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We help you achieve clear, beautiful skin! Envision Acne & Skin Care Center specializing in Adult Acne Treatments without the use of prescription medications and antibiotics! * Do you suffer from acne, bumps and breakouts? * Have you tried prescription medication, antibiotics, over the counter products but still breaking out? Our unique Acne Free Skin Program will have your acne under control in 10-14 weeks. It is proven to work on any type of acne. Adult acne specialist. We provide: - Natural acne treatments, without medication and drugs. - Light treatments for acne and acne scarring - Acne safe, non-comedogeninc products - Acne Safe makeup with great coverage - Virtual consultation and acne management If you are looking for acne treatments in NJ you can easily find us at 189 US HWY 9 S, Manalapan, NJ 07726. Envision Acne & Skin Care Center focuses on creating a serene and therapeutic environment while providing treatments and products that deliver results.

It’s true that most liquid and cream foundations, concealers and pressed powders can contribute to clogged pores and inflammation in the skin. However nowadays there are some sophisticatedly formulated mineral based make up items that can help protect our skin from environmental pollutants and support the clearing and healing of the skin. Here at Envision Acne and Skin Care Center we offer a range of acne safe makeup products, from mineral foundations to lip balms, primers and brushes to suit your every need.

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This moderate inflamed acne has completely disappeared after just 5 Customized Acne Treatments with LED light.
Home Care PoreInfusion Products:
AM: Sensitive Skin Wash, Salicylic Toner, Clear Shield SPF
PM: Sensitive Skin Wash, Salicylic Toner, Hydra Gel, Acne Gel 2.5

Clean Brushes, Clear Skin.

To weaken the link between your makeup and your breakouts, the simple solution is to wash your brushes weekly or, at a minimum of once a month.

For thoroughly clean brushes, I recommend to:

1, Use the palm of your hand, pour some gentle cleanser into your palm and swirl the brush around and massage it with your fingers until the makeup breaks down.

2, Hold the brush under running water until the dirty water coming out of the brush becomes clear.

3, Hold the brush facing down because you don’t want water to drip down the ferrule and damage your brushes.

4, To let your brushes dry, do not stand them upright in a pot. Squeeze the water from the brushes and lay them on a paper towel to dry.

In the morning your brushes will look and smell clean allowing you to apply your makeup flawlessly.

Who is a fan of face sheet masks? What do you love to do while letting your face mask sit? 😍

Wearing foundation every day isn’t naturally bad for your skin as long as you choose a formula free from pore-clogging ingredients. As technology is advancing and formulas are becoming more skin friendly we have more and more choices to choose acne safe, non-comedogenic foundations.
Visit our website to find the perfect acne safe makeup products for your skin type.

This moderate inflamed acne cleared up very quickly after only 4 Customized Acne Treatments with LED. Then we incorporated Microcurrent into her last 2 treatments to help heal the scarring and to tighten the skin.
Home Care PoreInfusion Products:
AM: Sensitive Skin Wash, Calming Toner, Hydra Gel, Clear Shield SPF
PM: Sensitive Skin Wash, Calming Toner, Hydra Gel, Acne Gel 5

Envision Acne & Skincare Center specializing in holistic adult acne treatments. Conveniently located in Manalapan NJ but we also work with clients all over the US through our virtual acne free skin program. It’s time to get your acne under control the natural way! Give us a call 732-410-4452 and let’s get started 😉

This before and after leaves us speechless. With the right tools and dedication, you can achieve great results as well! Let us set you on the journey to clear skin. Visit our website for more info.

The lymphatic massage is a fantastic treatment which has been around for many years, and its multiple benefits are widely documented, especially when it comes to skincare and addressing acne. When used in conjunction with topical acne products, lymphatic massage of the face and decollete area can be highly effective due to its ability to prevent sluggish circulation and remove unwanted toxins. This reduces puffiness and keeps our complexion healthy.

The 6 key benefits of a lymphatic facial massage:
1. Deep cleanse
2. Accelerated healing
3. Reduced puffiness
4. Congestion free skin
5. Reduction of scar tissue
6. Promotes the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing

Read more on our blog at www,envisionacnecenter.com


This oil-free, water-based hydrating gel is perfect to use under acne gel and moisturizer to keep your skin soft and hydrated. It is specially formulated to calm irritated, acne prone skin.

Water Based Gel
100% Acne Safe
Fragrance Free
Alcohol Free
Rosacea Safe
Not tested on Animals

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When this client first started to experience breakouts on her face she was already in high school. In her early teenage years, she would have never thought how much it would affect her overall self-confidence.
During these years she was trying different pills, antibiotics, topical creams, but her acne didn’t seem to improve at all. After months of not seeing the improvement she was looking for, she started to experiment with various over the counter products with little to no improvement on her skin.
Luckily she found @envision_acne_center as her last result, and her life completely transformed within a short couple of weeks. Her true personality came back and she finally felt pretty again.
This is the kind of transformation we provide for our clients. We don’t’ just create beautiful faces we create beautiful, confident women who are ready to live their life fully.

With well-known celebrities such as Arianna Huffington and leading healthcare providers talking about the multiple benefits of sleep over the last couple of years, we’ve finally started to listen to our bodies and appreciate how more time in bed can make a positive impact on our lives.

But do those extra hours of rest really make a significant impact on our overall beauty, or are they simply a myth to encourage us to invest in more ‘sleep enhancing’ products? We wanted to find out more, so we explored 5 reasons why sleep really is essential for beauty.

Visit www.envisionacnecenter.com to read our findings!

Waking up in the morning with clear, beautiful skin used to be my dream when I was suffering form acne. Not to long ago that dream became a reality. After many years of research, trial and error I have found a solution that was able clear up my skin and maintain the results for years to come. Today I help my clients to achieve the same goal by teaching them how to get their acne under control the natural way. #Nomedications, #Noantibiotics just clear, beautiful skin.

Omega 3 nourishes the skin with healthy fats, keeping it smooth, while helping to maintain elasticity.
Remember that as our bodies can’t produce Omega 3 essential fatty acids naturally, we must obtain them from our diet or supplements.
Good sources of Omega 3 can be found in: cold water fish such as Atlantic salmon, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, herrings, tuna, nuts, seeds, oils such as rapeseed, canola and flaxseed and dark green leafy vegetables, as well as other foods such as soybeans and tofu.

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🌸 While a certain amount of stress in our lives is necessary for optimum performance and to help keep us firmly focused on our goals, when it’s not managed effectively it can begin to take over our lives and prevent us from functioning with enthusiasm and positivity. When this happens, it’s time to take action! Find out how by visiting www.envisionacnecenter.com/blog 🌸

PoreInfusion acne care products are specially formulated to treat and heal acne prone skin. Our highly effective ingredients will reduce inflammation, unclog pores, eliminate excess oil and heal post-inflammatory scarring. Every single product in our line is 100% acne safe.
Find out more about our products on our website today!

Mild inflammation on the forehead combined with small closed comedones and blackheads. By using some gentle exfoliating products and being consistent with her treatments this teenager achieved great results.
Home Care PoreInfusion Products:
AM: Sensitive Skin Wash, Salicylic Toner, Mandelic Serum 5%, Hydra Gel, SPF
PM: Sensitive Skin Wash, Salicylic Toner, Acne Gel 2.5/ Acne Gel 5%

Happy Valentines Day! Sending love to all of our sweet clients! 💕

Do you want to know
How to prepare your skin for date night?
Here are our 4 top tips to get your skin ready for Valentine's day💕💋 If you have adult acne you know that it never takes a holiday and can flare up at a moment’s notice. We all want to look our best; especially on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re spending the night out or hanging at home, I’ve pulled together my best tips on how to prepare your skin for a special occasion. I recommend using these specially formulated products the night before to achieve a beautiful, dewy complexion.

Step 1: Exfoliate
our Healing and Purifying Mask. Our clay-based exfoliating mask works to gently remove dead skin cells while deep-cleaning your pores.

Step 2: Rehydrate
Our comfortable Oxygen Mask delivers a potent amount of oxygen molecules directly into your skin, which helps to stimulate your body’s natural healing function.

Step 3: Brighten
Oxygen has proven to help skin brightness and clarity while reducing clogged pores; the key to clearer skin. We recommend our oxygen serum for this step.

Step 4: Moisturize
The last step in your Valentine’s Day skincare routine is to lock in precious moisture. We’re wrapping up with our super lightweight, acne safe Vitamin B Lotion. A key ingredient, Niacinamide, helps to lighten dark spots, heal inflammation, and reduce fine lines.
If you would like to get your #AdultAcne under control contact an #AcneSpecialist by taking a look at our options on ➡️www.envisionacnecenter.com or
Call us at 📞(732) 410-4452
📩Email [email protected]

Nikolett is a highly trained Acne Specialist and State Board Certified Aestheticians with a 95% success rate clearing acne. We can clear any type of acne you are struggling with. Our unique approach will help eliminate acne within 10-14 weeks, with noticeable differences usually at about six weeks.

Do you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes? Try applying cold pressure using ice, or even a bag of frozen peas, to the area for at least 10 minutes to reduce puffiness.

Acne isn’t only affecting your face. For some women it can also be showing up on the back and chest too. We can help you clear up your back and chest acne before the summer starts. With the help of the #PoreInfusion body products and some dietary adjustments you can rock those backless dresses for summer.

Nikolett Ivanyi is the founder and owner of Envision Acne and Skin Care Center & the PoreInfusion Acne Care line of products. She is a Licensed Aesthetician and a Certified Acne Specialist. Nikolett is an expert in aesthetics, focusing on treating one of the most difficult skin condition: acne. Her philosophy is, that with education and the right guidance everybody is capable of achieving beautiful skin.
She is a strong advocate for thoroughly educating and empowering her guest to understand their unique skin condition and teaches them how to care for it. Through continuous education, experimentation, trial and error, Nikolett has found an extremely effective Acne Free Skin Program and a results-oriented home care protocol which will clear up the skin without the use of prescription medications.

This client was suffering from a moderated type of inflamed acne and lots of little clogged pores under the skin. After only 3 treatments and daily use of homecare products we got her acne under control and her scarring is already started to fade.
Home Care Products:
AM: Sensitive Skin Wash, Salicylic Toner, Mandelic serum 5%, Vitamin B Lotion, SPF
PM: Sensitive Skin Wash, Salicylic Toner, Acne Gel 2.5

Remember to be cautious of daylight coming through windows.
There is a belief that the only time you get sun exposure (and therefore sun damage) is when you are outside. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. UV light can penetrate windows at any time during the day and causes the same damage as if you would be lying on the beach. It is important to apply your sun protection in the morning right after you wake up. Walking around in the house and having breakfast in a beautiful sunny dining room can increase your chances of getting incidental sun damage. Make sure to wear your sun protection throughout the day and reapply if necessary.

If you haven’t visited our office lately, you're in for a pleasant surprise!
Recently, we've completely remodeled our office interior and the results are beyond stunning. I wanted to create a more feminine, sophisticated and relaxing environment for my clients; something that will be a perfect preview of our new brand.

Don't forget to take a deep breath today and relax before accomplishing all of your goals! ⭐️

I had many clients before complain about oily shiny skin on the T-zone while their cheeks are still dry. These are the perfect signs of Dehydration. Your skin is lacking water, builds up dead skin cells and start over producing oil. The best way to correct this type of skin condition is with a water based hydrator. The #PoreInfusion Hydra Gel is a perfect acne safe, water based hydrating lotion that will supply your skin with a much needed hydration. Your skin will thank you for it ;)

Do you have delicate, sensitive skin? If so, you need to try out our oil free sensitive skin wash. It gently removes impurities, makeup, and oil without over drying the skin. It is safe on acne prone skin, cystic acne, sensitive, and rosacea skin. This product can also be used as a shaving gel or makeup brush cleanser.


Water Based Gel
Safe on acne prone skin
Sulfate Free
Alcohol Free
Fragrance Free
Sodium Sulfate Free
Not Tested On Animals

A camping trip that’s so rejuvenating for your soul sometimes can be a little rough on your skin. But with the right approach, you can go home looking as refreshed as you feel!
Visit our website to read our blog on how you can keep you skin clear while camping.

What Causes Acne?

Acne is a genetically inherited skin disorder, and one of the most difficult skin conditions to clear. This time, you really do get to blame your family. Whenever any kind of hormonal imbalance occur in your body, certain environmental factors, your diet and your lifestyle have all together an effect on your skin. That is why it’s important to treat the whole body and not just the surface of the skin. If you would like to achieve long term results and maintain clear skin you got take the natural route and take care of your body too.

This client had been breaking out for years and was very concerned about her scarring. After only 2 WEEKS of using #PoreInfusion products her skin improvement is fantastic and her scarring is barely noticable :) No more redness and irritation, just healthy, even skin tone.
Home Care PoreInfusion Products:
AM: Sensitive Skin Wash, Hydrating Toner, Oxygen Serum, SPF
PM: Sensitive Skin Wash, Hydrating Toner, Hydra Gel, Acne Gel 2.5

Glow tip:

Have you ever wondered why you wake up some mornings with a dull and unhealthy looking complexion, especially after sleeping poorly? When resting, the blood flowing to your skin increases, giving you that natural alluring glow. If you’ve had an unsettled night’s sleep, or consumed too much alcohol (which has a dehydrating effect on the skin), your complexion will suffer.

As your skin loses moisture when sleeping, it’s important to keep it topically hydrated with the application of a suitable night cream before you go to bed to encourage the renewal process. Products such as our PoreInfusion Hydra Gel and VitaminB lotion support intra-cellular activity and attract moisture to the surface of the skin through the ingredients it contains.

Beautiful transformation on this combination type of acne.
Home Care PoreInfusion Products:
AM: Sensitive Skin Wash, Calming Toner, Mandelic Serum 5% , Vitamin B Lotion,SPF
PM: Sensitive Skin Wash, Calming Toner, Acne Gel 2.5

Yes you read that right! We treat acne without the use of any medication or antibiotics! Find out more about our natural approach on our website

This client was dealing with a very resistant inflammation on his chin area for many years. Shortly after we adjusted his diet and eliminated inflammatory food items from his daily life his skin started to improve. By teaching him how to take care of his skin on a daily basis and providing him with gentle exfoliating treatments his skin cleared up and he was able to maintain his results for many months now.
Home Care PoreInfusion Products:
AM: Acne Wash, Salicylic Toner, Mandelic Serum 5%, SPF
PM: Acne Wash, Salicylic Toner, Acne Gel 5%, Hydra Gel

Be confident in yourself and your beauty 💗

Keeping yourself healthy and glowing from the inside is so important! ❤️

Have you tried our most popular anti-cyst treatment? PoreInfusion Spot Treatment Mild contains micronized benzoyl peroxide combined with Sulfur to help heal cystic, inflamed pimples. The combination of these 2 active ingredients will help destroy bacteria and dry up inflamed pimples and cystic breakouts. Sulfur acts as a mild antiseptic that helps disinfect the skin. By helping dry out problem areas it also promotes the exfoliation of pore-clogging dead skin cells and excess oil.

Water Based Gel
100% Acne Safe
Fragrance Free
Alcohol Free
Rosacea Safe
Not tested on Animals

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