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Hi Ashkan, this is Shaunak feom Canada, I have been trying to reach out to you for months, have sent you many messages and left voicemails, I have paid you deposit for my E2 file before you even typed a single word and the. This void thing happen, you promised me to get back to me but it’s been months you have not reached out to me. I am really disappointed with such an unprofessional behaviour and the least I can expect feom an immigration consultant on whom I was relating so much!! Hope you have my number to reach out to me. Please call me back.
Company Naming Guidelines or Companies Name Registration Guidelines in India

Immigration Services for Investors, Creatives and Professionals Welcome to the official page for Path Law Group. We are a full-service immigration law firm and we focus on visa services for investors, creatives and professionals.

Our main areas of expertise are EB-5 petitions, O-1 visas for those with extraordinary ability, E-2 visas for startups, H-1B visas and all PERM related matters.

Mission: At Path Law Group our aim is to make the immigration process as smooth as possible. This is why we work closely with our clients to develop individualized solutions. Our approach is accessible and collaborative; our attorneys are always personally available to our clients. Our clients are investors, entrepreneurs, start-ups, artists, models, filmmakers, designers, engineers, researchers, physicians, directors, writers and executives with employment-based immigration needs, as well as families and asylum-seekers in need of immigration.

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We specialize in O-1B visas and realize the requirements can be quite difficult to understand. Over time we’ve try to distill the regulations into a guide that makes the process easier for our clients. We’ve shared our O-1B intro guide in our stories. We hope it helps!
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As we prepare for November the economy has taken center stage in the national discourse. Inseparable from any discussion on economic prosperity is how fundamentally it is impacted by our immigration policies.

As voters prepare for the November election the economy has taken center stage in the national discourse. Inseparable from any discussion on economic prosperity is how fundamentally it is impact by our immigration policies.
#immigration #election #trump #vote #biden2020

Raja Sandhu, a talented Canadian graphic designer, wanted to enter the U.S. to work with a startup company, but also work for other employers. Our challenge was to structure his application in a way that would allow this flexibility. Here's what we did for him.

Employers are often overwhelmed by the complexities of sponsoring employees for permanent residency and with reason. Check out this guide and learn how to recruit top global talent.

“...I imagine it was no different for my family when they came here during my childhood. This is why my main focus is ensuring that we make the legal process as smooth and painless as possible.” Ashkan Emami, partner, and co-founder at PLG.

This just may be the year to get your American visa and start your bright future in the U.S. Let us help you with all of your immigration needs.

Happy Holidays!

With more than a decade dedicated to immigration law, we understand your search for safety, opportunity, and prosperity in the U.S. Follow the link to schedule a free consultation.

The United States Must Embrace Global Talent, As High-Skilled Foreign Workers Go Elsewhere

The United States is no longer the default choice for foreign workers looking for new opportunities, and we should be worried that the talent might go somewhere else. The United States must create a welcoming environment that attracts global talent, because it is no longer the default choice for foreign workers.

Do you know what U.S. visa is for people officially deemed “extraordinary”? It’s the O-1A. If you need clear and accurate legal advice and efficient execution, we are here for you. Find out how we can help by visiting our website.

What Are H-1B Visas, and Do They Hurt American Workers?

What are H-1B Visas, and do they hurt American workers? President Trump says foreign workers on H-1B visas take jobs away from Americans. Employers say they fill a labor shortage. Who’s right?

Immigrating to the U.S. legally and safely is possible! Check out our work visa guide to learn more about available immigration options to the U.S.

Today is National Stress Awareness Day and we know how stressful the immigration process can be. We are here to help you release the burden. Visit our website for more information.

The Model Immigrant: A Guide to O-1 Visas for Models

Around the world, professional models dream of traveling to the US to make their mark in the fashion industry. However, foreign models wishing to enter the US to work must first obtain a proper work visa. Here's our guide on the criteria required for an O-1 visa. Foreign models wishing to enter the U.S. to work must obtain a proper work visa. This guide will help you navigate the criteria required to obtain an O-1 visa .

Her future career as a model in the U.S. was on the line. Twelve-year-old Ruby Sumegi needed a visa as soon as possible. Here is how Path Law Group helped her get it.

Toddlers are having to appear in border courts all alone

How do you feel about immigrant children as young as 3 appearing in court to plead their case to stay in the U.S.? Children as young as 3 are appearing in court without their parents to plead their case to stay in the country.

The E-2 Visa for entrepreneurs is one of the most popular visas for those who wish to move to the United States. Note that there is not a minimum required investment set. See if you qualify by downloading the free guide.

Retired federal judges offer to help immigration case backlog

These two retired federal judges proposed a solution to the 700+ pending cases in U.S. immigration courts. Read more about how they are alleviating the burden here. With more than 700,000 pending cases in US immigration courts, two retired federal judges have proposed a solution to alleviate the burden on jurists.

The E-2 is one of the most popular U.S. visas among Japanese entrepreneurs. Find out why and see if it is also the right one for you.

Meet our team and find out how can we help you with your immigration needs.

Immigration reform can help an aging America prosper and grow. Read more about the benefits of immigration reform here.

"No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Did you know that retiring Director of ICE defended the agency at anti-immigrant hate group event? If not, don't worry. We'll keep you updated. Just subscribe to our newsletter.

Happy August! Every new month is full of opportunity and growth.

Here's where immigrants are moving to in the US

Which county do you think saw the biggest increase from international migration between 2016 and 2017? The US Census Bureau recently released statistics on immigration to each of the country's 3,142 counties and county equivalents.

Ashkan Emami Interview with Voice of America

Do Illegal Immigrants have a right to due process? Find out what LA Immigration Lawyer Ashkan Emami had to say.

Over and over again, we help our clients succeed in gaining visa approvals. Check out this E-2 Visa Case Study that explains how we prepared a successful E-2 petition for a camera operating business.

Why You Should Consider An E-2 Visa Rather Than An EB-5 Green Card

Learn the main differences between an E-2 visa and an EB-5 green card. Knowing your options can save you time and money. The E-2 work visa could become the most popular American investor immigration visa in the years ahead. That is because when it is compared to the EB-5 green card, it is preferable due to the benefits spelled out succinctly and visually in this article.

Retiring Director Of ICE Speaks At Anti-Immigrant Hate Group Event

Thomas Homan, acting director of ICE, defends the agency pre-retirement and states that law enforcement is just doing its job. Read more here. Thomas Homan, current acting director of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), defended his agency at an event hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS)

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Happy 4th of July!

How A Foreign Film Student Can Break Into Hollywood Through An Investor Visa

Foreign film students shouldn't have to leave the country (and all of their Hollywood contacts) when they graduate. There could be a visa solution! How can a foreign film student remain in the United States after their studies and following completion of their Optional Practical Training one-year work permit? How can such a graduate use a investor visa to work in the USA and help the film industry back home. This article offers a solution.

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