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Helping our military provide humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, and other global health engagement activities.

As a Department of Defense (DoD) entity, the primary purpose of the Center for Global Health Engagement (CGHE) is to ensure national security by supporting the missions of the Joint Force through health related capabilities. The Defense Strategic Guidance states, “the United States will continue to lead global efforts with capable allies and partners…by strengthening international norms of responsible behavior and by maintaining relevant and interoperable military capabilities.” When coupling the notion of forward presence with a globally engaged force, the use of health emerges as an important and agile lever that can be employed across the range of military operations. The mutability of health touches all of us on a daily basis, from the personal need to ensure basic hygiene to the ubiquitous threat of pandemic disease or bioterrorist events affecting an entire population. Health can enable the readiness of our military while also enhancing the productivity of our workforce in a globalized economy. Health systems also provide critical infrastructure in a disaster relief setting, humanitarian assistance mission and/or stability operation. Likewise, health is the lifeblood of the CGHE as we strive to enhance the readiness of the warfighter; add value as leader in global health engagement (GHE) knowledge integration and research; and provide support through a range of health related capabilities. The spread of infectious diseases constitutes a growing risk, with the recent Ebola virus in West Africa serving as a prime example. The National Security Agenda states, “most countries have not yet achieved international core competencies for health security, and many lack sufficient capacity to prevent, detect, or respond to disease outbreaks.” As a global leader in this arena, the US, and specifically the DoD, has a duty to ensure the safety of its citizens by working to reduce infectious disease outbreaks worldwide as it did through implementation of Operation United Assistance (OUA) to combat the Ebola epidemic. CGHE’s primary purpose is to provide a hub for GHE thought leadership and knowledge; strategic communications and outreach; operational support; training and professional development; research; assessment, monitoring and evaluation. Located within the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences’ (USU) Office of the President, CGHE is uniquely positioned to leverage the academic, training, research and operational efforts of GHE to support DoD, the Joint Force and the Military Health System. Since 1999, CGHE, through its predecessor the Center for Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Medicine (CDHAM), has engaged over 3,000 government civilian and military officials in more than 50 countries, within every geographic Combatant Command (CCMD) Area of Responsibility (AOR). As such, CGHE is postured to mobilize valued subject matter expertise in all relevant areas for DoD GHE – disaster preparedness, humanitarian assistance, stability operations and security cooperation via capacity-building initiatives. CGHE intends to continue building on this legacy by expanding into new global health arenas for DoD in the coming years. Key stakeholders include DoD, the Joint Staff, CCMDs, Military Departments and the Services across the range of military health-related operations. CGHE’s global health engagement efforts also uphold a whole-of-government approach, conducted in close coordination with other US Government agencies. Relevant interagency stakeholders include but are not limited to the Department of State (DoS), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS, inclusive of the US Public Health Service) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). CGHE also recognizes important academic partners such as the National Defense University and other external stakeholders to include non-governmental organizations as well as the private sector, which further enhance global health engagement objectives.

Mission: Our mission is to lead, integrate, and synchronize USU’s Global Health Engagement contributions to the Joint Force, Combatant Commands, Services, the Military Health System and ultimately to national security objectives.

Summit focuses on threats to human health | Defence News

“We are committed to working with all nations, particularly those of Oceania, to develop & strengthen a robust and resilient capability to prevent, detect & respond to health security threats, humanitarian crises and natural disasters” INDOPACOM Surgeon. Surgeon General of the Australian Defence Force Air Vice-Marshal Tracy Smart said Defence’s health engagement activities with the Pacific region were increasingly important in our interconnected world.

The U.S. Department of Defense’s Role in Health Security

HOT OF THE PRESSES: CSIS Report on DoD's Role in Health Security: Because protecting the homeland against biological threats begins with preventing those threats from reaching our shores. #DoDGHE #GHSAgenda Download the Report Protecting the homeland against biological threats begins with preventing those threats from reaching our shores. The Department of Defense (DOD) contributes to overall U.S. health security through programs specifically aimed at countering biological threats from all sources—th...

AFRICOM staff receives disaster response training

#DoDGHE in Action!

This training to effectively respond and aid humanitarian assistance missions directly follows all of USAFRICOM's Lines of Effort, as the command works with partners towards a safe, stable and secure Africa.

Fundamentals of Global Health, Engagement course offered for first time on African continent

#DoDGHE in Action: “Global health engagements directly contribute to CJTF-HOA’s mission and lines of effort, advancing operational readiness, protecting our troops and building interoperability in order to improve the effectiveness of CJTF-HOA working with our African partners.” - CJTF-HOA Deputy Surgeon. Service members from Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa attended a Fundamentals of Global Health Engagement (FOGHE) course at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, June 11-13.

The Fundamentals of Global Health Engagement (FOGHE) Course: San Diego edition kicked off today on the West Coast! For a full schedule of upcoming courses, check our website: For any questions, contact us at [email protected]!

Thank you to 43d Air Mobility Operations Group for this great #FlashBackFriday! And thank you Dr. Riley for your service to our nation!

#FlashbackFriday - Father's Day Edition

It's 1990 - Stephanie Riley greets her father, Kevin, who is returning from OPERATION JUST CAUSE, Panama. Kevin retired from the Air Force in 2005 and currently serves as Chief of Staff for The Center for Global Health Engagement, a DoD center within the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU) in Bethesda, Maryland. He proudly reports that Stephanie, now 32 (pictured), completed her Master's Degree in Mental Health Counsing and spent time working for the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress and providing group therapy for veterans with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder and their spouses. She currently works as a family therapist for a non-profit and lives in New York City with her husband and pet rabbit. He says, "The Air Force was indeed a positive time for me and my family and congratulations to Pope for 100 years of service to our nation."

#TeamPope #AirForce #Pope100 #MilitaryFamily

(Credit: Herculese Herald/USAF, Riley Family)

Another week, another successful FOGHE course delivered! The CGHE team was in Djibouti this week to deliver a Fundamentals of Global Health Engagement course requested by Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa. Below, LTC Sueann Ramsey and Dr. Sayed Shinwari pose for a picture with CJTF-HOA's Deputy Commanding General, Brigadier General James R. Kriesel. Congralutation team for a job well done!

COL Murray, U.S. Army Africa (USARAF) Command Surgeon, presents the CGHE team with a certificate of appreciation and a coin on behalf of USARAF Commanding General Cloutier following another successful iteration of the Fundamentals of Global Health Engagement (FOGHE) course.

CGHE was in Italy last week delivering the course. FOGHE is a three-day course that seeks to improve understanding of the full array of issues surrounding and shaping #DoDGHE. Visit our website to check out upcoming dates! Congratulations to our CGHE team members for a job well done!

U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM)

CGHE is proud to be part of this U.S. Department of State-funded, U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM)-led initiative! Congratulations LTC Sueann Ramsey for a job well done!

The African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership (APRRP) program aims to build the capacity of African militaries to rapidly deploy peacekeepers. The medical component of APRRP assists nations in achieving readiness for deployment of UN Level 1 and/or Level 2 medical treatment facilities and associated capabilities.

Soldiers from Uganda People’s Defence Force trained to set-up, take-down, and operate a UN-standard level-2 hospital, at the Uganda Rapid Deployment Capabilities Center in Jinja, Uganda, May 6-17, 2019, as a part of the African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership program.


#DoDGHE in Action: The U.S. Africa Command hosted the 7th Semi-Annual African Partner Outbreak Response Alliance conference May 20-23 in Kigali, Rwanda, to provide African partner nations regional training and exercise planning to prevent, detect and respond to emerging infectious diseases.

The AFRICOM-facilitated program promotes an exchange of best practices between 27 African nations and representatives from U.S. government agencies to increase communication, discuss ongoing challenges, identify gaps and needs and promote regional stability and security. The AFRICOM-facilitated program promotes an exchange of best practices between 27 African nations and representatives from U.S. government agencies to increase communication, discuss ongoing

#DoDGHE in Action: A new mobile hospital enhances Ugandan military capacity.

CGHE provides support to the African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership, a U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) program funded by U.S. Department of State to help African nations enhance their peacekeeping and security capabilities.

Navy Surgeon General Speaks at 40th Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Graduation

US Navy Surgeon General speaks at 40th Uniformed Services University Graduation: More than 400 active duty officers walked the stage and received their diplomas.

Congratulations to the USU Graduating Class of 2019! Vice Adm. Forrest Faison, Navy surgeon general and chief, U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, served as a keynote speaker for the 40th Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences graduation held at National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Constitution Hall May 18.

Dr. Terry Rauch spoke at the International Committee of Military Medicine - ICMM World Congress in Switzerland about how the cooperation between military health services worldwide overcomes complex health threats such as disease outbreaks and natural disasters. #DoDGHE

Dr. Terry Rauch spoke at the International Committee of Military Medicine - ICMM World Congress in Switzerland about how the cooperation between military health services worldwide overcomes complex health threats such as disease outbreaks and natural disasters. #DoDGHE

DOD Joins National Global Health Security Effort

Today the United States released the 2019 Global Health Security Strategy, outlining the Nation’s approach to strengthen global health security to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease outbreaks. #DoDGHE in Action! Today the United States released the 2019 Global Health Security Strategy, outlining the Nation's approach to strengthen global health security to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease

Humanitarian course keeps Troop Support employees ready for USAID operations

Whole-of-Government approach when considering #DoDGHE in the HA/DR context:

“It is critical that all actors have a better understanding of roles and responsibilities for the whole of government effort in increasingly complicated disaster relief operations,” Elizabeth Smithwick, a USAID OFDA humanitarian assistance advisor, said. “The role of OFDA as the lead federal agency for international disaster response relief is well-defined. Assisting other agencies in their efforts to understand OFDA's role and how their own agencies can best contribute their support allows the overall [U.S. government] effort to be well-coordinated and maximizes the support we bring to the response.” The Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support hosted the Joint Humanitarian Operations Course led by the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance in Philadelphia April 2-3.

USARAF MEDREX in Senegal Begins

#DoDGHE in Action: The exercise allows U.S. forces to train in an alternatively-resourced environment, share medical procedures, and build lasting relationships with Senegalese medical professionals.

Navy Doctors Join Brazilian Hospital Ship Mission Along the Amazon Riv

#DoDGHE in Action: The Brazilian Riverine Mission is a joint effort between Commander, U.S. Fourth Fleet and the Brazilian Navy’s Ninth Naval District, whose mission is to provide care to local populations, build medical interoperability in support of joint humanitarian and disaster relief missions, and exchange medical knowledge. This is the third mission of its type and is serving as a platform to expand the U.S. Navy’s tropical medicine training opportunities, which will ultimately combine training at the Tropical Medicine Institute in Manaus followed by a joint medical mission within the Amazon River basin. On Feb. 4, 2019, Brazilian Navy Oswaldo Cruz-class hospital ship NAsH Carlos Chagas (U 19) departed Manaus, Brazil with four U.S. Navy physicians embarked to work alongside their Brazilian Navy

Pacific Partnership 2019 Participates in Community Health Engagement in Tacloban

#DoDGHE in Action: Knowledge exchange & unity of effort are a critical aspect of #PP19, which has transitioned toward collective capacity building with the purpose of sharing knowledge and skillsets that will last well after the mission is over. Pacific Partnership 2019: A community health engagement at Tigbao Diit Elementary School provided medical services and education to the local community.

CGHE is proud of the success of its first US/UK collaboration in delivering its fundamentals of global health engagement course! Visit for more info and a list of courses available for military members working in the health security cooperation space #FOGHE #DoDGHE

SPOTTED: Our own director of training and professional development CAPT Currie presenting on women, peace & security at the Deployed Medical & Healthcare Delivery Conference this week! #DoDGHE #WPS

USCENTCOM’s medical exchange supports global readiness

#DoDGHE in Action at @CENTCOM last week!

“Taking this approach will assist in building partnerships, enhancing capacity, improving interoperability and enhancing the medical readiness of the professionals involved.” “Injury Prevention to Rehabilitation, Enhancing Military Medical Capabilities” was the theme during USCENTCOM’s biennial Medical Security Cooperation Exchange, April 2 - 5.

Discussing the evolving role of military medicine in #DoDGHE from a mil-mil and civ-mil perspective on the last day of the U.S. Central Command Medical Security Cooperation Exchange. Over 11 countries from the CENTCOM AOR and several coalition partners attended this 5-day meeting that focused on looking for collaborative ways to enhance military medical capabilities.

Learning more about the James A. Haley Veterans Administration Polytrauma Center’s work this morning, as part of the biennial USCENTCOM Medical Security Cooperation Exchange. This year’s theme: Injury Prevention to Rehabilitation: Enhancing Military Medical Capabilities. Great panel discussions and knowledge exchange over the course of this week!

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Mr. Thomas McCaffery, speaks to students at our annual Global Health Strategies for Security course! For more info, email us [email protected] or check us out: #DoDGHE

On this day last year, CGHE was at USU delivering its Fundamentals of GHE course! We are there again this week delivering another FOGHE to USU students and other GHE professionals in the DMV area! For more information, email us at [email protected].

RHC-P hosts Singapore Armed Forces for forensic dentistry global health engagement

#DoDGHE in Action:This collaboration demonstrates the ongoing cooperation across the Indo-Pacific region, which continually strengthens relationships surrounding critical medical capabilities through global health engagements. The efforts today will enhance the development of long-term military health engagements and chart future collaborations between the United States and Singapore. Courtesy: Regional Health Command-Pacific On March 5, Regional Health Command-Pacific hosted the Singapore Armed Forces during a visit to the Dental Health Command-Pacific. DHC-P's commander, Col. David Mott and Command Sgt. Major, Johnnathan Quaye provided Col. (Dr.) Gabriel Chong, second ...

Through several courses and programs, CGHE provides training for personnel within the DoD Global Health Engagement (GHE) enterprise as well as other interagency and international partners to promote greater understanding of DoD GHE. Photo from last week in Okinawa, Japan! For a full list of upcoming courses, visit: To inquire about our courses or request one, contact us at [email protected].

Global Health Engagement Success: Applying Evidence-Based Concepts to Create a Rapid Response Team in Angola to Combat Ebola and Other Public Health Emergencies of International Concern

#DoDGHE in Action: "The Rapid Response Team approach was part of a strategy to contain and mitigate the Ebola epidemic during the 2014 West African outbreak. The 44 participants identified were a mixture of physicians, nurses, social workers, security specialists, and medical technicians. There were four additional full-time participants including three medical providers from the Serbian Armed Forces and one from the South African National Defence Force. Additionally, there were intermittent observers from the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), the Armed Forces of Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, and Portugal that are not a part of the RRT." The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Navy, Depar

#DoDGHE in Action at Flintlock 2019:

“Our goal is to train the partner nation on a medical capability that they can self-sustain, and then when we take it a step further, the ultimate goal would be for that partner nation to be seen as a regional leader where they can train partner nations in that region." -- Capt Adeleye, USAF.

#DoDGHE in Action: Perfecting Skills and Strengthening Interoperability on the Amazon River: "Navigating the Amazon: Ensuring Safe Passage to Deliver Medical Care"

Johns Hopkins, GE Global Research partner to create portable diagnostic device to combat infectious diseases

#DoDGHE in Action: "Rapid diagnosis and treatment is essential for saving the lives of soldiers and civilians, especially in remote areas where medical resources are limited." Johns Hopkins U. A team of clinical and industry experts, including Jeff Wang, professor of mechanical engineering at Johns Hopkins University, is developing a new diagnostic platform that can quickly identify and characterize pathogens responsible for many infectious diseases.

Leveraging partnerships is key in DoD Global Health Engagement:

"Partnerships in Hemisphere Important, Southcom Commander Says"


State Partnership Program links D.C National Guard and Burkina Faso

The Department of Defense State Partnership Program was established in 1991 to provide an equally beneficial relationship between armed forces of partnering U.S. National Guard states and foreign nations. It is administered by the National Guard Bureau, guided by State Department foreign policy goals, and executed by each state's National Guard. These partnerships support Combatant Command campaign objectives, strengthen alliances, provide cost-effective training and enhance defense security. The country of Burkina Faso has become the 76th nation to join the National Guard Bureau's State Partnership Program, following a formal signing ceremony with the District of Columbia National Guard and the National Armed Forces of Burkina Faso at th...

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