Debbie Reichert Fitness & Yoga, Lewis Center, OH Video January 6, 2019, 4:25pm

Videos by Debbie Reichert Fitness & Yoga in Lewis Center. Small group training, Yoga, healthy and delicious recipes, motivation and inspiration.

Huge thank you to everyone that attended our first Bend and Brew event at Olentangy River Brewing Company yesterday! We had a great time and look forward to doing another event soon. We will keep you posted!! ~Cheers and Namaste, Debbie

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Join Debbie and Dione for a special 90-minute class! We will start with a bodyweight only workout and end with a vinyasa flow and stretch! Get the best of everything we offer at the studio in one class and get to know our newest teacher! Sign up via Mindbody! Next Friday at 9:45am!

Get your kids to eat brussel sprouts during’re welcome. #debbiereichertfitness #allthebrussels

Changing times.....means adapting. Join us in our virtual yoga classes! Contact Debbie for details! #yoga #614yoga #namaste

Nothing says happiness quite like 12 people at 5:30am doing wall sits.... #DoTheHardStuff #ClientsOfDRF #SmallGroupTraining #PersonalTrainer #614fit

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Better Yourself! Let us help through small group training!! If you’re looking for CHANGE through effective and safe workouts, nutritional advice and COMMUNITY then our studio is your answer!

Nothing makes them happier than cardio and leg interval day🤔.... #SoMuchOuch

Currently accepting new clients for our weekday morning small group training sessions. Please message Debbie directly for more info! . . . . #614fit #614fitness #health #wellness #exercise #strongmoms #girlswholift #community #lewiscenter #debbiereichertfitness #smallgrouptraining

All fitness levels welcome at our small group training and yoga classes!! PM us for more info!!

Tonight at 7pm. Experience Yoga Nidra with @rebelmoonrevolution. . . . . #yoga #614yoga #yoganidra #mindfulness #stillness #namaste #nidra #debbiereichertfitness

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I’ve always added elements of yoga to my strength training, LONG BEFORE I added the yoga business to my current business. This is a great warmup I did today to prepare my body for a strength training/treadmill interval session. Anyone see any yoga moves? If so, comment below with what you see👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

The aftermath of our 5:30 and 6:30 groups attacking their glutes! Next up 8:30 and 9:30!! Let’s GO!! 💪🏻

Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon for a 50-minute Vinyasa Flow! #LunchBunch

Join us for Restorative Yoga NOW OFFERED twice a week at the studio! Take an opportunity to BE and not DO! Some benefits of this practice: ✅Helps us cultivate the skill of conscious relaxation ✅Helps us discover where we are holding tension ✅Creates the conditions for the relaxation response to kick in ✅Helps us face what we are avoiding about ourselves We look forward to seeing you on your mat soon 🧘🏼‍♀️💛🕉 #monday #selfcare #yoga #namaste #614yoga

Fitness is just more fun in a group!! #community #614fit

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday at noon for a 50-minute Vinyasa Flow class!! #LunchBunch #Yoga #614Yoga

Accepting new clients!! Contact Debbie today for more info on our affordable small group circuit training program!! Strength, Endurance and Flexibility training, alongside nutritional support! 💪🏻🧘🏼‍♀️🍎

Got my workout in at home today. Thought I would record some of the circuit if you’re looking for something to do😉 💪🏻 #NoDaysOff

It’s a BALL! Some days I love putting away the barbells and dumbbells and just pulling out some medicine balls, stability balls, slam balls and BOSU balls and getting in some cardio and core! If you are interested in checking out a full hour workout with this programming in mind then sign up for THIS Saturday morning’s 8am SLAM class! Only 7 slots left! Sign up at

Huge thank you to everyone that attended our first Bend and Brew event at Olentangy River Brewing Company yesterday! We had a great time and look forward to doing another event soon. We will keep you posted!! ~Cheers and Namaste, Debbie

Ringing in the New Year with some of my favorite people at one of my favorite places! Thanks for a great workout Coach Wendy!

One of my favorite low weight/high rep combos is a squat into curtsy lunges. 10 reps, 5 times supersetted with some banded 70# kettlebell deadlifts was all the lifting I needed today before a 50-minute yoga class. What keeps me lifting day in and day out? VARIETY!! Add some exercise combos and bands and keep it new and fun! That’s what I do with my clients, so why wouldn’t I want the same for myself?? . . . #fitfam #personaltrainer #yogaeverydamnday #debbiereichertfitness #girlswholift #strongmoms #yoga #fitness #weightlifting #instafit #fitover40 #lewiscenter #ohio #columbus #614 #614fit #asseenincolumbus

Come FLOW with us!!!! The October yoga class schedule is up! Check it out at

Sometimes I just want to move my body. I try and include as much strength and endurance work together as I can 4 times a week, combining in yoga now 4 times a week. Aches and pains are few and far between. Visits to the chiropractor are null and void and I get massages now for enjoyment versus “needing to.” Dare I say I’ve found the magic potion for my current season of life? This is 44!!

Come FLOW with us this weekend!! 🧘🏼‍♀️ Saturday 9:30am - Vinyasa Flow w/ Tiffany Saturday 10:45am - Little Yogis w/ Miss Kathy Sunday 9:30am - Vinyasa Flow w/ Alyssa Sunday 4:30pm - Power Flow w/ Nicole

Even just a few breaths in Tree Pose help ground you if you are having a whirlwind week. It creates peace in your mind and in your body, and is a wonderful way to slow down when life gets overwhelming. Curbing anxiety and stress is just one of the emotional responses this posture encourages, and it naturally cools you off and balances the fight or flight response. #yoga #614yoga

The key to my small group training is offering modifications for every fitness level in my class. There were burpees in this circuit today and I have people doing 4 different modifications. 1️⃣ Bench burpees for those not quite ready or able to do floor burpees 2️⃣ Burpee for speed (no push-up) 3️⃣ Burpee w/ full push up 4️⃣ Wall sit - for those with wrist and knee issues There’s something for everyone here at the studio (including newly added yoga classes afternoons and evenings) and I have a few small group training morning openings! So contact me today to see if we may be a fit! #debbiereichertfitness #smallgrouptraining #fitfam #burpees #yoga #lewiscenter #columbus #ohio #health #wellness #fitness #girlboss

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