Shawna Petrushkin, CFP

Shawna Petrushkin, CFP

Private Wealth Advisor, Nemeth & Petrushkin, A private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

I am passionate about working with my clients and want them to experience financial confidence now and in retirement. I will look at your entire financial picture — cash reserves, debt management, investments, protection and taxes, ask targeted questions and listen closely to your answers. I want you to feel confident that the advice I provide reflects your unique dreams and goals.

Areas of Focus include: Womens' Financial Strategies, Family Finances, Retirement Income Strategies and Retirement Planning Strategies.

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Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. is a broker-dealer and member of FINRA. Comments and "likes" should not be considered representative of client experiences, or indicative of future performance or success. While I appreciate the support of my clients, I cannot accept Recommendations or Endorsements due to Investment Advisers Act of 1940 rules which prohibit me from publishing a testimonial of any kind concerning the investment advice, analysis, reporting or other services I provide. For your privacy, please don’t post account or service-related information on this page. Instead, contact me directly. Please visit for more important disclosures and information.

Elizabeth Warren's student debt relief plan: Could it super-charge the economy?

We find the conversation surrounding student loan debt interesting since it's a hot topic for many. The issue spans across generations as many Millennials, GenXers, and Baby Boomers struggle to repay their loans, so not only can student loan debt sometimes limit options for young people trying to buy houses and start businesses, but it can affect those seeking to retire comfortably and at a reasonable age. Some economists say erasing the debt would boost the economy and create more jobs, and it would certainly be a financial relief for many people, but it’s hard to say if a program like this could deliver until we know more of the logistics.

The senator says wiping out college debt could create an "enormous middle-class stimulus." Economists agree — with caveats

Use them wisely!

Is Recent Economic Data as Good as it Seems? | Ameriprise Newsroom

Estimates of the first quarter U.S. GDP growth exceeded expectations. But the details were not quite as encouraging as headlines would suggest. Strength from inventory rebuilding and trade improvement contributed to the Q1 growth rate, while both personal consumption and business investment slowed.

Even 75% of Americans in the best 401(k) plans won’t have enough to retire

Be in the minority; don’t run out of money in retirement by relying on company retirement plans. A crisis has emerged, and according to this article, three out of four people with the best 401(k) plans do not have enough saved to sustain them through retirement. If you’re concerned about your retirement income, you may want to consider a comprehensive financial plan created with the help of an advisor. This approach is likely to include ways to generate alternative forms of income in retirement, and therefore reduce stress surrounding your future. Many workers don’t save enough for retirement or undermine themselves — still, there are a few fixes.

How rebalancing helps you weather the market’s waves

Rebalancing your investments could help you manage risk and stay on track toward your goals. Let’s talk about how it could work for you.

Did you know that regular rebalancing can help manage risk and keep you aligned with your goals? Learn more about how it can work for you.

These 100-Year-Old Retirees Are Running, Teaching Yoga, and Living Their Best Lives. Here Are Their Secrets to Happiness

Your financial situation is unique and determining how much money you’ll need in retirement is something we can help with. Advances in science, healthcare and technology have given humans a longer life expectancy, which can lead to some issues in retirement. The number of people worldwide expected to live to be 100 years old is expected to increase eightfold by 2050 and making sure your money can last that long is a priority. Sometimes, working is what you want to do. Retirement should be about what makes you happy, and for some, maintaining a career does just that. How to plan for retirement as a centenarian with a 401(k), Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, Social Security, and healthcare.

Ameriprise Research: Although the S&P 500 is near an all-time high, the average stock in the Index is still 12.3% away from its 52-week top, suggesting room for equity prices to rise if the environment continues to improve.

How Well Can Your Portfolio Handle A Market Crash?

Investing always carries a level of risk, but how vulnerable is your portfolio in the event of a market crash? Let this be a reminder to look over your assets to evaluate what unnecessary risks your portfolio might carry, and how you can make a few easy changes to avoid them. First, determine how much you have allocated to stocks and calculate how much in cash you can tolerate losing in the event of a dip. Calculating the cash amount will help wrap your head around the reality of the situation. Next, rebalance your portfolio once a year and diversify your investments. Finally, figure out a game plan for both good and bad outcomes in the market. If you have a clear plan for what you would do in both situations, you can reduce the risk of making hasty and emotional decisions. Market crashes get a lot of attention. How prepared is your portfolio for the next one?

If not, change it!

Six smart uses for your tax refund

Did you get a tax refund this year? There are plenty of ways to put that extra money in your pocket to good use. Instead of splurging on something material you may not even use come this time next year, try putting that money toward your retirement security plan or other long-term financial goals. Reach out for more ideas on how to put your tax refund to good use! Discover ways to put the extra cash to good use.

Raising a child costs $233,610. Are you financially prepared to be a parent?

If you are expecting a new child, first and foremost, congratulations! This is an exciting time for you and your now growing family. With a newborn on the way, it’s important to prepare financially. According to government data, the average cost of raising a child today, excluding college expenses, is $233,610. We can help you with a plan; please reach out! Having a child can be expensive, but with some financial planning becoming a mom or dad doesn't have to feel like a burden.

Inspiring Quotes to Help You Get Through Your Work Day

We could all use a little pick-me-up from time-to-time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed by your professional or personal life this week, take a look at some of these inspirational quotes. They can help anybody get out of a rut! #BeBrilliant Re-energize your day or week with these inspiring quotes from some of the world's greatest thinkers.

7 ways to make next year's taxes less painful than this year's

With tax season officially over and the federal filing deadline having passed, it’s time to start thinking and planning for next year. If you want your tax bill to be lower next year, take heed of some of these tips. Saving more for retirement in a tax-deferred account can help lower your tax bill while also providing you with more financial confidence for your life after you stop working. You might ask yourself,"What can I deduct on my taxes?" You have a lot of options, and now is the time to lower your tax bill next year.

A reminder to appreciate each and every day that we have!

Earnings and Economic Data Become Increasingly Influential | Ameriprise Newsroom

While earnings had investors feeling optimistic last week, the celebratory mood may be premature, according to Ameriprise chief market strategist David Joy. Stocks rose for the second straight week to begin the second quarter, although the gains were more muted.

House committee passes bill to upgrade 401(k) plans amid 'retirement income crisis'

Amid what has been dubbed a “retirement income crisis,” a House committee recently passed a bill named the Secure Act to help improve 401(k) plans. The new bill is likely to garner bipartisan support and has a strong chance to become law, according to government analysts. A few of the bill’s highlights include provisions that encourage small businesses to provide retirement benefits to workers, a rule allowing small businesses to band together to organize 401(k) plans and expansions to the use of 529 plans. These are positive steps to help all of us be better prepared for retirement. The bill would increase the flexibility of plans and improve access to the accounts, particularly for small businesses and their employees.

The secure site on

Another great innovation to our client experience! Through our secure website, you have access to your accounts anytime, anywhere and via any device. You can also access our message center and upload any required documents safely and securely. #BeBrilliant

Watch our video for an introduction to the secure site and learn more about working with your advisor online.

6 doable ways to spring-clean your work habits

One day you're wondering if the cold of winter will ever let up, and the next, it's a beautiful spring day and you're motivated to revamp your life. Luckily, this time of year is the perfect time to "spring clean" your routine and habits. Take some time to evaluate what you can improve about yourself or your routine. Maybe you can work on kicking that procrastination habit, or maybe you're too hard on yourself. Perhaps you spend too much time on your phone during the work day and it slows down your process. If so, rid yourself of all the negativity and prioritize taking care of yourself. When you're getting a good night’s sleep and enjoying a healthy work-life balance, it'll feel like you can take on your to-do list with ease. Why not apply the spring-cleaning mentality to your habits?

Ameriprise Research: Market indices across asset classes posted strong returns to end Q1, regaining much of the ground lost in Q4 2018. We believe U.S. equity markets offer attractive opportunities over the next 6-12 months but stress that diversification and balance remain key.

Don't jeopardize your own retirement savings. Teach your kids to be financially independent

Teaching your kids to be financially independent not only helps them in their own life, but it also helps protect you and your retirement readiness. It’s important to start conversations about money with your children early, so they can understand its value. We can also help facilitate any conversation you may want to have. Teaching your kids about finances should help set all of you up for future financial security and success. Parents are spending twice as much on their adult children than they are putting away for retirement, and that could have dire consequences down the road.

Use your mistakes to grow and move on!

Economic News is Constructive, but Not Conclusive | Ameriprise Newsroom

Stocks surged higher last week on evidence of stabilizing global growth and little evidence of inflationary pressures. The second quarter started out the same as the first, with markets on the rise in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Half of Older Americans Have Nothing in Retirement Savings

It’s news like this that inspires us to do what we do. We want to help people become more financially literate and prepare for life in retirement. According to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office, nearly half of Americans aged 55 or older have nothing saved for retirement. Let’s change this narrative together! Let us help you build a financial plan for both today and tomorrow. The bad news is that almost half of Americans approaching retirement have nothing saved in a 401(k) or other individual account. The good news is that the new estimate, from the U.S. Government Accountability Office, is slightly better than a few years earlier.

6 Steps to Turn Regret Into Self-Improvement

The ability to learn and grow from our mistakes is something that can be honed and trained throughout our careers. Mistakes – especially public ones – can lead to regret and threaten our sense of identity among colleagues. But how we bounce back from mistakes – and get over our sense of regret – is often more important in the long run than the initial mistake itself. These are some good tips! Stop beating yourself up, and turn your emotions into action.

U.S. Credit Card Debt Closed 2018 at a Record $870 Billion

Credit card debt in the U.S. rose to $870 billion in December, the highest ever and the fourth-largest kind of consumer debt behind mortgages, student loans and auto loans. Credit cards can be beneficial if used wisely, as rewards and points are essentially free money! However, it’s important to live within your means and never take out more debt than you can handle. Accrued interest can easily spiral out of control, leading to what we are currently seeing in regard to credit card debt. U.S. credit card debt hit $870 billion -- the largest amount ever -- as of December 2018, according to the data from the Federal Reserve. Credit card balances rose by $26 billion from the prior quarter.

Income: An important part of total return

When it comes to generating income in retirement, diversification is key. Bonds are often a source of retirement income for many, but you shouldn’t expose yourself too much to one asset class. A multi-asset approach is often the safest and most reliable way to ensure stable income in retirement. When it comes to generating income most people think of bonds and little else, but they’re not the only option. A range of income-generating assets may offer more yield and time-tested benefits of diversification.

Live life with an attitude of gratitude!

Will the Second Quarter Provide an Inflection Point for Markets? | Ameriprise Newsroom

The first quarter of 2019 was the best for the S&P 500 index since the third quarter of 2009, when the economy was first coming out of recession. The S&P 500 rose 1.2 percent last week as stocks ended the first quarter on a strong note.

Privacy, Security & Fraud Center | Ameriprise Financial

When you work with an Ameriprise financial advisor, you can rest easy knowing your privacy is of utmost importance to us. In addition to multiple layers of security technology, Ameriprise offers an Online Security Guarantee. Your personal information and financial data should remain private, and we’re working to ensure that’s the case. To learn more about our privacy policies and your online security when working with us, follow this link. Learn how Ameriprise Financial protects your privacy and security, as well as how you can protect yourself from security threats, identity theft and fraud.

Be confident, connected and in control of your financial life

Your goals are unique – and personalized financial advice may help you achieve them. Life doesn’t follow a script, and the unexpected happens. Let’s schedule some time to talk. #BeBrilliant

An Ameriprise financial advisor takes the time to understand what’s truly important to you. Working with an advisor, you’ll receive personalized financial ad...

Income Before: $18,000. After: $85,000. Does Tiny Nonprofit Hold a Key to the Middle Class?

With automation and artificial intelligence threatening the jobs of many in the workforce, this seems like a great idea! Several apprentice programs and nonprofits are taking the steps to re-train workers for the new technology-based economy. These new programs will offer many the chance to leave a job that is likely to be replaced by automation and enter the middle class. It’s not all bad out there! #FeelGoodFriday Pursuit, a nonprofit jobs training program in Queens, is finding success at moving low-income New Yorkers into well-paying jobs.

4 tips on how to pay for college

Paying for your child’s higher education can prove to be a major financial burden for many, and student debt remains larger than total credit card debt in the United States. But if you take the proper steps today, you can be financially prepared for this massive expense. If you start saving early with patience, you will be much better off down the line when it comes to borrowing or taking out loans. Check out these four tips for saving for college! You can set money aside without jeopardizing your retirement income.

What legacy do you wish to leave?

Ameriprise Research: The yield curve inverted, now what? Inversions can indicate trouble ahead, but not every inversion is followed by a recession. There are risks to consider, but we believe investors should take a cautious yet optimistic view of unfolding conditions.

Investors Spooked by Global Growth Concerns | Ameriprise Newsroom

Outlooks remain optimistic despite renewed concerns of slowing global growth. Our chief strategist David Joy explains. A report of weaker than expected manufacturing activity within the Eurozone, especially in Germany, sent European markets downward.

The Fed’s Rate-Raising Days Are Over. Wall Street Couldn’t Be Happier.

Keeping in line with recent trends, the Federal Reserve decided against raising its benchmark interest rate during its March meeting last week. Continued patience by the Fed has helped buoy the markets in 2019 following a tenuous end to 2018. The central bank raised interest rates four times last year but has taken a more cautious approach so far this year. The benchmark interest rate remains in a range of 2.25 to 2.5 percent and could stay there for all of 2019. Stocks have continued an upward trend as rates remain steady. Investors have finally started to chase this year’s stock market rally, which has been driven largely by the Federal Reserve’s sharp turn away from steady rate increases.

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