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https://www.facebook.com/groups/610492699417089/ Hier tauschen sich von einfach bis Schwere Rezepte aus, hier Könnt nur ausprobieren von anderen oder ihr Zeigt halt eure schönen Verrückten und Kreativen Gerichte. Egal was es ist alles Willkommen um Thema Essen und Küche :). Vielleicht habt ihr ja auch die eine oder andere Bastelidee für die Küche daheim das dass leben vereinfachen kann :). ***^^Wir machen auch ab und an kleine Gewinnspiele und Live Aufnahmen zum Gewinnspiel. Hier ist für jeden was dabei .^^*** **^^ bei dabei , kleine Haushaltstipps wie man einfach reinigt oder verstauen kann wie vieles mehr ^^** Wir sind hier eine friedliche & freundliche Gruppe wo jede Meinung akzeptiert wird. >>>Ihr könnt was zum Backen, Grillen, Kochen, Frittieren oder anderen Themen gerne posten. >>>Werbung & Kredite usw. sind nicht gestattet und werden kommentarlos gelöscht. Wir freuen uns auf jeden Einzelnen von Euch, schaut einfach mal rein wir wünschen auch viel Spaß in unsere Gruppe. Bei Problemen und Fragen sind die Admin's gerne zum Klären & Beantworten da.

Real Food. Real Taste. Real Fast. Our salsa is so rich, it's the filling for your wraps & burritos, and a complete meal in a rice bowl. Not just for chips! Top burgers, nachos, eggs, tofu or chicken. www.yummyyammy.com • Lisa Johnson, Yambassador

Yummy Yammy is a Vermont-based business offering eat-the-whole-jar salsas made from naturally delicious, healthful and beautiful flame-roasted sweet potatoes (no tomatoes!). We create our scrumptious concoctions with wonderful wholesome foods like curry, lentil & kale, or roasted red pepper, white bean & basil. Irresistible!

Mission: Yummy Yammy inspires you to make delicious meals you can be proud of, in 15 minutes or less. Find our 5 sweet potato salsas at independent grocers & natural/specialty food stores, Whole Foods, Hy-Vee, and now select Targets, as well as on Amazon.


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Tried It Tuesday: Yummy Yammy Sweet Potato Salsas #Giveaway • Erica Finds...

It's always fun to send off a prize to a winner! Congratulations, Georgette! And thanks, Erica... [contest over]

ericafinds.com After Expo West, Lisa from Yummy Yammy asked if I wanted to “find” her sweet potato salsa. She was surprised and delighted to learn that I’d already tried her Moroccan Sweet Potato Salsa. I “found” it on Amazon when it was launched. Yummy Yammy invented sweet potato salsa. They “transformed the humb...

Have you ever used our salsas as salad dressings?

Here's fresh local green leaf lettuce and tomato, with a bit of cut up leftover chicken, our Moroccan Sweet Potato Salsa, some red pepper, and fresh rip peach. Yum!

Post yours...

“One positive thought produces millions of positive vibrations.” - John Coltrane


Tuscan Party Appetizer - Yummy Yammy

A quick, delish appetizer for your party this weekend... https://yummyyammy.com/tuscan-party-appetizer/



Tuscan Party Appetizer - Yummy Yammy

Party appetizer for you!

yummyyammy.com When you're having friends over, don't you prefer to spend time with them, and not frantically running around the kitchen? Me, too. Here's a simple way to


Tried It Tuesday: Yummy Yammy Sweet Potato Salsas #Giveaway • Erica Finds...

Love it when people write about our food...

Do you have an audience who wants to hear what you think of our sweet potato salsas?

ericafinds.com After Expo West, Lisa from Yummy Yammy asked if I wanted to “find” her sweet potato salsa. She was surprised and delighted to learn that I’d already tried her Moroccan Sweet Potato Salsa. I “found” it on Amazon when it was launched. Yummy Yammy invented sweet potato salsa. They “transformed the humb...


Tried It Tuesday: Yummy Yammy Sweet Potato Salsas #Giveaway • Erica Finds...

Erica Finds found us...

ericafinds.com After Expo West, Lisa from Yummy Yammy asked if I wanted to “find” her sweet potato salsa. She was surprised and delighted to learn that I’d already tried her Moroccan Sweet Potato Salsa. I “found” it on Amazon when it was launched. Yummy Yammy invented sweet potato salsa. They “transformed the humb...

How nice to get this email...
"Just purchased Tuscan Sweet Potato Salsa from a farm stand in Candia NH today....it was soooo good!! I had to put it away before I ate the entire jar!
Thank you!!"


Loaded Southwest Sweet Potato Nachos

Or just use our Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa...

pinterest.com Loaded Southwest Sweet Potato Nachos. Crisp, baked sweet potato rounds piled high with spicy hummus, black bean and corn salsa, cilantro and jalapeños.


Is Your Food Really Super?

This woman basically makes the case for our sweet potato salsas!

usms.org Superfoods. It’s a buzzword. Google the term and you’ll find thousands of articles listing foods you should be eating because of their super-ness. Periodically, the foods at the top of the list change. Do superfoods live up to all the hype or should they be humbled?


UVM students measure costs of unsold Vermont crops - VTDigger

People like Theresa Snow and places like Salvation Farms make Vermont the great place it is to live and work. Do you have folks like this in your part of the world? Comment with some love for them ...

vtdigger.org News Release — Salvation Farms July 6, 2017 Contact: Theresa [email protected] UVM students measure water and fuel costs of unsold Vermont crops A team of UVM undergraduates recently partnered with Salvation Farms, a Morrisville nonprofit, to calculate some of the environmental costs of cr...


Yummy Yammy Sweet Potato Salsa, Moroccan with Roasted Sweet Potato, Curry, Lentil & Kale, 3 Jars, 12 Oz

All our salsas now have free shipping on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Yummy-Yammy-Potato-Moroccan-Roasted/dp/B00CJC83O2

amazon.com You are about to try something completely delicious and wildly different. Our Moroccan Sweet Potato Salsa is made of flame-roasted sweet potato, with our fabulous curry blend, little French lentils & tender kale. Yes, a salsa that isn't made of tomato, and that isn't even Mexican. Ours truly are ...



Thanks to Emery Farm in Durham NH for bringing in Yummy Yammy for their farm store customers!

emeryfarm.com Emery Farm is one of the oldest farms in the country, having been in the same family since 1660 with over 350 years of experience. Our connection to the land runs deep and we are committed to keeping Emery Farm a working farm for generations to come. Located in Durham, NH we provide our customers wi...

Yay! Delicious Vermont Organic Tortillas are now at the Hanover Coop! They are the perfect match for our Mexican Sweet Potato Salsas. Do you have a favourite corn tortilla brand?


Mexican Party Platter - Yummy Yammy

Easy and attractive party platter with our sweet potato salsas https://yummyyammy.com/mexican-party-platter/



Two companies seize a single venue for consumer health education: the grocery aisle

Yummy Yammy is delighted to be in 30 Hy-Vee stores in the midwest

newhope.com NBJ Award winners for Education


Beautiful, Gorgeous Mexican Avocado Boats - Yummy Yammy

Having a simple, easy, quick, healthy, delicious, nutritious avocado boat today?



Ha! A little parody of modern cooking videos...

How to make homemade ice!


Beautiful, Gorgeous Mexican Avocado Boats - Yummy Yammy

Avocado, the perfect complement to our Mexican Sweet Potato Salsas



How to make a great burrito bowl with our sweet potato salsas https://yummyyammy.com/sweet-potato-salsa-rules-rice-bowls/



Want to get Yummy Yammy into your local store? Here you go: https://yummyyammy.com/get-yummy-yammy-in-your-store/



May we all cheer each other on with such vigor today... and may we all have the heart to finish our races.

L'incroyable arrivée de la dernière participante du marathon de Rotterdam, hier matin. Un moment d'émotion inoubliable. Respect!


America's Drug of Choice: It's Not What You Think

What do you think? Does sugar feel like a drug to you?

huffingtonpost.com Here’s a question: What drug is the most addictive, least regulated, and most widely endorsed by our culture? Not heroin or cocaine. Not tobacco. Not eve...

Do you wish you could get Yummy Yammy in the Brattleboro Coop? Healthy Living or City Market in Burlington? Print this and bring it in to let them know!

World Economic Forum

There are so many aspects to health... what a beautiful one!

Need a boost? This is the power of a walk among the trees. Read more: http://wef.ch/2nWtXUR


The Hippies Have Won

I don't think of our fusion of roasted root veg and exciting world flavors is a hippie thing... just an inspired thing! What do you think?

nytimes.com Products and ideas surrounding eating, health and wellness that seem like a 1970s flashback (think turmeric and açai bowls) have gone mainstream.

As an entrepreneur, as soon as I get my kids to school in the morning, I'm working and focused... and I love me some music. But it's too distracting to have words, so I like just sound. Know what I mean? What do you listen to when you're in that situation? My favorite "alpha wave" music is (no pun intended) the ocean on internet radio.

Were you one of the lovely friends I got to meet at Hadley and Fresh Pond this weekend? I had SO much fun talking with you all and giving you salsa and rice mixtures out of the crockpots!

Sampling today at Hadley Whole Foods, noon to 4pm (unless we sell out earlier)

Hope the weather holds: I'm driving in the morning from Vermont to Fresh Pond Whole Foods, to give you guys some hot delicious lunch!

The Verge

Don't you just love innovative ideas?
What's YOUR new, big, bold, crazy, beautiful idea?

This beehive allows beekeepers to access honey without taking bees out of their hive.

Love it when a customer writes a glowing Amazon review in ALL CAPS and uses six exclamation marks!
Happy customers = happy business owner.



Sweet Potato Salsa Rules in Rice Bowls - Yummy Yammy

Rice bowls are about the easiest, prettiest, and most delicious meal... and flexible for your own tastes! https://yummyyammy.com/sweet-potato-salsa-rules-rice-bowls/


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