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I want to share a poem I wrote recently, while in tears, because THIS HAPPENS, and happens frequently, and it is so sad. And so many of the fathers don't seem to care at all. "You say you're "pro-life" Until it hits home You didn't take care Now a baby is there You don't want his child And it's easy to say In this case it's different Abortion's okay 'Cause I just can't go through this I don't want my baby My body can't take it I'd surely go crazy Although I'm the Mommy I don't want to be So go on up to Heaven You can't stay with me." by Nancy Molina Corning CA 😢
Abortion was sold on the lie of painful victimization with only dangerous illegal solutions. I'm sure that's common. However, a few years ago, at a meeting I watched a teenage girl get rejected by her friends when she asked 1 to go with her to have her 3rd abortion. One said, 'abortion is not birth control'. It must be painful for those faced with the decision and I have neither the right nor instinct to criticize them. Alternatively, I don't believe there have been 750,000 victimizations. Taking the life of a child in the womb has become another casual "process" of birth control. Hiding this belief makes me feel cowardly.
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I just wanted to pass this video along. It is well worth listening to—and then go to prayer.
We share about Care Net in our latest edition of Unite the USA. Here’s the link: Thank you and God bless you for your work for life.
Please we are asking EVERYONE to LIKE and SHARE our ADOPTION page and ask their Facebook friends to SHARE as well! Someone may know of someone considering Adoption. Thank you everyone! 🍼👶 Praying God Blesses us with a Baby or Babies through Adoption, we are open to twins as well and hope for an Open Adoption! 🍼👶 Thank you to all of our Family and Friends for your continued support in our journey to help us have our Forever Family. If you or anyone you know is considering Adoption for their babies please reach out to us!!! We have a Lawyer and we are ready to Adopt as soon as possible!!! Please message us with any questions you may have for us, we are an open book. And please read through our posts to get to know us better and to know what kind of Adoption we want!! 💙💜 #Adoption 💜💙 ****We made a page for our Adoption Journey! Please SHARE, LIKE, and COMMENT on all of our posts to help us get the word out!!! **** 💜💙 Please SHARE our Adoption page as well!! 💙🍼👶💜 #HopingtoAdopt #Adoption #ForeverFamily #Pregnancy #Pregnant #UnplannedPregnancy #ConsideringAdoption #Baby #Mommy #Daddy
what is your mailing address for my bill pay?
When is Care Net’s 2020 conference and where is it?
greetings from zambia, this is pastor steward kasanzhi in zambia and we requesting from you for more info so that we can start the program in zambia
Hi, After watching the incomprehensible celebrations of death, that took place in the halls of our government this past year, I was moved to write this song/video. Hoping this may nudge someone in the direction of life. Please feel free to share this with any you think would benefit. Be well, Randy Clifford Youtube link: “Let Me Live” (Cry of the Unborn) Copyright © 2019 Randy Clifford All rights reserved. Photos obtained free from

Care Net offers compassion, help, and hope to women and men facing pregnancy decisions. Each day, 3,300 women wake up in America believing abortion is the only realistic solution to an unplanned pregnancy.

Not only does abortion end an innocent human life, it deeply affects many the many mothers, fathers, grandparents and others who regret their involvement in abortion. While legal and public policy efforts to curtail abortion are very important, Care Net's focus is on empowering women and men to make life-affirming choices. While legal efforts will continue for years to come, hundreds of lives are being saved every day through the personal connections made at pregnancy centers. We invite you to join us!

Our Care Net community page celebrates courageous life affirming choices and provides news and views on a wide variety of life issues. Join us and share your perspective, too.

Mission: Mission: Acknowledging that every human life begins at conception and is worthy of protection, Care Net offers compassion, hope, and help to anyone considering abortion by presenting them with realistic alternatives and Christ-centered support through our life-affirming network of pregnancy centers, organizations, and individuals. Vision: Care Net envisions a culture where women and men faced with pregnancy decisions are transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and empowered to choose life for their unborn children and abundant life for their families.

This teen's reaction to making the cheer squad will leave you with happy tears

Congratulations, Kayla!!! 🎉 Kayla, who has Down syndrome, competed against 25 other students for one of 20 spots on the squad.

Each Life in God's Kingdom is Indispensable - A Call to all Churches

“On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable…” (1 Corinthians 12:22)

"We live in a nation that aborts 90% of babies with a pre-natal diagnosis of Down Syndrome.

By denying unborn children the right to be born, we are not only snuffing out a life that God is forming in the womb, but we are NOT treating that part of Christ’s body as indispensable."

Read more at the link below. Why don't more churches address the topic of abortion? It's not easy, but is certainly necessary if we want our flocks to be shepherded well. Find out why....

Care Net Saved 823,359 Babies From Abortion

Care Net affiliated pregnancy centers are a vital part of their community and daily offer compassion, hope, and help to those making pregnancy decisions.

Every year, we release an impact report detailing the work of our centers to empower women and men in their pregnancy decisions and a community savings report highlighting the free services that pregnancy centers provide clients.

View the 2020 Impact and Community Savings reports below! During the past twelve years, 823,359 unborn children were saved from abortion due to the valiant efforts of our staff and volunteers.

Woman shares 10-week miscarriage photos to show humanity of baby

14 years ago, Brandy Hogue Plunkett miscarried her baby at just 10 weeks gestation.

On October 8, 2020, Brandy shared photos of her miscarried child " order to show the world the humanity of preborn children." "I feel like this is an incredible time to bring up the fact that anyone looking at this photo can easily tell this IS a baby," the baby's mother wrote.

Kamala Harris: A Radical Record on Abortion Rights

"...if elected, Kamala Harris would be a radical champion of abortion with little interest in reducing abortions in our country."

Read all about Harris' record of abortion advocacy at the link below. If elected, Kamala Harris would be a radical champion of abortion with little interest in reducing abortions in our country.

CareCast: Caring for People in a Careless Culture with Peter Heck

LISTEN: Care Net President and CEO Roland Warren sat down with Peter Heck shortly after his keynote speech at the Care Net National Conference and discussed how to effectively reach people in a culture that no longer values unborn life.

Listen in at the link below! In this episode of CareCast, Roland Warren sat down with Peter Heck and discussed how to effectively reach people in a culture that no longer values unborn life.

Woman finishes Bar exam while in labor and right after giving birth

INCREDIBLE: "A law school graduate has given the term 'supermom' a whole new meaning after completing the Illinois State Bar exam during labor and after delivery." Brianna Hill, 28, was taking part one of the two-part test on Oct. 5 when her water broke.

New Ad Campaign Promotes Small Families in Vancouver

A few weeks ago, controversial overpopulation ads started popping up in Vancouver, Canada portraying slogans such as: “The most loving gift you can give your first child is to not have another."

This agenda has a much different tone than the Bible and what the Lord says about human life and the preservation of creation.

Check out the link below to read more about the biblical response to overpopulation theories. When too many people are the “problem,” it doesn’t take long before certain lives no longer have value.

A Dozen Emotions, One Truth

"[Pregnancy Decision Line] get[s] a wide variety of calls, from women and men of all walks of life.

Married women who feel they can’t afford another baby.

Single men who desperately want to be dads but whose girlfriends want abortions.

Young women who fear or experience coercion or abuse from their boyfriends if their pregnancies are discovered.

The list goes on.

This is why YOU are so important." That’s exactly what I go through when I hear the calls that come into our Pregnancy Decision Line, our national pro-life hotline.

Pro-life Pregnancy Centers Served 2 Million People with Essential Medical, Education and Support Services in 2019 | Charlotte Lozier Institute

"Charlotte Lozier Institute, the research arm of Susan B. Anthony List, released the findings of a robust study of approximately 2,700 U.S. pregnancy calculate their extraordinary medical, education, support, and material service contributions in 2019."

Check out the extensive report below and discover the impact pregnancy centers have in their communities. Pro-life Pregnancy Centers Served 2 Million People with Essential Medical, Education and Support Services in 2019 Charlotte Lozier Institute  |  October 21, 2020. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 21, 2020   Contact: Prudence Robertson, [email protected], 240-672-2828 Pro-life Pregnancy Cente...

Bakersfield Pregnancy Center recognized as non-profit of the year

Care Net affiliate Bakersfield Pregnancy Center has been recognized as non-profit of the year for California's Senate District 16!

Check out the article below to read more about the impact this center has had in its local community over the past 35 years. A local non-profit is being recognized for its long-term commitment, leadership, and its services to the community.

CareCast: LIVE from the 2020 Care Net National Conference

LIVE from the 2020 Care Net National Conference!

In this special episode of CareCast, Care Net President and CEO Roland Warren along with COO Vince DiCaro discuss the overall purpose of the annual Care Net National Conference and its significance to the Pro Abundant Life movement.

Listen in at the link below!

#45yearsofcare In this special episode of CareCast, Roland and Vince discuss the overall purpose of the Care Net National Conference and its significance to the Pro Abundant Life movement.

You helped Callie choose life...when she thought she had no choice!

Callie* had 2 children and was pregnant with her third.

She was a single mom and had no idea how she could raise another baby on her own.

She thought abortion was her only option...until she saw an ad for Pregnancy Decision Line. Callie had one of the toughest jobs in the world: being a single mom. She already had two precious children when she found herself considering abortion.

8-year-old amputee gets an Iron Man 'Hero Arm'

WATCH: After having both legs and his right hand amputated due to a rare strep infection, 8-year-old Sam Halpern received and tested out his custom made, Marvel-themed "Hero Arm" for the first time!

Sam Halpern was fitted with a custom-made bionic arm at Shriners Hospital for Children.

Are Pregnancy Centers “Fake” Clinics?

"By definition, 'fake' means counterfeit, sham, hoax, or forgery.

To call a pregnancy center a 'fake' clinic couldn’t be further from the truth..."


Get the facts at the link below. Unlike abortion clinics, Care Net’s centers present women with all of their options so they can be fully informed about a decision that will impact their entire life.

When Sarah was born with craniofacial abnormalities, her doctor said 'she has a very special purpose'

Sarah Ewing was born with Apert syndrome, a genetic condition characterized by, “the premature closure of the bones of the skull."

The OB/GYN that delivered Sarah told her mom Jeannie, “Your daughter is a special chosen child of God and she has a very special purpose in this world.” When Sarah was born with abnormalities, the Ewings' loving and welcoming response to her impacted the doctor, who said she'd "never forget" that day.

Are your past sins hindering your parent/child relationship today?

"...spiritual growth is when you tell your children to not do something that you once did and you learned was not God’s best for you or that violated God’s principles.

This is like a parent saying, “once I was blind but now I see.”

Indeed, a blind man who receives his sight and helps others avoid a dangerous ditch that he once stumbled into is not a hypocrite. He’s a hero.

So, too, are parents who protect their children from repeating mistakes they made in the past." A blind man who receives his sight and helps others avoid a dangerous ditch that he once stumbled into is not a hypocrite. He’s a hero. So, too, are parents who protect their children from committing the sins they committed in the past.

Years ago, she chose open adoption for her baby girl. Today, they have a beautiful relationship.

16 years ago, Marlys Monet gave her baby girl up for adoption.

Marlys recalls, "I knew what was best for her and her future, and it simply wasn’t me being her mom..."

The two have since maintained a beautiful relationship through open adoption and spend time together weekly.

Read more about this mother-daughter duo at the link below! Placing her daughter for adoption was hard, but she has no regrets. "I gave her life, [her adoptive mom] gave her a future, and we both gave her hope."

How you helped a mother stand strong in her choice for life

Kayla* was excited to have a baby, even though her pregnancy hadn't come at the best time.

But when the father of her baby suggested abortion, Kayla began to question her choice for life.

Thankfully, Kayla called Pregnancy Decision Line and learned about the resources and support available to her in her community.

Read all about Kayla's pregnancy journey below! Kayla was distraught, but what could she do? She felt she had nowhere else to turn. Her family wasn’t in a position to support her, which left her feeling all alone with no foreseeable help. She reluctantly made an appointment at an abortion clinic. Abortion seemed inevitable, until YOU intervened...

The secret to effective communication? Knowing the 4 Ms!

These 4 "M" words can help YOU become a more effective communicator. We all want to be effective communicators with our families, friends, and coworkers. This is especially important when communicating the truth that every human life begins at conception and is worthy of protection. So, why do we communicate so poorly so often?

Miscarried at 19 weeks, baby Walter's life is changing the abortion debate

"In the summer of 2013, Walter Joshua Fretz was born at just 19 weeks’ gestation. He lived only moments, but his life has had a lasting impact." In the summer of 2013, Walter Joshua Fretz was born at just 19 weeks gestation. He lived only moments, but his life has had a lasting impact on the world.

Helping a Post-Abortive Woman Find Her Voice (and Keep It): The Toni Weisz Story

Toni Weisz uses her first hand post-abortive experience to help other woman in their journey towards healing and freedom.

Read Toni's full story at the link below! Toni Weisz asks hard questions with grace and compassion because she understands first hand the pain post-abortive people feel.

Abortion didn't save Candice from addiction. Her baby boy did.

Candice had given birth to her fourth child, Isiah, but knew she would lose custody of him because of her drug addiction. She had already lost custody of her other three children.

After baby Isiah was placed in foster care, Candice decided to change.

Read all about Candice's journey and story of redemption at the link below. While not everyone will overcome an addiction because of their baby, children don't deserve to die because of their mother's addictions.

Couple celebrates the homecoming of baby Millie, born premature at 23 weeks

"Baby Millie Bushell weighed just one pound and seven ounces when she was born prematurely in April at 23 weeks gestation.

After several months in the hospital, a number of surgeries, and seven infections, Millie has miraculously beaten the odds and is ready to leave the hospital behind." A couple is celebrating because their premature baby born at 23 weeks is home from the hospital. They lost their first daughter who was born at 24 weeks.

Top Ten Ways to Improve the State of Your Marriage

Improve the state of your marriage AND keep your marriage strong by practicing these 10 practical tips! Here are ten practical ways you can start improving the state of your marriage, today!

'Nobody Told Me': Book tells parents of children with Down syndrome of unexpected joys

The book "Nobody Told Me" was created by a parent-run Down syndrome advocacy group in the United Kingdom and tells of the "...reality that life with Down syndrome is much better than we’re often led to believe."

Learn more and get your free copy of "Nobody Told Me" at the link below! A book from a Down syndrome advocacy group aims to reassure new parents with the reality that life with Down syndrome is better than we're led to believe.

Why Care Net Doesn't Provide Contraceptives to Clients

WATCH: In this special statement from Care Net President and CEO Roland Warren, he explains why providing birth control would contradict Care Net's mission to empower clients to choose life for their unborn children and find abundant life in Christ.

Click the link below to watch the video! In this special statement, Care Net President & CEO Roland Warren explains why providing birth control would contradict Care Net's Gospel-centered mission.

Nation's largest abortion provider grieves the loss of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's preborn 'son'

Excellent point! Our humanity is based on what we intrinsically are, and our DNA - not on whether or not we are "wanted." Every preborn child is someone's son or daughter.

Why Discipleship is the Key to Ending Abortion

"The traditional tools of the trade in the pro-life movement – political advocacy and material support for pregnant women – are still necessary and important.

But...the long-term support and transformational power of discipleship are irreplaceable if we are to truly 'end abortion.'" Discipleship is irreplaceable if we are intent on making abortion unthinkable.

Are Christians Called to Be Tolerant? What would Jesus say?

Check out these 4 reasons why Christians are NOT called to be tolerant, but are called to love. Tolerance doesn’t require one to endure the cross for others.  Only love does. Indeed, love and tolerance are very different. Here are four reasons why.

Humanity of preborn children a common theme in stories of pregnancy loss produced a series called "Miscarriage Matters" that recounts nine women's experiences with pregnancy loss.

There was one common theme in each woman's story: the humanity of her preborn child. These women's experiences are a tender, poignant reminder of the fragility of life and its inestimable value at any age or stage.

Three Reasons You Shouldn't Discuss Abortion only on Facebook

Number 2 is SO important. What happens when most of our dialogue about abortion takes place on Facebook? We lose the opportunity to show God’s love while spreading God’s truth.

Justice for All

"So, it’s our privilege and passion to provide justice for the unborn and support for all the lives involved in an unplanned pregnancy by speaking, acting, collaborating, and serving.

Because every life matters to God, each life should matter to us." How should we display justice in a world that constantly changes definitions and in some cases values one life over another?

Abortion pill reversal saved her baby: 'I could never imagine my life without her'

Ayah was "terrified" when she found out she was pregnant.

Her first decision was to take the abortion pill.

Her second decision was to save her daughter's life. When Ayah first found out she was pregnant, she was "very terrified." Alone and without support, she decided that abortion was the only real option for her.

Couple wears original wedding attire in 60th anniversary photos

The secret to 60 years of marriage?

According to Lucille and Marvin Stone, you have to " hard and be kind to one another." Lucille and Marvin Stone of Kearney, Nebraska, wed on Aug. 21, 1960.

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