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It’s STAGED ENVY® Wednesday...
Pawprints 🐾 Pets 🐕 🐈 and Prep!

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April Fools’ Edition - Time to Tame Your Frames
It’s STAGED ENVY® Wednesday... April Fools’ Day is the perfect day for this staging tip of mine and it’s Easier Done Than Said!!! If you are listing your home for sale soon, then It’s Time to Tame Your Frames! Getting your frames done now will ensure that you don’t run out of time to accomplish this important checklist item later. If you’re like most people, you have framed pictures of your family members on various walls in your home and typically they are hung in a gallery wall arrangement. Not to fear...I have a little trick that will Fool prospective buyers and will save you oodles of time in Taming Your Frames!

It’s STAGED ENVY® Wednesday...
It’s STAGED ENVY® Wednesday... and Today’s Tip is Better than Butter if you are prepping your home for sale in the near or even not so near future! And if you can’t wait until Quarantine 2020 is over to start your decluttering - do not fear! Virtual STAGED ENVY® is here!!!

It’s STAGED ENVY® Wednesday... Zhuzh It Up!!!
It’s STAGED ENVY® Wednesday... Feeling Stir Crazy From Social Distancing? Everyone at home have you climbing the walls?Then let’s get Zhuzhing!!! Just think positively and be proactive with yourself, your interior and your exterior! Its’s Time to Check Your Deck or Patio or Porch... Tomorrow and Friday’s warm temperatures will be perfect for getting much needed fresh air, some sunshine and your outdoor spaces Zhuzhed Up and ready for Social Distance Gatherings and the Official First Day of Spring tomorrow!

Zhuzhing for Listing Pics is So Essential!!!
Why do I feel warm and fuzzy on this chilly, rainy day? Off to zhuzh a house to ensure some amazing listing pics!!!

Show Your Walls Some Love! ❤️
Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody! It’s a sweet day to show your love - especially to your home! I shot this video two years ago on Valentine’s Day and it’s all about Showing Your Walls Some Love with Paint Colors! I’ve connected with so many of you since then that I wanted to share this again! Hope you enjoy and get inspired to color up your home!

All The Poinsettias!!! Lush & Lovely Holiday Décor Time! Friday Finds on Black Friday can be some of the best all year - and my number one all-time favorite Black Friday Find is lush & lovely poinsettias in all kinds of colors and varieties! My early, early morning venture to our local home improvement store - the morning after Thanksgiving - is only possible for me when I think about all of the gorgeous Décor I will be forgoing if I don’t get up and out the door! So if you are a poinsettia lover like I am or if you want to be but are intimidated by how to care for them - watch my video and learn my time honored tips and tricks on how to bring them home treat them with care and maintain their lush and lovely leaves from now throughout the Holidays and into the New Year! I’ve been doing it successfully for over 25 Years!

Friendly Request Friday!!! I’m honored to serve as the Co-Chair for the Dulles Area Association of Realtors® (DAAR) Community Services Committee and I’d love a little help! DAAR’s Winter Warmth Campaign is collecting gently used coats, hats, gloves, scarves and twin bed sheets for four Loudoun County Organizations: Mobile Hope, Loudoun County Cold Weather Shelter, Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter & Loudoun County’s Homeless Shelter. Please look through your closets and storage today, tomorrow and this weekend and bring any of the items I mentioned to DAAR’s Office at 21720 Red Rum Drive #177 Ashburn VA 20147 by November 18th. Your generosity will truly make an incredible difference!

Super jazzed to watch my hubby take a flight in a Cessna Skyhawk! AV-ED Flight School, Inc.

It’s STAGED ENVY® Wednesday... and STAGED ENVY®s Fourth Anniversary!!!! #loudounpossible #anniversary #grateful #thankful #realestate #homestaging #certifiedinteriordecorator #interiordecorator #paintcolorconsultant #colorconsultation #accreditedstagingprofessional #stagingprofessional #loudouncounty #loudoun #loveloudoun #loudouncountyva #stagedenvy #stagedenvyinteriors

It’s STAGED ENVY® Wednesday... Flashback Friday Edition! Due to the Facebook blackout Wednesday, I couldn’t post this cheery message about freshening up from Winter with a touch of Green 🍃 so enjoy today’s flashback! #stpattysday #stagedenvy

Excited to reach over 400 likes on STAGED ENVY®s page!!! Thank You So Much For Your Support! If you haven't liked or followed yet - please do!

It’s STAGED ENVY® Wednesday... Bring on 2019 Advice, Tips & Tricks!!!

So Best of Loudoun 2019 First Round Voting Ends Tonight At Midnight! If you haven't gotten a chance to vote for STAGED ENVY® yet - now is the time to help this Boutique "Best In Class" Business make it to the Final Round! Super grateful and excited to be nominated and proud to represent Loudoun County's Small Business Community! Go to Home and Garden - Home Staging Company - STAGED ENVY®

Saturday Sips at Six with Dianne Buckley
Daylight deprivation got you down already? Well, lighten up with this!!! Try my Thyme Flies Pomtastic Martini from this past Saturday Sips at Six! Get a few delicious ideas on how to incorporate some antioxidant/feel good nutrition into your down time! Watch how it's made and get the recipe here: and be sure to like and follow me @stagedenvyllc Staged Envy LLC like and follow @insideloudoun Inside Loudoun and subscribe to Inside Loudoun on Youtube for some amazing videos about all things Loudoun!

STAGED ENVY® Saturday Sips at Six... now with INSIDE LOUDOUN!!!
Exciting news for STAGED ENVY®!!! Check out this fun video from last Saturday night with INSIDE LOUDOUN!!! I will now be a weekly contributer with my Signature Cocktail Blog Saturday Sips at Six... Looking forward to many more interesting and original Loudoun inspired cocktail posts! Super happy to be collaborating with such a great trio of creators!

It’s STAGED ENVY® Wednesday... Poolside Edition! 😎 With school starting and fall drawing near, don’t lose that summer time relaxing vibe. Start thinking now how to incorporate your favorite summer hues and images of the places and those precious memories you love most, in a gallery wall or with deeper, richer shades for your Fall Decor!!! #summertimevibes #relaxingvibes #summerhues #summermemories #favoriteplaces #pooltime #deepershades #richershades #gallerywall #preciousmemories #stagedenvy

It’s STAGED ENVY® Wednesday... Pawprints 🐾 Pets 🐕 🐈 and Prep! #houseprep #stagingprep #listingprep #pawprints #stagingwithpets #listingwithpets #stashyourstuff #gateorcrate #gateorcrateyourpet #furandfragrance #cleancleanclean #stagedenvy

It’s STAGED ENVY® Wednesday... Before and After Project Pics! #beforeandafterpics #projectpics #differentperspective #augustfirst #bigreveals #homeprojects #homeimprovement #decorandmore #workinprogress #stagedenvy

It’s STAGED ENVY® Wednesday... And a new house for a young family means new paint colors throughout!!! #paintcolorconsult #newhousenewpaint #homeprojects #homeimprovement #decorandmore #workinprogress #stagedenvy

It's STAGED ENVY'S THIRD ANNIVERSARY!!! I'm so appreciative, grateful and thankful for the wonderful people of Loudoun County who have helped make my dream of creating beautiful spaces a reality. Thank you so much for all of your support - I can honestly say that my clients and colleagues are truly my friends! #stagedenvy #loudounpossible #workanniversary #livingthedream

Due to tech issues - It’s Throwback Thursday to STAGED ENVY ® Wednesday...

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