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This company is amazing!!! We went to the Garth Brooks concert and it was so nice to have no worries regarding parking. Not only was our driver professional, he was very personable and made our ride very enjoyable. Can’t thank your company enough!
Kelly did a great job taking care of the crew for homecoming. Very professional, on time, great communication AND she will be our first call for our next limo run. Thanks Kelly!
Hi there! I just messaged you about your availability this upcoming weekend but I'm not sure you come over to Morrison (470 and Quincy). After hearing about your amazing service I sure hope you do!🙏
Congratulations! You and your business are the subject of Fan Braggin'® Friday on the Experience Pros Radio Show today! Well done on being a #business and #customerservice #ROCKSTAR!
Hey lady - you're being featured on the Experience Pros Radio Show! It's fan braggin'® Friday!

Our company puts your comfort and taste buds at the forefront. Executive transport | Professional Chauffeur | Sweet Treats

Hello Clients and future clients:
You've been asking what can we do with our kids for their birthdays. Well if your 50 inches tall or 16 and older you can hire me to take you down to Colorado Springs or you can take your kids to Overdrive Raceway. This is to drive your own cars but I believe they have cars for the younger kids which aren't as fast. They have just opened up and let me tell you it is fun! I just took my son down today and it was great! The boys even got to race against an El Paso Sheriff who took the time to race them during his lunch. (Mom couldn't last the 3 trips, my shoulder was screaming and yes I'm not as young as I used to be. Here are some pictures from today! The ones in Denver are not opened yet and these guys are clean. Also, we are open for all your transportation needs. Text me at 720 470 2045 thanks Kelly

Happy Mother's Day to all my clients and future clients of One Sweet Ride Limo. We are still able to transport people but unable to transport in the limo just yet. Due to the lack of business I am able to bake for my clients. If you would like anything let me know I'm bored during the week. Have a great day Kelly text 720 470 2045

[05/07/20]   One Sweet Ride limo is still open for business when you start traveling again but in the mean time I an still making homemade goodies for clients Get your orders in for any baked goods you might want. Pumpkin bread, chocolate chip bars, sugar or frosted cookies , blueberry muffins, doughnut muffins, chocolate cake. Text me at 720 470 2045. Thanks Kelly

[04/28/20]   A special shout out to Cornzapoppin in Highlands Ranch. I was so happy to see them open since we can't get theater popcorn right now. They have such a wide variety you would not believe. I love the Carmel corn! They are located by the King Soopers on University and Highlands ranch parkway but they do deliver for cheap. Take in a movie and popcorn at home! You can even sit in your jammies.

Let me start by saying Thank you!,Thank you,!Thank you for all your support for my company One Sweet Ride limo. You really showed up and really kept me busy cooking my baked goods while my business is waiting for you to start flying again. Not sure with things opening up how that will affect people with birthdays or something to celebrate renting a limo to drive around and play music. If interested I can check on it. Well, while we still wait for transportation to pick up I will continue to cook my goodies. I do not have a set price on my stuff so you can donate what you would like. The government is still not giving any help to the limo companies. I am at a high risk with my asthma so cannot go in public that much. It worked really well this last time with me letting you know I am coming so the porch theives don't get it. Lol I am doing this to pay my company bills and help out with the home bills. And of course Uncle Sam gets his portion per my tax person. I am very thankful for my clients and future clients! Some of you even made me cry! The items this week will be Pumpkin bread, chocolate chip bars or cookies, sugar or frosted cookies, pound cake, peanut butter cookies, and oatmeal raisin cookies, blueberry muffins, doughnut muffins , chocolate cake(good for any special occasion but nothing real fancy). I even made cupcakes and delivered them to all the friends before they had a zoom party celebrating one little girls birthday. Please text me at 720 470 2045 to order. Give me time to make it and keep in mind it is first texting first to deliver. Thank you again for your support! Kelly

[04/18/20]   Good Morning Clients of One Sweet Ride Limo. Since my last posting many of you are asking what I am baking and drop off will be Sunday or Monday this week. For those that didn't read the first post I am baking for my clients until I can get back to driving you. I am a High risk with my Asthma and plan to still keep my company so I thought I would keep myself busy by cooking for my Clients. It will be a porch drop off and I will text you before coming and you can pay whatever you want. I just want to do something! Text Me at 720 470 2045 with your order and address. Thanks Kelly
Menu is
Pumpkin bread, chocolate chip bars or cookies if you prefer, pound cake, sugar or frosted cookies, blueberry muffins, doughnut muffins(they taste like doughnuts but are baked) and chocolate cake (good for Birthdays)
I appreciate all of you and look forward to seeing you soon! We will survive!

[04/17/20]   Hello Clients and future clients. Hope all of you are well and staying safe. As a transportation company we have been affected until you start traveling again. I've filed for the disaster but no response and I can't file for the contractor yet because they haven't figured it out yet. Since the bills are soon coming around again I thought I would put this out there. Since I have Asthma as many of you know I fall into the high risk so my husband didn't want me to be out there that much. I'm very independent in a way so hate relying on him. Soooooo I will throw this out there. If anyone would like to buy my pumpkin bread, chocolate chip bars, chocolate cake (good for Birthdays) blueberry muffins, my grandma's sugar cookies or frosted or anything else you may have tried from me. I'm not going to set a price just give what you want. It will help me with the boredom. I wil let you know when I'm coming and drop on front porch to keep a safe distance. Text me at 720 470 2045 thanks Kelly

[04/13/20]   I would like to wish all my clients and future clients a Happy Easter. One Sweet Ride limo is just waiting for everyone to start getting out and about. In the meantime I got the hubby to repaint my bedroom and I have got a lot of chores done. . I'm getting pretty bored like the rest of you. We will survive! We are an essential business so if you need anything please let me know. If your missing my goodies or don't like fighting the crowds in the store. Just saying you have my number. See you soon Kelly

[03/20/20]   One Sweet ride limo is still open for business to get you to and from the airport. Please tell your friends and families if they are returning as business is almost down to nothing. We will survive! Text Kelly at 720 470 2045 thanks Kelly

Well, the sun will come out tomorrow and we will all survive the scare. Although business has slowed down I do appreciate those if you still traveling to and from. I should at least take this time to catch up on my paperwork but instead im trying to think up ways to still engage and make money. Especially since our heater went completely out yesterday. So, while I'm sitting here brain storming I am open to suggestions from you. I was thinking about offering mountain scenery rides or bring a stretch to the house and offer 2 hour rides for kids and there friends to listen to music or go get ice cream. We are all trying to survive this time but I'm sure you are getting bored as I am. Let me know if One Sweet Ride limo can help you out. Text Kelly at 720 470 2045

It's snowing and the roads are getting slushy. Who needs rides to /from the airport. Text Kelly at 720 470 2045. I have chauffeurs waiting to take you.

Do you want to create that special father/daughter night out, or a birthday, anniversary, Proms, or special occasion ride you will never forget? I create an experience by decorating the limo and baking homemade goodies. I even make the birthday cake! One Sweet Ride limo is there! We are there for all your transportation needs. I have chauffeurs ready to take your family's to/from the airport where you get coffee, hot chocolate, or lattes before 9 am on the way to the airport and usually homemade baked goodies for all trips. Text Kelly at 720 470 2045 if we can help you out.

The 12 passenger stretch is still available for Valentine's day night if you want to treat your sweetheart or several of them u want to go to dinner or special night out. Also, I have chauffeurs that would love to take you out on the town in there SUVs. Mom's don't forget Prom is coming up. Don't wait until the last minute. School vacations are also coming up. Book your trip to/from the airport. Text Kelly at 720 470 2045 for details.

The snow storm is coming! Do you want a safe limo company to take you or do you want to take your own car to the airport and come back to a cold car that has snow that you shovel off after a long airplane ride. Why not give One Sweet Ride limo a try. We provide coffee hot chocolate or lattes before 9 am on the way to the airport and usually homemade baked goodies for all trips. Also , Mom and Dad's it's not to early to book the stretch for your child's Prom, birthday parties and even Valentine night out. I decorate the cars for special occasions and even make a birthday cake. Text Kelly at 720 470 2045 for more information or to make a reservation.

One Sweet Ride is looking for 6 people to take up to the ice sculptures in Breckenridge on Monday or Tuesday of next week Jan
27 or 28. I will take you up for a small fee and let you do lunch and view the world ice sculptures before bringing you back before Rush hour. Text me at 720 470 2045 if interested in going. Thanks Kelly

One Sweet Ride limo is available for all your transportation needs. I love decorating the limo for those special occasions whether it's a birthday,s anniversaries weddings, Valentine's day, ect. I even make you a birthday cake. All guests are offered coffee, hot chocolate or lattes before 9 am on the way to the airport and all trips are usually offered homemade baked goodies or some type of goodies. I will be offering tours up to the Breckenridge snow sculpture competition the last week in Jan. Book your spot now. Now is the time to book for those proms. Whether you have a small or large group myself and my affliates can take care of you. Thanks to all my loyal customers and welcome to all the new ones. Text or call Kelly at 720 470 2045 to reserve now.

Photos from One Sweet Ride Limo's post

I would like to thank all my chauffeurs who participated in and those that worked the airport rides while we did our free Christmas light tour for our families who needed a moment of happiness. You guys are the best! Thank you also to all the clients who booked during the month of December. It was one of my busiest months. Here's to a new year ! Here are pictures of the chauffeurs that helped and the families that enjoyed the tours. Thanks Kelly

We still have room for the free Christmas light tour tomorrow. If you have had a rough year and are struggling to enjoy the Christmas season. Please come and let us bring you a little happiness and try to put a smile on your face. If anyone has friends or family please have them text me at 720 470 2045. Myself and a great group of limo companies have volunteered their time and vehicles to make this happen. Please try to text as soon as possible so I know how many goody trays I need to bake. Every family will get my homemade baked goodies. Thanks Kelly

One Sweet Ride limo and my Great affliates will be hosting our 4th year Christmas light tour for friends and families who can't really afford Christmas , who are suffering and depressed , who have fallen ill and the money is not there this year , single moms or dads struggling to make ends meet. We just want to make you smile and enjoy one small piece of Christmas and give back to our community. The tour will last 2 to 3 hours and will be held on Dec. 26 at 5 pm and you must be able to drive to the meet up point. Please text Kelly if you would like to be part of our Free yes I said Free Christmas light tour. If I don't answer right away I will contact you back . I only have about 60 spots this year and when full that is it. Sorry we cannot do more Text 720 470 2045 thanks Kelly and the crew

Day four of Christmas lights . Fun for even 6 people

Day 3 of Christmas light tours. This family has gone with me at least two years in a row now. 6 kids of there own wow. They had fun with my new singing microphone's. Thanks for going!

I have 2 dates left for my Christmas light tour experience. They are Dec 12 and Dec 16. My affliate has several dates left and we can do the smaller families in the SUVs where we still decorate the limo and you still get my goodies. Also start making your reservations for the airport rides to and from the airport for your Christmas vacations. Text Kelly at 720 470 2045

Night two was a success with a group of ladies out for a fun night together.

First family to do the Christmas light tour in the stretch with me. I still have the 9,12, and 16 left to fill. I also have chauffeurs that are excited to do them in SUVs for the smaller families. Both of these I decorate and provide my homemade baked goodies. If these dates don't work for you I have an affliate that has the same size stretch for up to 12 people , a sprinter and a 20 and 28 passenger party bus for the larger families. Also for a chance to win a free night with me visit the Strickler house at Arapahoe road and Lafayette street. A donation of ten dollars which goes to the school with get a chance to go out with my Christmas experience for all expenses paid trip. Please text Kelly at 720 470 2045 I will get back with you as soon as I can.

[12/07/19]   I'm sorry you guys blew up my phone today and I have to go eat an anniversary dinner with hubby and see the downtown light parade. I promise I will get back to the rest of you soon. Please bare with me. Thanks Kelly

One Sweet ride limo is filling up fast for our Christmas light tours. There is still a few dates left but not to worry I'm working with an affiliate that also has openings. Whether you have a big family or small we can help you celebrate the holidays . I decorate my limo and make homemade baked goodies to add my extra touch Also we are available to take you to those Christmas parties safely. And it's time to book those rides to/from the airport. Please text Kelly for reservations and I really appreciate my clients and future clients for supporting my business.

As the cold weather comes in and the holiday vacations are upon us One Sweet Ride limo is there for you. We are now taking reservations for airport (to and from) Christmas light tours, birthday parties, mountain ski runs, holiday party reservations, concerts and sporting events and any other transportation needs. We have the bigger SUVs to fit the large families. The rides to the airport include coffee hot chocolate or lattes before 9 am on the way to the airport and we usually provide homemade baked goodies for all trips. Please text Kelly at 720 470 2045 for reservations.

I've been on the roads tonight and they are starting to get very slick. With the snow coming in why not have One Sweet Ride drive you safely to the airport. Text Kelly at 720 470 2045

[10/21/19]   Danielle Jimenez Pereira your email keeps on rejecting when I send you the reply. Please call me at 720 470 2045 thanks Kelly

[10/20/19]   Just found out one of my clients who him and his family have become friends passed away this morning. This man took care of his wife and kids. All I have to say is God must have needed an angel as his wife said at least he didn't suffer. Please pray for the Davey family. Hug your family a little tighter and call them as you never know when it's going to be your time. Rip James

Fall break is here and the snow is coming. Do you want to take your family safely to the airport? you can rely on One Sweet Ride limo! Homecomings are still continuing and we are there to take your kids safely to there. Black beauty is available the next 2 weekends. Need a ride to the Broncos or Concerts. I am currently taking reservations for Christmas light tours and Halloween haunted house tours. I decorate all the limos for all special occasions and make homemade baked goodies. I even make a birthday cake! Text Kelly at 720 470 2045 for all your transportation needs.

Wow unbelievable Aspen's in the mountains right now. One Sweet Ride will be taking 6 lucky people at 50. Per person with me on Weds Oct. 3 I will fill up an extra SUV if enough interest. Need a break away? Look at the Aspen's and have lunch with yours truly. You will need to pay for your own lunch. Also, taking reservations for haunted house tours and Christmas light tours. I decorate the limos and make homemade goodies. Call or text for details. Let us not forget about rides to the Bronco games and concerts. We also do transports to and from the airport. Now doing kids limo rides for less time as we know it is expensive yet the kids love it! Call or text Kelly for details 720 470 2045

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