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We are a full service Basic and Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service while serving the area with the largest wheelchair van and bus fleet.

Trans-Med Ambulance, Inc., from its inception in 1984, is a company whose mission is to provide medical transportation services with the highest quality possible and in a cost effective manner. To provide such services while recognizing the contribution of constituents of the process; the patient, the client, the community and the employee. Trans-Med Ambulance, Inc. has acknowledged the importance of establishing certain values and maintaining its growth in concert with them. The simplest way to describe the value and philosophy of Trans-Med is through one word, respect. The knowledge that one must respect the needs, opinions, fears, concerns, contributions, and sensitivities of all those we work with, work along side and those we serve; is the essence of our foundation. A strong sense of obligation, loyalty and pride is our cornerstone. Respect for the human spirit and concern for human dignity are the material that we use to build and expand upon our belief that we can make a significant impact on the lives we touch.

Congratulations to Plymouth for expanding their ability to care for the residents of Plymouth.


In accordance with the current PA Department of Health BLS Protocols, our approved EMTs are now able to administer bronchodilator medication by nebulizer and measure glucose by glucometer.

These two optional skills had not previously been allowed for BLS providers; however, with the roll-out of the 2019 BLS protocols, our approved providers are now allowed to utilize these skills to provide more advanced care and assessments of our patients.

Our EMTs completed the additional required training and received approval from our agency medical director. Our organization then obtained a required lab exemption certificate through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Upon completion of all necessary agreements and amendments to our license, we received the final approval from the PA Department of Health and EMSNP to begin utilizing these new skills.

A handmade lazy susan was dropped off as a gift from a local resident here in Luzerne. Thank you for your generosity!

Thank you Lake-Lehman Noxen PTO for your generous donation of several boxes of chocolate candy bars!

Happy Mothers day to our hard-working moms working for us to provide care and tenderness to the patients who seek our help.

Happy Mothers Day to all the healthcare provider moms who are working harder than ever during this Covid pandemic to care for those ill and helpless patients.

Happy Mothers Day to all the First-Responders who answer the calls without knowing what invisible enemy is waiting.

Happy Mothers Day to all the parents who are managing a home with kids who may be upset, depressed, confused, sad or hurt. Maybe dealing with loss of work, isolation, stress from spouse, etc. You are just as much our HEROS as the ones above.

Give your Mom, if you are able to see them and hold them, an extra special and long hug today. Spend a few extra minutes on Zoom, House Party, Facetime, etc and let them know just how special they are to you.

Thank you St Anthony and St George Parish in Wilkes Barre taking the time to bake these delicious treats!

The Citizens' Voice

Local first responders held a parade to show appreciation to healthcare workers, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "At the end of the day, it's the dedication, the commitment, and the care that our people have for the community, and they just overcome their fears," said Cor Catena, CEO of Wilkes-Barre General Hospital and Commonwealth Health.

Happy Nurses Week

As a way of saying Thank You and in honor of Nurses Week, multiple agencies came together today to thank the staff of Wilkes Barre General, Geisinger South, Geisinger Wyoming Valley and the Wilkes Barre Veterans Hospitals.

The response was enormous and we hope the hospital staff know just HOW MUCH we truely appreciate all they do EVERY day.

Keep fighting the fight!

Another wonderful treat by our friends at COOKIES BY FRANNY.

Our staff will enjoy these between calls today.

It is simple gestures like this that put a smile on the faces of our staff and give them a small break from the craziness outside our doors. Not to mention the added deliciousness of a cookie with a coffee.

We would like to thank our new friend Charlie Consagra for the donation of HAND SANITIZER to our crews and dispatchers today. This is very much needed and appreciated by our staff. Thank you Charlie for thinking of us and others as you have been donating several cases to various organizations.

We are all very thankful to have people like you supporting us during these times.


Our EMS Go app has now added a COVID-19 Resource Center feature for the latest info on the novel coronavirus with nearly 3,000 implementations. Download it here.

Luzerne County Fire Companies

Update: Wind Advisory issued April 12 at 10:24PM EDT until April 13 at 11:00PM EDT by NWS Binghamton NY

Areas Affected: Cortland; Northern Wayne; Tioga; Bradford; Schuyler; Southern Wayne; Broome; Sullivan; Pike; Susquehanna; Chemung; Wyoming; Delaware; Lackawanna; Tompkins; Otsego; Luzerne; Chenango

* WHAT...South winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 55 mphexpected.* WHERE...In Pennsylvania, Bradford, Susquehanna, Northern Wayne,Wyoming, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Pike and Southern Wayne counties.In New York, Chemung, Tompkins, Cortland, Chenango, Otsego,Tioga, Broome, Delaware, Schuyler and Sullivan counties.* WHEN...From 5 AM to 11 PM EDT Monday.* IMPACTS...Gusty winds could blow around unsecured objects. Treelimbs could be blown down and scattered power outages mayresult.* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Strongest winds are expected in the morningand again in the late afternoon. Winds will subside slowly lateMonday evening.

Use extra caution when driving, especially if operating a highprofile vehicle. Secure outdoor objects.

Trans-Med Ambulance

Our crews were treated to a wonderful snack yesterday courtesy of Geisinger Wyoming Valley ER and Super Bounce. We greatly appreciate you thanking our staff.

Our crews were treated to a wonderful snack yesterday courtesy of Geisinger Wyoming Valley ER and Super Bounce. We greatly appreciate you thanking our staff.

Thank you chick-fil-A for the lunch donation. The generosity is just overwhelming!

Today a few members of our team took time out of their day to cook breakfast for all the staff. It was really nice to stop for a little while to enjoy this meal, get our day started of right with good food and enjoy each other's company.

Thank you for the pizza from an anonymous donor for our crews today!!

Thank you to Wilkes University and Surgical Specialty Center for your generous donations. This helps us greatly with making sure our employees are staying safe and healthy.

[04/04/20]   This is a long read but contains a lot of very good and factual information. All information has been fact checked to most recent professional reports and agencies.

From the Trenches…(4/3/2020) - …

I am a Pulmonary(Lungs)/Critical Care Physician (Intensivist) Physician – I am still calm and moving forward. Progress is being made. Knowledge is both powerful and soothing in these troubled times. I am very grateful to know that my messages are helpful to so many and I read your comments for suggestions on future updates and for clarifications. Keep them coming, they are assisting me in getting you the information that matters most. Here’s why I am still calm and you should be too (I try to keep these as short a possible, but some explanations take more words…):

NUMBERS – If you are tuning in to news outlets/mainstream media (I still encourage you to turn them off), you are seeing lots of numbers. Big numbers, small numbers, and percentages. But knowing what they really mean is arming yourself with knowledge and dispelling the ignorance and bias that can accompany the numbers shock value statements. First, we are GOING to see more COVID cases reported in ALL states. This is because we are testing more. If you read my prior posts, you would see mention of this because it was expected. Yes, the numbers seem staggering and in some areas, they are. But we are also not able to capture all cases and there are many more who are not included in these numbers who get it and recover (estimates of 3-5 times more are not unreasonable). We have learned that up to 80% of those with this coronavirus are asymptomatic (they have no signs/symptoms of being ill) or minimally symptomatic/mildly ill. So when I see the reports of ### number of cases in say PA, or NY, I add to that many times over in my head. I’ll come back to why that is important shortly…But for now expect them to go up for a few more weeks in some areas. (I moved the IHME site reference to the comments to allow better sharing).

MORTALITY – Mortality rate means the percentage of people who have the disease and will die from it (mathematically = how many died/how many are infected). You are seeing a number reported this week of 1.4%. I do not think that is accurate or true because of what I mention above. This number is only of the cases we are able to detect with testing. The actual mortality rate is likely below 1% because the “how many are infected” number is so much bigger than we know. But like the model I gave in my update last week, even if the mortality turns out to be 0.5% (not an exact number, just for illustration), and 100,000,000 are infected, that is still 500,000 dead from it (It also would mean that 99.5% survive – that’s 99,500,000 SURVIVORS). So it is why we are taking more measures to stop its SPREAD.

HOW IS IT CONTAGIOUS? – We know the most common way is: you touch a surface that has it and then touch your face (mouth, nose, or eyes) and you allow it to enter your body. It is NOT absorbed thru your skin. Second most common way is DROPLETS. When you sneeze or cough, tiny droplets of mucous or saliva go into the air around you. The virus is on those droplets and the droplets can be inhaled or get into the eyes of someone in close proximity to you. This is where social distancing and the 6 foot rule come from. It is also where the mask controversy is arising. This is very different than the virus being AIRBORNE. That would mean the virus could free float in the air for longer periods and distances. We have no evidence so far that the virus is airborne [EXCEPT when we make it airborne by doing an intubation (when a person needs to be put on a ventilator) or a bronchoscopy (rarely done in COVID cases) - which is why we wear N95 masks and more protection when doing those].

MASKS – So initially, we said (me too) we do not all need masks. Generally, that is still true but due to the need to cut down on DROPLET transmission, you may see the CDC come out with a recommendation for citizens to wear cloth masks. This is primarily to stop YOU from spreading droplets from cough/sneeze to others. Cloth masks will also help you perhaps not touch your face as much when in public. Healthcare workers who are in direct contact with known COVID patients wear surgical masks, or, when doing procedures or assisting in breathing with machines like CPAP or BiPAP or a ventilator, will wear a N95 mask. The general public DOES NOT NEED N95 masks. BOTTOM LINE ON MASKS: If you are not in confined spaces for extended periods of time (more than a few minutes) with other people and you are maintaining 6 foot distances and washing hands, avoiding your face, you are protecting yourself from getting this even if you don’t have a mask on. Cutting down on spread of this is paramount and why this is being put in place. So, yes, lots of confusion on this, but hopefully this sums it up more succinctly with the rationale for the change of course as well.

TESTING UPDATE – 2-3 weeks ago, the test took 3-5 days to get results. We now have that down to 2 hours in some areas (with a new test coming that will result in 5-15 minutes). While still limited by the number of test machines and reagents to do the tests, it is a major breakthrough. Equally, inroads are being made into testing for the antibody against the virus in survivors in a way that can be done on a large scale. This is similar to what we do for school and work screenings when we look for measles or hepatitis B antibodies. We will be able to know and tell you if you are protected or not and that will help many people get back to work safely.

TREATMENT – In my 3/28 update I mentioned surfaces it can last on. The study on surfaces like copper and plastic were done in a lab and showed several days where the virus was stable and viable (could infect you). The Diamond Princess cruise line where they found the virus 17 days after last human contact (they did not test if it was still infectious, but it should be assumed so until proven otherwise) on surfaces in the ship is where the info comes from that this thing is hearty on surfaces. Equally we don’t have testing specific on temperatures to kill/inactivate this virus (viruses aren’t really living, so we aren’t killing them we just inactivate or tear them apart. Some have called them microscopic zombies…perhaps a good reference). Another coronavirus, the one that caused MERS-COV a few years ago, was tested to be heat stable up to about 133 F. For perspective, when you brew tea or coffees it might be at about 200 F. But, you do not drink it that hot or you will cause burns to your mouth and esophagus. We drink it closer to 135-150F or less. Sound simple, right? Drink tea or coffee and kill the virus. Problem is you need sustained temps to do this and it would be very uncomfortable, if not harmful to heat your airway (nose too) to 135-150 F for any sustained period. It would cause you harm. So no, the memes and facebook science notes about warm water and salt gargles are not true.

We are seeing some better outcomes in combining therapies for sicker patients in the ICU. For those patients, we have a number of tests to identify how severe their inflammation is, intervene with medicines like steroids (yes, the early cautions about steroids are still true in terms of you GETTING this virus, but using them once you have it and are sick is a different matter) and certain newer biologic drugs that target specific chemicals in the immune system (cytokines). These agents (tociluzimab is one, tofacitinib is another) may help reverse or lessen the lung injury that was leading to death in many patients. Some centers are also proning patients early (putting you in the bed with stomach down, as opposed to on your back). Some reports say this is working to help reduce the need for higher levels of support like a ventilator (which nationally we need more of and any means of preventing a patient from needing is helpful) or making them easier to get oxygen into when on a ventilator (though this is not true for all of the sicker cases). I truly believe we have learned a great deal in the last 2 months and we will see outcomes improve as a result. But only if we have the resources we need and the professionals to provide the care and treatments (currently the problem in NYC, as it was in Italy - MORTALITY GOES UP when we do not have enough resources like nurses, respiratory therapists, ventilators, medications, and yes doctors).

RESILIENCY – We as a nation have always been resilient in challenged times in our short history. This is no different. Communities are coming together, people are finding new ways to communicate. This is not doomsday. We are not going to collapse. This is a time to find our renewed collective strength. That is happening in the good stories you read (seek them out), in the hurdles we have already started to overcome, and in the courage each of us has to do what we can to get us all thru this. Fear won’t stop this virus. Fear won’t stop my fellow Docs and Nurses from helping you when you are in need. Don’t let fear stop you either.

Please remember, the medical community is in dire need of N95 masks. All healthcare facilities will take donations of any personal protective equipment and hand sanitizers.

Ryan Leckey

I hope this gives you all the feels today. 🤗

Full story & both Bright Side 16 segments ⬇️

A wonderful and thoughtful treat arrived for our crews today. Cookies by Franny wanted to thank our staff for everything they do each day. This gesture is greatly appreciated and helps to let them know that the work they do does not go unnoticed.

Plymouth Fire Co. #1 - Rescue Unit - Ambulance

Thank you to Mike Stets and Trans-Med Ambulance for taking the time to provide some of our ambulance crews, our EMA Director, and a representative from the Plymouth Police Department with additional training on coronavirus response, personal protective equipment, and decontamination procedures. We appreciate the ability to share knowledge and discuss ideas and options during these difficult times.

P.S....We maintained social distancing during the training and limited the number of attendees to ensure the safety of all participants.

FAQ-Check: Top Docs Answer Your COVID-19 Questions FAQ-Check: Top Docs Answer Your COVID-19 Questions 03/17/2020 Register Now Summary Do you know everything you should about this new threat? Are you comfortable with your own protective measures and the care you’re delivering to patients? Join Drs. Levy and Margolis for expert answers to your bi....

G-CMC Trauma, Critical Care, and Emergency Surgery

Good Afternoon, I hope everyone is well..!!

Effective immediately, all personnel entering GCMC will be masked!! The mask should be kept in place the entire time you are in the facility!! This includes wheelchair van personnel.

Please be sure all crews and personnel are aware of this important information update! Kindly share this information with any EMS partners that you may have contact with and anyone who would benefit from it.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Lenny Wesolowski
EMS Coordinator
Geisinger CMC
[email protected]

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