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Loudoun Physical Therapy is a physical therapist-owned practice that prides themselves on providing a family-like atmosphere, offering a high-level of personal attention, starting with the warm reception our patients receive when they first walk in the door, extending through the entire time of their treatment. We take the extra time to answer questions and work closely with both the patient and their healthcare provider so we can quickly get our patients on the path to recovery and back to their normal routine.

Loudoun Physical Therapy

Check out our newsletter for information on back pain and our staff highlight! #LoudounPhysicalTherapy https://online.flippingbook.com/view/711988/

Chronic pain can be defined as any pain persisting for longer than three months.

If you notice a lingering pain that won’t go away despite your best efforts, there’s a chance it could be from a deeper issue. We can help. #LoudounPhysicalTherapy

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We found out that we have made it into the Top 5 of Best of Loudoun for Physical Therapy Clinics!
Thank you for your support!
There is one more round of voting to secure the top spot. We are looking forward to your help to obtain that spot. Thanks for letting Loudoun County know who has helped you!


Start Feeling Like Yourself Quicker with Pre-hab PT - Loudoun PT

See how you can get back to life quicker with pre-hab! #LoudounPhysicalTherapy https://loudounpt.com/how-pre-hab-can-help-you-recover-more-quickly/(opens in a new tab)

loudounpt.com If you are preparing for a surgery and want to minimize the time you're out recovering then take the time for pre-surgical rehab sessions!

Hurry! Hurry! Today is the last day of voting!
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We are off today enjoying this day with our families. Will be in tomorrow to help you.

Repetitive strain injuries are among some of the most frequently sustained injuries.

They are especially common at this time of year, when your body is experiencing more physical activity with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Find relief over the holidays with PT. #LoudounPhysicalTherapy

It's the day before Christmas!
Are you like many of us who will be taking care of last minute preparations for a day with family & friends?
We are thankful that you are feeling better as a result of choosing us to help you. We wish you and your family a very happy holiday season!
While you are running around would you mind casting your vote today and tomorrow for our clinic?
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Back and neck pain are two of the most common issues that American adults experience. Not surprisingly, the two typically coincide with one another. If you are experiencing back or neck discomfort, we can help you find relief today.

Good morning to ALL our supporters! We want to say thank you for voting!
We really want to win this year again! The only way that is possible is with your help.
We work hard to help everyone that comes through our door to get back to being pain free and have their lifestyle back.
Thank you for letting us serve you and your family!
Let's let Loudoun County Know who you love!


Find Natural Pain Relief with Physical Therapy - Loudoun PT

Check out our blog post on how physical therapy is a safer alternative than medication after surgery! #LoudounPhysicalTherapy https://loudounpt.com/relieving-your-pain-the-natural-way-physical-therapy-as-the-safer-relief-alternative/

loudounpt.com Medication can only ever mask the pain, never actually get to the root of it. Physical therapy can help you find safe, lasting pain relief.


Check out Loudoun Physical Therapy.

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Thank you all for showing Loudoun Physical Therapy you support by voting for us starting today. You can vote once per day with email address that you own. First Round Voting starts today (now) and closes December 27, 2019.
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northernvatimes.secondstreetapp.com Best of Loudoun nominations are open!

Just a reminder that First Round Voting Starts This Friday Dec. 13 and closes Dec. 27.
We thank you so much for your votes on Friday!


Decrease Your Pain & Increase Energy with These Top Tips - Loudoun PT

Improve energy levels and do away with pain with these simple tips from our experts. https://loudounpt.com/decrease-your-pain-and-increase-your-energy-with-these-5-best-tips/ #loudounpt #physicaltherapy #choosept

loudounpt.com If you are experiencing daily aches and pains with low energy then these are the best tips for you! Find out how to decrease pain and increase energy.

Best of Loudoun is quickly approaching!
Voting begins December 13 2019.
We are looking forward to your support!

'Tis The Season...
We have chosen to help with LAWS, Loudoun Abused Women Shelter.
We have a large box for us all to donate items to LAWS.
What are the items we are looking for?
Gift Cards (fuel, Grocery, Walmart, Target)
Cell Phone Chargers (iPhone and Android)
Women's Pajama's (Sizes Sm, Md, Lg)
Kids Pajama's (Boys & Girls 12, 18, & 24)
Closed Toe Slippers (Women & Children)
Individual Snacks
New Unopened Toys
If you have other things that you would like to donate and want to know more details here is the link https://www.lcsj.org/

For many people, hip and knee pain can pose issues when trying to enjoy leisurely walks, climb up stairs, or bend down to retrieve a dropped item. If your hip or knee pain is limiting you from living the life you want, we’ll help you get moving freely once again! #loudounpt

We all hope that the food you eat tomorrow is as good as ours was!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Don't forget to do your exercises!
Now that is out of the way, we really appreciate you choosing to allow us to work with you on restoring your lifestyle and relieving your pain!
We have so much fun helping and watching how well you respond to the treatments we perform. We really enjoy the relationship that we develop with you.
We look forward to helping you get back to your life!


Suffering from Sciatica Pains? Find Relief Today! | Loudoun PT

How does physical therapy solve sciatica? Learn all about it in our latest blog: https://loudounpt.com/suffering-from-sciatica-pains-find-relief-today/ #sciaticpainrelief #loudounpt #choosept

loudounpt.com If your Sciatica pain is starting to have you feeling run down and unable to live to the fullest then start finding relief today!

If you are looking for a fun way to get moving and/or stay active, try a new sport! Exercise helps with pain relief and can get you moving away from a sedentary lifestyle. Trying out a new sport is an exciting way to adopt a new hobby while staying active. #exercise #loudounpt

We Have A Winner!
Well Oscar The Grouch who happens to love trash won the costume contest this year!
Oscar picked from a bowl of voters the winner of the Target gift card to start their Christmas shopping early!
Rose, dressed as Oscar and Joe B. were our winners!
Congratulation to you both!

Scoliosis, also known as an abnormal curvature of the spine, is a common condition that occurs in children around the age of puberty. Thankfully, there's a variety of solutions our physical therapists can provide to naturally improve the curvature of your spine. #choosept


9 Ways Stretching Can Improve Your Health & Wellness - Loudou Physical Therapy

Improving Your Health Is as simple as nailing down a routine, like adding 10 minutes a day for simple stretching. https://loudounpt.com/9-ways-stretching-can-improve-your-health-and-wellness/ #loudounpt #physicaltherapy #choosept

loudounpt.com Stretching can help you stay in shape, as well as work as an aid to prevent other athletic injuries, Book your appointment online today.

[11/08/19]   Halloween Costume Voting is about to close! Hurry and get your votes in now! Share with your friends to vote for your favorite staff costume!

Once you are diagnosed with sciatica, a physical therapist will work with you to manage and relieve the condition. This includes: Reducing sciatica pain, Improving motion, Increasing strength, & improving flexibility. #sciaticapainrelief #loudounpt #choosept

[11/04/19]   It is time for the Annual Loudoun Physical Therapy Halloween Costume Competition!
Chose which staff's costume you like best for your chance to win!

[11/04/19]   It is time for the Annual Loudoun Physical Therapy Halloween Costume Competition!
Chose which staff's costume you like best for your chance to win!

[11/04/19]   It is time for the Annual Loudoun Physical Therapy Halloween Costume Competition!
Choose which staff's costume you like best for your chance to win!

[11/04/19]   It is time for the Annual Loudoun Physical Therapy Halloween Costume Competition!
Choose which staff's costume you like best for your chance to win!

[11/04/19]   It is time for the Annual Loudoun Physical Therapy Halloween Costume Competition!
Choose which staff's costume you like best for your chance to win!

[11/04/19]   Vote for your favorite staff member's Halloween costume for your chance to win!

It is time for the Annual Loudoun Physical Therapy Halloween Costume Competition!
Choose which staff's costume you like best for your chance to win!

You use your hands, elbows, and shoulders hundreds of times throughout the day for both basic and complex tasks.
This can make it extremely difficult when living with arthritis, which limits your ability to move freely. Don't live with arthritis, #choosept #LoudounPT

Do you live with painful migraines? A spasm in the neck muscles could lead to constricted blood circulation, and therefore migraine headaches. If you’re looking for relief, we’ve got you - find out how you can live without pain today. #migraines #headaches #physicaltherapy

So tomorrow is the day you get to be who ever you want! Super hero's, cartoon characters, even our favorite...skeletons! Which by the way if your skeleton isn't functioning properly come in and show us, we can help!
If you are feeling super hero fine and witty like a cartoon character come also and get your picture taken with the Loudoun Physical Therapy Sesame Street gang!


Get Moving Once Again with Physical Therapy Leesburg, VA - Loudoun PT

Don't be held back by limited range of motion and pain this Fall. Enjoy the season and get moving with the help of simple exercise and physical therapy! https://loudounpt.com/get-moving-once-again-with-physical-therapy/ #choosept #loudounpt #naturalpainrelief #Fall

loudounpt.com Staying active is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestlye. Learn how physical Therapy can help with custom long term plans to keep you going.


9 Ways Stretching Can Improve Your Health and Wellness - Loudoun Physical Therapy

Now that Fall is here, colder temps mean that we have to warm up our cars, warm up our homes, and warm up our bodies prior to exercise.
Here is a link to some options that will help keep you moving while minimizing the opportunity for injury!

loudounpt.com Stretching can help you stay in shape, as well as work as an aid to prevent other athletic injuries, Book your appointment online today.

We had so much fun at the Lansdowne Fall Health & Wellness Expo.
The residents there, many who have been our patients came out to see us!
Thank you to all who came and spent time with us!

Thank you Ortho Virginian and Dr. Nathan Coleman for sharing with us the information about shoulder Injuries due to dislocations.
Dr. Coleman went into great detail about how he does his procedures to help repair severe shoulder injuries. Amazing results and passionate about helping people.
We thank you so much!

It's The Annual Loudoun Physical Therapy Halloween Costume Competition!
This is not only for us the staff to dress up but also for our patients both current and those who are better! Come on in October 31 and show off your costume and get some candy!

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