County Fair Sweets & Treats

County Fair Sweets & Treats

Bringing your favorite fair foods to you fresh daily! Funnel cakes, deep fried Twinkies & candy bars, cotton candy, kettle corn, frozen custard and more!!

County Fair Sweets & Treats is a purveyor of gourmet treats primarily only found at county fairs, carnivals, festivals and amusement parks. We felt these scrumptiously delicious sweets and treats should be available all the time-not just seasonally-for all of us who are aficionados of fair-centric food. So, we decided to take these amazing foods and flavors and bring them to brick and mortar stores where everyone can access them everyday. Our mission is to bring each person a unique experience by bringing them back to some of their fondest memories through some of the most exquisite flavors. We do not simply sell food; we bring our patrons back to a time filled with joy and splendor.

We also offer frozen custard, soft serve ice cream cones and fruit sundaes as well as milkshakes featuring your choice of 20+ flavors! Additionally, we will on occasion add seasonal or limited time offerings all of which are fair food centric in nature. County Fair Sweets & Treats - Where Life's Sweet and Every Day's a Treat!


Stop by for our fresh made Holiday Grab-N-Go Kettle Corn bags!

They make excellent stocking stuffers and are perfect gifts for teachers, students, friends, family, co-workers, secret Santa...

While Supplies Last! Only $3 per bag!

Merry, Happy, Joyous whatever it is you celebrate from all of us at County Fair Sweets & Treats!

Riddle me this ??:

If Tornado Potato & Wedge Fries went out, got drunk & hooked up, what would their kid look like?

ANSWER: Our New Beer-Battered Wedge Twists!!!

With their crispy outside and soft center they will roll the eyes back in the head of even the most critical fry lover!!!

But hurry! They will only be around for a LIMITED TIME!!!

How Do You Make a Good Thing Better?

Well, we just did! As good as our Tornado Potatoes are, WE JUST MADE THEN BETTER! We have sourced an even better potato which is now firmer, crispier and even more tasty!

See for yourself! Here is one dusted with Sour Cream & Chives and Cheddar Cheese (only 2 of our Do-It-Yourself Shaker Flavors).

This changes EVERYTHING!!!!

You gotta come check it out for yourself! Seriously.

Have time to relax and savor all the flavor of your made to order Funnel Cake? GREAT! Sit down and enjoy!

On the run and don't have the time to sit around but need a funnel cake to fulfill your craving? No Problem! Order up some Funnel Fingers! Easily mobile and comes with your choice of either of our custom made killer sauces: Chocolate or Vanilla Cream!

Just another reason why Life's Sweet!

So, tell us, do you prefer your treat sitting or on the go?!

When thinking about our Fresh Fruit Custard Smoothies, what short phrase comes to mind?

The person who gives us the best answer between now and our next post gets one of their own ABSOLUTELY FREE. NADA. ZIPPO. Cost you ZILCH!

But, if the giveaway is over by the time you read this, we would still love to hear your creativity so go ahead and post anyway!

Birth of a Funnel Cake. . .

Sure, you may need to wait a few minutes after ordering your funnel cake before it's delivered, but this is because everything is made fresh to order with only the finest ingredients. No prepackaged mixes or frozen cakes here!

Besides, let's face it, wouldn't you rather wait a few minutes for your funnel cake than have your funnel cake wait an hour for you?

County Fair Sweets & Treats -- Where Fresh Happens!


Q: Why is this girl so happy?

(HINT: Could it be her Cotton Candy is bigger than her head?!)

County Fair Sweets & Treats. Making memories one flavorful-giant-fluffy-cloud-like Cotton Candy at a time!


Always wondered what Pot Holes taste like but afraid to make the "purchasing commitment?"

Well, now's your chance to sample one for yourself! Your choice of either Cinnamon & Sugar or Powdered Sugar coated and your choice of custom made dipping sauces (Killer Chocolate or OMG! Vanilla Cream).

Just one taste will leave you wanting more!

How is Cotton Candy made you ask?

Magic. Simply MAGIC!

Do you ever wonder exactly what's in the smoothie you just bought? No need to wonder at County Fair Sweets & Treats. We use only the finest & freshest ingredients!


Our newest creation...

Cotton Candy Swirl Pops!

Imagine a lollipop made from multiple layers of our flavorful Cotton Candy! It is unlike anything else you have ever tried!

Come on down and experience it for yourself and you will know what we mean!

We Want to Know What YOU Think!

And we are willing to put our money where your mouth is!

Starting today, come on in and buy something and tell us what you think by posting your review on YELP! Like it? Love it? Not so much? Tell us! We want to know about your experience! When you do, we will give you your choice of anything from our Deep Fried Menu including a Deep Fried Candy Bar, Twinkie, Oreos or Banana when you sign up for our Sweet Rewards Program (offer also good for existing Sweet Reward members).

So what in the heck are you waiting for?! C'mon down before the boss realizes he is out of his mind!!!

Suddenly, life just got sweeter!


We have more options to quench your thirst than anyone between here and Tatooine! And, so cold you would swear we stored them in carbonite.

Can you say "Ahhhhhh. . ."

(NOTE: This post is not endorsed by Disney and any affiliation between Disney, LucasArts or George Lucas should not be inferred. But, you guys are more than welcome to LIKE us and Follow us on Twitter!)


One of the oldest recipes for what we now know as a funnel cake dates back to Germany in 1879.

As you can see, its name is derived from the fact the batter is poured out into the former from, you guessed it, a funnel!

Wow! There's something about learning something which just makes me HUNGRY! Think I'll make me a funnel cake. . .

. . .Want one too?


Our Exclusive 14" Funnel Cake with all the trimmings! So big, we serve it in a large pizza box!

Who would you share this with (or would you eat it all yourself)?!

The Tornado Potato

It's like a Category 5 storm of flavorful yummy goodness in every bite!

Today's forecast calls for a giant Tornado Potato with a dusting of Flavor Shakers!

One bite and you are guaranteed to be addicted!
(Especially with our custom Killer Vanilla Cream or Killer Chocolate Sauces)

Don't say we didn't warn you!

Which dipping sauce is YOUR sweet addiction?

With 14 mouth-watering flavors from which to pick, it's no wonder why everyone is in love with our Cotton Candy!!!

Have you tried them all yet??? Which one is your #favoritecottoncandyflavor ?

All of our fruit is chopped fresh daily. What is YOUR favorite way to enjoy it?

1. In a cup
2. On my Funnel Cake
3. On my Frozen Custard
4. In a Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Got a Monster Size appetite? We have the solution!

Try our Monster Corn Dawg or Monster Hot Dawg to crush your hunger pangs! So big and so delicious it's SCARY!

Go ahead, take a bite! We know you want to and no one's looking! Isn't our Frozen Custard AMAZING!?

Okay, seriously. Come on down for a FREE SAMPLE!

Which one would you prefer, Chocolate, Vanilla or SWIRL!?

Why do we use fresh fruit for all our toppings and ingredients? Because quality counts!

QUICK! What 3 words come to mind when you see our Pot Holes and Custom Killer Vanilla Cream & Chocolate Sauces?

Some people like it with Mayo & Tanjin, others Salt & Pepper. How do YOU enjoy your fresh Corn on the Cob?

Can you identify this menu item?

HINT: You can get it coated with cinnamon sugar (sweet) or garlic butter (savory). The choice is yours!

Hungry? Won't be after one of our Monster Corn Dawgs! Any Monster or Mini Monster Hot Dawg or Corn Dawg with Regular or Large Fountain Drink includes FREE order of Wedge Fries this weekend! (Or upgrade to fresh Garlic Wedges for $1 more)!

Wish you were here! "Like" if you do too.

Feelin' salty going back to work today? We've got just the cure..

When life gives you a #3DayWeekend, make the most of it. We are open for normal business hours today and can't wait to see you!

Covered in Powdered Sugar, our custom made Chocolate & Caramel sauces, we present our tribute to the forthcoming start of Football Season.

Can you guess what Sweet Treat was used in the making of our mini pigskin? HINT: It appears on our menu.

It's a beautiful day for a dip.... into our Killer Cosmic Chocolate Sauce!

#LaborDayWeekend is right around the corner! What better way to celebrate than with a delicious homemade funnel cake?!

Get a FREE ticket to Circus Vargas good for Thursday Night's Performance with any $10 or more purchase while supplies last!

Just another perk to being a Sweet Rewards member!

The gang is lined up and ready to go in the fryer! Which one is your favorite?

It takes hard work to make it look easy!

Come on by to see us today.

We take pride in serving our customers top-notch delicious food!

Our corndogs are all beef, all natural, high quality dogs! We also use 100% Coconut Oil to fry them, as it is 0 trans-fat, is GMO free and is taste neutral.

Of course size matters. No one wants a small Funnel Cake!

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If you could put any flavor on your Potato Wedges, what would it be?!

You don't have to be a kid to LOVE Funnel Cake! Check out one of our amazing customers trying her first funnel cake EVER at age 83. Rest assured, it will not be her last!

Describe this photo in 3 words or less. Ready, GO!

Life is grand with a giant-sized corn dog in hand!

It's #Friday - we grant you full permission to cheat today.

A piece of heaven with each and every bite! Try topping your funnel cake with powdered sugar and fresh made chocolate and strawberry drizzle. We've also got whipped cream, fresh cut assorted fruit and frozen custard toppings!

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