Ojai Valley Community Church

Sunday service 10:45am.You are welcome to worship with us any Sunday. Our focus is loving God, others and self.

[08/16/17]   To my black brothers and sisters, I don't know how you do it. I stand in awe at the tolerance, patience, ability to absorb so much pain and injustice and not lash out indiscriminately. What you have to face daily, in your average day rising up, going to work and being black meshed into the American life with the history your people have in this country is beyond my comprehension, and yet the bulk of you do it. Everyday. Trying to get over the gauntlet of obstacles that are always there. I can't imagine the psychological damage of waking up to a racist president. But you do it with grace. Yes some have gone off the rails meeting hatred and prejudice the same way. I don't judge you. I fear I would be you if I were in your shoes. I don't believe I could be MLK. But most of you are. For whatever it's worth, and it's not much, I stand with you. I will not be silent. It doesn't make me special. You are special. And I'm proud to have many of you as life long friends. Peace and strength. Paul

In Germany they don't have statues of great Nazi generals in public. But they do have museums filled with the atrocities they committed and fought for.

No one is born a racist.

"My Country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I pray..."

[08/12/17]   Why is it that because I'm accepting and loving of people as a statement of belief that they think it also means I'm accepting of stupid and being a asshole? I'm not!

Since I've no Jesus super powers to heal people, Sunday we get real about battling the stigma of Mental Health Challenges. Get inspired by a courageous woman, get informed and involved! National hotlines providing confidential info, answer questions, help in times of need.
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs : 800-273-8255
• Depression, Bipolar Support Alliance 800-826-3632
• Hopeline 800-442-4673
• Mental Health America –referral to local mental health service/support programs 800-969-6642
• National Alliance on Mental Illness : 800-950-6264
• Postpartum Support International : 800-994-4773
• PPD Moms : 800-773-6667
10:45am/ish Sunday-907 El Centro

[08/09/17]   Having just had coffee with someone who battles bipolarism with whom I plan a open discussion at church about mental health disease and giving a word of advice to another who so appreciated it. I thought I'd put the advice out there in general. "(Blank) first thing I want to say is I love you. I'll say it again. I love you. I'm not judging you. I'm not condemning you. I've no use for either. All I want is to help you, help anybody, be better versions of themselves including me. I love (Blank). (Blank)loves you. You love (Blank). If you're asking what I want, I want you to be a happy fun loving couple that goes to the end together. How can that possibly happen? I think there's a way. I've known you both for a long time. I know you both pretty well. Good qualities and flaws. We all have them. Your biggest obstacle to happiness is not (Blank) but the way your own mind betrays you. You are your own worst enemy. And it's not your fault! My body betrays me. My bodies worst enemy is itself. I have a auto-immune disease and my immune system designed to protect me is in fact attacking me like a enemy. I have to take regular medication or I die. Your own brain is betraying you in perceptions, thoughts and decisions. You need help with that. Good news is it exists. I would guess to say you suffer from bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, manic-depressive disorder of some sort. It might be one or a combination. Many people suffer from this, many of my friends, people in our church community. Untreated it causes a lot of damage in our lives. It doesn't allow us to take things in stride or keep them small. We obsess and explode and can't let go of things. It holds us back from the life we want. It will never go away like my disease, but it can be managed! I truly believe that if you get good professional psychological help and treatment you could become so much more consistently happy and satisfied. I want this for you. If you need a referral let me know! Much love. Paul" #endthestigma

How we do Sabbath at Community.

OVCC - Preemptive Thoughts - 8/6/17 - Paul Bergmann

Short but densely packed teaching today. Now online. https://ovcccast.blogspot.com/2017/08/ovcc-preemptive-thoughts-8617-paul.html

ovcccast.blogspot.com August 6, 2017. Pastor Paul discusses our preconceived tendencies about other people and other ideas. August 6, 2017. Click to Listen.

OVCC - Sow, Sow, Sow your seeds - 7/30/17 - Paul Bergmann

Great teaching from last week available online now. Get caught up before tomorrow... https://ovcccast.blogspot.com/2017/08/ovcc-living-free-72317-paul-bergmann.html

ovcccast.blogspot.com July 30, 2017. Paul Bergmann teaches from the parable of the sower. July 30, 2017. Click to Listen.


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907 El Centro St
Ojai, CA
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