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Thanks for that work but how can you reach us here in masaka -uganda /Africa?

FITNESS | NUTRITION | MENTOR ATHLETE PREP ACADEMY (APA) Dexter played football at University of Louisville where he was all-conference. He specializes in athlete development, sports specifics, and mentorship.

Athlete Prep Academy is a full scale athlete development and fitness company. We specialize in physical fitness, sports training, sports savvy, and mentorship. Our staff consists of multiple BCS bowl Champions, a U.S. Army All-American, a two time SEC champion, multiple team captains, three former professional athletes, and a Super Bowl Champion.

Always remember the 5 P's!! This is why it's
👉Athlete PREP Academy👈

Creating at athletic edge is way more than just
working out 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️and eating right🍉🍌🥗.

It requires dedication and attention to detail in regards to
techniques, film study🎥📽️🎞️, recovery, and much much more.

It's not enough anymore to create athletes in sports, These days you have to create students 🎓🎓of the game!

And forgive me for my modesty, but I know a guy that can help you with that!
Inbox us for a FREE CONSULTATION! 🤼‍♂️⚾🏈⛹️‍♀️⚽

🌒"You may be the only one that remembers the dedication it took-everything's a black & white blur in your own mind-the last set, leaving the gym later than everybody else, gasping for air to finish the final rep, staying up later to complete your work, or studying game films into the morning hours, but we guarantee you when it all comes together and it's time to perform-they will all witness your gifts, name & legacy in living color no matter what the sport is." - @athleteprepacademy ⭐️Nothing outweighs hard work, consistency, & dedication. Nothing.

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🙌⚜️In any sport—It all starts with your hands and feet placement. Last summer at @theolivertreefoundation football 🏈 camp working on proper technique & helping mold the next generation of 👩‍🎓 student👨‍🎓athletes. We are focused on getting better every day.
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Instagram post by Fitness |Nutrition |Mentoring • Apr 27, 2017 at 7:46pm UTC 15 Likes, 2 Comments - Fitness |Nutrition |Mentoring (@athleteprepacademy) on Instagram: “⚜️⚾️Tori's currently hammering in some game-like situations to keep the young pitcher focused on…”

👨‍🏫WELCOME TO THE TEAM⚜️A Louisville, Kentucky Native, Brian graduated from Male High School & earned an athletic scholarship to Marshall University where he sharpened his football craft. We are excited to add him to our expanding team of young & seasoned leaders. Brian looks forward to working with aspiring QB’s of all ages on their footwork, passing drills, & situational awareness to prepare our Louisville student-athletes for the next level!
# @athleteprepacademy Dexter Heyman Earl Heyman

Instagram post by Fitness |Nutrition |Mentoring • Mar 26, 2017 at 9:03pm UTC 59 Likes, 6 Comments - Fitness |Nutrition |Mentoring (@athleteprepacademy) on Instagram: “APA ATHLETICS - LOUISVILLE ⚜️: 🔆Looking forward to seeing these two studs progress this upcoming…”


🔆"What we are inspiring to create is achieved through hard work and dedication. We are focused on uniformity, teamwork, & being held as accountable teammates. Nobody has ever achieved great successes on their own. We aren't teaching just sports-we are teaching about life."

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Instagram post by Fitness |Nutrition |Mentoring • Mar 11, 2017 at 9:49pm UTC

FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM📷FOR WORKOUT MOTIVATION, DRILLS, NUTRITION, & MORE 8 Likes, 2 Comments - Fitness |Nutrition |Mentoring (@athleteprepacademy) on Instagram: “👩🏻‍🏫🤓NEWTON'S 1ST LAW: "An object at rest stays at rest 😴and an object in motion stays in…”


There's something about fitness and hard work that become synonymous with confidence and success. Tristan came to us almost 3 months ago and it felt like he lost his MOJO- well- 32 lbs. down 👇‼️and physically seeing 👀 results- He has transformed into a whole new young leader. We aren't where we want to be, but everyday we are getting closer.

Follow our journey on INSTAGRAM:

👩🏻‍🏫APA ATHLETICS 📸Tori's currently explaining the situation on the mound: 1 on base🏃‍♀️/ ❌1 out. And what to do next. We are working to influence our future generation from the ground up in a positive way. Sports are so much more then just sports. "The lessons you learn in sports can be translated to real life [READ ON] 👇

It is hard to create a unified culture & brand without investing back into our athletes. We want everybody we work with to feel a sense of pride when we begin to work together. ♻️👟So, with the idea 💡 in mind of the working parent(s); we will provide workout clothing for all our student-athletes who are apart of our team. The concept behind this is to keep our kids away from wearing their latest and greatest school clothes to workout 🏋 💦😷in—keeping them from 🚯damaging the clothes they love ❤️ the most & more then likely, an investment the parent made. 📣We will wash, dry, & store our clients personal workout apparel at the facility and have it ready for their next APA training session.
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MEDICINE BALL PUSH-UPS: 🏐"The medicine ball pushup is a progression of the basic pushup which builds strength in the chest, shoulders and triceps. Using the medicine ball actively engages the core and improves stability and balance."

🎥Lemya: a 5th grade Cheerleading Rockstar 👩🏾‍🎤🤘shows off proper technique & why she's a highly recruited athlete. We are working with her to improve her conditioning & core to take her to the next level📶. We are extremely proud of her #cheerleadingisasport
Lavettra Carney
Instagram: @athleteprepacademy

💡🐎Great Workout Session Last night👏🏽
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Athlete Prep Academy

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A perfect stepup should:

1. Create 3 approximate 90-degree angles at the ankles, knees, and hips




"Have you ever attempted something & failed? No worries, we ALL have. One thing that I've learned along my journey is..." 👇💪👊

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Coaches Note:📝 🎙🏈"This was my first practice at the University of Louisville. I hadn't lifted a weight a day in my life-18 years old & 223 lbs. Things would soon change in a major way. Throughout college, I fell in love with lifting weights and being fit. The struggle to stay in shape didn't end when I was in college or the NFL. It started when I left the field. Without proper nutrition and consistent work outs🏋 these days would be far behind me. Working out is part of our natural fountain of youth."⛲️ -Dexter Heyman | APA Professional Health & Sports Trainer | Youth Mentor

👟Footwork /ˈfo͝otˌwərk/ (verb not noun to us): the process of relentlessly working on speed, positioning, and proper technique to become an agile beast👹. It's the little things that separate the average and the elite. This happens to be one of them.

Follow our Fitness Journey:
📷Instagram: athleteprepacademy

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⛓CHAIN GANG: "Linear variable resistance training (LVRT) refers to progressively increasing the resistance with the range of motion.

Chains provide resistance through the weight of each link. As they hang off the bar and pool on the floor, the only extra weight they provide is from the links between the bar and the floor. As you lift the bar higher, more links come off the floor and add weight to the bar. "

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Explosive Movement

Working an explosive movement with this triple jump up a 10-15 foot ramp... Love working with this kid Donovan Wilson. He's one of the tope 50 distance runners in the Country 👀👀!! But he still finds time to grind and get better! Don't let 8th Grade success become a 12th Grade failure! #dontgetleftbehind #MOG #respectthegrind #trusttheprocess 💪💪

A little bit of our sports specific work with Tristan King working with Super Bowl Champion Earl Heyman! Here you see them working a strike drill out of a two pt. stance and active hands on pass rush. Make sure to be working your technique constantly! Talent separates those who can and can't, passion and work ethic separate those who do and don't!! #MOG #Stayaheadofthecurve #Alwaysbeimproving

We have to make sure that we are effectively stretching, gaining flexibility and recovering! Working out effectively tears down your body and it rebuilds itself stronger. Thats how we gain muscle, it also rebuilds a little tighter unless we are stretching the right way and loosening up those areas while working out and through the lactic acid build up! Bands are great for this. If you're a consistent workout warrior get yourself some bands and make sure you're staying loose! Great job by these fellas. #MINDOVERGRIND

We at Athlete Prep Academy will begin our football Off-Season Training program next week!

Our program will consist of championing five disciplines of football.
- Athlete development 🏈🏈
- Strength training 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️
- Football acumen 📔📔
- Nutrition 🍉🍏
- Recovery 🛀🛀

Whether as an individual or as a team, Athlete Prep Academy is where you want to be in the off season if you are trying to take your game to the next level!

Visit our website or contact us @ 502.930.3911 or 765.404.2831 for more information!! This is the best off-season training program in the city, make sure you're a part of it!


Feel free to Tag family and friends. Make sure to drop it right here ⬇️⬇️⬇️.

Working though legday, and my man needed some encouragement here! It was his first day and he came and conquered... I'm sure he will have some trouble walking for the next couple of days though! We get it in and get it done!! #MOG

[10/17/16]   ** ‼️‼️ATTENTION!!" It's my birthday, and I've been given a lot. So in the spirit of being given a lot, I'd like to give away free admission to our 6 am and 7 am metabolic training classes Monday 10/17 and Tuesday 10/18 at Athlete Prep Academy! Drop the name ⬇️⬇️⬇️, call me at (765)404-2831, or message me directly if you would like to join! Please contact me if you're going to be there! Also... TAG & SHARE!

Location will be 815 W market street Louisville Ky, 40202

Working Pass Rush

Working a quick Pass Rush Move along with along with practice reps bending the edge! This is the first thing we learned from Coach Joe Kim out in Kansas City. If you're wondering how Tamba Hali and Justin Houston tally up all those sacks? I can tell you first hand that this is their main technique! If you're interested in our Sports Specific work or Athlete Development, call us at (765)404-2831 Message us, or email us @[email protected]! Also you can go to for more information!

Just a small part of the warm up before some position work! Had to activate that core and those hip flexers.. don't want the fellas getting hurt.

Warming up gets overlooked, but doing so properly can help keep the risk of injury down for athletes AND adults alike! Take it seriously! Contact us @ 765.404.2831 502.930.3911 or go to our website under "Book Online" to join a group Session!


This coming week, the first week of October, get a WEEK of classes for just $1! Come work out with former UofL Star and former Kansas City Chief Dexter Heyman and former UofL All-American pitcher Tori Collins (Heyman)!

Strength Training - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday @ 8 AM & 6 PM
Metabolic Training - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday @ 6AM & 7AM
Insanity Live - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday @ 10 AM
Sports Specific - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4PM & 5PM
(ALL at Glassworks Fitness: 815 W. Market Street Louisville, KY 40202)

Athlete Development Training - Saturday & Sunday @ 7AM, 8AM, & 9AM
(Eva Bandman Park) - Wednesday @ 5PM, 6PM, & 7PM

Try one class, or try all of them! Come every day, come twice a day, come just once, just come check out what we are all about (and bring your friends!) for only one dollar, NO strings attached!

How to grab this deal??
Check our website under "WHAT WE OFFER."
Add any of the "one week" options to your cart.
Use the code "1WKTRIAL" at checkout!

See you soon!!

[10/01/16]   I was asked to write a quick synopsis of tonight's game between the Cards and the Tigers... Here it goes.

This game tonight comes down to three things.

1. Who can win on third down?

Clemson's Defensive front has consistently been one of if not the best defensive front in college football for the last five to eight years now. With the graduation of Shaq Lawson and the crew, you would expect a drop off on the defensive front, there has not been. Louisville needs positive plays on first and second downs to avoid 3rd and long situations where the Clemson front can pin their ears back and go get the qb.

Likewise, U of L has to put pressure on Deshaun Watson with their disguising and pressures up the middle and from the boundary.. D'angelo brown has got to look like the potential first round Defensive Tackle that he is. Deshaun Watson is the best quarterback in the country when he has time in the pocket... Make him uncomfortable.

The Defense that struggles to get off the field and the offense that sustiains drives will win the field position battle, and have more opportunity for points.

2. Turnovers

Creating a short field for either of these offenses will result in points 10/10 times. Winning the turnover battle is critical today for both teams. Also protecting the ball while in the redzone is critical for the offensive efforts for both ball clubs today... nothing can thwart momentum and change the demeanor of a team like an untimely turnover.

3. Big Plays

These are two of the most explosive offenses in the Country, so it will be imperative for both of these defenses to play gap sound, mistake free football. Alignment & Assignment are critical today. Louisville feeds off of big plays and clemson has yet to truly break out offensively this year. If either offense gets a big one early, it could set the tone offensively for that ball club for the next 3 quarters.

My Score: Louisville - 44
Clemson - 34


We are officially OPEN for business!! And couldn't be more excited to start helping you reach your goals!

Check out our website for all of the different services we offer as well as training packages and times. Let's get to work!

[08/30/16]   website going through makeover!! More details coming soon...

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