SNO Shavery

SNO Shavery

SNO Modern Shavery serves artisan Taiwanese-style shaved GELATO. We are vegan friendly and serve our products using compostable material. Give us a try!

SNO Modern Shavery serves artisan Taiwanese-style shaved GELATO. We are vegan friendly and serve our products using compostable material. Give us a try!


Our world captured with motion art and foreshadow plot sequence. Amazing!

Our current state of the world.
An animation by Steve Cutts

WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville

Love is what we are made for!!

MAGICAL MOMENT: Country singer Russell Dickerson is joined by a stranger for an impromptu, magical rendition of "White Christmas" at a Salvation Army Red Kettle in Nashville. STORY:


We give them SNO 😅

I almost died...


When the American Creamcheezcake is on the sampling list for the day! 🤣 It's always a pleasure watching those faces light up when they try it!


A Plus

Fathers set the tone! 😁

“Fathers set the tone in a girl’s life and there’s no greater bond."

The Peace Report

Independent and awake. SNO Modern Shavery.

John Perkins, author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", explains how the world really works.
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The Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy

When life gets better as you get older. This kid deserves a frew drizzle.... the Parenting deserves a free SNO!

Longer Version:

Yelling if at all, rarely solves a situation. A recent study by the National Institutes of Health has shown that yelling has long-term effects, like anxiety, low self-esteem and increased aggression. However on the other hand, having control over our emotions (i.e. a calm but resolute demeanor) is reassuring and makes our children feel loved while being "disciplined" for their bad behavior. Don't get me wrong, yelling can be a powerful tool for special situations, if it's rooted in love and not our frustration. #TeachTrainTransform #SavingBoys #Proverbs22:6

Luxury Food London

For fun!

Spiced Tuna Fishcakes by Gordon Ramsay

Keep loving Bay Area!

Keeping our dreams alive!


When you literally forge and eat from the land you grow your beard 15x's faster than normal! Jk 😎 #supercool

When most of us are hungry for lunch, we pick up supplies at the grocery store or stop at the cafe with the best lunch specials. Nick Spero? He heads into the wilderness.


Wouldn't this be awesome with a half time SNO cup! Just saying! 😎

This flag football league, headlined by former NFL stars Terrell Owens, Mike Vick, and Chad Johnson, could be the future.

Great Big Story

These people are fantastic!

Weddings are a huge deal in India, with weeklong celebrations and enough food to feed hundreds. But what happens once the party’s over? Enter No Food Waste. The nonprofit is doing its part to eliminate food waste by redistributing excess meals from weddings to those in need.

Danny Casale

There is Love and good and joy. For a place of mourning must be had and those tears of sadness is destined to change into tears of joy. Let love rule your world.

Every time a mass shooting happens, the world gets into a really weird mood. I hope this helps 💙

Please share to spread the message.

We are mitú

SNO and urban golf is coming to a hood near you 😎

Breaking stereotypes one swing at a time.

We are mitú

We commented in the feed relating to what was done to us at the Newpark Mall and our sentiments of the case. It's a very controversial topic. In light of the already heated immigration dialogue, feel free to comment what SNO or institutions like our business have done for you if you had the pleasure of supporting our little business.

People are not happy with how this street vendor was treated.

Our last day at the Newpark Mall before we hit the world running is August 16, 2017 stop by if you can make it!

Joy is always found at the bottom of every cup!!!

A small group of pictures of our delicious little treats found only here at the Newpark Mall! 😎😍😉🍨

A little glimpse of joy in what we do!

Peak a boo!!!

[02/02/17]   Gosh, why is the world so cruel? We are not ballers and just because we own a business does not make us rich. It's a start up with NO start up funds or a rich uncle or investor. From the bottom up. Some person decided to rob our store taking our company laptop with countless files and future plans we worked so hard on for so many months. We just want to let the universe out there know hoping if someone has a cheap laptop laying around they are willing sell or donate so we can be semi-restored. Wish we can say we have a huge line of credit but we don't. This crushes this season of business but will not crush our spirit. Please share or tag people that you know that may feel inclined to pay it forward. Thank you and please pray for those people that stole this from us because believe it or not, they are probably going through worse situations than we are.
This is our email:
Thanks FB universe.

Making it SNO all day every day. :)

"The Pop Off"

Just a little snippet of what is yet to come. Enjoy ladies and gentlemen! To all our immediate friends, family, cousins, and brothers and sisters in Christ. SNO Modern Shavery is counting on you to breathe life into this business. Now more then ever, this area needs a business that gives back and business owners who want to make a difference. These elections will not define our communities and you better believe we are speaking out! If you are interested in ways you can assist (without using monetary funds) in this small business please reach us. We cater to businesses, offices and host private events. Any connections to sports arenas, radio shows and their personalities, Celebrity connections like Anthony Bordaine, Stephen Curry, Bernie Sanders, or Marcus Lemonus would be welcomed! #make #sno #crack #missionfromabove #chefsergie #shavedgelato #share #letmeknow #80sbaby #spreadtheword #iloveyou #cosasdelcorazon #nak #snoandchill

SNO Modern Shavery (@snoshavery) • Instagram photos and videos

Just a small glimpse of our wonderful creation. Made with love and attention! Yummy! Share it with your family!

SNO © Copyright 2014 by SNO. All Rights Reserved

The future is here! There is SNO place like home!!

Ever wonder what a melted marshmallow and green-tea ice cream can do to your marriage? It can actually re-invite each other to fall in love all over again. #powerofthescouthonor #lovewins #tastebudsleigher

SNO, HOT CHOCOLATE, SNO MOUNTAINS GALORE! AHHHH I WANT MORE! Come try out our gourmet hot chocolates and try every combination of SNO you can!

Gimme gimme gimme my vanilla pumpkin spice! OPEN Exclusively upon request for all of our follers and fans on Sno Modern Shavery! Come and get it before its open to the public October 1st!

It's a that special time of year where the winter approaches and welcome the season of harvest!🎃👻🔦 Sno would like to share it with you by introducing its latest creation. Our ever so appropriate Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Sno is exclusively available to all of our followers starting Thursday September 24th 2015 before being publicly released October 1st 2015! Come by and taste the unique flavors of Sno Modern Shavery! 🍰🍧🍫🍚❄

Come enjoy enjoy some 🍧🍨! We're OPEN for Labor Day! Check out the
#SNO C❄️❄️L photo collection part 1 and 2. You guys take amazing photos!! Thanks SNOmuch for stopping and supporting us!!! Have a great day and week! #snoshavery #wehavethebestcustomers #blessed #liftpeopleup #love #people #yelpeastbay #neeparkmall #newark #foodie #laborday

Hey #SNO peeps! Stop by and try some of our new #SECRETMENU Drizzles! #roohafza #canadianmaplesyrup #yelpeastbay

OK this picture is AMAZING! We are #SNO impressed with your creativeness @_mnfd . WOW!! Thank you for posting this and coming to SNO. We appreciate you, have a great week! #wehavethebestcustomers #blessed #someonehirehimandpayhimbigbucks
#snoshavery #liftpeopleUP

Thanks for all the YELP! We genuinely care and do our best to satisfy each of our customers and if we didn't please let us know so we can do a better job of serving you. We took a chance and opened before a lot of other businesses at NewPark Mall and have been blessed with great customers! A lot of people are finding us on Yelp. If you have some time one day, we'd greatly appreciate a review. Thanks #SNO much for your support! We love ya'll! #wehavethebestcustomers #blessed #liftpeopleUP #snoshavery

Love this picture @katoala , #SNO C❄️❄️L!! Thank your for stopping by and posting this wonderful picture! We hope to see you soon! Have a great week! #wehavethebestcustomers #blessed #snoshavery #liftpeopleUP

@peacock_simmons @sheriffdangles @joeram96 pure awesomeness! Thanks for stopping by #SNO ! In case you didn't notice we photobombed you in the background 😂. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by! #wehavethebestcustomers #blessed #snoshavery

We can't make it rain 💦
We can't make it shine ☀️
But we CAN make it
#SNO ❄️

@nikkkidamian great shot!! We're #SNO glad you liked it! Hope you have a great week!! Stay C❄️❄️L! #wehavethebestcustomers #blessed #snoshavery

Thanks for the kind feedback JayBen! You're #SNO awesome! Let us know if there are any flavors you'd like to see in the future, we're working on a #SECRETMENU ! Have a great week!! #wehavethebestcustomers #blessed #snoshavery

@leo.jenna took this awesome photo of one of our favorite #SNO creations, Mocha #SNO with chocolate drizzle and Oreo! Thanks for stoping by, you guys are awesome! Have a great week!! #wehavethebestcustomers #blessed #snoshavery #newparkmall

Wow! Great pictures @squirrel_me ! The one of the sign is really C❄️❄️L! Thanks so much for stopping by #SNO . We appreciate you and hope to see you soon! Have a great week! #wehavethebestcustomers #blessed #snoshavery

@sabrinaangeles with the C❄️❄️L picture! Thanks for stopping by #SNO !! We hope to see you soon! #wehavethebestcustomers #blessed #SNO #snoshavery

It was #SNO C❄️❄️L to be able to serve this entire family!! We're glad you liked SNO and hope to see you in the near future! Thanks for stopping by! #wehavethebestcustomers #blessed #snoshavery #theresSNOplacelikehome

Wanted to thank @theeamyg for the awesome picture and kind write up! We're so glad you liked #SNO , we appreciate you! Have a great week!! -SNO TEAM #wehavethebestcustomers #blessed #snoshavery

One of our customers @Druweeezy took an awesome shot of his Strawberry SNO and our store! Somebody hire him to be their photographer, he's #SNO Goood! #futurecareerinphotography #wehavethebestcustomers #blessed #theresSNOplacelikehome

Wanted to thank this awesome group for coming back to #SNO several times this week!! You guys are #SNOawesome! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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"The Pop Off"


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