Orion Real Estate Group

Established in 1978, Orion Real Estate Group assists buyers and sellers of commercial property. The company holds a portfolio of more than $600 million and has been involved in more than $3 billion in transactions.


What is a Ground Lease? - Orion

What is a ground lease? http://bit.ly/31jLp7Z

orionmiami.com A ground lease is a long-term agreement between a landowner and a tenant/lessee who pays to rent the land on which a tenant/lessee intends to construct a building. Essentially, a ground lease separates a physical building from the land on which it sits. In doing so, it helps prospective tenants, …


Investors Find More Opportunities in Tenant Vacancies - Orion

Investors find more opportunities in tenant vacancies. We share our thoughts: http://bit.ly/2GRsI1S

orionmiami.com Neighborhood shopping centers in secondary markets where consumers live, work and play are continuing to do well at a time when many national brands are downsizing or closing stores. In fact, when a staid, time-worn tenant vacates a property with strong fundamentals, landlords have an opportunity to...


What are CAM Charges in Commercial Real Estate? - Orion

What are CAM charges in commercial real estate? http://bit.ly/30bwMTx

orionmiami.com CAM is an often-used acronym for common area maintenance, or the fee that commercial real estate tenants pay above their monthly rent payment to cover their pro rate share of the property owner’s operating expenses. These costs, typically associated with triple-net-leases can include property taxe...


Why Real Estate Investors Should Avoid Gross Leases - Orion

Why should real estate investors avoid gross leases? http://bit.ly/36VSFbf

orionmiami.com In a full-service lease, also referred to as a gross lease, a tenant’s only financial responsibility is to pay rent for the space it leases. This leaves landlords with the responsibilities of paying all the costs to operate and maintain a property, including insurance and taxes, which can become a...


More Risks with REIT Investing - Orion

There are risks associated with REIT investing. Here are our thoughts: http://bit.ly/2vMv005

orionmiami.com Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) can provide average investors with an affordable option for gaining entry to the high yields and steady cash flow that can come with investments in commercial real estate. However, because equity REITs are publicly traded securities governed by the SEC, some of....


How CRE Investments Can Hedge Against Recessionary Risks - Orion

CRE investments can hedge against recessionary risks. We explain http://bit.ly/2ScPIOk

orionmiami.com While economic and political uncertainty in the election year will likely produce short-term volatility in the equity markets and slow the country’s record period of economic expansion, long-held commercial property with sound fundamentals is well positioned to survive and even thrive through a ma...

[02/20/20]   What is the commercial real estate outlook for 2020? Here are our thoughts. http://bit.ly/2T9YoXU


The State of Cross-Border CRE Investments - Orion

Our team conducts business around the world. Here are our thoughts on the state of cross-border CRE investments. http://bit.ly/2s5Ifay

orionmiami.com According to Real Capital Analytics, foreign investment in U.S. commercial real estate decreased more than 50 percent in 2019 from the prior year. One reason for the decline is a notable drop in capital investments coming from mainland China, which, researchers note, previously “represented an out...


Low Interest Rates Continue to Drive CRE Investment - Orion

We continue to see low interest rates driving CRE investments. Here are our thoughts: http://bit.ly/2T9XavM

orionmiami.com The Federal Reserve Bank’s decision to leave interest rates unchanged at the end of 2019, following a quarter-point rate cut in October, has caused many investors to abandon the safety of CDs and Treasury bonds in favor of steady cash flow and the promise of higher returns traditionally found in ....


Reap Real Estate Return Rewards without Getting Your Hands Dirty - Orion

Smart investors reap real estate return rewards without getting their hands dirty. Here are some tips from our experts: http://bit.ly/2ox7q3C

orionmiami.com Not every investor has the funds to purchase one or more commercial buildings on their own, nor do they have the time to manage all the responsibilities associated with buying, selling and managing commercial real estate (CRE). Thankfully, investors have options. Professional real estate firms offer...


Don’t Wait on the Sidelines to Invest in CRE - Orion

The market is hot – you don't want to wait on the sidelines to invest in CRE. Our team shares its thoughts. http://bit.ly/2mUmXtX

orionmiami.com The commercial real estate (CRE) market has enjoyed a significant period of property appreciation and record returns. Would-be investors who are sitting on the sidelines waiting for a market dip or slowdown to take their turn at-bat may very well find themselves out of the game. Instead, investors s...


1031 Exchanges Continue to Whet Investors’ Appetites for Tax Savings - Orion

1031 exchanges continue to whet investors' appetite for tax savings. Here is how you can make it work for you. http://bit.ly/2oyxVFO

orionmiami.com The government’s introduction of Opportunity Zones as a potentially lucrative (albeit complex) tax-deferral strategies has had little to no impact on the use of 1031 exchanges. These tried and true tools for tax-savings, which allow investors to defer capital gains tax on the sale of real property...


Private Capital to Multi-Tenant Shopping Center Continues to Increase - Orion

Private capital investments in multi-tenant shopping centers continue to increase. Here is what we are seeing. http://bit.ly/2orhmfg

orionmiami.com Net-lease multi-tenant retail properties are becoming the fastest-growing segment of private capital investment in commercial real estate. Some of the key factors driving this trend include strong property fundamentals, historically low interest rates, low supply and similarly low property managemen...


What is Cash on Cash Return? - Orion

What is cash on cash return? http://bit.ly/2osPzeo

orionmiami.com In real estate, the cash-on-cash return helps property owners measure cash-flow on a pre-tax/after-debt services basis relative to the owners’ invested equity. It can be used to gage investment performance and forecast projected earnings and expenses in the future. While this metric assesses the p...


Etailers Get Physical, Change the Leasing Landscape - Orion

E-tailers get physical and change the retail landscape. The Orion team explains. http://bit.ly/2owGIbk

orionmiami.com Purely digital, online businesses once praised (and condemned) for disrupting the traditional way consumers buy and use goods and services are increasingly going old school, opening physical brick and mortar stores in shopping centers across the country. The reasons for this shift go back to basic s...


Investors Continue to Play it Safe with Opportunity Zones - Orion

Opportunity zones can live up to their name or not quite make it. Here are our thoughts. http//bit.ly/2L8wRSr

orionmiami.com Despite all of the hype surrounding the tax benefits of Opportunity Zones (OZs), many taxpayers are still sitting in the sidelines awaiting further guidance from the IRS before putting their money and their trust into these new investment vehicles in unproven markets. Instead, cautious investors are...


What are Retail Properties and What Benefits Do They Provide to Investors? - Orion

Definitions are important when it comes to investing. What are retail properties and what benefits do they provide to investors? http://bit.ly/2TxD50x

orionmiami.com Retail properties include a broad range of large and small malls, power centers with big box anchor tenants, strip shopping centers, individual stores and pop-up shops that market and sell a broad range of goods and services to consumers. Retail tenants can include clothing and accessory stores, gro...


Assessing Gross Income vs. Net Income in CRE - Orion

How should an investor assess gross income vs net income in CRE? http://bit.ly/2Txp2I4

orionmiami.com Commercial real estate brokers and sellers often promote the gross income that an owner can reasonably expect to receive from an investment in a particular property. However, different sellers use equally diverse methods for calculating this figure with varying degrees of detail. Not only do investo...


What Do Bank Consolidations Mean for Commercial Real Estate Investors? - Orion

How will continued waves of bank consolidations impact commercial real estate investors? http://bit.ly/2TyMoNH

orionmiami.com The pending merger between BB&T and SunTrust banks represents the largest banking industry deal since the start of the “Great Recession” in 2008 and a potential signal that more consolidation could be on the horizon. The combination of these two southeastern U.S. banks brands will create the nat...


The Positive Impact of Ecommerce on Restaurants - Orion

E-commerce is not all bad for brick and mortar. Here are our thoughts on the positive impact of e-commerce on restaurants http://bit.ly/2TghucE

orionmiami.com At a time when pundits are blaming e-commerce for the rash of retail store closings, the Internet of things is fueling new growth opportunities for businesses in the food and beverage industry. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2019 State of the Restaurant Industry, customer-facin...


The State of International Investment in U.S. CRE - Orion

We have investors from all around the world. Here are our thoughts on the state of international investment in US commercial real estate http://bit.ly/2ThoZ33

orionmiami.com Overseas investors made up 16 percent of commercial real estate (CRE) deal volume in 2018, pumping more than $92 billion into U.S. commercial properties through the end of the year, according to Real Capital Analytics (RCA). The majority of foreign capital (34 percent) went to retail properties, inc...


Understanding the Risks of REITs - Orion

REITS are in the news but we find that most investors have a lot of questions. We clear up the facts. http://bit.ly/2YfNDlr

orionmiami.com Not every investor has the funds to purchase one or more commercial buildings on their own, nor do they have the time to manage all the responsibilities associated with buying, selling and managing commercial real estate (CRE). Thankfully, investors have options, including pooling funds with other i...


CRE Continues to Shine - Orion

Our investment team shares its thoughts on why CRE continues to shine http://bit.ly/2YiU2ML

orionmiami.com According to Real Capital Analytics’ (RCA) U.S. National All Property Index, pricing continues to increase across all sectors of the commercial real estate sector and have been matched by rising net operating income. These factors, combined with cap rate compression, are a great sign for investors...


Investors Continue to Play it Safe with Opportunity Zones - Orion

Investors continue to play safe with opportunity zones. Here is what we are seeing http://bit.ly/2L8wRSr

orionmiami.com Despite all of the hype surrounding the tax benefits of Opportunity Zones (OZs), many taxpayers are still sitting in the sidelines awaiting further guidance from the IRS before putting their money and their trust into these new investment vehicles in unproven markets. Instead, cautious investors are...


What Does the Fed’s Interest Rate Cut Mean for Commercial Real Estate? - Orion

What does the interest rate cut mean for commercial real estate investments? We share our thoughts http://bit.ly/2TyMlkZ

orionmiami.com On July 31, the Federal Reserve Bank announced its first interest rate cut since 2008, leaving investors to wonder if this is the beginning of the end of the decade-long economic expansions that has helped fuel investment in commercial real estate (CRE) and appreciation in property value. According....


The Rise of the Outparcel - Orion

The rise of the outparcel and its impact on commercial real estate investing. http://bit.ly/2L7dGIK

orionmiami.com Online shopping, mobile ordering and grocery-delivery platforms have created a demand for restaurants, retailers, grocers and other shopping-center tenants to add drive-up windows, drive-through lanes and dedicated pick-up parking spots. However, these conveniences require a broad range of operation...


Are Gyms and Health Clinics the New Anchor Tenants? - Orion

Are gyms and health clinics the new anchor tenants? How will this impact commercial real estate investments? http://bit.ly/2L7gANQ

orionmiami.com Consumer interest in wellness is fueling a new crop of shopping center clusters centered around gyms and health clinics. In both urban and suburban areas across the U.S., health and wellness focused-retailers and restaurant chains are looking to open locations within walking distance of fitness cent...


The Future of Retail and Restaurants is Destination Focused - Orion

The future of retail and restaurants is destination focused http://bit.ly/2UwN3xS

orionmiami.com The old adage that location is everything in real estate has never been truer than it is today, as consumers tend to spend more of their time shopping and dining at locations that provide them with an experience. Similarly, savvy retailers and restauranteurs recognize that they are not merely leasin...

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Fast-Casual Gets Faster, More Convenient - Orion

Fast-casual restaurants get faster and more convenient. Here is how it impacts the world of commercial real estate. http://bit.ly/2LcnPnk

orionmiami.com The boundaries that traditionally separate fast-casual eateries from quick-serve restaurants are blurring as a growing number of the nation’s most popular dine-in brands are adding drive-through service to boost sales. This trend provides fast-casual chains, such as Chipotle and Panera, with a new...

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Florida Legislature Votes to Further Reduce Sales Tax on Commercial Leases in 2020 - Orion

The Florida legislature has instituted further reductions on taxes on commercial leases. Here are the details. http://bit.ly/2IwGhFN

orionmiami.com Owners of commercial property located in Florida recently received some good news to help them market vacant retail, office and warehouse space. As the only state in the nation to levy sales tax on commercial property leases, including tenants’ base rent and other payments they make as a condition...

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What is Net Operating Income? - Orion

What is net-operating income? http://bit.ly/2Uy9mU2

orionmiami.com For the most part, the decision to invest in commercial real estate is based on a property’s ability to generate a steady stream of income for investors. The annual income from tenant rent minus the expenses incurred to operate a property and before the deduction of payments of taxes and …

[08/13/19]   Are you making plans for the ICSC International Council of Shopping Centers Florida conference coming up in a few weeks? We will be there - stop by booth 2924 and say hello!

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