Treehouse Massage

Treehouse Massage

I am a local massage therapist who specializes in on site massage work, Reiki sessions, Outdoor Tent events, and corporate events.

[07/07/19]   Looks like the path to N.C. was not the one for me..... still searching my soul for what is next.

2019 Camping in June!

The calling of the mountains!!

You take a job being promised promotion and advancement, it’s stable and great hours, vacation time, 401k insurance and wonderful people, perfect right? Then you get 3 months into a year and the person who promised promotions leaves the company.... you decide to stick it out... till the next pay raise schedule, it comes and goes, a raise is given(😊) it’s just very very small, time to do some discernment.....Is it worth staying?? How to add another job? Hummmm🧐 use what you the past to make it work... so you try ( uber time) only that does not seem to work in the new city.... so you think more🤨 You pray... God show me the way.... you think you have a way... so you move with it... still not adding to the income... study test study test.... but then you get a big wake up!!! Need to do more at work two more jobs on top of your own... no pay increase??
You pray are being led in prayer to look at another city.... ( this seems crazy!!! You know not a soul there) the messages are clear... go see this part of God’s plan... trust his guidance... 😉.
So you go!! And so many things present themselves to you... but how God?? You then are given a opportunity for Work there, and a place to gather with like minded friends,( caring souls who understand you like life long friends, but you just met) then you say God I have no place to live.... gently he also hands that to you... wow... the last part is but God I need money to make this happen... you begin to sell anything you can!! And it works!! But you are close to time to go and the last part of your goal is not met..... he reminds you of you pray one last time.... and now it is time to let go of the fear of asking for Help.... sometimes we are the ones to offer it and sometimes we are the ones to receive.... it is very hard for me to allow myself to receive😔but easy for me to give... ☺️
Today I am facing a fear ....
today I will imagine being calm and peaceful as I ask for the gift of Love in the form of Money. To make the trip to see What God is calling me to do in the next part of my life journey.
Thank you for listening/reading

Some times you need to see just how grand all of life is.... get a new perspective or see how strong you are.... thank you Julian Price Lake campground for a week of connection with the creator and myself.

Treehouse Massage

Treehouse Massage

Mornings are my magic time to meditate and feel my deepest feelings.... for me this is when I allow my release of tears, the things I hold in all day and in social times, but alone with my soul, it’s a safe time to just be.... and know that Angels, ascended Loved ones, and heavenly host are holding me! Thank You God for quiet mornings with Coffee/tea and me!

I enjoy old rituals that inspire me to live a more enlightened journey! This Labyrinth is in Huntsville Alabama!! Takes about an hour to walk it at my speed and give time to contemplate and listen at the center!! Then walk out imagining how to incorporate my discernment into my life!!
Today was about reviewing each month of 2018, funny how spirit works( I reached the center by Dec) perfect timing!! Then sat in center and contemplated each area of my life that I wished to review and learn... picked up a few momentous upon the way... as my own little reminders of this spiritual practice... I have a natural draw to stones and the earth... so they each will remind me of ways I will incorporate the “heard message” ( intuitive guidance) heavenly whispers all year!! So looking to 2019 As I walked out of the center I was at a great peace for all the challenges, gifts and love 2018 shared, Then took a giant step into 2019 with ideas about how to bring the thoughts to reality... Aaahhhh ha does happen often when I walk and allow the quiet to speak to me...
themes for this year for me will Include.....
Community service/Reiki
Body appreciation/Nourishment
Relationships with Self and Others
Sunshine and Water
I hope you all have some sort of way to physically walk into this new year with gratitude for the past but hope for the future!!

Happy New Year!
Eliza Ann Wright

Merry Christmas!

Peace and Love

May your holiday time be filled with warm hugs from friends and family, music to stir your soul, foods that remind you of the loving gift of plants and animals this earth provides, views of nature to soothe the spirit, full deep breaths that give life to each and every cell in your body, and Love!! Unconditional, Everlasting, Universal Love !!!
Peace, Love, Forgiveness, Hope, Serenity, Courage, Strength, and Wisdom....this is my wish for all! 🙏🏼 Namaste
Happy Winter Solstice
As we sit in quiet moments of cold and dark may we be enlightened by the gifts it brings!! A season a reason and a lifetime!

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Breathe For Change

Are you passionate about social justice issues in education?

We are moving!! Can you guess where....

[07/09/17]   So with Summer Upon us the nights are so beautiful!! Enjoy to Moon and Stars!!

When you are down and out you can feel all alone. In such times it is good to take a deep breath and remember that God is just that close to you, always!

Would any of you be interested in a Reiki/Massage/yoga/ day workshop? I am thinking of offering one in June or July.... please respond if it would be something you would consider attending. Thinking a full day retreat at local yoga studio at a cost of about $75 each attendee.

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Treehouse Massage

Treehouse Massage

Treehouse Massage

Treehouse Massage

Ok Spring will be coming in about 8 weeks!!! Please keep me in mind for any of you upcoming events!! The Treehouse Massage tent can be set up for your family event, company event, neighborhood event, or just a very romantic get away for a special couple!! Contact me to reserve a date!!

Love y'all!!

This is a New Year with so many Beautiful Opportunities to come!!! May you know I am available for you when needed. Please contact me via Facebook or Text....703-627-5621 note:
( I am willing to barter for some services ) money is a exchange of energy... but so are other things and services too!

Treehouse Massage

Treehouse Massage's cover photo

Treehouse Massage

[12/12/16]   This holiday I am making some big moves!!! The first is to a new home!!! (Leesburg Va) Please be patient as I will not be booking appointments until after the 2nd week of January!! It takes some time to make a New Nest feel just right!!! Happy Holidays!! I will be back after New Years 2017!!! Send me good vibes for a fun transition!!

Treehouse Massage's cover photo

Profile Pictures

Profile Pictures

Treehouse Massage's cover photo

Treehouse Massage

Village of Leesburg is getting ready for Holiday Fun!! So am I **BOGO** is Monday Nov. 1st!! 3:30-8:30pm in the lobby of the Metropolitan!!! Come select the perfect one size fits all... Massage Session Gift Certificates!! Buy One Get One Free!!!

Thanksgiving........ Thanks Giving.....
Thanks for Giving......Thankful Giving.....Giving Thanks....
Take 5 and be in this feels good.

[10/25/16]   My DoTERRA Event is now POSTPONED TO **Sunday Nov. 6th** at 2:00pm.... Please save this date and time to come visit me at the Metropolitan of Leesburg!!! I will be serving light snacks of Thanksgiving Theme and there will be hands on learning for everyone....I believe experience is our best teacher!!! Come make some memories and see me and just be in the moment of something happy!!!

[10/24/16]   If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and how to use them.... or are ready to place your own order... please see my website... yes it is helpful to me and my little family if you sign up and purchase via my site...

[10/10/16]   Would you be interested in attending a morning class to learn about various essential oil topics at my nest? Next class is going to be Tuesday October 25th at 7:00pm ...You are invited!

[09/25/16]   Weekday opening this week for 10:30am appt on Thursday... anyone needing some Compassion via Massage?

Treehouse Massage's cover photo

[09/09/16]   Wrapping up a wonderful vacation and soon to return to the Joyful Journey of my "Career in Wellness" back in Virginia! Massage, Reiki, Essential Oils and my amazing Clients!

Treehouse Massage

Treehouse Massage's cover photo

[09/03/16]   Time for a little Vacation with Family. Spending time with those we love is a great way to refill the Spiritual and Emotional Love Tank!!!
I am in Tuscaloosa Alabama with my two sisters enjoying just being in there world and loving every minute of it! I will return to Leesburg Virginia with a fresh full tank and ready to offer more massage, reiki, and essential oil classes! Keep watching for more information to follow !!!

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