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Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross is a Northern Virginia law firm specializing in family law, civil litigation, criminal law, and personal injury law.

At Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross PLC, our core belief is the simple truth that people matter. Every issue, whether it is a divorce, child custody issue or a multi-million dollar business transaction, boils down to the interactions and relationships of individual people. All too often lawyers can reduce their clients to an income-expense sheet. We believe that the most successful attorneys and businesses are those that constantly recognize how much the people that they are working for matter. At Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross PLC people matter. You matter.


At BSGR we are experienced in all aspects of family law including divorce, collaborative divorce, child custody, mediation, visitation rights and property support among others. Our firm provides legal services throughout Northern Virginia and Frederick, MD. Check out our website to meet our attorneys and contact us for help in resolving your legal issues! #BSGRlaw #MeetTheTeam #familylaw ATTORNEYS MEET THE ATTORNEYS OF BECKMAN SCHMALZLE GEORGELAS & ROSS Spencer S. Beckman Email: [email protected] Spencer Beckman is a founding partner of the firm. His practice mainly focuses on family law, criminal law, and personal injury issues. He regularly practices throughout the Northern Vir...

Happy Fourth of July! Wishing you a safe and fun-filled holiday! #BSGRlaw

What Fireworks Are Legal In Virginia: Fourth Of July 2019

As you prepare for the holiday tomorrow, take the time to ensure that the fireworks you are using are safe and legal where you're at! #BSGRlaw #fireworks #FourthOfJuly As the fireworks season kicks off, here's a rundown on where fireworks are legal and where they're banned in Virginia.

What is Family Law? When do you Need a Family Lawyer? - BSGR

Family law is not limited to divorce and custody issues. Can you identify when you need a family lawyer? More on the blog. #BSGRlaw #familylaw #familylawyer At Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross PLC people matter. Whether it is a divorce, child custody or other family law issues, we can help. Call us today!

From now until the 29th, be sure to check out this traveling exhibit at the Loudoun Museum! You won't want to miss this free opportunity to learn more about history. #BSGRlaw #LoudounCounty #LoCoLiving

Everyone needs a will or a trust, which must be replaced or updated after certain life events including divorce. Estate planning is essential in order to protect your family and determine how your assets will be handled upon your death. Our attorneys are experienced in analyzing our clients’ estate planning needs. Contact BSGR to get yours started or modified! #BSGRlaw

Divorces spike in the summer. Here's how to prepare for the end, experts say

Summer is the season of fun and vacations, but apparently it's also peak divorce season. Here are some tips to help you prepare if you are going through a divorce: #BSGRlaw #divorce #familylaw #divorcetips With summer entering full swing, a spike in divorces may be just around the corner for some Americans. Here's how to plan for a marriage's end.

12 Virginia ABC-Related Laws Go Into Effect on July 1

Starting next month, 12 ABC-related laws will go into effect. Stay in the loop to know how this could potentially affect you or your business! #BSGRlaw #VirginiaLaw #AlcoholicBeverageControl #ABC Starting July 1, Virginia will enact 12 laws that impact the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority, its licensees and applicants for ABC licenses.

Tips for Finding a Good Divorce Lawyer - Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross

Finding a good lawyer is a must during the initial phase of your divorce. This will ensure that you are informed of the laws in your state, your rights, and that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible. Contact us if you need a divorce attorney! #BSGRlaw #divorce #familylaw #divorceattorney Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross PLC offers tips for finding a good divorce laywer. Divorce is a LEGAL process and it is important to get the right help.

Virginia car seat laws changing, what you need to know

The law regarding rear-facing car seats is changing soon in Virginia. Read up to stay informed and to keep your little ones as safe as possible in the car! #BSGRlaw #VirginiaLaw #childsafety Currently under Virginia law, kids can sit in a car seat facing forward when they're at least a year old. That all changes in about a week. “When the child is rear facing in the car seat, if there's any sort of front impact or side impact, the seat absorbs all the forces,” says Lt. Brand...

Man who won $30M lottery while in middle of divorce ordered to share winnings

Just a heads up if you ever win the lottery during your divorce.. #BSGRlaw #divorce #divorcenews #lottery PONTIAC, Mich. — A suburban Detroit man who was in the middle of a divorce when he won more than $30 million must share the lottery windfall with his ex-wife. The Michigan appeals court says a marr…

Gray Divorce: How Divorcing Later In Life Can Affect Your Retirement Plans

#GrayDivorce refers to a divorce that involves parties that are 50 or older. Do you know how divorcing later in life can affect your retirement plans? #BSGRlaw #graydivorce #retirement #familylaw If you are considering a divorce in the second half of your life, our best advice is to make this as collaborative an experience as possible.

Virginia restaurants can advertise their happy hour specials effective July 1

PSA for all local restaurants: Did you know that new rules regarding happy hour advertisements in Virginia go into effect on July 1? Read up to find out how this can change the way your business advertises happy hour! #BSGRlaw #VirginiaLaw #happyhour Effective July 1, restaurants in Virginia will be able to advertise their happy hour specials legally.

How does the court decide how marital property is divided in Virginia? Read up to find out!

This concludes our Divorce FAQs. If you have any other questions regarding your divorce or need legal assistance, contact us today! #BSGRlaw #familylaw #divorceattorney

How long do I Have to be Separated before I Can Get a Divorce in Virginia?

This is a question that we receive often! Check out our blog so we can dive a little deeper into this important question... #BSGRlaw #VirginiaLaw #divorce #familylaw How long do I Have to be Separated before I Can Get a Divorce in Virginia? Most likely you will have to be separated for one year, with a few exceptions...

Looking for some free family fun? Make your way to the Lansdowne Town Center this evening for their first Live at Lansdowne event of the summer! Check out their schedule to see what else they have going on in their summer lineup. #BSGRlaw #LoCoLiving #LoudounCounty

Governor signs 'Gigi's Law,' legislation sparked by alarming photo in Loudoun middle school classroom

“Gigi’s Law is a great example of the good that can happen when citizens and legislators work together.”

These are the types of changes we should see in our schools and our communities! #BSGRlaw #GigisLaw #VAlaw #LCPS #LoudounCounty Gov. Ralph Northam (D) has signed into law a bill that is being named after Loudoun County student Gigi Daniel-Zagorites, a nonverbal child with special needs who was photographed in

This unanimous decision against President Nixon resulted in this becoming a landmark case in Supreme Court history. Because of this case, any U.S. President cannot use executive privilege to withhold evidence from a criminal trial. #BSGRlaw #SupremeCourt #federallaw #history

Looking forward to this exhibit coming to the Loudoun Museum next month! Be sure to check it out while it's in town! #BSGRlaw #LoudounCounty #LoCoLiving

We are happy to host this traveling exhibit at the Loudoun Museum for the month of July! Make sure to stop in next month to read about this important history. We are open 10-4 every Friday-Sunday with free admission

Could mediation be the right divorce option for you and your spouse? #BSGRlaw #divorce #mediation #familylaw

Tips for Finding a Good Divorce Lawyer - Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross

Finding the right divorce lawyer to represent you during a difficult time is one of the several important things you have to consider before you start the process. Make it your goal to find an attorney that you feel comfortable with and who will listen with empathy and compassion, but whose ultimate goal is to resolve your legal issues quickly and with as little financial damage as possible. At BSGR, our team is ready to help you through your divorce! Visit our website for more information:

#BSGRlaw #attorney #divorce Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross PLC offers tips for finding a good divorce laywer. Divorce is a LEGAL process and it is important to get the right help.

Today, on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, we honor and remember the brave heroes who sacrificed their lives to help end World War II. #DDay #WW2

This famous Supreme Court case established that criminal suspects must be advised of their rights before being interrogated while in the custody of police. Today, we know these as the Miranda rights! #BSGRlaw #SupremeCourt #FederalLaw #MirandaRights

What's your best option in your divorce: settling or going to court? Read what we have to say and stay informed! #BSGRlaw #divorce #familylaw #divorceFAQ

Happy Monday! Here's some #MondayMotivation for you to start the week on a positive note. Keep working on your goals and you are one step closer to achieving them! #BSGRlaw #QOTD

If you and your spouse are going through a divorce and you have kids together, this is an important topic to consider! #BSGRlaw #childsupport #familylaw #divorce

Collaborative Divorce Approach - Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross

If you and your spouse can work cooperatively through your divorce, a #collaborativedivorce may be a good option for you! More on our blog. #BSGRlaw #lawblog #divorce #familylaw In a collaborative divorce, spouses and parents can finalize a divorce and resolve property disputes without stepping into a courtroom. Contact BSGR.

This famous Supreme Court case impacted our legal system by determining that lawsuits based on libel or defamation must show actual malice or recklessness. #BSGRlaw #SupremeCourt #FederalLaw #themoreyouknow #defamation

Walmart Grand Opening In Leesburg: Details, Bonus Celebration

The new Walmart in Leesburg is opening tomorrow. What a cool new addition to our community -- exciting to welcome an established business into their new location! #BSGRlaw #Walmart #LoCoLiving #GrandOpening More details have been released regarding the Wednesday, May 29, grand opening of the new Walmart at 19360 Compass Creek Parkway.

We honor those who gave all. Proud to be a part of this community.

#MemorialDay #LeesburgLiving #LoCoLiving #InsideLoudoun #BSGR

Today’s Memorial Day Ceremony in Historic Leesburg commemorated those who have lost their lives in battle while serving the United States of America. We honor those who have fallen.🇺🇸🇺🇸

All About Leesburg and Loudoun Town of Leesburg, Virginia Leesburg Now

Happy Memorial Day! As you enjoy your day off, take the time to remember and honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms. #BSGRlaw #MemorialDay #ThankYou

The Best Things to Do This Memorial Day Weekend in Washington, DC

Memorial Day is almost here! Here are some ways you can pay tribute to America's heroes and celebrate the start of summer this weekend. #BSGRlaw #MemorialDay #ThankYou #WashingtonDC #USA There’s no better place to spend Memorial Day weekend than Washington, DC. Memorials are our specialty, and DC celebrates with unique and meaningful events and exhibits designed to recognize the selfless service of our active duty military and veterans.

What about Fido? Protective Orders and Pet Custody in Virginia.

But what about Fido? More on the blog regarding protective orders and pet custody in the state of VA! #BSGRlaw #petcustody #VirginiaLaw Some new changes in the law have created an area where protective orders and pet custody in Virginia merge. Contact Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross PLC for more information!

This Supreme Court case shaped the legal system we have today by ruling unanimously that states are required under the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to provide an attorney to defendants in criminal cases who are unable to afford their own attorneys. #BSGRlaw #SupremeCourt #FederalLaw

Determining who will pay spousal support and what the amount will be is an important outcome of a marriage. If you're going through a divorce, it is important for both parties to understand what the financial implications will be after the divorce is finalized. #BSGRlaw #alimony #spousalsupport #divorce #divorceFAQ #familylaw

The only thing holding you back is yourself. Believe in what you're capable of, and get the job DONE! #BSGRlaw #motivationalquote #MondayMotivation #QOTD

A serious injury is a life-changing event. Following an accident, you may be out of work, dealing with pain in your everyday life, and worried about your future. You don’t have to face this situation alone. If you need a Loudoun personal injury lawyer, then we can help. Contact BSGR if you need legal assistance! #BSGRlaw #practiceareas #law #VirginiaLawyer #personalinjury

Divorce Options: Mediation and Collaborative Divorce-BSGR Law

Divorce options include mediation and collaborative divorce. These are two commonly confused options, but they each have their own aspects that make them unique. Inform yourself before making an important decision in your divorce! More on the blog. #BSGRlaw #LawBlog #divorce #familylaw #mediation #collaborativedivorce Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross’s primary practice area is family law. Contact our Family Law Attorneys to handle cases from complex divorces involving large marital estates to uncontested collaborative divorce.

Important Supreme Court decisions that were made many years ago laid the foundation for how our government operates today. Do you know your important court cases? #BSGRlaw #FederalLaw #SupremeCourt #history

Graduating from college and starting your first full-time jobs marks a great time for you to begin taking your personal finances seriously. Tag a recent college grad that can benefit from these quick tips! #BSGRlaw #collegegrad #personalfinance #financialtips


This can be one of the starting points of beginning the divorce process. Do you know the difference between a fault and no-fault divorce? We can help clarify that for you! #BSGRlaw #divorce #divorceFAQs #familylaw

Tips for Finding a Good Divorce Lawyer - Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross

When going through a divorce, you will need an attorney who has experience in family law and who is able to communicate with you and the judges in your court system. Our attorneys at BSGR are experienced in this area. Contact us if you need a divorce lawyer! #BSGRlaw #familylaw #divorce Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross PLC offers tips for finding a good divorce laywer. Divorce is a LEGAL process and it is important to get the right help.

What is Family Law? When do you Need a Family Lawyer? - BSGR

Family law is not limited to divorce and custody issues. There is a wide variety of areas that our attorneys can help you in. Read more on the blog! #BSGRlaw #LawBlog #familylaw At Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross PLC people matter. Whether it is a divorce, child custody or other family law issues, we can help. Call us today!

Once a week, we'll be sharing Supreme Court decisions that shaped our nation! Our legal system today is supported and reinforced by monumental decisions made by a court that realized the ripples their precedents would make in the future. #BSGRlaw #SupremeCourt #FederalLaw #history

Leesburg sixth-grader launches business to create affordable prosthetics

We love to see young ones spreading some good in our community! Mahsa's Limitless Limbs uses 3D printers to create affordable prosthetics. Very touching and inspiring -- check it out! #BSGRlaw #LoudounCounty #prosthetics What started with trinkets has turned into something that can improve lives.

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