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Our very own Jean Amaral speaking with The Wall Street Journal. Well done Jean.

BMCC faculty and librarian Jean Amaral speaks with The Wall Street Journal about the benefits and cost savings of free online course materials for students.

Learn more:

Here and Now on June 4, 2017: Rants and Retorts

Check out Anita Samuels, BMCC's Facilities Coordinator and Randolph Library fan, who is also a journalist, talking about her book Rants and Retorts: How Bigots Got a Monopoly on Commenting about News Online on ABC7NY's Here and Now: Here and Now: Part 3

Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Graduates are you ready?
BMCC Hosts 52nd Commencement June 2


Congratulations to all of our amazing, awesome graduates! You made it! And we are so proud of you.

De Stress Fest

Many many thanks to Quentin Angus and his guitar students for their fabulous performance in the Library during De-Stress Fest. And thanks to Erimi, our talented and creative work study student, for producing this video. HELLO, ERIMI ON THIS SIDE OF YOUTUBE DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL IN ORDER TO WIN PRIZES COMING SOON ALSO CLICK ON THE LITTLE BELL TO RECEIVE NOT...

Free books outside the Library right now!

Books or Bombs: A Battle for the Soul of America

For National Library Week. This. It’s National Library Week this week. Typically this seven days would be a mix of nostalgia and gentle prodding to get you to come take a look at your lo...

BMCC Academic Calendar

For those who need a reminder of the academic calendar for BMCC. We have attached it below. Spring break is here! Borough of Manhattan Community College The City University of New York 199 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007 212-220-8000 | Directory

100+ Powerful Ways to Relax and Calm Your Anxious Mind

Are you feeling the stress at the start of a new week ? If so, this is an amazing article that gives you 100 tips on how to beat an anxious mind. Anxiety ain't no joke so we are here to provide you with the ultimate list of the most powerful ways you can use today to relax and cope with your anxiety!

Even the seemingly smallest thing can make a massive impact and one artist is showing us how with an art installation that’s going viral on social media.

Mexican artist Jorge Mendez Blake is the creator of an art installation that is simple in theory, but is speaking volumes to thousands of people all over the world. The installation features a seemingly normal brick wall, until you look a little closer and notice a hill in the middle. The reason? A sole Spanish edition of El Castillo by Franz Kafka is at the base of the wall.

The Impact of a Book.

Happy Birthday Ruth Bader Ginsburg! 84 today. What an inspiration to us all.
Today we celebrated with a cupcake party, to receive your cupcake, we asked for you to tell us of an inspirational women in your life and Why. What a success! Many mums, sisters and friends inspire us to do good things! Here are some photos of the event.

[03/14/17]   This is so amazing!
Do you need inspiration for your next book choice?
To celebrate International Women's day the New York Public Library compiled a list of 365 books, that include a vast range of women authors. A book for every day of the year. How many have you read? Come by the library and borrow a book from one of these amazing women. Click on the link below to check it out.

BMCC Library | A. Philip Randolph Library

If you can not make it into the library, Do not worry! we are here for you 24 hours away. Just click on the link below for a list of resources we offer.

Why we do what we do

We love Tony Robbins. This Ted Talk is great and perfect for Sunday Morning watching. Have a great day! Tony Robbins discusses the "invisible forces" that motivate everyone's actions -- and high-fives Al Gore in the front row.

The National Day of Unplugging (NDU) begins today, March 3, and will last for a full 24-hours of disconnected bliss. We are celebrating this joyful day by heading to the library to read some books! What are you going to do? Use this photo to update on your pages and unplug for the day!!!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss. Oh the places you will go!!
We have an amazing children's book section at the Library, to help celebrate this special day, pop by and take a look at our Dr Seuss Books available to borrow!

BMCC Library's cover photo

Do you and your friends need a quiet place to study together?
Pop over to the periodicals desk to book a study room.

Read Books, Live Longer?

So everyone, reading books adds two years onto your life! Come into the library today and start reading. I want to live longer and so should you! Book readers lived an average of almost two years longer than those who did not read at all.

How a recent TED Talk on procrastination changed my perspective - The American Genius

We all procrastinate! This is a really good article on how watching a TED talk can change your habits. Read the article and watch the talk. It will help motivate you. Happy Sunday! If procrastination is a problem for you, at least bookmark this editorial to revisit within the month.

The Reading Habits of Ultra-Successful People – The Mission

Happy Friday! This is an interesting read from my favorite website. If you do not read Medium, then please let this be an introduction. Enjoy! Want to know one habit ultra-successful people have in common?

If You Love to Read (NYSRA 2012) - Rolling in the Deep Parody

A little distraction for you, if you're feeling bleak--or even if you're not.

Rolling in the Deep parody

The New York State Reading Association is now accepting registration forms for our 2012 Conference in Syracuse NY. For more information, visit the website at...

Manzanar National Historic Site

75 years ago, on February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 which led to the incarceration of more than 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry -- two-thirds of them United States citizens -- during World War II.

On February 19, 1976, in honor of the Bicentennial year of the United States, President Gerald R. Ford officially rescinded E.O. 9066, with these words:

"Learning from our mistakes is not pleasant, but as a great philosopher once admonished, we must do so if we want to avoid repeating them.

February 19th is the anniversary of a sad day in American history. It was on that date in 1942...that Executive Order 9066 was issued...resulting in the uprooting of loyal Americans. Over one hundred thousand persons of Japanese ancestry were removed from their homes, detained in special camps, and eventually relocated...

I call upon the American people to affirm with me this American Promise -- that we have learned from the tragedy of that long-ago experience forever to treasure liberty and justice for each individual American, and resolve that this kind of action shall never again be repeated."

We encourage you to read the full proclamation at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library:

World War II: Internment of Japanese Americans

Today is the 75th anniversary of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signing Executive Order 9066, which made it possible for the U.S. government to force between 110,00 and 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry (two-thirds of whom were American citizens) into internment camps for over three years. What have we as a country learned from this and in the 75 years since? Tom Kobayashi stands in the south fields of the Manzanar Relocation Center, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in California's Owens Valley, in 1943. Famed photographer Ansel Adams traveled to Manzanar in 1943 to document the Relocation Center and the Japanese Americans interned there.

Top Four Reasons Students Use Their College Library

This is a really cool article about why students use their college library. Half of students interviewed use the resources of the online databases. Come into your library today and take advantage of our resources to help you get a head start in your studies. Also, do you know that you can book a study room? Just pop along to the periodicals desk for more information. The college library: a refuge for studying, a resource for research, or a place to relax? See what students said about their use of the college library.

Perspective | Why it’s important to read aloud with your kids, and how to make it count

Great article about reading to children. The BMCC Randolph Library supports our students who are parents with a growing children's book collection. Stop by and pick up a book or two after your next class! You'll find picture books, as well as middle reader and young adult books on our shelves. A new study by Scholastic reiterates how important it is for parents to read with and to kids from day one. Here are some tips for good books, good practices.

Why these librarians are protesting Trump's executive orders

Libraries are not neutral. We are committed to human rights for all. Academic libraries stand with public libraries in providing access to information for everyone. NYPL The New York Public Library Queens Library Brooklyn Public Library Since Trump took office last month, a vocal and growing number of librarians across the country are taking a more politically active stance.


Hey All, no classes tomorrow. And Wednesday 15th February follows a Monday schedule. Enjoy your day off.

This is a sneak peak of things to come. Stay tuned for photos of your trusty librarians.

[02/07/17]   The 2017 Spring Semester at the BMCC library will be the best yet! We have been busy pulling together a tight schedule for the semester and we have so many exciting events planned. Watch this space! We want our students to stay connected. So, please could each of you recommend your peers and friends to like our page so that we can ensure maximum visability for all. Thanks Guys!

Are you feeling the stress of the semester already? Do you need to relax? Visit the periodicals desk, located near the quiet zone at the back of the library and check out your favorite board game today.

How can we help you succeed this semester? Here is a quick refresher of the services we offer at your BMCC library.

Here Are The 5 Books Chosen For The "One Book, One New York" Program

Vote for the book that you think all New Yorkers should read! Which one will you choose?
Vote for your winner here. "Let's get this conversation going, New York!" - Danielle Brooks

Welcome back to School !!

BMCC Student Government Association


SGA now has available Senator Positions. If you are interested in becoming a Senator for the Spring 20-7 semester please email

[email protected]

Eligibility Requirements:

-must have a minimum of 2.3 GPA
-be enrolled in at least 6 credits
-must have passed 50% of the credits attempted.
last semester.
-must attend General meeting on Wednesdays at
-must have earned at least 12 credits
-must be able to work a minimum of 10 office hours

We must fill these positions within two weeks and we are beginning interviews as early as Tuesday; 24-Jan-2017 in our office. If you have any questions or are interested please email the above address.

We hope to hear from you!


Thank You,

President Jason Silva

Good luck everyone! Keep calm and study hard.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Are you stressed out? Need to chill out? Come by our relaxation station located by the entrance of the library. This fantastic masterpiece was created by Younis. Well done !

It was great representing the library at the happiness expo today! Thanks to all those who came by to say Hi. I hope you all feel that little bit more happy!

Go Vote!!!

Keep up to date with events in the BMCC library. Tell your friends about our page.

[11/04/16]   Congratulations to the winners of our Banned Books competition. Javier Oscar, Alex Santos and Mariia Vera. Thank you for liking our page and enjoy your $25 Amazon Gift voucher.

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The BMCC Library, located in Room S410, is named after the African-American labor leader and social activist A. Philip Randolph (1889-1979). We are open 7 days a week with 50 Internet stations and 3 service points to help you: Circulation, Reference and Periodicals. The Library is a great place to study, with seating for 600 students at study carrels and tables in the Main Library (S410) and Quiet Study Area (S430). Books and ideas are the most effective weapons against intolerance and ignorance. ~Lyndon Baines Johnson I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. ~Jorge Luis Borges The library is the temple of learning, and learning has liberated more people than all the wars in history. ~Carl Rowan Come, and take choice of all my library, And so beguile thy sorrow. - William Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt
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