Orion Real Estate Group

Orion Real Estate Group

Established in 1978, Orion Real Estate Group assists buyers and sellers of commercial property. The company holds a portfolio of more than $500 million and has been involved in more than $2.5 billion in transactions.


Fed Holds Interest Rates Steady - Orion

Interest rates are in the news but holding steady. Here is what we think: http://bit.ly/2U7Ho1h

orionmiami.com At its March meeting, the Federal Reserve Bank announced that it will not increase interest rates in 2019 as previously planned. While this act of patience reflects signs of a slowing economy, the Fed is quick to point out that financial conditions remain strong with low unemployment, growing wages....


IRS Clarifies Deductions for Real Estate Investors - Orion

Real estate investors – make sure you are taking advantage of these deductions http://bit.ly/2Uaxls2

orionmiami.com The IRS has finally weighed in on whether investors’ real estate rental income rises to the level of qualified business or trade income (QBI) that is eligible for a new 20 percent deduction under the new tax law. For tax years beginning in 2018, rental real estate enterprises structured as …


Where are the Emerging Real Estate Markets for Investors 2019? - Orion

What are emerging real estate markets for investors? Here is what we are seeing: http://bit.ly/2SqOeOe

orionmiami.com Cities in Texas, North Carolina and Florida are among the nation’s 10 best in terms of future growth potential and liquidity, according to the Urban Land Institute’s annual report on Emerging Trends in Real Estate. Dallas/Fort Worth took the number one spot on the highly regarded list, which is ...


Quick Serve Restaurants Dive into Digital to Drive Sales - Orion

Quick-serve restaurants dive into digital to drive sales. Our team shares their thoughts. http://bit.ly/2Rb0mm3

orionmiami.com In an effort to gain a larger slice of consumers’ budgets, many quick-serve restaurant (QSR) chains are accelerating the use of technology to improve the consumer dining experience. Brands including Dunkin, Starbucks and Subway have long offered consumers time-saving order-ahead capabilities via t...


How Can Investors Benefit from Cost Segregation Studies? - Orion

How can real estate investors benefit from cost segregation studies? http://bit.ly/2Rcxk5p

orionmiami.com Under U.S. tax laws, commercial real estate (CRE) is generally depreciable over a 39-year period, or 27.5 years for residential rental buildings. A professionally prepared cost segregation study dissects real property, such as a building, into multiple smaller parts and assigns a shorter recovery pe...


Shopping Center Owners Win as Big Box Retailers Scale Down - Orion

Shopping center owners win big as big box retailers scale down – here’s why: http://bit.ly/2Rcvfqm

orionmiami.com Many big-box retailers, including Walmart, Target, Nordstrom and Kohls, are following their online competitors to establish small footprint brick-and-mortar stores in more locations that reach consumers in dense urban areas. By downsizing inventory in these locations, retailers are able to reduce th...

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Online Retailers May be Coming to a City Near You - Orion

Online retailers may be coming to a city near you. We share observations from our travels: http://bit.ly/2RbS2SY

orionmiami.com According to the National Retail Federal, there was a record 65 percent increase in buy-online, pick-up-in-store sales during the 2018 Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday shopping weekend. Judging by these results, it is apparent that brick-and-mortar stores continue to play a vital role in consumers’ r...


The Government Shutdown’s Impact on Retail - Orion

Did the first-quarter government shutdown impact retail? The numbers are in: http://bit.ly/2SoUIxm

orionmiami.com Online and brick-and-mortar holiday retail sales fell 1.2 percent short of expectations in December after experiencing more than 5 percent year-over-year growth in October and November. Despite this dismal data, 2018 holiday sales actual grew 2.9 percent over the same period in 2017. What happened t...


What Are Depreciation Deductions? - Orion

What are depreciation deductions? http://bit.ly/2QUFKOS

orionmiami.com Commercial real estate provides investors will an opportunity to create passive income from an appreciable asset while at the same time reducing the amount of that income subject to tax, thanks to depreciation deductions. Depreciation refers to an asset’s decline in value over time due to general ...


Are Opportunity Zone Real Estate Investments Right for Me? - Orion

How do you know if an Opportunity Zone investment is right for you? We share our thoughts: http://bit.ly/2QV8VkA

orionmiami.com Despite the prospect of significant tax breaks, investments in Opportunity Zones (OZs) are not for everyone. Investors must consider their exposure to a higher level of risk in distressed neighborhoods that often do not have a proven track record of rehabilitation success. In Florida, more than 90 p...


What is Tax Basis? - Orion

What is tax basis and how is it calculated? http://bit.ly/2QUv42P

orionmiami.com When an investor buys a commercial property, his or her “tax basis,” also referred to as “costs basis,” is generally the amount he or she paid to purchase the property. These acquisition costs include down payments, mortgage loans and most closing costs, such as title searches and legal fees...


Equity Market Volatility Sends Investors to Commercial Real Estate - Orion

Equity market volatility sends investors to commercial real estate. Here are our thoughts: http://bit.ly/2RegAea

orionmiami.com The wild ride of the equity markets during the second half of 2018 has many investors asking if the economy’s extended period of expansion is coming to an end. In response, many investors are pulling their money out of the public markets and putting it into the relative safety of …


How Can Opportunity Zones Yield Tax Savings? - Orion

Opportunity Zones are in the news. Can they really yield tax savings? http://bit.ly/2QQtPBD

orionmiami.com The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act introduced the Opportunity Zone program to incentive investors to put their dollars to work revitalizing low-income neighborhoods. In return, investors may qualify to defer or even eliminate capital gains tax from the sale of appreciated real estate assets when they roll ov...


Finding Diamonds in Retail Real Estate - Orion

What is the trick to finding diamonds in retail real estate? Our experienced team shares some thoughts: http://bit.ly/2QUuvpJ

orionmiami.com Commercial real estate investors are finding a bevy of bargain buys on retail properties in high-traffic locations in emerging secondary markets. Often, these properties are under-leased and under-managed, and they simply need a new buyer’s influx of capital to reconfigure or repurpose them to att...


Early Signs Point to a Sunny Outlook for Florida Commercial Real Estate in 2019 - Orion

There is a sunny outlook for Florida commercial real estate in 2019 http://bit.ly/2SqEqDZ

orionmiami.com With population trends as a primary driver of commercial real estate, it appears that Florida will continue to generate high-growth in 2019, thanks, in part, the new tax law. U.S. migration to Florida has always been fueled, at least in part, by its lack of a state income tax. This …


Global Commercial Real Estate Value Rose in 2018 - Orion

Global commercial real estate value rose in 2018. Here’s what it means for investors: http://bit.ly/2Stxu96

orionmiami.com According to Real Capital Analytics (RCA), worldwide commercial real estate sales in 2018 increase by 15 percent year-over-year, reaching the second-highest level since the global financial crisis. Some of the biggest gains came from the U.S., the world’s largest market, which helped improve globa...


What is Tax Basis? - Orion

What is a real estate investor’s tax basis and how is it calculated? http://bit.ly/2QUv42P

orionmiami.com When an investor buys a commercial property, his or her “tax basis,” also referred to as “costs basis,” is generally the amount he or she paid to purchase the property. These acquisition costs include down payments, mortgage loans and most closing costs, such as title searches and legal fees...


Know How to Get Out Before You Get Into Commercial Real Estate - Orion

It’s valuable to consider your exit strategy before you get into commercial real estate investing. Here are some things to think about. http://bit.ly/2DctGoX

orionmiami.com One of the first questions that individuals should address before investing in commercial real estate is how they plan to get their money out of income-producing property. Although there is no right or wrong answer, it is important for investors to consider their exit strategy from the onset in orde...


The ABCs of Commercial Real Estate - Orion

Back to basics. What are the ABCs of commercial real estate? http://bit.ly/2zBjYsA

orionmiami.com Commercial real estate offers significant opportunities for investment growth thanks to long-term leases with reliable business tenants and ownership in a physical income-producing property that is not influenced by the large swings of the equity markets. However, it is important that investors know...


Retail Continues to Disrupt, Branch out to Hospitality - Orion

The retail real estate sector continues to experience disruption. Our team shares their observations from trips into markets in Florida and around the country. http://bit.ly/2SXjdTD

orionmiami.com A growing number of traditional retailers are expanding their offerings into the hospitality space in an effort to differentiate their brands and improve customer experiences outside of the typically impersonal, one-size-fits-all online shopping transaction. After all, millennials are prioritizing e...


How Can Opportunity Zones Yield Tax Savings? - Orion

Opportunity Zones are in the news. How do they yield tax savings? http://bit.ly/2QQtPBD

orionmiami.com The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act introduced the Opportunity Zone program to incentive investors to put their dollars to work revitalizing low-income neighborhoods. In return, investors may qualify to defer or even eliminate capital gains tax from the sale of appreciated real estate assets when they roll ov...


Understanding Commercial Leases - Orion

Commercial leases can be complicated. We can help you understand http://bit.ly/2T2RXU3

orionmiami.com Commercial real estate investments typically involve tenants and long-term leases, which can be confusing for new investors to understand. In a traditional lease, a tenant pays monthly rent to a landlord who is responsible for a property’s upkeep and paying real estate taxes, insurance and of the ...


Interest Rate Hikes do not Always Spur Rising Cap Rates - Orion

News flash - interest rate hikes do not always spur rising cap rates. We explain here: http://bit.ly/2SYSfv1

orionmiami.com The Federal Reserve marked the end of the third-quarter of 2018 by raising interest rates for the third time this year. This 25-basis-point increase brings the federal funds rate to a range of 2 to 2.25 percent, which is the highest level since the start of the recession in 2008. …


Manage Risks with Asset Diversification - Orion

Manage risk with asset diversification. Our real estate investment gurus share their thoughts http://bit.ly/2SZb1Cn

orionmiami.com No one investment consistently yields stellar returns and eliminates all risk of losses all of the time. Due to this unpredictability, financial advisors recommend investors spread out their investable dollars across a mix of assets, including, but not limited to, stocks, bonds, cash and real estate...


5 Traps Commercial Real Estate Investors Should Avoid - Orion

Our experienced team of real estate investors shares five traps commercial investors should avoid http://bit.ly/2SYRDWf

orionmiami.com Commercial real estate (CRE) has proven to be a stable asset class for investors to balance portfolio risk, generate a steady and predictable stream of income, and yield historically strong returns over the long term. Still, investing in CRE does not come without risks. Before investing your hard-ea...


Looking for Passive Income? Set your Sights on Commercial Real Estate - Orion

Commercial real estate investing offers passive income opportunities. We share the details here http://bit.ly/2weomw5

orionmiami.com Investors often turn to real estate to help them diversify their portfolios and enhance yield without taking on the excessive risk presented by the volatility of the public equities markets. However, not all real estate is created equal, and different asset classes will require equally different com...

[12/24/18]   Happy holidays to our clients, friends and firm members. We wish you a peaceful and prosperous 2019.


Orion Grows its Portfolio of Ruby Tuesday Restaurants - Orion

We are proud to announce the growth of our portfolio of Ruby Tuesday restaurants http://bit.ly/2SY0Q0U

orionmiami.com Orion Real Estate Group recently completed the acquisition of 20 Ruby Tuesday restaurants in 15 states for $31 million. All of the properties are single-tenant, triple net leased with an average size of 5,000 square feet on one-and-a-quarter acres of land in strong, high-traffic markets. This is the...

[11/22/18]   Happy Thanksgiving to our clients, friends and firm members!

[11/19/18]   US property investors can access foreign investment dollars. We share tips here: http://bit.ly/2wbUa4M

[11/14/18]   Real estate investors looking for stable income should consider convenience stores. We explain why: http://bit.ly/2wg9uxl

[11/06/18]   With investments and portfolio holdings around the country, we have a unique perspective on trends. The latest? Investments in grocery stores are inching higher. http://bit.ly/2ONV3bt

[10/30/18]   Commercial property investments help diversify portfolios and hedge against market volatility. http://bit.ly/2OSGqnn

[10/23/18]   The Orion team shares its thoughts on the ways drugstores are adapting to the internet age and what it means for commercial real estate investors http://bit.ly/2OSKh3D

[10/18/18]   Commercial real estate has cycles but how do you future-proof your holdings? Thoughts from the Orion team: http://bit.ly/2OOY3nS

[10/09/18]   What is the best structure for holding commercial real estate? Our experts share their thoughts http://bit.ly/2OOHcli

[10/03/18]   Retail sales thrived during the summer of 2018, defying the traditional summer slump. Here’s our take: http://bit.ly/2PUkFUm

[09/26/18]   Our Geneva office is a valuable asset for European investors. Read how we help here: http://bit.ly/2OSB3EJ

[09/20/18]   Interest rates are rising. Our team takes a look at the impact this will have on commercial real estate: http://bit.ly/2JDRIh2

[09/11/18]   What types of commercial real estate investments have the potential to be the most lucrative? http://bit.ly/2sY4Y5H

[09/06/18]   To REIT or not to REIT. If that is your question, we have some answers: http://bit.ly/2sZo7nK

[08/30/18]   Big-box retailers are falling at a quickening pace. Should you invest in this type of property? Our take: http://bit.ly/2shIA6Y

[08/29/18]   What makes a successful restaurant location? We share tips for building on the appeal of local retail http://bit.ly/2sjCpiL

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