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I am a homeschool mom to 5. I love to go to events and on hikes and share them with others. I am not taking any photography clients at this time.


Black Mesa State Park & Nature Preserve ~Kenton, OK

Beautiful area and a great start to our trip ;)

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com This is my second time visiting the Black Mesa State Park. I went during the middle of the day the last time and had a hard time seeing the beauty of the place so I wanted to spend a couple of nights there this time. I have found that most places are beautiful at sunset…


New Mexico Vacation

We are back! Two weeks in an RV we're an adventure but I loved it!!!!


daniellehuddlestonphotography.com We rv'd around New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas for the last two weeks! Here is a peak at some of our adventures!I loved heading west! Beautiful sites! And so much amazing history! Now I will need to adjust to our normal life! I loved seeing new things!


Fairy Tale Forest

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com Little spots in our yard turn magical when the sun is setting. Including this little creek that is often dry. I could not resist playing around with Little Bit in this beautiful spot.


Sand Springs Herb Festival

Fun, rainy, herb festival today!

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com So it was cold and rainy at the festival today but I enjoyed it anyway!


Mommy and Me

Our pokey little puppy wanted in the shot with us ;)

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com My Family, Photo Projects Mommy and Me 04/12/2019 Danielle Huddleston Leave a comment Related PostsSelf Portrait with my 5th ~2017Self Portrait with my 3rd ~2017Self Portrait with my 4th ~2017Little Bit and IWindow seat my girls and Iself portrait


Tulsa Zoo with Family

We had such a great time visiting the zoo with my sisters and lots of nieces and nephews!

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com Two of my sisters came down to visit the week after our area's spring break, which was pretty much perfect. The zoo was nice and empty, well until we came... That's a lot of kids ;) Perfect day for the zoo! The rainforest is beautiful. Cousin time was so much fun! So cute. We actually…

Mcruffy Math vs. RightStart Math Update

I did an update on how our math switch is going and if I still prefer it over RightStart.

Here is an update about how switching to McRuffy Math is going 3 months in.


We saw a bat!!!!

Look at that cute face! 1st time I have seen a bat in the wild like this! Just another reason to check out Keystone Ancient Forest, you might see a bat ;)

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com Keystone Ancient Forest is a great place to hike near Sand Springs! They have several different hikes, from easy paved trails to more difficult trails. My favorite is the Wilson Trail which is one of the more difficult trails. It has a lot of up and down and uneven terrain but it is beautiful. My…

Biblical Ancient History

Saying what we are doing for school out loud is always hard for me! Hopefully this helps someone that is looking for the same type of resources though ;)

This is what I am using for my 7th grade boys ancient history study this year. Links to resources on my blog, here. https://daniellehuddlestonphotography.com...


Slow down…

My social media is not working well but I could not resist sharing these pics I took tonight of my youngest 😍

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com My youngest is looking a bit too grown up and stunning with her newest hairstyle. She is obsessed with Ancient Egypt right now so she wants "Egyptian Hair" but I am not giving her bangs and am bad at braids so twists it is... That nose crinkle...


Mr. Nicky's World History Songs

My kids love listening to these. So funny and actually pretty educational. ha

youtube.com TEACHERS: Mr. Nicky performs school assemblies and workshops across the country, helping your classes write their own educational parodies! Please send an e-...


Nifty Fifty and Snow

We ran outside on Monday to play in snow before it melted!

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com I used my 50mm 1.4 for all of these. I had not used it in a while since it does not work with my new camera but I have missed it.   Waiting to go out and play in the snow is hard. I love capturing little moments like my youngest trying to buckle her…


I almost missed this.

Some pics of how these okies embraced the little bit of snow we got. I love having a really good zoom for moments like this. When I was not feeling well and going out was already hard. I just parked myself in a spot and still got good shots.



I got cocky…

Anyone else sometimes assume something is going to be super easy? Oops...

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com That was my first mistake. Nick had just been gone for a whole week earlier this month so one night seemed almost too easy. Then 4 kids got colds and the weather turned nasty. On Tuesday after dropping him off at the airport I decided to take advantage of being in town and went for…


Ancient History Curriculum from a biblical standpoint.

Okay guys! I finally got some free time and put my thoughts and LOTS of links together for an Ancient History from a biblical point of view! Hope this helps someone! Research is actually my favorite part of Homeschooling ;) So I could look up resources all day! HA



Family, Parks, and Nature Centers

I was feeling a bit burnt out on our last two days without Nick but we made it! And we did fun things still!

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com On the last two days without Nick(he was in Poland for a week), I was feeling burnt out. So on Friday I decided to not go anywhere in the morning but did visit my parents who were in town in the afternoon. Afterwards we went to the Washington Irving Park and I noticed that this…


One more State Park marked off!

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com We got to check off another Oklahoma State Park off the list last month! Lake Thunderbird State Park! It has a nice nature center which is always a plus for my kids! We had already walked all around the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History so I chose a nice easy trail. The Fawn's Nest…


Picnics, Chocolate, and Airplanes.

Pretty sure I lived off chocolate and hot tea last week...

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com The second day of Nick being gone we drove down to visit with friends and explore their ranch they run. They have hiking trails, beavers, and lots of space so it worked great! We even got to see wild hog prints on our hike! And I only got us a little lost... They were actually…

[02/12/19]   I finally got a blog post up! Nick was gone all last week and I did not have the extra energy left to post anything! Ha


Solo Parenting for a week

Here is our 1st stop in our crazy week last week. It worked at least, the week felt like it went by pretty fast!
I am thinking I want to go nowhere this week...


daniellehuddlestonphotography.com Well I have been quiet on here because when life is overwhelming stuff gets cut. My husband went on a business trip all last week and got back Saturday so I did what I always do. I ran around like crazy. I don't like to be cooped up with 5 hyper kids, I would rather…


Struggling teaching the subjects I love

Anyone else not really get to do all they want in their homeschool?

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com I love teaching history. It's my favorite subject and definitely one of the easiest subjects for me to teach. But for the past several years I have struggled teaching it. My oldests boys are getting more and more independent in their learning so they don't need me to line up projects for them or rea...


Robbers Cave State Park ~Wilburton, OK

Finally posted about our time in Robber's Cave State Park! One of my favorite Oklahoma State Parks by the way, bonus tip on how to handle the worry of an allergic reaction while hiking.

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com I started working on this post at the beginning of the week but colds and allergy scares have hit hard this week. So what can you do if you are worried about your child having an allergic reaction to something? My best advice would be to carry a small first aid kit with you that…

Robbers Cave State Park ~Camping with 5 kids

Forgot to share our fun footage from Robbers Cave State Park! We went in November on our way back from Beavers Bend and it did not disappoint.

We loved camping and hiking at Robbers Cave State Park! Such a fun place to visit!


Megalodon ~Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

Early birthday trip to see a giant shark and as a bonus we found snow!

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com We went to see the Megalodon Exhibit at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History before it left and as a bonus found snow!My kids were so excited with this little bit of snow! We ended up getting a membership because it cost almost the same as one visit for our family. We run…


Switching from RightStart to McRuffy

I did a blog post with a bit about our math switch! Did you make any big curriculum changes after Christmas break?

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com After using Right Start Math for over 7yrs I am trying something different for my twins!!! I am trying out McRuffy Color Math Grade 2. I love how hands on Right Start is and that part works really well for them but it is a little advanced and it is very teacher intensive. Which is…

Switching from Right Start Math to McRuffy Color Math

If you are a homeschooler that follows me, I made a video about the new math curriculum we are trying!

In the first part of this video I explain why we switched from RightStart Math Level C to McRuffy Color Math Grade 2. 4:44 is a look at a lesson with my girl...


1st Day Hike 2019

I would not mind owning property like this ;) Then I could hike everyday! Do you do a 1st day hike?

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com I talked my family into going to a nearby lake for 1st hike of the new year! It was a bit cold... My boys said they liked it and at least Milo appeared to have fun. Little Bit does not like it when the grass is near her face. Poor kid needs to get just…

[01/01/19]   Me "maybe I will do a daily pic next year!" Also me "oh wait, that is tomorrow...yeah, nope."

Osage Hills State Park & The Tallgrass Prairie ~Camping for Christmas Part 1

We had fun going on our first camping trip with our puppy!

We went camping Christmas weekend! I apparently took too much video so I will make a second part! We explored all around the Bartlesville and Pawhuska Oklaho...


We went camping for Christmas!

I could really get into camping for holidays. Beautiful weather, ways to burn lots of energy, and room to breathe. Do you hike for holidays? Or is it just me? Ha

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com We wanted to do a trial camping trip with our new puppy but wanted to stay pretty close to home in case it went badly. Osage Hills State Park was a perfect choice! It was not very far away from our house and is a favorite hiking spot for us. In fact my oldest went…


Hiking the Nature Trails in Beavers Bend State Park

Nature Trails are a nice easy way to go for a hike, a lot of them even have signs to keep kids entertained and break up the hike.

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com We were going to take the South Park Trail near our campground to the Beaver Creek Trail but... We didn't bring waders... This one was not a nature trail but most of the others we went on were. I took three kids on this next short hike.It was listed as a nature trail. It was…


Wildlife and Museums ~South Eastern Oklahoma

Two great stops in South Eastern Oklahoma! Make sure you drive this this wildlife refuge if you are in the area! So pretty!

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com Little River National Wildlife Refuge To the left of the boys a deer was just standing there staring at us! This was the only established place to walk around that we saw there. It was a beautiful drive scenic drive though and my kids want to go back when it is warmer to see Alligators.…

Exploring South East Oklahoma

So now I want to move to South Eastern Oklahoma...beautiful area.

While staying at Beavers Bend State Park we decided to explore South Eastern Oklahoma! Such a beautiful area!


How much is that doggy in the window?

You know that puppy? Well...

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com There is a reason that my husband does not even drive near those people trying to sell puppies in the parking lot of walmart. He knows that I have zero self control around puppies... This one just happened to drop in my lap though... We have been trying for over a week to find his…


3 more state parks checked off!

I am getting closer to seeing all of the Oklahoma State Parks!!!!

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com Nick made the mistake of mentioning the fact that his Grandparents liked to visit every state park in MN. It kind of lit a fire under me to visit all the Oklahoma State Parks and on our last trip we get to hit up three more! We have about three state parks left and some…


Lake Wister State Park, Runestone Park, and Ouachita National Forest

Here is the blog post to go with the video of our first couple days rving ;) Oklahoma has many beautiful spots.

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com I wanted to camp at Beavers Bend State Park for the festival but they were full when I checked a month or so before so we stayed the first two nights of our trip at Lake Wister State Park. Not all of the campgrounds were open for the season so we ended up staying at…

Lake Wister State Park, Runestone Park, and Ouachita National Forest

Did you know that Oklahoma has a Viking Runestone? We like to visit Runestone(used to be state) Park whenever we are in the area. It is a beautiful park with an interesting history.

These were our first stops on our 9 day camping trip! We stayed at Lake Wister State Park for two nights.

Found puppy Sapulpa

Beavers Bend Folk Festival 2018

What a fun festival in the Ouachita Mts. of Oklahoma!

This was such a great festival! The people were fun and friendly and great with kids!

This is what happens when I am missing snow. I play with Snow Overlays for the first time ;) I missed Oklahoma's first snow of the season and now I am worried that was my only chance! Ha! I will just have to add it to pics ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Beaver’s Bend State Park Folk Festival ~Hochatown, OK

Great festival at a beautiful park!!!!

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com We went to the Folk Festival at Beavers Bend State Park on the last day of the festival. That way we would be able to camp at the park that night. It goes from Friday-Sunday. This was such a fun event! My girls loved the petting zoo. My boys loved the blacksmith and carpenters. Everyone…

Minnesota Trip 2018

I put together a quick look into what our MN trip looked like!

We found some fun stops on the way to Minnesota as well as some fun things to do in Minnesota! A free Zoo in Independence Kansas A fun Nature Center in Sioux...


The Twins are 9!

Celebrating these beautiful girls today ;)


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