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HR STRATEGY | RECRUITING - RETENTION SYSTEMS| REVENUE - PROFIT GROWTH | WHAT I DO: Facilitate the development of a comprehensive Human Capital Strategy

HR STRATEGY | RECRUITING - RETENTION SYSTEMS| REVENUE - PROFIT GROWTH | "Clark brings a unique and holistic approach to the Human Capital problems which we business owners are challenged. His ability to advance the vision of the organization, identify root causes of challenges, address them with proprietary systems and processes while keeping a constant eye on the financial and business ramifications is truly exceptional from a HR expert." - Tra Pippen, CEO Hometown Home Health and Infinite Solutions Group WHAT I DO: Facilitate the development of a comprehensive Human Capital Strategy and Plan which will result in the transformation of HR from a COST into a PROFIT center. Elevate your HR function from focusing on Employee Relations and Compliance to driving your GREATEST ASSET to higher levels of revenues and profits by injecting business and financial fundamentals into your HR department. Provide proprietary systems and processes to reduce the frustration and reduce the activity while increasing the results. I have had the opportunity to see what the results can do for an organization, the employees and their families, the community and the other stakeholders. MY BACKGROUND: 25+ years of Chief HR Officer experience designing Strategies and Plans, successful implementation with concrete results in four vertical industries. AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Human Capital Strategy | Human Capital Planning | Recruiting | Employee Development | Deploying | Performance Evaluation | Engaging | Retaining | MY CLIENTS INCLUDE: Manufacturing, Service, Healthcare, Engineering, Financial, Insurance, Energy, Oil and Gas, Transportation, Heavy Equipment, Apparel, Retail, Hospitality... FREE ASSESSMENT: To assess the current state of your HR function go here:

Mission: Elevate HR by injecting Business and Financial principles into the HR function turning HR from a Cost to a Profit Center while driving the "Greatest Asset".

Are you feeding the monster?

#Employeeturnover #Profit #Greatestasset Yes, you are. Obviously you are not doing it on purpose. In every organization, there are activities which, if stopped, will immediately reduce your turnover. Your organization has strategies and policies which make your employee turnover, chronically open positions and skills gap worse - not better...

The worst year of my professional life

The issue is how do you increase the value of your employees - both to you and themselves. #Greatestasset #Profit #Employeeturnover A long time ago, when the issue of employee turnover first entered my life, I had the worst year in my professional life. Our senior field technicians, who were the backbone of our company, were leaving so fast we could not even come close to replacing them. It took five years to create a senior tec...

People Profits, LLC

“I will have to pay a lot more to replace them!!”

#Greatestasset #Profits #Employeeturnover So you just lost an integral part of your team. They were one of the key lynch pins in your operation. When you heard about it – the first thought was how much more you were going to have to pay to replace them. You knew the great deal you had, you thought they would never leave – but they did.

How an exception to the rule increases your employee turnover

#Greatestasset #Profit #Employeeturnover You made an exception for someone. You paid more than you wanted to or gave an extra perk or two to get someone hired or to keep them on board. Your supervisors said you had no choice as we needed this person very badly. You knew the other employees would learn about the “special deal” – they ...

Toxic employees – do you have this cancer in your organization?

#Employeeturnover #Profits #Greatestasset Whether as the VP of HR or as a consultant, one of my first actions is to attack the Toxic Employees straight on. After getting approval from the business owner, CEO or COO, one of the first things I would do is have a meeting with the Managers, Directors and VPs of the different departments of the....

What do we put first – People or Profits?

#employeeturnover #Profits #greatestasset Business owners ask me this question all the time. They are living in a box – they believe those are the only choices. The problem is the question itself is destabilizing and sends you in the wrong direction. By asking the question you are putting these two vital areas in conflict. Choose one and ...

The hidden asset in your greatest asset

#Employeeturnover #Greatestasset #Profits I have a theory which has been confirmed by my experience. There are three groups of people. The first group are the “Great Employees” – they will meet any challenge you put in front of them. They will figure it out and make it happen. They will do whatever they have to do and they make up rou...

How can I reduce the chaos?

#Greatestasset #Employeeturnover #Profit No matter which issue you have of Employee Turnover, Skills Gap or Chronically Open Positions or some combination thereof there will be one symptom which will exist. CHAOS will always occur when you have any of these three issues. If you have any two or if you have all three – the chaos will be ex...

Are you managing your greatest asset or are they managing you? Simply put – if you are not proactively managing your greatest asset and getting the results which you want then the only other option is your greatest asset is managing you. If they are managing you then they are not your greatest asset – you are THEIR greatest asset. The key word in all of thi...

THAT issue which springboards your Employee turnover

#Greatestasset #Profits #Employeeturnover Every organization has THAT issue - an issue or issues which have not been resolved and therefore continue to create turnover for years. THAT issue can be lots of things; but, they all have one thing in common. Everybody knows about it, talks about it; but, it is ignored by management.For instance:

Which group of employees are hearing “I want you to stay”?

You can choose to have good or bad employees People Profits Principle #3Your employees know who the good and bad employees are.How you deal with both groups will determine who will stay.

What is your cost of accepting the lowest common denominator?

#Employeeturnover #Greatestasset #Profit Everybody wants great employees. Employees that are empowered, who make the right decision, satisfy the customer and who make money at the bottom line. There are employers who think some or even a lot of their employees fit that description. Most do not. The majority of the employers who I have spok...

How to prevent the saddest form of employee turnover

#Greatestasset #Profit #Employeeturnover How to prevent the saddest form of employee turnover

How can your employee turnover make you stronger?

#Greatestasset #Employeeturnover #Profit Can you name the sport where failure is the goal? No seriously, there is a sport that revolves around failure. The athletes in this sport strive for it every day - they work very hard to FAIL. These athletes only truly succeed when they FAIL. Weightlifting involves lifting weights until you cannot d...

Do you need the recipe which will solve your employee turnover?

#Greatestasset #Employeeturnover #Profit Do you need the recipe which will solve your employee turnover?

How does your employee turnover affect your customers?

When you lose an employee - you will probably lose customers too!
#Greatestasset #Employeeturnover #Profit How does your employee turnover affect your customers?There are many ways your employee turnover affects your customers. We will focus on just one today.

What message is your turnover sending your customers and competition?

#Greatestasset #Profit #Employeeturnover When you have high employee turnover you are sending an unmistakable message to both groups and it is a VERY negative message. To your customers you are telling them they cannot count on having consistent customer service. Right now, as I write this, I am sitting in a breakfast establishment which I...

You can’t buy your way out of a skills gap You can’t buy your way out of a skills gap

Exhausted from fighting versus preventing fires? Exhausted from fighting versus preventing fires?

What are the 5 reasons your employees work for you?

Pay raises for time served or enhanced value?

#Greatestasset #Employeeturnover Pay raises for time served or enhanced value?Most organizations provide for pay raises on what I call “Time Served”. We all have seen these types of programs – after six months you will have an evaluation and an adjustment which is within a fairly tight range. What I have found is that great p...

Employee Turnover is being measured – now let’s manage it!!

What can be measured - can be managed. Employee turnover is being measured automatically. Now let's manage it!! It is consistent, relentless, wearing you out and taking the same big bite out of your profits every day. Too many people think it is just a cost of doing business. They can’t do anything about it. They have tried without any luck. The converse of Peter Drucker’s quote is also correct. If you ca...

#employeeturnover #greatestasset

Copying someones else plan is expensive, exhausting and not productive. Your employee turnover strategy and plan has to be specific to your organization.

Everyone wants good employees and not bad employees. Knowing the "how" will increase your revenues and profits.

Employee turnover is not solved by a silver bullet; but rather a comprehensive strategy and great implementation.

Employee turnover always ends up winning. You take one step forward and get pushed back two steps. Fix your employee turnover before it finishes you.

“I am just here until something better comes along!!”
#Greatestasset #Employeeturnover These are the words of a hopeless employee who sees no future with his current employer. As the Owner or CEO you will not hear this directly from the employees. Maybe indirectly through an Employee Engagement Survey or through an honest front line supervisor – your main feedback will be through yo...
#People #Profits #GreatestAsset #Employeeturnover

Show me the money! Now and in the future

Your employees don't want promises and excuses they need a written plan showing goals and how they will benefit. Both now and in the long run. #Greatestasset #Profits #People “Show me the money!!”Rod Tilling in the movie “Jerry McGuire”

Time is the only truly limited resource. How can you create more time?

Employee turnover - first, stop the bleeding As with a medical trauma, the first action to proactively manage your greatest asset is to stop the bleeding. Until you effectively deal with the ROOT CAUSES of your employee turnover – you will continue to throw new employees into a toxic environment. As long as the toxic environment continues .....

People Profits, LLC

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Employee Turnover – what is the real cost? "The biggest expense is Opportunity Cost" - AnonymousEmployee turnover calculators only tell part of the story. They tell you what you are spending on the instability of your current workforce. They don’t tell you the Opportunity Cost you are losing because you don’t have the stable workforce yo...

Employee turnover – getting past “that is the way it is” “40% employee turnover is average for our industry - that is the way it is.”

Employee turnover eats culture for breakfast

How you can have ZERO EMPLOYEE TURNOVER Out of control employee turnover was the main reason why I was first asked to move from Finance to be the VP of Human Resources. Every time a new company recruited me - it was due to employee turnover threatening the very existence of the organization.In each case I found a company with employee tur...

3 Jogadores do Japão contra 100 Crianças em campo

This video is a perfect analogy of what I help people do. Give me three really good employees and they will easily beat out a ton of less skilled employees. 3 Jogadores do Japão contra 100 Crianças em campo 3 Jogadores do Japão contra 100 Crianças em campo 3 Jogadores do Japão contra 100 Crianças em campo

People Profits are the experts in "Getting to Zero" Employee Turnover. You will never have control of your "Greatest Asset" until you have control of your turnover.

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