Lou Fusz Lacrosse, Maryland Heights, MO Video May 16, 2019, 3:54pm

Videos by Lou Fusz Lacrosse in Maryland Heights. The LFA Lacrosse Club exists to provide a fun, competitive environment for young athletes to play lacrosse. Through quality coaching, numerous development opportunities, and a focus on integrity and character, we aim to be on top!

The 2nd Annual Summer Slam is getting close! Has your team signed up yet?
Who: Girls & Boys Youth and Highschool
When: June 22nd & 23rd
Where: @loufuszsoccer
🔗Link in Bio for More Info🔗

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Blue Star Academy players are always giving it their BEST EFFORT and it shows 💪🥍 • • • • #lifeatlfa #loufuszlacrosse #togetherwithfusz

Felt so good to be back in gear, on the field, playing our favorite game 🤩🙌👏 • • • • #refusztolose #loufuszlacrosse #backtosports

It’s a beautiful day for some lax tricks outside! Send us or tag us in your videos 👏 • • • • #refusztolose #loufuszlacrosse #laxtricks

For our Day 3 giveaway, comment below your favorite thing about LFA LAX and in the meantime we have another edition of #LFALAXATHOME for you all to work on 💪 • • • • #refusztolose #lfalaxathome #giveaway

Tuesday Stick Trick with Coach @mia.arnone 🤙💪👏 To join this challenge, send us a video of you no more than 30 seconds long and you will be entered into our 2nd giveaway! LETS GO 💯 • • • • #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #laxgiveaway

Let’s put in some work this weekend! Beautiful weather is expected so let’s get outside and practice! #lfalaxathome • • • • #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #loufuszlacrosse

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you are parking hard on this at home skills during this break. Here is another edition of #lfalaxathome to keep you motivated 👏😎 • • • • #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #lfalaxathome

It’s a beautiful Saturday, let’s get out and work on those skills! This exercise on the wall is working on catching and throwing over the opposite shoulder. Let’s see what you got! 😎 #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #lfalaxathome

Quick Sticks 🥍 practice these for better control with both hands and as always #LFALAXATHOME for your video submissions #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #loufuszlacrosse

More training ideas for in the house that only require a stick, a ball and a partner. Don’t forget to tune into our live sessions with @natbsimpson and our Director Todd Dillion on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 1pm #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #lfalaxathome

Friday edition of #lfalaxathome is working on re-dodging. Grab your sticks and a couple of balls and send us your videos 🤩 #refusztolose #lfalaxathome #lifeatlfa

Partner drill for LFA LAX AT HOME. Keep sending us your videos, you guys are crushing it! #refusztolose #lfelaxathome #loufuszlacrosse

LFA LAX AT HOME today we are working on checking. Easy to do at home with 4 regular household items. Let’s stay focused and working hard! #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #lfalaxathome

Friday edition of LFA LAX AT HOME. We see all the work you guys are putting in, DONT STOP 🙌🙌🙌 #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #lfalaxathome

LFA LAX at Home Tutorial - Catching from all angles. Remember every Tuesday/Thursday come join our Live and work alongside us and then follow these tutorials for quick exercises to keep you working! #refusztolose #loufuszlacrosse #lfalaxathome

Today is a reaction ground ball drill. All you need is a cone, a partner and a ball. Make sure to send us your videos and use the hashtag #lfalaxathome !! Keep up the good work! #refusztolose #loufuszlacrosse

Another quick and easy practice tip to do from home and keep you on top of your game! Make sure to tune in to our live streaming on Tuesday/Thursday at 1pm to follow along with us as well! • • • • #refusztolose #loufuszlacrosse #lfalaxathome

Another quick and easy practice tip for your #lfalaxathome routine. Even a couple minutes every day will greatly improve your skills 💪🤩 • • • • #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #lfalaxathome

Fun lacrosse drill you can do inside with only a couch, chair or bed
INTRODUCING: #LfaLaxAtHome 🥍💪❤️ We will be posting 1-minute long videos multiple times a week with simple training routines you can do AT HOME. Tag us / use the hashtag and get featured! KEEP THAT STICK IN YOUR HANDS & KEEP WORKING (and wash those hands regularly as well)!

Only 1️⃣ week left until Winter ❄️ League! Let’s throw a 🙌 in the comments if you are pumped to get started!! • • • • #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #hswinterleague

👀The LFA Highschool Winter League is the ONLY full field, indoor league with certified officials in St. Louis! Get on board & sign up to play today! Games starting January 21st! Link in bio for more details ❗️😎🥍 • • • • #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #loufuszlacrosse

LFA Fall Ball teams are gearing up for their upcoming tournaments🥍🍁 • • • • #loufuszlacrosse #refusztolose #lifeatlfa

Keep your stick skills on point with LFA Lacrosse Summer Camp 🗓: 7/22-7/25 📍: Fusz HQ aka Rams Park ⏰: 8am - 12pm • • • • #refusztolose #loufuszlacrosse #summercamp

Only one day away until summer season practices begin! Comment a 🤩 if you are ready! • • • • #loufuszlacrosse #refusztolose #summerlax

Can you feel this energy?! Summer teams are forming NOW! Get with us for some real FUN!!! 🔗 Link in Bio • • • • #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #summerteams

The 2nd Annual Summer Slam Tournament is quickly approaching! Competitive fun for Highschool boys & girls teams as well as 10U/12U/14U youth. When: June 22 & 23 Where: @loufuszsoccer complex 🔗Link in Bio for More Info🔗 • • • • #refusztolose #loufuszlacrosse #laxtournaments

The 2nd Annual Summer Slam is getting close! Has your team signed up yet? Who: Girls & Boys Youth and Highschool When: June 22nd & 23rd Where: @loufuszsoccer 🔗Link in Bio for More Info🔗 • • • • #refusztolose #loufuszlacrosse #laxtournament

Hard work and determination will push you to the next level! Always stand up to the challenge and continue to strive for greatness! • • • • #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #rheep

Take the next step in your advancement as a lacrosse player by playing through the summer on our competitive league and tournament teams. • 10U/12U/14U Boys • • 12U/14U Girls • • Highschool girls • • Travel and Non Travel Options • 🖊Sign up Today 🔗Link in Bio • • • • #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #stlouislax

Starting at 6yrs old up to 14, these young men show extraordinary skills and represent our Philosophy fully! Our boys Player of the Month by age go to: 1. Curran Koontz 2. Alex Zerega 3. Michael Rodriguez 4. Dexter Brooks 5. Michael Larkin • • • • #refusztolose #lifeatlfa #potm

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