Soul Gems Jewelry

Jewelry to make your soul �SHINE� Modern boho jewelry made with healing stones. Shop via Facebook, Etsy and Instagram! Email for wholesale information.

Guess what tomorrow is??? The @oldtownnightmarket !!! THURSDAY | JULY 11th | @bailysoldtown | 6-10pm

What to expect:
• 40 vendors
• 2 bars (21+ to drink)
• FREE photo booth
• DJ, urban dance performance, live art, free glow stuff for kids!

Stop by my booth to see what’s new!! 🤗💖 @ Old Town Temecula

Brightening up your Monday with these pretties 💖 Who else is obsessed with rose gold for summer?!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ ☀️ 😍⠀
Tap on picture for all the details of this ✨must have✨ bracelet, or go to link in profile and find them in the New Arrivals section. FYI . . . quantities are very limited!! 😉

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!! 🎉🇺🇸 🗽 the land of the free, because of the brave. Wishing you a fun, safe and sparkly 💥 4th of July!!

These summery colors are EVERYTHING!!! 💖 🔆 💯 Tap picture or go to link in profile and tap on NEW ARRIVALS button. (Limited number of quantities available) 😘

No matter how small the purchase, EVERY PURCHASE COUNTS!!⠀
Just want to say ✨THANK YOU✨ to everyone who came out to the @starlightbazaar last Friday!! You sure kept me busy!! Several styles sold out . . . some will be restocked but others are gone for good.⠀
Every dollar and every purchase makes a difference to a small shop 🙏 THANK YOU for showing this small shop SO MUCH LOVE!! 💕💖💕💖⠀
. . . You are THE BEST! ☺️🤗💖⠀

Hey 🙋🏻‍♀️ calling all my local friends and followers! I’ll be at the @starlightbazaar this Friday and having a BOGO special!! 🎉 Bringing tons of new styles, including these fun fringy bracelets! Come by and get your summer #armcandy ☀️💖🤗⠀
When: Friday 6/28 6-10pm⠀
Where: Temecula @vailhq⠀
Why: fun night out!!!⠀
Check out @starlightbazaar for more info 😘

Margaritas 🍹+ tacos 🌮 = Tuesday⠀
I’ll take a Cadillac margarita on the rocks with salt, who’s with me?!! 😜

⚠️ Warning ⚠️You are going to fall in love 💖 with this new style!! Made with the most ✨BEAUTIFUL✨ shade of pink coral dyed Jade, Sunstone, rose gold Hematite + beige Lava Stone beads! It’s my new favorite for summertime!! ☀️✌🏻⠀
Just listed today ⬆️ tap on link in picture ⬆️ to see more pictures and read about these gorgeous gemstones 😘⠀
To visit our website, just tap on link in profile. . . . . or go directly to

TGI-SUMMER!!! ☀️ 🏝 🙌 Now get out there & enjoy your weekend!! 😎

The Summer Solstice 😎 is here! And so is this gorgeous Sunstone diffuser bracelet!! ☀️⠀
Sunstone harnesses the warmth, strength and solar energy of the sun. It brings joy, positivity and is a powerful antidepressant!!⠀
Tap on link in picture and go to the listing to see lots more pictures of this beauty 😍 Even though this is brand new, quantities are limited and only available while supplies last!!⠀

✨Best Seller✨ This has been a customer favorite, both in person and online!! Made with Green Aventurine, Aqua Quartz and Yellow Turquoise, it’s got that beach vibe goin’ on 🏝🌊🐠⠀
To read about the meanings and healing properties of these gorgeous gemstones, tap on picture for bracelet listing ✌🏻⠀
Get yours now at or tap on link in profile to visit our website 🙏🥰

Say hello to your perfect ☀️ Summer stack!! This combination of gemstone bracelets is one of my favs🤩 . . . but there’s only 1 left!! Get it NOW before someone else does, just tap on picture for listing and all the deets 😘

Set your day with intention by wearing high-grade gemstone bracelets that enhance the well-being of the body, mind and soul.⠀
Find STRENGTH, BALANCE + PEACEFULNESS with our BEADED INTENTIONS bracelet stack. This beautiful gemstone bracelet set features 3 bracelets: White Jade, silver Hematite Stone and a pale “milky” gray Agate. Plus each bracelet has a Lava Stone bead for diffusing your essential oils.⠀
Tap on picture to view listing and read more about these powerful stones. To see all 4 styles, tap on the link in profile and go to our website. You’ll find them in the “Beaded Intentions” shop section.

My absolute favorite thing about doing markets is the people! I love hangin’ with my maker friends, talking with returning customers and meeting new ones. A big THANK YOU to all you beautiful people who stopped by my booth and chose to spend your hard-earned 💵 with my little biz!!! Your love and support keeps me going, and am so grateful for your awesomeness 🥰🙏❤️

✨SNEAK PEEK✨ cool blues + silver -or- warm peach + rose gold . . . . . What’s your favorite??? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Eye 👀 spy a fresh manicure and new summer bracelets!! Just giving them a little “test drive” and am loving the pale color palette ✌🏻💙⠀
Coming soon to the shop 😘 Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of new designs!!

Ugh...just one of those days! 🤦🏻‍♀️😳😬 Happy Friday friends 🎉 hope your day is beautiful, and on track! ✌🏻

✨CALMING, HARMONY + PEACEFULNESS✨ Beaded Intentions Bracelet Stack in gorgeous shades of blush, coral and gray.⠀
Beaded Intentions are intentionally selected gemstones that work in harmony with each other for a main purpose, Plus, each bracelet has a Lava Stone bead that can be used for diffusing essential oils. The synergy of mixing the ✨natural energy✨ of gemstones with the ⚡️healing power⚡️ of essential oils is an earthshaking combo of pure awesomeness!!!⠀
Tap on picture to see listing and get all the details.⠀
To see all 4 styles, tap on link in profile and go to website. You will find them in the BEADED INTENTIONS shop section 😘🙏

Get this on your calendar!! Every year, thousands gather to ✨C E L E B R A T E✨ with community, music, food, artisans, and more!⠀
Join us 🙋🏻‍♀️ for the ⚡️par-tay⚡️on Main Street in Yorba Linda this Saturday June 8th from 4-10pm, with live music, local art, 80 curated artisan vendors, plus great food + drinks!⠀
Check out @celebrateyorbalinda and @inspiredvibeevents for all the info! 😘

Say hello to our new BEADED INTENTIONS bracelet stack 💙 and set your day with intention by wearing high-grade gemstone bracelets that enhance the well-being of the body, mind and soul. Plus, each bracelet contains a lava stone bead for diffusing essential oils. 🙌 The synergy of mixing the natural energy of gemstones with the healing power of essential oils is an earthshaking combo of pure awesomeness!!!⠀
Tap on picture to see listing and get all the details. (PEACE, PROTECTION + ANXIETY RELIEF)⠀
To see all 4 styles, tap on link in profile and go to website. You will find them in the BEADED INTENTIONS shop section 😘

Who’s excited for the first @starlightbazaar of the year?!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Me, me, me!!⠀
WHEN: tomorrow night! Friday 5/31 from 6-10 pm⠀
WHERE: @vailhq in Temecula⠀
WHY: treat yourself to a fun night out!⠀
Enjoy live music, food + drinks, carnival themed performers, and lots of local artisans & vendors! I’ll be there with all my gemstone beauties, stop by and see what’s new! 😘⠀
Presented by @inthelooptemecula

Today’s stack selfie 📸 😎 Are you wearing your @soulgemsjewelry ? Snap a picture and tag us in your stories or feed, we’d love to see how you style your stack!! 😍⠀
SHOP SHARE: love adding in my skinny Swarovski crystal + rose gold bangle from @sukibijoux and this summer weight sweater from @boutiquebonv is my current favorite!!

⚡️SNEAK PEEK⚡️of what’s coming soon! BEADED INTENTIONS bracelet stacks (set of 3) made with intentionally selected gemstones that work in harmony with each other for a main purpose. Plus, each bracelet has a Lava Stone bead that can be used for diffusing your essential oils.⠀
The stack pictured here is TRANQUILITY, STABILITY + STRESS RELIEF made with matte ivory Fossilized Stone, rose gold Hematite Stone and matte silver Hematite Stone beads.⠀
There’s 4 different BEADED INTENTIONS stacks coming to the website this Friday May stay tuned!! 😍

🇺🇸 3 DAY BOGO SALE 🇺🇸 Today (5/25) thru Monday the entire shop is BUY 1 ITEM + GET 1 ITEM 50% OFF!!!⠀
There’s no limit to how many you want, so if you have 6 items in your cart, 3 will be 50% OFF at checkout 🙌 Plus, FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25 or more!!⠀
Doesn’t get much better than this, what are you waiting for?!! Tap link in profile to shop 😘 🙏 🇺🇸

Add a little ✨sparkle✨ to your day with this gemstone beauty!! 🤩 This bracelet style is my all-time ⚡️best seller⚡️and I can see’s a great year round style that literally goes with everything!! Get yours now while it’s back in stock!!

Tap picture to see more details 😘

Link to shop in profile, or go to

I can hardly wait for this Sunday to get here!! The countdown is on for the #patchworkshow in #SantaAna and there’s a whole lot of prep work still to be done. Here’s a glimpse of my ✔️list:⠀
•make/restock best sellers⠀
•finish making new styles [and anklets!!]⠀
•tag all products⠀
•make, fill bottles + label essential oil blends⠀
•stamp logo on bags⠀
•plan booth display⠀
I’ve got some long days, late nights and lots of coffee ☕️☕️☕️ in my future!!⠀
Shop small & support your local makers 🙏💖🤩⠀
WHEN: Sunday May 26th, 11am-5pm⠀
WHERE: downtown Santa Ana at 2nd & Sycamore⠀
FREE to attend + dog friendly! 🐶🙌⠀

It takes a conscious effort to open your heart and mind to the power of crystal healing. ✨AMAZONITE✨ [show here] promotes brave actions and courageous living. Known as the stone of truth and courage, Amazonite empowers one to search the self, and discover one’s own truths + integrity, and to overcome fear of judgment + confrontation. Wear it to boost self-confidence, alleviate worry + fear, and soothe emotional trauma.⠀
Bracelet shown is a ✨LIMITED EDITION✨ and only have a handful available!! So since there’s only a few of these, I’ll be selling them at my upcoming events and to any of you here on Instagram 🙌 Comment or DM me if interested 😘

Want to know the inspiration behind my “STRESS be gone” essential oil blend? These pictures from our family vacation to Yosemite several years ago capture it perfectly!

I use a blend of Cedarwood, Lavender and Frankincense that is fresh, comforting and grounding. The scent smells like an alpine meadow and brings me right back to the very spot where I took this picture!!

Yosemite is definitely my happy place, and a couple drops of this blend on a diffuser bracelet helps clear my mind and body from stress and anxiety. The benefits of aromatherapy are real!! @ Yosemite

Need a teacher gift? Don’t get a boring gift card or coffee mug 👎 Give her something special that she’ll love! Our gemstone diffuser bracelets and necklaces make a unique and thoughtful gift!! 👍 Plus they will arrive packaged in a small box with ribbon ready for gifting (free of charge)🎁😘⠀
Free shipping on orders of $25 or more—-> tap on picture for info on these pieces, or link in profile to go to website.⠀
⚡️Shop in person this Saturday 5/18⚡️ at @clotheandarrow in the beautiful @shopflowerhill in #delmar #sandiego⠀

⚡️SAVE THE DATE⚡️I’m so excited to be a vendor at the Santa Ana #patchworkshow (presented by @dearhandmadelife )coming up on May 26th!! I hope you can join me 🙋🏻‍♀️, along with 150+ local makers, for a day filled with food, fun + shopping from tons of creative small businesses!!

WHEN: Sunday, May 26th
WHERE: Downtown Santa Ana, at 2nd + Sycamore
TIME: 11am-5pm
✨FREE✨to attend + dog friendly 🐶 @ Santa Ana, California

Attention procrastinators! 🙋🏻‍♀️ A beautiful new batch of Soul Gems Jewelry has been delivered to @downtownapothecary in Riverside! Stop in today to get the “mom” in your life something special! Their bath & body products are all handmade and are AMAZING!! 💖 Plus, you’ll be supporting “mom owned” small businesses 🙏🥰

About last night...the weather may have been gloomy but the vibe at the @oldtownnightmarket was not!! Thank you to all who came out and shopped with me. 🙏🥰Lots of special moms will be receiving Soul Gems Jewelry this Sunday! 💕

And, thank you to @inthelooptemecula (for your hard work + attention to detail) and @bailysoldtown (for hosting us in your beautiful courtyard) 🤩 It was another fun evening!! @ Temecula, California

I am all 😍😍😍 over these new bracelets!! There’s only a handful of each style and I’ll have them with me at my upcoming markets starting with the @oldtownnightmarket tomorrow night. They will NOT be listed on the website, so if you have to have one (or 2 or 3) drop me a comment or DM and we can make that happen! Once they’re gone they’re gone for good.....😘

Only 1 left!! Get it now while our Mother’s Day Sale is still going on and you’ll save 40% with coupon code MOM40 at checkout!! 😘 (sale ends Wednesday 5/8 at midnight)⠀
Tap on link in picture to see more details.

#truth 🙌 😂 Now’s a great time to treat yourself! Take advantage of our huge Mother’s Day Sale, the more you buy the bigger the savings!⠀
20% OFF orders of $29 and under with coupon code MOM20⠀
30% OFF orders of $30-39 with coupon code MOM30⠀
40% OFF orders of $40 or more with coupon code MOM40⠀
Plus ✨FREE SHIPPING✨ on orders of $25 or more (standard USPS, domestic U.S. only) Expires May 8th at midnight!! Tap link in profile to shop, or go directly to

Isn’t this the perfect stack for a Mother’s Day brunch?!! Finally got the 5 pc bracelet stacks up on the website as promised!! 🤩 Right now you can get them at a GREAT PRICE with the 40% OFF coupon code MOM40, but hurry cuz it expires in a few days on 5/8 😘

I’ll be here next Thursday (May 9th) with some B R A N D N E W never seen before styles, and just in time for Mother’s Day!!! 🙌 I may post some sneak peek pics next week so keep an eye out!! Trust me, you won’t want to miss them, they’re beautiful!! Can’t wait to see you there 😘

✨Back in stock✨ Our previously sold out “Ocean Blues” gemstone + lava bead diffuser bracelet has been restocked! And even better, you can get it on sale with our Mother’s Day Sale that’s going on now!! Tap on link in post to see all the info about this ocean-inspired beauty, and be sure to read about these gorgeous gemstones in the description. 😘⠀
See previous post for coupon codes and sale info —->>>

May is for MOM! Treat her right with a special gift of intention & purpose, Gemstone + Lava Bead Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets. Be sure to visit our shop to find your perfect gift! (all orders ship beautifully packaged and ready for gifting)

Mother’s Day SALE going on now! You choose your discount —-> swipe —-> to see all 3 coupon codes 😘

Diffuse essential oils in style 💖 this customer favorite is back-in-stock!! 🤩 Tap picture to see the deets. Plus you can get it on sale right now during our Mother’s Day Sale!! 🙌 Check our previous post for the coupon codes 😘

It’s here!! The mother of all sales!! (see what I did there 😂) You pick your discount:⠀
• 20% OFF all orders $29 and below with coupon code MOM20⠀
• 30% OFF all orders $30 - $39 with coupon code MOM30⠀
• 40% OFF all orders $40 and above with coupon code MOM40⠀
Just got a big shipment of beads in this week and hustled to restock all your favorites 😘

Today’s stack!! These colors are just so darn pretty together and are perfect for these warm spring days. I’m in love 😍😍😍 I’ll be putting this stack, and a couple other styles, on the website next week so stay tuned...I’ll let you know when they’re up 😘 In all honesty I wanted to have them listed by now but as usual I bit off more than I can chew 😂🤷🏻‍♀️OH, and one more thang.....MOTHERS DAY SALE starts tomorrow 🙌

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