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Topa Topa Taxi is the taxi located in Ojai specializing in long rides that seem to take no time at all.

Serving the Ojai Valley around the clock, every day. Licensed and insured for your protection with world class 5 Star Service: friendly – responsive – reliable. Topa Taxi has one the lowest meter rates in Ventura County, with most in-town rides lss than 10.00!

Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Topa Topa Taxi | The only taxi actually located in Ojai

Get the latest information on rates and services. We also take on line reservations!

[07/24/17]   Dining alfresco on this beautiful Ojai evening 💛

[07/18/17]   Do you know someone with a good personality and excellent driving record that would like to earn some extra cash?

We are seeking drivers to serve our wonderful clients right here in the Ojai Valley.

Please send us a private message or email us at


Wow, so mamy choices!

41 places to dine on Ojai Ave.

East End Restaurant
Ca Marco
Casa De Lago
Exotic Thai
Soule Park
Golden Moon
Sea Fresh
Jersey Mike’s
La Fuente
Ojai Pizza
Agave Maria’s
Coffee Emporium
Ojai Coffee Roasting
Bonnie Lu’s
Osteria Monte Grappa
Food Harmonics
the VINE
Plaza Pantry
No SO Vita
Ojai Tortilla
Bon Marche
Ojai Valley Inn - 4 restaurants
Westridge Markets (2 delis)
Rainbow Bridge
Hip Vegan Cafe
Java and Joe
Beacon coffee

An Outdoor Bookstore, A Dadaist Darling's Studio and More to See on a Day Trip to Ojai

Ojai is all this and more! And when you visit, Topa Topa Taxi is here to help you gwt around town with experienced drivers and clen, well maintained vehicles. Students of 20th century art know the name Beatrice Wood. She was, first, the young, American girlfriend of the French-born Dadaist painter Marcel Duchamp. With Duchamp’s encouragement she painted, then became known much later as a maker of ceramics and pottery. When she was very young Beatrice mana...

One of our favorite spots in town for special evenings ❤


Nice job kids!

If you are see Rocky please tell him his family is looking for him!

Will you be out singing in the rain tonight? Don't fret, our driver on duty tonight is equipped with a large umbrella and a dry taxi!

Groovy Grandma's and Pa's

Great reminder! Make your new years reservations now!

Have a Happy New Year!

Please be safe!



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The only cab service based in downtown Ojai, best response time and friendly drivers