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Debbie Reichert Fitness & Yoga


Great workout this morning with Deb!!!!
keep doing Wendy's HIIT class!!!
Yoga with Tiff, a day later and still just as good.
Monday night Yoga with Tiffany is a great way to start the week!!
Monday night yoga with Tiffany!!
HIIT a day late!!
getting it done
Sweating my *** off!! Thanks for the great work out Deb!!!
Thank you to Debbie Reichert for donating and joining us at our event. I'm on a mission to find a cure for the incurable form of blood cancer that took my mom from me and am so proud that 100% of the proceeds go to the James. I'm grateful for your time, support and the value that DRF community has added to my life. There are some incredible chicas out there! Hope many of can join us right here in Lewis Center Keystone Pub & Patio Lewis Center!

Small group training, Yoga, healthy and delicious recipes, motivation and inspiration.

I'm Debbie, a Nationally Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. I'm just a girl who is passionate about fitness, health, nutritious food and the occasional cheesecake ;) I feel that I have a gift to share and I'm so thankful that I get to share that gift locally with my clients, as well as on this page. Be Fit, Be Healthy and Be Inspired!! Just a girl trying to change the world one bicep curl at a time.

Join Debbie and Dione for a special 90-minute class! We will start with a bodyweight only workout and end with a vinyasa flow and stretch! Get the best of everything we offer at the studio in one class and get to know our newest teacher!

Sign up via Mindbody! Next Friday at 9:45am!

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Who is in need of some deep hip openings? Thursday’s yoga class is inspired by the water element and it’s beautiful fluid nature. We will flow like waves through a standing hip sequence before working with some deep seated hip openers. This class will make you feel open, stronger and more connected to water element 🌊🌊 Class starts at 6:00 at @debbie_reichert_fitness studios. Thank you Mother Ocean for helping me create this beautiful practice 🌊❤️ #614yoga #waterelement #movelikewaves #columbusyoga

Sunday morning BarreKix at the studio! Our client @gough_heather burned some serious calories!!! Woot!!!

⭐️Client testimonial⭐️

Thanks in large part to Debbie, this is the healthiest pregnancy I’ve had, even through a quarantine! And I know when I get back in 4-6 weeks (😜) she’ll get me right back on track! I’ll miss you all while I’m out but keep kicking butt and do some extra burpees for me!

@shellybreehl putting in work today at the studio!! #TabataTuesday

Join Trainer @shellybreehl Tuesday mornings at the studio this summer effective immediately! We have THE most amazing trainers on staff and it’s time to share more of them with you, so you can continue to enjoy a variety of workouts and some wonderful personalities! #614fit #community #DRFStrong

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Love this team!!!!
Failed to take a picture of my actual live yoga class but I am all smiles being back in this special space. After the live class I recorded a delicious yin wall yoga class which will be shared virtually this Sunday 😊 This picture is the end frame from that class. Can you tell I am beyond grateful for teaching live again? Join us at @debbie_reichert_fitness for live classes and/or virtual classes 😊 #614yoga #happyplace #allsmiles #fitcolumbus

I feel like a kid the night before school starts! Huge thank you to everyone that helped me get ready for the re-open! Studio is sanitized. Floor is marked for social distancing and I’m ready to get back to work! See you soon!

So happy to be posting this!! See you in June DRF’ers!!

That moment when you go live with your clients and fill them in on your re-opening plans AND announce your new membership pricing and EVERTHING it entails!! I’d say they’re getting pretty excited🥰🥰 I’m so glad I’ve had an opportunity to be creative and change up my business a bit because of COVID19 and actually help my people MORE! Who would have thought??

Our community showing their DRF pride in our new quarantine tanks!!!! So fun!! Love you guys🥰💪🏻🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♂️ #COVID19 #community #fitfam #614yoga #smallgrouptraining

Makes my day seeing these IG and FB posts! Virtual training was really great last month and a fantastic way to keep working and helping people with the studio closed. If you wanna jump in for May hit me up with a message! #debbiereichertfitness #virtualtraining

Want to show your support for DRF during this time of studio shutdown? They say the comeback is always greater than the setback, right? Well, I’m here to tell you right now, that DRF is coming back STRONGER than ever thanks to the support of our clients and the grit of our staff💪🏻🙏🏻

Order today at

Get your kids to eat brussel sprouts during’re welcome.
#debbiereichertfitness #allthebrussels

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Tight back and hips? PM Debbie for a drop in virtual class!
It’s yin yoga day at 5:30PM @debbie_reichert_fitness studios 🙏🏼 this pose is part of the Dragon series. Resting in dragon 🐉 for 4-6 minutes is no joke. I swear it makes my students want to spit fire 🔥 at me 😂 Pretty sure that’s why they call this pose dragon. It’s a good one though 😊 #firedragon #tighthips #tightback #614yoga

#Repost from DRF yoga teacher @marybethonyoga She says so many things we all are feeling. And I sure do miss and love you so much friend!
Day 33 of social distancing, being a responsible citizen, staying the f**k at home and currently watching it rain 🌧. I miss the connection with my friends, yoga students and community so much. I’m grateful that I “get” to stay home, grateful to be healthy, warm and safe. Though I’ve gained 4 pounds, I’m grateful to have food to eat and books to read. So despite my melancholy, I’m still filled with gratitude. But, I really miss the social interaction and connection of being with those I adore! I am excited to “be” with you again! #socialdistancing #socialdistancing2020 #staythef**kathome #quarantinelife #quarantine2020 #missmyfriends #iwantout #gratitude #day33 #apriliscancelled

For my virtual peeps! This is my favorite day to DOUBLE UP! “See” you soon!! #DRFStrong

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LOVE seeing our DRF crew keeping up with their fitness during this time! I mean check out them MUSCLES! Looking great Jamie and more importantly, keeping healthy and strong for you AND your sweet family! Thanks for joining me for leg day🦵🏻🍑
Sometimes we work out in the kitchen to keep an eye on the circus that goes on here! Leg day with @debbie_reichert_fitness done!!! ✅ Thanks lady, I needed that!! 🔥❤️

Thank YOU for all you do for the studio @tiffgav1! #BetterTogether #DRFStrong

Changing times.....means adapting. Join us in our virtual yoga classes! Contact Debbie for details! #yoga #614yoga #namaste

Friday morning yoga with our newest teacher @eshultis! We hadn’t even fully got her set up at the studio yet with her own class and yet she jumped on board virtually without a second thought. Another example of the amazing staff we have here at the studio! #DRFStrong #yoga #smallgrouptraining #debbiereichertfitness

We have a lot going on today “at the studio😁”
Start your morning with a 9:30 power flow w/ Alyssa! Stick around for a 30-minute core workout with Debbie at 11. Drop in later for the ultimate stretch at 5:30 w/ Kathy for Yin/Deep Stretch, and meditate & restore for 30 minutes with Tiffany tonight at 8! Clearly we have ONE GOAL....take you into the new week strong and with intention! #SundayFunday #debbiereichertfitness #virtualtraining #614fit #614yoga

It’s much as things have changed the past three weeks some things remain the same! They just look a bit different is all. Thank you for bringing Saturday morning Bootcamp in STRONG for our community today Jen! And Tiffany, thanks for a beautiful flow after! #DRFStrong #community #virtualtraining

Seriously last call guys! I really wanted to have everyone loaded by last night to begin taking advantage of our April class schedule but some of you have contacted me this morning. I WILL continue to add people through today in order to accommodate as many as possible, but please PM Debbie by EOD. Thanks so much. We got you!!

LAST DAY to get in on the DRF virtual training program!! All classes done LIVE through a private FB page and SAVED for you to do on your own time.
2-4 classes DAILY to choose from (or do them all). 10 trainers/yoga teachers involved.
Strength training (minimal to no equipment).
4 types of yoga classes.
My NEWLY designed class - BarreKix.
Core workouts and bootcamps!
All for just $100 for the month. This is a steal and a great way for my staff and I to keep you going and healthy through the quarantine! Comment or PM me if ya want in!

My girl @gordonj06 getting in her virtual workout this morning! No excuses! Today is the last day to jump on board for our April training through our private page! DM me for details! #virtualtraining #makinglemonadeoutoflemons #debbiereichertfitness

Another 30 days.....ugh! Hang in there folks and please contact Debbie Reichert by commenting below or via private message to get in on our virtual training program to get you through the month of April. We will have 30, 40, 50 and 60 minute classes, from minimal equipment strength training to yoga! All classes will be done LIVE through a private FB page and saved as well for you to do on your own time. You’ll also receive daily inspiration, motivation and nutritional advice. We are here to help during this time!

Virtual class schedule effective April 1st. Message me for information on how you can train with me and my staff immediately!! All classes are run LIVE and saved for you to do on your own time if you can’t be on live!!! I’ve been running this for my current clients the past two weeks and it’s been a real life saver for us all during this time. That’s why we have decided to make this available for all of our friends and followers for April! With gyms closed down, DRF is here for you!

Another morning of virtual training and my peeps sent me their sweaty selfies after! This warms my heart and while we are all seriously missing our normal routine we are all still getting it in! Day by day we go... Just keep reminding yourself this is temporary. #community #fitfam #ClientsOfDRF

Seriously thankful for these amazing women continuing to take care of our clients via virtual yoga classes today while we figure out our new normal! @dione9 and @rebelmoonrevolution I’m blessed to have you on this team! I’m blessed to call you friends❤️🙏🏻 #namaste #DRFStrong #community

Due to COVID-19 and the emphasis on social distancing, I feel it is in the best interest of our clients and our staff to close the studio until at least March 31st. We encourage you to continue exercising at home and take care of one another. ❤️This is temporary and we will see you VERY SOON! Much love ~Debbie

Words from our studio yoga teacher @marybethonyoga

“What can you let go of today? What can you hand over to a higher power greater than you and greater than your fears? What will you let go of as you are also releasing its hold on you? Lighten the grip. Open up. Let it go. Trust. There is something bigger, bigger than you, and bigger than you can imagine that is at work, in your life and all our lives.

At the root of all fear is love. Uncover the layers, dig deep, let go and love.”
#614yoga #letgo #namaste

A message from Debbie, regarding COVID-19

Dear Valued DRF Community,

More than anything, I understand the importance of exercise from both a physical and mental standpoint. It is also my responsibility to provide you a safe and healthy environment to practice your yoga and small group training. That said, I wanted to take a moment and send you an email regarding the current precautions we are taking in regards to the coronavirus.

I have been working all week to implement some new procedures and create a plan for how we want to deal with the increasing concerns about the spread of the Cornonavirus. We are diligently monitoring the CDC's current recommendations, and will take swift action if and when necessary to prioritize both our staff and students' wellness, above all else.

This week, we have:
- Upgraded our cleaning efforts.
- Acquired a new cleaning solution for the rental mats, all gym equipment and yoga blocks. We have a new protocol of cleaning all door handles, knobs and gym equipment with disinfecting wipes several times a day in addition to our regular and frequent studio cleanings.
- Stocked up on plenty of soap and hand sanitizer on site, as well as disinfecting wipes, and will continue to make sure we have these items on hand and easily accessible as best as we are able.
- Empowered our staff to decide whether or not they want to offer hands on assists as a part of their teaching at this time, based on their own comfort level and immune system.
-Discontinued the use of all blankets and bolsters in all yoga classes with one condition. Our Restorative yoga class will allow the use of bolsters only if the student brings his/her own pillowcase to cover said bolster.

Here are our current recommendations to you:
- We want to encourage you to stay home when ill, or when caring for a sick child or relative, so as to limit the spreading of airborne germs, and we've encouraged our staff to do the same.
- Please make a habit of washing hands for at least 20 seconds BEFORE and AFTER your session at the studio in either of the two sinks at the studio.
- Bring your own yoga mat and props to use at the studio if possible.
I also recommend that you read the CDC's current information about What You Should Know about the virus. I found it to be both empowering and assuring.

Much love to each one of you. You can contact me directly anytime!

Debbie Reichert


At DRF we pride ourselves on community, and we are so glad that Barb and all of our clients appreciate all we have to offer! Thank you for the 5-star review!!! We appreciate YOU! #614fit #smallgrouptraining #yoga #614yoga #community

[03/09/20]   THIS Thursday we start our new Power Yoga class at 4:30pm! Come meet the newest teacher at our studio Dione and this new class format!

Our Story

At Debbie Reichert Fitness and Yoga, we specialize in small group training in the morning and yoga classes are offered in the afternoons, evenings and weekends. The owner, Debbie Reichert is the primary trainer for all small group fitness classes and has been in business for 6 years. There are 14 yoga instructors that train 20 classes a week, offering a variety of classes for all fitness levels.

At Debbie Reichert Fitness & Yoga all areas of health and wellness are concentrated on. Debbie holds a certification for nutrition in sports and exercise and offers meal plans to her clients, as well as help with supplementation if needed. Her small group fitness classes focus on strength and endurance. Adding in yoga to her clients workout regimens has aided in flexibility and injury prevention. With Debbie’s help in the kitchen, her clients receive amazing results in their overall wellness and fitness!

From the entire team at DRF, we hope to see you soon for a group strength training or yoga class! You can view all class schedules and pricing options at

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