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Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross is a Northern Virginia law firm specializing in family law, civil litigation, criminal law, and personal injury law.

At Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross PLC, our core belief is the simple truth that people matter. Every issue, whether it is a divorce, child custody issue or a multi-million dollar business transaction, boils down to the interactions and relationships of individual people. All too often lawyers can reduce their clients to an income-expense sheet. We believe that the most successful attorneys and businesses are those that constantly recognize how much the people that they are working for matter. At Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross PLC people matter. You matter.

Second Free COVID-19 Testing Event Monday - Loudoun Now

If you were hoping to get tested but weren't able to make it to the last free testing event, you have another chance on Monday.

#LoudounNow #LoudounCounty #Covid_19 #coronavirustesting #Leesburg #BSGR #newsyoucanuse Loudoun County has scheduled a second roundof free, drive-through testing for the virus that causes COVID-19 at Philip A. Bolen

Northam Mandates Face Coverings Starting Friday - Loudoun Now

As we tiptoe back to life as we know it, the rules are evolving. Stay informed!

#BSGR #strongertogether #LoudounCounty #Leesburg #newsyoucanuse #VaLaw #Covid_19 #coronavirus It appears Loudoun County and Northern Virginia will enter the Phase 1 reopening phase of the COVID-19 shutdown on Friday,

Small-scale, in-person graduations planned for Loudoun County Public Schools

This is a very difficult time for everyone, so it is good to see that some traditions can be modified to still commemorate a very important milestone. Congratulations graduating class of 2020!

#LCPS #strongertogether #Covid_19 #Graduation2020 #LoudounCounty Loudoun County Public Schools staff have coordinated with division principals to develop a plan for holding individual in-person graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020, according to LCPS Assistant Superintendent

An insider's guide to succeeding in law school⁠—even during the COVID-19 pandemic

To all those currently attending law school: this one's for you.
#BSGR #BSGRLaw #LawSchool #LegalPodcast #TipsToSucceed Andrew Guthrie Ferguson says that near the end of every school year, he has law students come into his office

Employment Considerations for Returning to Work

As talk of transitioning back to the workplace continues, it is important to know "there is not one right answer."
#BSGR #BSGRLaw #WorkingFromHome #WorkingFromTheOffice Employment law poses some of the most important compliance issues for businesses and their in-house counsel under the best of circumstances. During a pandemic, these issues become heightened. On Ma

Elizabeth Ross Discusses the Process and Importance of Making a Will

Hear from our own Elizabeth Ross about Wills for Heroes and why it's important for EVERYONE to have a will or trust.

#bsgr #willsforheroes #firstresponders #trust #legaladvice Elizabeth Ross, law partner at Beckman, Schmalzle, Georgelas, and Ross, is interviewed by Loudoun County Public Library about the process of making a will.

After-Corona Legal Careers: More Choice And Less Practice

COVID-19 has impacted the legal industry in a way that no one could have predicted, and will continue to impact the industry in the future. #BSGR #BSGRLaw #LegalNews The Coronavirus has simultaneously turned life upside down and provided a glimpse into the future. The legal industry is no exception. Here's a look at the new legal career in the after-Corona world. Spoiler alert: don't expect most lawyers to function the same way they used to. Here's why and how.

LoudounGo website launched for one-stop shopping of local farmers' market products

Thanks to these two local heroes, our community can continue to support our local small businesses and farms!
#BSGR #BSGRLaw #LoudounCounty #LoudounCountyNews #COVID_19 A team of Loudoun County business and marketing entrepreneurs have launched LoudounGo, a new website for ordering local produce, meat and other items typically sold at farmer markets.

Death and Your Social Media Presence - Advice from BSGR

ICYMI: Our latest blog can help you and your family determine what to do to protect your loved one's privacy after they pass. #BSGR #BSGRBlog #SocialMedia #BSGRAdvice Learn what to do you do with Social Media accounts when a loved one dies, and what can you do to plan for your future. Contact BSGR - we're here to help.

The Pandemic Has Slowed the Divorce Process. Here’s What to Expect.

The divorce process may be slowed down, but our partners at BSGR can help you determine what to do to prepare once the courts open back up. #BSGR #BSGRLaw #Divorce #DivorceDuringCOVID19 #MediationandDivorce Courts are closed or operating on a limited basis, complicating efforts to end a marriage or renegotiate spousal support.

Give Choose Clears $600K - Loudoun Now

We are so pleased to hear that our local non-profits will continue to thrive from the generous donations of our community. #BSGR #BSGRLaw #LoudounCounty #LoudounCountyNonProfit #GiveChoose2020 Give Choose, Loudoun’s annual day of nonprofit giving, raised more than $603,000, nearly doubling last year’s total of around $327,000.

Divorce at a Time of Crisis | Washingtonian (DC)

"The first thing to know is that you don’t need to wait to start talking to an attorney, even during the coronavirus pandemic. Many law firms are still open, and you can consult with a lawyer virtually or on the phone." We are here to help you. #BSGR #BSGRLaw #Divorce #FamilyLaw #DivorceDuringCOVID19 People have been dealing with a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety lately, and many couples have suddenly found themselves spending a lot more time

Death and Your Social Media Presence - Advice from BSGR

We are living in unprecedented times and as much as we are doing to abide by the regulations and protocols, life goes on. It is important to know what really happens to the social media of your loved ones once they pass, and what you can do to ensure the accounts privacy.
#BSGR #BSGRLaw #BSGRBlog #SocialMedia Learn what to do you do with Social Media accounts when a loved one dies, and what can you do to plan for your future. Contact BSGR - we're here to help.

Readers Have Reported So Many Good Deeds, We Can Barely Keep Up; Here's 10 to Get You Through the Day

We could all use a dose of good news: here are 10 good deed stories to get you through your Friday. #BSGR #BSGRLaw #GoodNew #GoodNewsNetwork These are just 10 of the sweet submissions of good deeds that GNN readers have been sending us since the start of the novel coronavirus outbreaks.

First state plans for online bar exam if in-person test is not possible

The Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners may be setting a new standard for bar exams of the future. #BSGR #BSGRLaw #BarExam #MassachusettsBoardofBarExaminers If the novel coronavirus pandemic prevents a bar exam from being safely administered in person, the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners will offer an online test, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court announced Thursday.

Mediation in Family Law Cases During COVID-19

Lawyers are finding new ways to help their clients navigate their family law cases as we all stay at home.
#BSGR #BSGRLaw #Mediation #Divorce #FamilyLaw Many family law attorneys would argue that alternative dispute resolution (ADR) formats such as mediation, arbitration and collaboration are more effective than litigation in family law cases. Due to

Maryland Teens Go On Grocery Store Runs for Seniors and Vulnerable Neighbors Amid COVID-19 Fears

We have heroes all around us. #BSGR #BSGRLaw #LocalHeroes Two high school students, Matthew Casertano and Dhruv Pai used their time off from classes to deliver groceries to their neighbors in self-isolation.

The impact of COVID-19: Family law

While we all figure out our "new normal", let us help you figure out your "new normal" in your family law case. Remember, we can still be reached on our office phones.
#BSGR #BSGRLaw #AttorneyFromHome #FamilyLaw The novel coronavirus was declared a worldwide pandemic on March 11. Since then restaurants have closed, schools have shut down and millions of Americans are now working from home, if they’re lucky…

Pantry Project Expands to Offer Drive-Through Meals - Loudoun Now

The Ampersand Pantry Project is offering a great resource for those in need. Make sure to spread the word! #BSGR #LoudounCounty #TheAmpersandPantryProject #COVID_19 Leesburg Attorney Peter Burnett has decades of experience finding creative ways to improve Loudoun’s safety net services. His latest venture

How you can write a legal will from home

Some of your legal documents can still be changed while we are practicing social distancing, just make sure to check them over with your attorney once offices re-open. #BSGR #BSGRLaw #LegalDocuments #LegalDocumentsFromHome It doesn't take a lawyer to get your affairs in order. Here's how you can cover your bases.

16-Year-Old Has Been Using His Flying Lessons to Deliver Medical Supplies to Rural Hospitals Fighting COVID

Not all (local) heroes wear capes, some of them fly planes. #BSGR #BSGRLaw #LocalHero #Virginia #Maryland TJ Kim has been using his time off from school to focus on his flying lessons and flying much-needed medical masks and gowns to Virginia hospitals.

Work-from-Home Lessons from a Veteran Virtual Worker

Working from home has become the new normal. For all those who may be struggling with work-life balance Randy Labuzinski has some tips from his experience as a "veteran virtual worker." #BSGR #BSGRLaw #WorkingFromHome #VirtualWorking To all of my law firm marketing and PR colleagues, lawyers, and other law firm professionals who are working from home (or “WFH” — the new trending acronym — or so I’m to

Choose Your Quarantine House: Legal Edition

Whose house would you choose?
(finding humor in a very unfunny situation...)

#BSGR #BSGRLaw #ChoooseYourQuarantineHouse Find out what happens when lawyers stop being polite...

Helpful graphic from the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office. Nerves are frayed and on edge. If in doubt, read this FIRST before calling the Sheriff's office. Help them help us.

#LoudounCounty #Leesburg #LoCoSheriff #neighborshelpingneighbors #stayinformed #Covid_19

They were just about to open their doors in Loudoun County. Then coronavirus shut down the nation.

Leesburg will be here, ready to eat, when the nation opens up for business again. (Looking particularly forward to Buford's Biscuits, in walking distance from our offices!)

#eatlocal #downtownLeesburg #Leesburg #supportsmallbusiness #comfortfood #BSGR #goodnews Monica Pindell was set to open her new dessert house and gift shop, Mocatinas, on April 3—to coincide with Leesburg’s First Friday.

Loudoun residents donate more than 4,000 PPE items to local health care providers

Way to go #LoudounCounty, helping our boots-on-the-ground heroes.

#goodnews #covid_19 #neighborshelpingneighbors #healthcareheroes #BSGR #themoreyouknow #Leesburg Loudoun County officials say local residents are responding to the call for personal protective equipment donations during the coronavirus pandemic.

Loudoun County COVID-19 GeoHub

Great resource for Loudoun County residents. Everything in one place. Spread the word.

#LoCo #LoudounCounty #stayinformed #Covid_19 #BSGR #neighborshelpingneighbors Maps & GIS Resources Relevant to the COVID-19 Pandemic

What’s Allowed in DC, Maryland, Virginia Under Stay-at-Home Orders

The More You Know: In light of the Stay at Home orders in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, make sure you know what is allowed under these new policies.
#BSGR #BSGRLaw #StayAtHome #DC #Maryland #Virginia The leaders of Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia announced stay-at-home orders on Monday as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in the capital region. The orders now give law enforcement enhanced ability to enforce social distancing guidance that have been in place for weeks, inc...

Just Keep Moving. And Sometimes, Double Your Distance

We may have restrictions right now, but there IS some good news for those of us who look forward to a bit of exercise. Keep moving, but let's be smart about it.

#Covid_19 #keepmoving #BSGR #themoreyouknow #stayinformed #NPR People sheltering-in-place because of the coronavirus are looking for ways to stay fit. Solitary ideas like pushups and treadmills are good ideas. But if you need to get outside, here are some tips.

Co-parenting in the coronavirus pandemic: A family law scholar’s advice - The Southern Maryland Chronicle

"As millions of people around the world practice social distancing and self-quarantine, they are separating themselves from everyone but their immediate family members. However, for divorced or separated parents who share custody of their children, the definition of “immediate family” isn’t obvious."
#BSGR #BSGRLaw #FamilyLaw As millions of people around the world practice social distancing and self-quarantine, they are separating themselves from everyone but their

Loudoun County Public Schools Community Meal Service App

In case you or anyone else you know are in need of meals for children during this time, use this map to keep track of the Loudoun County Public Schools meal service sites around the county.

#BSGR #BSGRLaw #LoudounCounty #LoudounCountyPublicSchools #COVID19 Use this app to find the closest LCPS Community Meal Service Stop

UPDATE: Make sure you know the status update for #ListenForTheHonk with Mobile Hope

#BSGR #MobileHope #LoudounCounty

New Schedule for #ListenForTheHonk! More food, fewer encounters to #FlattenTheCurve in #LoudounCountyVA English and Spanish versions...please share!

Thank you Loudoun Hunger Relief for doing what you can to help our community in this time of need.

#BSGR #LoudounHungerRelief #LoudounCounty

We are getting calls searching for resources in this time of hardship for so many. The best option to find the resource you need is to contact Loudoun County Information Referral Services at 703-777-0420. We're also posting a list of potential food resources here.
If you have children that need food, please take them to get breakfast and lunch from your local school. Check out for more information on locations and times or call 571-252-6499.
If you are senior/older adult in need of assistance, please call the Loudoun County Information and Referral Helpline at 703-777-0420.
For general assistance and information you can also call the Information & Referral Helpline at 703-777-0420.
If you live out of Loudoun County, try this resource:

The office may be closed, but you can still reach us!

#BSGR #BSGRLaw #BSGRLeesburg #COVID19 #WorkingFromHome

Helpful Advice From Sterk Family Law: Budgeting During A Crisis

It's important to maintain a budget during a crisis when you face the unknown.

#BSGR #BSGRLaw #FamilyLaw #FamilyBudget One of your neighbors posted in Neighbor Posts. Click through to read what they have to say. (The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.)

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