobarbell #powerlifting #orlandogym #orlandopowerliftinggym #deadlifts #calibratedplates @ Orlando Barbell-24 Hr Gym

Meet Zoey and Belle! These are two of the awesome Bully up Rescue dogs that will be available for adoption this Saturday at our Deadlifting for Doggies event. Rumor has it that there may be puppies there too!
All of the proceeds will go to Bully up Rescue @bullyuprescue .
You can sign up or donate online here: http://orlandobarbell.com/deadlifting-for-doggies/
The minimum donation is only $25 and the top 3 in each weight class will get a medal! The best male and female by formula will also win a Deadlifting for Doggies T-shirt (a $20 value) and a cutting board from @norriswoodworkingco (an approx $50 value).
. The weight classes are:
- Women under 150
- Women over 150
- Men under 200
- Men over 200
The top 3 in each class will be determined by formula. Weigh ins are from 11 to 12 with lifting beginning at 12 here at Orlando Barbell. If you’ve never competed but would like to then this is a good way to get started!
#bullyuprescue #orlandobarbell #deadliftingfordoggies #fundraiser #adoptdontshop #norriswoodworkingco @ Orlando Barbell-24 Hr Gym

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