Whole Word Life Christian University

What Makes LCU The Best Choice?

Our program is spiritually comprehensive and intensely practical.
Our program is easily available and personally convenient.
Our program is excellent.
Our program is affordable.
Our students have strong support from Main Campus.
We have an excellent reputation.

Comprehensive & Practical

First and foremost in selecting a program of ministry education should be the doctrinal position of the school and the emphasis of the curriculum and courses. LCU believes in the whole counsel of God's Word and that each individual Christian should be spiritually equipped for complete victory in their own life before launching into ministering to others.

The LCU program is designed to teach the student to walk by faith and receive the Lord's blessing in many areas of their own personal life. This would include exercising faith to live a life of Christ-like character having peace in one's home, receiving divine healing and health for your own body, and divine prosperity to accomplish the work that God has called you to. Having a good working knowledge of the New Testament and the benefits of being a believer are foundational prerequisites for a personal life of victory. After this solid foundation for ministering to others is laid, students may develop in special areas of ministry as they feel called by the Lord.

We firmly believe that the Lord Jesus has greatly promoted the University and given us rapid success because of the strength and anointing on the program of study. He knows what the Body of Christ needs in ministry training in today's world, and we feel extremely blessed to be one of His instruments of that training.

Available & Convenient

A ministry education and the corresponding degrees associated with that education are now available to anyone, anywhere in the world through Life Christian University. Our new online student program allows you the student to study at home, at your own pace without having to relocate your family to a traditional university, Bible college or seminary. Most believers that sense the call of God one their lives to do something more for the Kingdom, or to enter into full time ministry, do not have the luxury to interrupt their lives and the lives of their family in order to pursue that call in the old fashioned traditional way. LCU has removed all of those obstacles.

Superior Quality

Online students of LCU receive video lectures from the faculty of the Main Campus in Tampa, Florida. With hundreds of years of ministry experience between them, the Main Campus faculty make up some of the most anointed and gifted ministers that you will ever hear. The President and Vice-president, Dr. Douglas Wingate and Dr. Daniel Coflin have been friends for 52 years. They have been working together in ministry higher education for 17 of those years. Dr. George Brooks and Rev. Linda Brooks were Dr. Wingate's first spiritual mentors 37 years ago. All of the rest of the faculty have very close relationships with one another. As a team, the faculty demonstrate the true New Testament model of ministry, no competition or envy, but a true atmosphere of unity and honor.


Our tuition is among the most reasonable in the world. The objective of the university is to provide the highest quality spiritual education possible at the most affordable price. The pay as you go policy, (pay for each course as you take them) has eliminated the need for educational debt for thousands of graduates.

Name Recognition & Prestige

LCU is rapidly becoming known as one of the premiere ministry universities in the world. With its quality program, miraculous growth rate and great number of prominent and distinguished ministers who have chosen LCU for recognition of their academic work, a degree from LCU is one of the most prestigious degrees available.

[08/11/11]   Join us September 11, 18, 25 & Oct 2 for a Free University Course!

"Principles of Faith"

Taught by Dr. Pitts Evans




10922 Vale Rd
Oakton, VA
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