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I see a set of these in our future.

I don't use paper gift wrap anymore. A few years ago I made a bunch of these fabric bags with ribbons built in and I've never looked back. It makes both wrapping and post-unwrapping cleanup a breeze. :-) Here's a free tutorial showing how. >>Reusable Christmas Gift Bags | Shiny Happy World

SBS Australia

This software engineer from Melbourne managed to 'hack' an old sewing machine to create this stunning knitted map of the stars.

How cute is this? 🥧💕➰

If you need a slice of pie with no calories, these silk scarf kits are just in order! #yarnability #silk3wayscarf

ABC News


❤️ 🐙 Watch how these little hand-crocheted octopuses are making a difference to premature babies and their parents.

[08/05/18]   I am confident there is some sort of witchcraft involved in creating these pom poms.

#diy #yarncraft #pompom

Cutthroat Yarn

All yarn (not Cutthroat Brand) 50% off today and tomorrow.
We also have some used spinning wheels that need a home!


New prints for our new location (including a street map) are available at the shop.

Knit Aid USA

The initial US collection date is January 28, with another TBA in February. Time to get to work! Knit Aid is an initiative to help knitters help others in need. Knitting patterns, knit kits and workshops. Join us!

Scary Mommy

Heart. Melting.

I know some people who will like this... :)

The hat every little girl is going to want! Poppy pattern from Just crafting around!

I love this idea!

"We started this tablecloth in 2000. It has the names of everyone we've shared Thanksgiving with each year. Each year is a different color. I am so grateful to have the signatures of those who have left us. . . mom, David's dad, our daughter Mary. It has scribbles of grands and special messages. Everyone signs it at our Thanksgiving and then I embroider it each year and it is quite a treasure to me. Along the edge is a key of what color goes with what year. Thanksgiving is this weekend at our house so we are ready for a new set of signatures." ❤️


A Love What Matters Original Story

Credit: Deb Mills

Instagram photo by Liz 🐝 • Sep 19, 2016 at 5:47am UTC

A little something for a coworker's new baby! See this Instagram photo by @craftiebee

Playin' Hooky Designs

PSA: Don't undersell yourself, your time, and your work!!

I made this based on an actual comment directed to one of my fans by her customer. Sometimes they don't understand because "you'll be crocheting anyway", but handmade takes skill, time, and love - you are worth it! Like if you agree!

Instagram photo by Liz 🐝 • Aug 22, 2016 at 12:33am UTC

If you can't reach what you need, reach for the yarn instead! See this Instagram photo by @craftiebee


Happy International Beer Day! :D I've got just the crochet pattern for that:

A girl and a glue gun

super dead.

The Peyton Heart Project

Dear spinners of magic-

You know who you are. You are the beautiful souls who spend countless hours of your time making beautiful hearts. Every chance you get you pull your bag of yarn out and begin to weave your magic into hearts. You make hearts that you know will end up in the hands of strangers and you may never find out what happens to those hearts, but still you continue to make them. You weave a little bit of your soul into each one of those hearts. You know that every heart you make has the potential to be found by someone who is on the brink of despair. They could be looking for a sign to live one more day on the day that they find your heart. That heart that you are about to make could be that sign. So, you hold the yarn ever so gently in your hands and you thank your lucky stars that you survived your suicide attempt(s) all those years ago. Because now you are a weaver of hope for those who don’t know if they can bear to take another breath. You’ve been there.

Or maybe every heart you make helps you heal from the tragic loss of a loved one. It is in their memory that the hearts you create are born.

We all have our own unique story that has brought us to the Peyton Heart Project. In the end we have one common goal and that is to make the world a kinder place.

I have compiled this photo album that shows the many people, along with a few happy pets, we have made smile during our first year. If you ever wonder if your efforts are worthwhile please take a look in this album.

Thank you for your help bringing more love into the world. I hope you will continue helping us expand in the coming year. There are amazing things ahead for us. I can feel it.

Save Time In A Bauble

Christmas In July sale going on now until August 1st!

The Yarn Basket

Time for a trip to Chambersburg!

3rd Annual Porch Sale at The Yarn Basket

Instagram photo by All Night Knits • Jun 23, 2016 at 11:26pm UTC

Your good deed story of the day: See this Instagram photo by @allnightknitter • 33 likes

The Peyton Heart Project

Hey crocheters and knitters! The Peyton Heart Project's HQ in NJ is beginning to run low on hearts! If you could please send us hearts in the following colors we would appreciate it. Hearts in red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, pink, and any bright variegated yarn as well are needed. We can put the tags on but please be sure to put a closed off loop on the top of every heart. Lately, many people have been sending us envelopes with stamps so that we can send them hearts in return for them to scatter hearts in their town. We do this for people who do not know how to crochet. However, lately, we have begun to run low on hearts and I am concerned that we will run out in the coming weeks. If dozens of you could please help make us as many hearts as possible it will allow us to continue doing what we need to do to keep this project going. Please send the hearts to: PO Box 2374, Morristown, NJ 07962-2374. Thank you! #crochet #knit #peytonheartproject

Remember, you can also make hearts this way:

A little creating for the weekend. What are you up to?

How adorable is this? 🍦

It's time to begin the Cupcake Set Mini CAL! :D Part 1 of the Cupcake Baby Blanket is up now at - tell your friends!

Yarnstorm for Mind with the Oxford Drunken Knitwits | The Yarn Loop

Handmade flowers for a cause! 💐

"Can you help create a garden of crocheted flowers, leaves and wildlife along the fence of Oxford’s Radcliffe Camera, in aid of Mind? See for how you can get involved."

The Peyton Heart Project

In case you were wondering what 12,000 crocheted hearts look like, this should help give you an idea. We bought this wagon so that our volunteer has a way to bring the hearts through the NYC march since there are so many hearts now. These hearts were all made in memory of Tyler Clementi. Tyler Clementi Foundation

This is the tea cosy that will actually get me to work up a tea cosy. 🐌


Happy, happy Monday morning. The week looms before me full of possibilities. Have lots to do this week, most of it pleasant, so ready to roll up my sleeves and get started.

Saw this tea cozy this morning and it so tickled my fancy that I'm still giggling :)

I must be honest, I'm not sure that this project isn't outside my crocheting capabilities. First, there aren't specific directions. The designer helps you make adjustments to fit your own unique pot. Second, it's in Russian, which of course can be translated, but because translations can be a bit wonky, there will be a bit of "filling in the blanks" to get it done.

So, here's my assessment... if you are a good crocheter, I'm thinking you could muddle your way through this. There are tons of photos and charts so between those and the translated words I think it is doable.

Anyway, it brought a bigger smile to my already smiling face... remember, I LOVE Mondays, and I hope it makes you smile, too!


Photo from Anya "Anyutkiny uyutki" on LiveMaster.Ru

Simply Crochet

I love yarn bombing in general, but this is something special.

Crochet in memory of Prince

How adorable is this??

My top-selling crochet pattern by far for 2016 has been the Roly Poly Teddy Blankets. Thanks for making it so popular! :) I've put it on sale again for $3.00, in case anyone had missed out. Have a beautiful weekend!

1200 crocheted hearts, and a kind word - it is amazing what only 6 people can do.

Waterford, Wisconsin

"I found out about your project in February. I am a high school teacher and shared it with a student. We brought the idea to our Diversity and AHANA groups at our school and decided to do the project in connection with our "Words Hurt" campaign that is occurring this week. So, two students, four staff members crocheted 1,200 hearts and we attached the Peyton quotes today. We hung one from every student’s locker so that when they arrive tomorrow they will have "positive words" to help them through their day. So proud - just had to share. This took place at Waterford Union High School in Waterford, Wisconsin. I am looking forward to the students' reactions tomorrow when they come into school (we hung them all after they left for the day- so, it will be a surprise). Thank you so much for starting this project and this is going viral. We are currently making more hearts to bring the idea to a state convention the students are attending next week."

Someone has been busy over at Off the Hook East Coast!

102 peacock feathers in the process of being pressed and prepped to be sewn onto the blanket! Whew!

Wee Folk Art


ANYONE who has EVER worked with embroidery floss knows what a floss nest looks like... or at least that is what I call them. It's the mess of floss that inevitably gets created when you are working with a lot of colors, pulling a little of this color, removing 2 strands from 6 strands of floss, or the snippets of thread that are left over that are too long to throw away but you might not need again for a bit.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but in this case it is also the mom to purrrre cuteness!

Grab a couple pieces of card stock and before you know it, you'll have a litter of colorful kitties to keep you company while you are working and at the same time, stop those nasty tangled heaps of embroidery floss from occurring.

Visit Little White Whale for directions.


Photo from Little White Whale

It's a coaster kind of day!

Cutthroat Yarn of the Month

Something to look forward to in May! Explore our vibrant colorways and luscious yarns by joining the Cutthroat Yarn of the Month from May through July! As a member of the yarn of the month club, you'll receive surprise color way skein of hand dyed yarn (guaranteed with more yardage than our standard skeins because you're part of the C…

Eco-Friendly Yarns - Happily Hooked In our last blog post we talked a little bit about organic, recycled, and alternative fiber yarns. Today, I’d like to share some exciting yarn finds with all of you that fit into each of those categories.  Enjoy!  Organic Yarns Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton in French Blue Simply Cotton Organic Wors…

Win This Happy Crochet Hook! Check back on Friday at 4 pm PST to see if you've won, and for details to claim your prize! Thanks to Valley Yarns for the awesome yarn used in this challenge, and to Happy Crochet Hooks for donating our prize!

Time to get busy! :)

March is National Crochet Month! Happy Hooking!

Enjoy your Sunday, whatever you are doing.

Happy Valentine's Day! XOXO

Needlework is everywhere 😀

Captain patches ✅

Go inside the #Packers sewing room:

Pattern: Eyelet Cowl | lizzieBee crafty

Pattern: Eyelet Cowl

New release! I finally finished the pattern for my Eyelet Cowl. :)

Find it on my blog here:

Handmade Scarf Swap - The goods! | lizzieBee crafty

Read: blog post about the Sewbon scarf swap last year. :)

Lizzie Bee Crafty's cover photo

Cutthroat Yarn

Our annual charity drive for hand knitted and crocheted garments is underway. For each item you donate (up to 5 items), you will receive a 20% off coupon! We are looking for never worn items-- hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, etc. for all sizes adult to baby.
Please consider donating to this cause before December 20th!

12 Weeks Of Gifting For one week only: download the Winter Woodland Mittens, shown above, for free (reg. $4.99) Check back next week for a new pattern to keep your holiday crafting inspired and fun!

Very cool :)

#fbf to when I made a coat for sweet little Esther the Wonder Pig! And today also marks the one year anniversary of when Esther and her family took ownership of the farm that would become the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary! Happy Anniversary Derek, Steve and Esther! I love following your adventures

Check out the sale over at Playin' Hooky Designs!

"It's my birthday so help me celebrate! Take 40% off any pattern in my Ravelry store, no code required. Happppeeeee birthday to me!

BONUS: Tag a friend in the comments below. Tomorrow I'll randomly pick one comment - you AND your friend will win 3 free patterns! Tag multiple friends in separate comments."

It's my birthday so help me celebrate! Take 40% off any pattern in my Ravelry store, no code required. Happppeeeee birthday to me!

BONUS: Tag a friend in the comments below. Tomorrow I'll randomly pick one comment - you AND your friend will win 3 free patterns! Tag multiple friends in separate comments.

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