Russian School of Mathematics - Washington, DC

Russian School of Mathematics - Washington, DC

RSM is a unique award-winning after-school program based on the best practices of advanced math schools in Russia and Europe and adapted towards the U.S.

RSM-DC is the first branch of the Russian School of Mathematics in Washington DC. The school is all set to open in the Summer of 2016 and will serve the surrounding communities of the capital. Our mission is to use RSM’s well-structured teaching strategy to help our students build a solid math foundation and develop lifelong critical thinking skills. Our classroom-based approach is an alternative to math tutoring in DC that creates lasting results for students and parents. At RSM-DC, we believe that a quality mathematics education is one of the most powerful tools you can provide a child. We view the widespread aversion to math in the U.S. culture as a major problem. We strive to create a counter culture that embraces math as both exciting and useful. RSM is not just designed for students who intend to study math in college. It is designed to help widen opportunities in all fields by enhancing logic and critical thinking skills, developing math-specific abilities, and fostering a deep appreciation for the subject.


We are excited to present you with our newest series of Road to College webinars! Learn everything you need to know about the college process from our guest speakers: Directors of Undergraduate Admission, College Advisors, and Alumni of elite universities. The schedule and topics could be found at


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Today is Valentine’s Day - a great reason for letting you know how much we appreciate you. Wishing you everything that makes you happiest, today and always. Enjoy! ❤️

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Due to overwhelming demand, RSM Foundation has extended the Online Math Challenge through February 14th!


When it comes to introducing math, how early is too early?
Once you have begun to tell your young child that she may have just one candy, you have launched her on her math journey.


How does your child's math knowledge compare internationally?
Register for a 30-minute Online Challenge here:


This year will have 22 palindrome dates. It may happen only twice per century!


Registration for the Online Challenge of the International Math Contest (IMC 2021) is OPEN! Try your hand at this Grade 5 Olympiad level math problem.


Download Russian Math worksheets to try with your elementary and middle school student! 01/02/2021

2021 International Math Contest

It’s January! That means the registration for the IMC 2021 is OPEN! 30-minute online math challenge, free for grades 3 - 8!


Can you guess the value of these Holiday symbols? 🎄



Join our AMC 10 Preparation Webinars! Two-time IMO winner Dr Hayk Sedrakyan and Dr Jan Shubert will lead the sessions, which are specially designed to improve students' skills and teach different time-saving techniques for the AMC 10. Registration is open at


Russian School of Mathematics

Happy Holidays!

As we wrap up a year filled with challenges, accomplishments, creativity and hope, we thank you for being a part of our community. Happy Holidays!


Life has changed drastically for our children. From a spike in screen time and fewer opportunities to interact with their peers, to an environment rife with stress and uncertainty. How is this affecting our kids and what can we as parents do to help them not only navigate this new era, but possibly even thrive? 12/20/2020

Image of fairy penguins watching Melbourne lights wins photo prize

This poignant image shows two penguins huddling together as they stare from St Kilda Pier, Melbourne. It won Tobias Baumgaertner an award in Oceanographic magazine’s Ocean Photography Awards 2020 11/08/2020

What does a scientist look like? Children are drawing women more than ever before

Happy #NatioanlSTEMSTEAMDay! Study is based on 20,860 sketches drawn by children over 5 decades


Learning has changed dramatically in the last eight months. Students now spend significantly more time in online learning environments. But what does that mean for our children? How can we help them navigate these new circumstances and still get the most out of their education?
RSM would like to invite you to Online Webinar: Parenting in the Pandemic, grades K-4 to explore and answer these questions!
Simply register here:


We're so excited to introduce more RSM workbooks for our students! RSM workbooks are an essential element of the process RSM teachers use to help children develop abstract thinking, mental flexibility and expose them to group discussions and elements of healthy competition. The problems in this workbook capture the essence of what children have learned in class, provide a connection to the homework material and are only a small part of what happens in an RSM classroom 🙂


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween 🎃🎃👻👻😱



With multiple levels for every grade and an interactive virtual classroom environment, RSM helps keep your child motivated during this unique school year! Online fall math classes now enrolling at all RSM locations.


Be-leaf us, we can make you 'fall' in love with math!


When it comes to introducing math, how early is too early?
Once you have begun to tell your young child that she may have just one candy, you have launched her on her math journey.


Fall Math Classes Now Enrolling!
Our unique approach consists of a continuous K-12 curriculum, taught by expert teachers, in a classroom environment of peers who study together year over year.
Check out courses at


How much do the bee and bird weigh together 🐝 🐦⚖️?


Are you looking for productive ways to keep your child engaged over the summer? Our Online Math courses begin on July 6th!


Since most webinars were at capacity, we've increased the number of spots for our Out of the Box Math Workshops.
Let's explore and solve interesting math problems together!
#free #math #workshop


Mother's Day is right around the corner! While you decide what kind of flowers to get your mom, we suggest you solve this flowery Mother's Day Special problem of the week with her.

Mother's Day is right around the corner! While you decide what kind of flowers to get your mom, we suggest you solve this flowery Mother's Day Special problem of the week with her. 04/30/2020

RSM: Russian School of Math After School Program

Join our virtual webinars as we explore and solve interesting math problems together!
Out of the Box Math Workshop: Thursday, April 30 at 7:00 pm
AMC 8 Workshop 1: Thursday, April 30 at 4:00 pm
AMC 8 Workshop 2: Thursday, May 14 at 7:00 pm
AMC 10 Workshop 1: Thursday, May 7 at 4:00 pm
Numbers Patterns Connections: Tuesday, May 12 at 7:00 pm
Find many more free workshops for your child at

#freemath #learnathome #socialdistancing #mathonline #mathematics #math #maths #science #mathematician #education #algebra #mathskills #calculus #mathteacher #mathproblems The Russian School of Math is an award-winning K-12 math program has delivered knowledge and abilities that empower our students to achieve excellence.


Join us as we explore and solve interesting math problems that require out of the box thinking! Open to grades 3 - 8.


Russian School of Mathematics

Solve problems and redeem your answers for prizes! 🎁

They're here! While our teachers and principals have worked tirelessly to transition our classes online, our content team has been hard at work creating more resources for our students and their friends.

We present: Math Arcade! Age-appropriate problems, hands on activities, and projects that you can submit to collect tickets that will be redeemable for prizes once schools re-open!

We plan to have many more of these over the next few weeks, and we hope they will serve as a fun and educational experience for our community.

How it works: All of the activities and problems within these packets are worth a varying amount of "tickets,". Submit a picture of your work and we'll email you back your tickets! Collect as many as you can to redeem for prizes once branches re-open.


Why attend Summer School at RSM?

Summer math program is a great opportunity for students to learn and advance without the typical pressures of the academic year. We offer a variety of courses through our summer enrichment program - for those students looking to get a head start on the academic year, or for those looking for an additional challenge in math. Find more at 03/02/2020

Math scores stink in America. Other countries teach it differently - and see higher achievement.

"The latest results of an international exam given to teenagers ranked the USA ninth in reading and 31st in math literacy out of 79 countries and economies. America has a smaller-than-average share of top-performing math students, and scores have essentially been flat for two decades" U.S. schools teach math differently than other countries, which has led to low scores. These schools steal teaching tricks from around the world. 02/20/2020

Best Cities for Women in Tech - 2020 Edition

Did you know that DC area is the best place for women in tech? SmartAsset crunches the numbers on gender pay gap, earnings and tech employment statistics to find the best cities for women working in tech.


Congratulations to RSM Students and Teachers with an amazing AMC 8 results 👏

The results of the AMC 8 are officially out! We're so proud of the phenomenal results demonstrated by RSM students and couldn't be happier to share them with you. A big congratulations to all our students and teachers!
The AMC 8 is one of the most challenging math competitions open to middle schoolers in the country and the first in a series of math competitions hosted by the MAA. The AMC 10/12 serves as a gateway for the AIME, the qualifier for the USAMO, the most elite math competition in the United States.
#mathcompetition #AMC8 #mathlete


A quality math education is the key to a child’s future success. Schedule a free math Evaluation for your kid at

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The 30 minute online challenge is now OPEN! Login to your dashboard with an email and zip code to take the International Math Contest

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