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It's going to be cold and rainy tomorrow so come join us for an entertaining time! Our performing arts students are competing to go to States at the Regional Show Choir Competition in the LNHS auditorium. It starts at 11:00 - Mount Mourne performs at 12:20 and Lake Norman at 1:00. It's a great show! 10 and under are free, $7 for adults.
Come out and support Performing Arts in our community! It's going to be a great show! Lake Norman High School presents Peter Pan, The Musical March 8, 9, 10, 16, 17 at 7:30 pm March 10 and 17 at 2:00 pm Lake Norman High School Auditorium Tickets available online at Adults - $10 Children (10 and under) - $5
Pomolas Equestrian Center is offering beginner-intermediate riding lesson for ages 7 and up! Taylor France is a CHA Certified riding instructor that loves to teach children and adults how to prepare for ownership/leasing or just simply how to safely be around horses. Lessons are fun, safe, and a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Fall is here and we have perfect weather. Lessons are scheduled in the evenings during the week and hours on the weekend help cater to your busy week. Lesson packages are available! Please contact 408-903-3552 for more information

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing theatre performance, production and viewing experiences for youth ages 6-18. The Mooresville Community Children’s Theater (MCCT) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing theatre performance, production and viewing experiences for Mooresville and surrounding communities with an emphasis on including children ages 6 through 18 who have not been exposed to the world of Performing Arts.

We believe that theatre can help a child grow in the following ways: Improves communication skills, encourages use of imagination, gives an opportunity to express oneself, enhances the ability to think critically, Inspires cooperation with others, teamwork development in achieving joint goals, and helps develop moral values, nourishes sensitivity, fosters understanding of others feelings, provides a safe and welcoming environment, supports peer acceptance and self-worth.

Mission: The Mooresville Community Children’s Theater (MCCT) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing theatre performance, production and viewing experiences for Mooresville and surrounding communities with an emphasis on including children ages 6 through 18 who have not been exposed to the world of Performing Arts.

Operating as usual

Snoopy!!! The Musical is in production! Coaching, zooming & filming have begun. Director, Steven James, and this amazing cast have been taking a musical to a new level for MCCT. Our times may call for a different way of learning, but we are making it happen! Stay tuned for details for our 2nd virtual performance of the season!

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Mooresville Citizen - 2020-07-31

Thank you Lake Norman publications for our nod in the Mooresville Citizen! (Scroll to page 15). We love being represented as part of our community...we are missing our stages, but staying active virtually!

WHO IS EXCITED ABOUT SEEING BOX ON SATURDAY????!! I know that I am. These actors have been hard at work under the direction of Chloe Wright to bring you this virtual production. I hop you are all able to join us to watch - Saturday 8/1 at 7pm!

Here's the link:

Box with MCCT debuts on 8/1!!!!

BOX is a vignette play about all of the boxes that we find ourselves in. This play is performed by middle school aged actors, but the message is relevant to everyone from age 1-100. There are several different ways to identify yourself and your box. Boxes built for us by others can often seem restricting and uncomfortable. A small black box, a shiny jewelry box, a week old pizza box, none of these can define us! True identity is found when we think outside of the box.

This show was produced in a span of 2 months during the Summer of 2020. The entire creative process for this show was ‘out of the box’ itself- the first month was comprised of rehearsals and table work on Zoom, during which we broke up the show scene by scene to create discussions meant to not only help us get to know each other, but to develop a version of this story influenced by the experiences of the cast members themselves. Following this, we found out that this show was going to need to be performed 100% digitally, so we got to work getting off book and setting up our playhouse space for recording. Each student was recorded reciting their lines by themselves. These videos were then compiled to (sort of) make it look like they were all in the same room and to tell our story.

Mooresville Community Childrens Theatre's cover photo

Mooresville Community Childrens Theatre's cover photo

Mooresville Community Childrens Theatre

A note from our director, Chloe Wright.

Our show Box, written by Lindsay Price, is a deceptively deep play that explores how to battle ill-fitting boxes that people try to put you in and, in turn, how to embrace your own box and create something that you are proud of. Working with this incredibly talented and bright group of students has been wonderful (and very unconventional)! Throughout the past 2 months we have battled bad wifi signals, told many jokes and stories and discovered how each one of us can find ourselves in this story that we are telling. After growing up as a student and an artist at MCCT since 2015, I am so excited that I have been given the chance to come back as a director this Summer and help to continue in MCCT's goal of having fun while creating theatre and making an impact in our community. I am thankful to the Board at MCCT for charging me with this project, thankful to my cast for trusting me to help tell their stories and to ALL OF YOU for helping to keep the arts alive when we seem to need it most.

Next up! BOX, a play by Lindsay Price and directed by Chloe Wright. These middle schoolers have been working from home and being taught by Chloe via Zoom. This past week, a some of the cast got the opportunity to film their scenes live. This show opens virtually August 1! Details to come!!

MCCT Benefit Revue

In case you missed it last week, here’s another opportunity! People in our community, MCCT Board, and past cast members all worked together in this beautiful revue of MCCT history. Under the direction of Steven James, participants shared their talents and knowledge of our program to share with you. Donations will benefit our Clayton Miller Scholarship Program. Thank you all for the donations and views!

Our first ever MCCT Benefit Revue celebrates the nearly 50 year history of theatre in Mooresville, NC. A cast of more than 50 performers share stories and so...

It’s Friday!! It’s our ‘Opening Night’! Thank you Steven James, Jenna Tyrell, Lisa Altieri and the parents who filmed their kiddos for MCCT’s Benefit Revue! Thank you to all of our alumni, directors and producers from the past who reached out wanting to contribute to this production!

Although this is an unconventional way to celebrate our opening night, our board of directors have partnered up with the town to have a vision become a reality! The dedication and hard work will certainly not disappoint when you tune in this evening!

We will miss our cast tonight. We will miss the hustle and bustle of the Charles Mack support and the MCCT Board board members running around like banshees🤣! We will miss meeting grandparents, friends and family members congregating at our concession stands. We will miss answering questions about our scholarship recipients. We will miss having former cast members stand up on that stage introducing our show and curtain speeches...
We will even miss the clean up long after the crowds have gone home and the teens have gone to Waffle House. (We may have to scatter a few playbills, Bobby pins and half empty water bottles around our house so I can clean up after). But it’s temporary ♥️

We would love it if you would join us in the chat room (available on YouTube through the provided link) 30 minutes before the show to socialize and chat with your fellow MCCT family. ‘Curtains Up’ at 7pm

Mooresville Community Childrens Theatre

It’s tomorrow night!!!!!! A perfect date night in with your friends and family! We are so excited for this project to finally be seen! Tune in 7pm Friday!!

A sneak peek at a handful of our student working with director, Steven James to bring you our Benefit Revue! A unique way of telling the history of MCCT and the Mooresville Community Theatre!! You won’t want to miss this online event!!! Please join us!

MCCT Benefit Revue

Link for the MCCT Benefit Revue premier scheduled for tomorrow 7/10 @ 7 pm POSTED to the invite and below.

Our first ever MCCT Benefit Revue celebrates the nearly 50 year history of theatre in Mooresville, NC. A cast of more than 50 performers share stories and so...

Introducing Steven James, our director of our MCCT Benefit Revue. FRIDAY IS OUR DAY!!
Director’s Note:

When I was 14 years old, I performed in my first show with the Mooresville Children’s Theatre, The Musical Adventures of Oliver Twist. In doing that show I met some of the people who have, now 15 years later, remained some of my best friends (a few of which you will see in the revue itself). I was able to return and work with MCCT for the first time on AladdinJr., stepping in as co choreographer, and have continued to work at MCCT several times since. When Covid-19 hit and everything started shutting down, I took a break for a few weeks and enjoyed lounging around and playing Animal Crossing like the rest of the world, however my artistic brain soon needed to get back to work. Through conversations with some of the MCCT Board, the idea of the benefit revue was born. This revue has been put together not just by myself but through many others generously giving their time to help compile information, photos, stories and music. This project is for all of us in the MCCT family and I hope that when you watch on Friday night at 7 o’clock that you see the pride that we all have in this company. I am truly honored to work with these students and look forward to the day we can all be together again.

Blumenthal Performing Arts

We’re thrilled to announce our “Sew For The Show: Mask Design Challenge” – a four-week, Broadway-themed face mask making competition officially launching NEXT WEEK (July 13)!

Each Monday throughout the challenge, we will announce which Broadway show on our upcoming season will inspire that week’s mask theme. Participants will have until end of day the following Sunday to design, create and submit a photo of their show-themed mask.

All ages are welcome to enter, and participation is free. Participants 12 years of age and under will be entered into the Sew for the Show: Young Designers Mask Challenge.

Each week’s winner from both age brackets will receive (2) complimentary tickets to opening night of the featured Broadway show. The grand prize winner will receive opening night tickets to ALL THREE featured shows!

The Challenge will be juried by Charlotte-area professional costume designers. We’ll introduce you to them throughout the week and share tutorial videos they put together to help you make a base mask! For more information, visit:



Mooresville Community Children's Theatre is holding virtual auditions for this 100% digital production of Snoopy: The Musical via Zoom on Friday July 17th (5pm-9pm) and Saturday July 18th (10am-2pm) by appointment. The concept, developed by director Steven James, will be new (and EXCITING) for MCCT. Snoopy: The Musical is based on the Charles Schulz comic strip Peanuts…. IMAGINE the actors being IN the actual comic strip. Similar to the scene in Mary Poppins where Bert dances with the cartoon penguins, our Snoopy actors will be fully costumed, performing virtually inside the comic strip.

Rehearsals will be held digitally, mostly on an individual basis with potential for some full ensemble rehearsals as well. Eventually, each of the actors will individually meet a few times, very socially distant, to film their role on a green screen at the MCCT space in downtown Mooresville. Then, through the magic of editing, the actors will be placed into the famous comic strip. The ‘sets’ are all cartoon squares designed around the actors to make it appear that they are really inside the strip.

Being a digital project and respecting the health and safety of everyone involved, this project will require some self teaching on your own. The cast will be expected to put in a lot of work outside of rehearsals - as is typical in every show - but with this case it will be even more crucial. To prepare you for that, this audition will consist of learning a song from the show. These songs were selected because they are challenging, both rhythmically and vocally so please don’t let that discourage you. I want to see that you took the time and learned the material to the best of YOUR ability. Use your resources, and do the work!

Please reach out with any questions to [email protected]

Sign up for 10 minute slots via Sign Up Genius here: Cast consists of 6 performers. Auditionees should be high school age or older.

Audition materials:

Our director, Steven James, working hard at final editing to present our Benefit Revue! Countdown to NEXT FRIDAY!! Set your reminders!!

MCCT Benefit Revue (Sneak Peek)

A sneak peek at a handful of our student working with director, Steven James to bring you our Benefit Revue! A unique way of telling the history of MCCT and the Mooresville Community Theatre!! You won’t want to miss this online event!!! Please join us!

[06/28/20]   These faces have been working lots behind the scenes to put an outstanding history revue together for you!!! Be on the look out for this to happen soon!! 🎭🎹🎬🎤🎸🥁🩰

Our online Summer project! These middle / high school students are working via zoom to bring you a virtual show!! Stay tuned for exact viewing dates! Director, Chloe Wright has been an incredible coach and this will be must to watch! 🎭

Southeastern Theatre Conference - SETC

The SETC Fall Professional Auditions are now open and accepting applications. This year, due to COVID-19, we are offering both online and in-person audition opportunities, and waiving all fees until you are accepted!

To learn more and start your application visit

Ha! Steven James

Box is underway! This great cast has already begun it’s online rehearsals! Stay tuned for details of streaming in July!!

Mooresville Community Childrens Theatre

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Calling older kids!

Acting with Keetha

Something fun from Ms Lakeetha!

Audition Techniques for Beginners

Hey all!! Email Chloe for more details! Casting begins soon!!

Let’s give a final Shout-Out to our MCCT honorary Scholarship recipients! Give it up for Brianna Bernhardt for this announcement!

A congratulatory post from Sabrina Layman!

Once again, a congratulations from MCCT to our Clayton Miller scholarship recipients! A message from Sabrina Layman!

Today, we introduce Allie Hildebran, our final student recipient of an honorary award from our MCCT family. She is headed to Coastal Carolina University majoring in Theater Business to become a Costume Designer!

This season we are presenting a Lisa Altieri Technical Theatre Award. Besides being a long-standing board member, Lisa has worked in technical theater and a costumer in our theater community from Statesville to Matthews! Over the years, she has mentored our youth by encouraging them to pursue their passions, serve the community, and ‘try and try again’! We are honored to have an award in Lisa’s name, and proud to to have her represent our organization! Thank you Lisa♥️ and CONGRATULATIONS Allie!!!🎉

Clayton Miller and MCCT honorary scholarships have been our focus for the entire week! Meet Grace Schiefen. Not only is she an actor in our shows, but has volunteered for us in many capacities! You could easily find her doing backstage wrangling , curtain speeches, concessions, taking pictures, posting in our social media... Gardner Webb University will be lucky to have you!

Let’s hear it for Isaac Nicolau! He has been a presence in MCCT theater community for many seasons! Not only is he an outstanding actor, but quite a mentor to our youth! Congratulations on your MCCT honorary scholarship! Winthrop University is lucky to have you in their program! 🎉🎭🎉

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Box with MCCT debuts on 8/1!!!!
MCCT Benefit Revue (Sneak Peek)
A congratulatory post from Sabrina Layman!


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