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[04/29/14]   New drivers need to learn that they cannot always depend on other drivers to do the right thing - and defensive driving classes can teach them this very important lesson to increase their safety on the road.

[04/24/14]   If you are driving in icy conditions, braking maneuvers vary depending on the type of brakes on your vehicle. If you have anti-lock brakes, you should press firmly down on the pedal and hold it, whereas other brakes require you to pump the pedal gently.

[04/22/14]   Did you know that the dashed lines on the road are actually 15 feet long? Most people think they are only about four to six feet long because driving past these lines makes them appear much shorter.

[04/17/14]   Karl Benz, the inventor of the gasoline-powered automobile, received the first driver's license ever. Actually, what Benz received in 1888 was written permission from officials in Mannheim, Germany to operate his new vehicle, despite some concerns by local citizens.

[04/15/14]   If you miss a class, there is no need to panic. You will have to make the class up, but will be able to do so at the next scheduled time.

[04/10/14]   The driving test for a basic Class C license is the same for all drivers regardless of their age. However, drivers with physical or mental conditions may take a different version of the test.

[04/08/14]   For drivers uncomfortable with their night driving skills, driving classes can help to offer safety and confidence during future nighttime drives. Night driving classes are also important for new drivers who are just beginning to drive at night.

[04/03/14]   Defensive driving classes can help new drivers learn how to master lifelong techniques to increase their safety on the road. Defense driving includes looking out for other drivers around you and keeping an eye on your surroundings at all times.

[04/01/14]   One way to help new drivers avoid accidents is to teach them about the dangers of blind spots. Showing new drivers how to identify blind spots in their own vehicle, as well as the vehicle next to them, can help them to avoid this common hazard.

[03/27/14]   Teaching new drivers to get into the habit of doing a pre-drive check can help to ensure a safer time on the road. A pre-drive check should include checking gas levels, lights and turn signals and putting on the seat belt.

[03/25/14]   Defensive driving courses are available to meet almost anyone's schedule. You can attend during the day, in the evening, or on Saturdays. Times vary so call for specifics.

[03/20/14]   Without a doubt, one thing that drivers can always do to decrease risks of injury associated with driving accidents is to fasten their seatbelt. New drivers need to learn how to remember each and every time they get into a car to fasten their seatbelt.

[03/18/14]   The cost of a driver's education course can be recovered almost immediately because all major insurance companies offer significant discounts for first-time drivers who complete a certified driving school program.

[03/13/14]   Did you know that, in 2008, 55 percent of the 3,678 drivers and passengers killed in car crashes were between the ages of 16 and 20? None of these occupants was wearing a seatbelt.

[03/11/14]   In 1910, Germany became the first government to require that all drivers be licensed. In addition, Germany instituted a system of driver education that was copied by countries throughout the world.

[03/06/14]   If you encounter road rage, the best course of action is to pull into a public area with a great many other people. If at night, make sure it is well-lighted.

[03/04/14]   In Britain, the average passing rate for all drivers licenses is only 42 percent, according to the country's Driving Standards Agency. Reverse parking and use of mirrors are two of the top reasons that people fail their tests.

[02/27/14]   The youngest drivers are the most likely to get into car accidents. The number of wrecks per mile is twice as high for 16-year-olds as it is for drivers who are 18- and 19-years old, according to national statistics.

[02/25/14]   Teenagers who take drivers' education classes can get lower rates on their insurance. Also, if they have good grades in school, their premiums may also be lowered.

[02/20/14]   If you drive a company car, or provide autos for your employees, corporate driver education classes can be a big help. In addition to sharpening driving skills, it may also help reduce insurance rates.

[02/18/14]   Did you know that some car clubs, such as the Porsche Club of America, conduct drivers' education programs that focus on how to handle a vehicle under high-speed driving conditions instead of teaching the rules of the road?

[02/13/14]   It is a common urban legend that the Monumental Axis in Brazil is the widest highway in the world, where up to 160 cars can drive side by side. It does, however, hold the record for having the widest median of a divided highway in the world.

[02/11/14]   Over 50% of teens admit to texting while they drive. If you know a teen driver, have a serious talk about the dangers of texting and driving to help the new driver understand the dangers associated with this behavior.

[02/06/14]   Insurance rates are based on risk, and 2008 statistics explain why insurance for young drivers is so expensive. Teen drivers are 10 times more likely to be involved in a crash during their first year of driving than older drivers.

[02/04/14]   Why is insurance for boys significantly more expensive than young female drivers? According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, male drivers under 25 are more likely to drink and drive, get into accidents, and not wear seat belts than female drivers under 25.

[01/30/14]   Basic and experienced motorcycle rider classes are offered in addition to traditional drivers education and defensive driving classes.

[01/28/14]   Reduce accidents when driving to work. Leave early enough to get to work at a reasonable speed, concentrate on driving - not work, and do not use your cell phone.

[01/23/14]   According to statistics, 89 percent of all new drivers get into at least one accident during their first three years of driving.

[01/21/14]   Did you know that driving too slow can be just as hazardous as driving too fast? New drivers who are not confident in their skills often drive below the speed limit, but a driving class can help them to feel more confident and secure.

[01/16/14]   Most states allow teens to get a learner's permit between the ages of 14 and 16. The exception to that general rule is Wyoming, where kids can get a learner's permit beginning when they are 12 years, 9 months old.

[01/14/14]   New drivers need to get into the habit of looking both ways at all types of crossings - including pedestrian crossings, railroad crossings and intersections. Fortunately, driving classes can help them to acquire this important skill.

[01/09/14]   Behind the wheel training is tailored to your needs. Whether you're a teenager just starting out, want to have points taken off your license, or just want a refresher course on driving, we have the classes for you.

[01/07/14]   The biggest driving mistake that leads to accidents is following the car in front of you too closely, according to a study by GMAC Insurance. Remember, the faster you are going, the more room you need between you and the person in front of you.

[01/02/14]   Did you know that Belgium was the last country in Europe to require that testing for drivers be included in the licensing process? Before 1977, you could get a driver's license in Belgium without taking a driving test.

[12/31/13]   Did you know that drunken drivers and speeders caused so many wrecks in the horse-and-carriage days that Rhode Island passed a reckless driving law in 1678?



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