Campbell Flannery, PC

Campbell Flannery, PC

Campbell Flannery, P.C. is a law firm located in the Village at Leesburg.

Campbell Flannery, P.C. is an established law firm dedicated to helping families plan for the future through estate planning. Our goal is to create a comprehensive will and estate plan that provides peace of mind and protects children and grandchildren. Clients trust us to enact a plan that will successfully transfer assets, appoint guardians, manage assets, diminish estate taxation, and allow for the management of property in the event of disability. Our practice areas also include civil litigation, complex transactions, land use, criminal and traffic matters, and business and consumer bankruptcy.

Life events that impact your estate plan |

Every mile stone in life might come with the necessary changes to your estate plan. Make sure your plan is up to date and relevant. GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.- Life is ever-changing, and so are your estate-planning needs. Dan Ament, Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley joins us some life events that often create the need to reevaluate your will and related documents.

Estate Planning Checkup: 3 Items to Review Now

Are you up to date on your estate plan? Call us to make an appointment for a free consultation! If your relationships have changed, you may need an update.

Blizzard Health Hazards: Health Tips for Staying Safe in the Snow | WLEC

Stay safe this weekend everyone! Blizzard Health Hazards: Health Tips for Staying Safe in the Snow iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — It may not be a polar vortex but weather forecasts are calling for heavy snowfall, ice and freezing temperatures for much of the country later this week. The weather is not only a headache for commuters b…

Just the Two of Us: Estate Planning for the Childless Dual-Income Household

Every type of family needs to plan. Here's some tips for couples without children. If you've had the privilege of hanging around a group of excited estate planners, at one point or another the abbreviation "DINK" may have been thrown into the conversation. For those wh

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!

Give your family the gift of security by updating or drafting your estate plan. Give us a call to make an appointment for a free consultation!

Estate Planning for the Never-Married

Estate Planning is something to consider whether you're married or single. More Americans are staying single and childless. Without an immediate family, to whom do you leave your assets?

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Friday everyone!

Lamar Odom's medical debacle offers lessons on estate planning

Lamar Odom's recent brush with death reminds us to keep our estate planning documents updated and be prepared for any scenario. Former NBA star's soon-to-be ex-wife still has power over health-care decisions.

Estate Planning Tips For Women Infographic

Women are expected to live longer than men and 33% of women are the primary or equal financial contributor in the household. Here's some estate planning tips for the ladies.

Estate Planning Can Get Tricky When Art Is Concerned

Some assets can be trickier to deal with than others. Here's how to address your art collection in your estate plan. Transferring artworks to heirs or other third parties may have unintended tax consequences that collectors need to consider.

Estate planning after a second marriage

Divorce, re-marrying, and blended families can make estate planning complicated. Here's what to know! Marrying again makes estate planning more involved. How do you provide for everyone you love? Should you provide for everyone you love? How do you arrange to transfer wealth in a way that won’t hurt the feelings of certain heirs?

Sibling Rivalry Complicates Estate Planning

Avoid conflict between your family members and construct an estate plan that will execute your wishes without incident. Inheritances can bring out the worst in quarrelsome family members, especially when the distribution is seen as unfair. Fortunately, there are ways for estate planners to prepare for that.

Don't forget our practice areas also include civil litigation, complex transactions, criminal and traffic matters, & bankruptcy!

Call us to make an appointment!

Labor Day Holiday: Travel fun while staying safe

Happy Labor Day from Campbell Flannery!

It's the unofficial last weekend of summer, make sure to make it a safe one! All about Labor Day, from the origins of the holiday to safety and travel tips.

The Trickiest Items to Pass On to Your Heirs

Leaving unusual assets to our loved ones can be tricky. Here's some advice on how to handle these items in your estate plan and on how to make sure your beloved pet is in good hands. Decide who will take care of Fido.

Unique Estate Planning Considerations for Members of the Military

We are here to assist estate planning clients of all kinds. This includes the members of our military. We appreciate your service and would like to offer our services to secure your family's future. The unique and irrevocable choices that members of the military make as they retire are often unfamiliar to civilian attorneys, tax advisors, financial advisors and estate planners.

Happy Friday everybody!

Here's a reminder that we have all the advice you need. Call us to make an appointment!

Police Encounters

There have been many controversies regarding police in the news lately. It is crucial that you know your rights during a traffic stop or during any other interaction with law enforcement. Exercise your rights and educate yourself on what you are or are not obligated to do. Everyone should be trained to assert their constitutional rights under the 4th Amendment in order to avoid the hassle and humiliation of police misconduct and illegal searches. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics report on citizen-police contacts...

Whateved your needs may be, we are here to draft an estate plan that fits your family and life.

Call us to make an appointment today and we will make sure your precious assets won't be left to Justin Bieber or Godzilla

5 Things Bitcoin Owners Must Do When Estate Planning

If bitcoin really is the future of currency then the future of estate planning will be sure to change as well. Certified Financial Planner Jeff Vandrew explains the steps bitcoin holders should take when planning their estates.

Whitney Houston's Millions: What Bobbi Kristina Brown May Leave Behind and Who Stands to Gain

Whitney Houston's daughter has sadly passed away leaving Houston's estate in limbo. What can we learn from it's complications? Legal experts tell TheWrap who would be entitled to the family fortune following Brown’s death

If I End Up On Life Support, My Family Knows The Type Of Long, Protracted Legal Battle I Would Want

Don't have an estate plan? Well then, this could very well be what you're setting your family up for.

Make an appointment to begin drafting your estate plan and allow your family to carry on your legacy...without the nasty legal battles against one another. By Donald Reubens

Millionaires have no estate plan, survey says

Most Americans do not have an estate plan, and as it turns out, many millionaires don't either. Whether you are a millionaire or not, having an estate plan is crucial for protecting your family and your assets. One-third of rich families' heirs are at risk, according to a CNBC survey, because they do not have a financial advisor–crafted estate plan.

Family Drama: 'But She Got More!'

Some parents may think twice about leaving large amounts of money to a child that has a drug addiction, or may need to leave more to a child that has special needs. Here is how to go about leaving unequal inheritances to your children. How a planner can help keep unequal inheritances from tearing a family apart.

IRS Takes Aim at an Estate-Planning Strategy

Laws and estate planning methods change over time, is it time for you to update your estate plan? It is targeting the use of partnerships and companies to pass a family business or securities to children at a discounted value.

July 4th | Fireworks | Virginia Department of Forestry |

We hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July! Here's some helpful information and safety tips about fireworks. Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) manages State Forests, enforces forestry laws, fights wildfires, performs forest resource planning and forestry outreach education in forest stewardship, and forest industry economic development.

Simplifying Same-Sex Estate Planning

Now that we are celebrating same-sex marriage equality, let's talk about same-sex estate planning. Obergefell’s impact from taxation, through sickness and health and into death, is to provide a measure of uniformity.

No estate plan? Wow, BIG mistake

Not having an estate plan will cost you! Here's how: No one likes to ponder their own demise, but there's no excuse for not having a current estate plan to ease the way for heirs and caregivers.

5 Items That Singles Need for Their Estate Planning

Married couples and families are not the only people in need of estate planning, it's important for single people to plan for themselves as well. Without spouses and partners to help, single people need to prepare some documents to improve their estate planning.

Jim Campbell (@CamFlanLaw) | Twitter

Introducing our new Twitter page! Follow us to get the latest news and advice on estate planning. The latest Tweets from Jim Campbell (@CamFlanLaw): "Introducing Campbell Flannery, PC's twitter page, for the latest news and advice on estate planning. #estateplanning"

Estate Planning Advice For LGBT Couples

Here's a helpful estate planning article for LGBT couples and families. Tips from 'The LGBT & Modern Family Money Manual.'

RBC WealthVoice: Don't Let Emotion Sabotage Your Estate Plan

Why you should be all business when it comes to estate planning. For years, Patrick Severo didn't understand why people were so reluctant to talk about estate planning. Then the 55-year-old father of three went through the process himself. “Speaking about death and what's going to happen once you're gone are unpleasant topics that people just naturally want to av…

Five Estate Planning Lessons From The Paul Walker Estate

Another celebrity death we can learn from. What lessons can we take from Paul Walker's estate plan? Paul Walker's will and trust reveal he left his $25 million in assets to his daughter. What lessons can you learn from his estate planning? Forbes explores the legal ins and outs of the Paul Walker Estate.

Even More Lessons From Famously Bad Estate Planning

Here's more estate planning mistakes of the rich and famous to learn from. In the third edition of one of our favorite features, we learn the iron-clad value of a wellbuilt trust.

Why Estate-Planning for a Distant Future Requires Flexibility

An interesting article on what planning for the future means today. Financial advisers and estate-planning professionals say uncertainty is hindering clients’ ability to think about making the family fortune last for generations.

Voices: Warren Whitaker, on Tax, Estate Planning for Expats

Planning on retiring to another country? Here is a helpful article on estate planning as an expat. “It is important for advisers to build a team of attorneys and accounts who are well versed in foreign tax and estate laws.”

Avoid the top 5 estate-planning blunders

Learn from these mistakes! Estate-planning blunders, from not signing health-care directives to leaving living trusts unfunded, are common—even among the fiscally prudent.

[04/06/15]   It may be a good idea to have a conversation with your young adult children about estate planning.

Timeline Photos

Reduce Taxes, Pass Along Your Values, And Help Your Kids Succeed In Life

More on the subject of gifting, here are alternative ways to give to your family. Estate planning experts are advising people to give each kid/grand-kid up to $14,000 this year. But, these gifts can do a lot more than reduce your estate taxes. They can be used to pass along your values and give your kids a big advantage in life.

Start giving your money away early

All you need to know about gifting. Here are three basic things to remember when getting started with estate planning.

8 Estate Planning Things to Do Before You Travel | Madison Wisconsin Estate Planning Blog

Reviewing your estate plan is an important part of planning your vacations. Before any trip, most of us create a “to-do list” of things we have put off and want to take care of before we leave. Here is a checklist of estate planning things to do before you take your next trip. Taking care of these will help you travel with peace of mind, knowing that if you don’t return due…

Role Reversal: How to Have 'the Money Talk' with Your Aging Parents - DailyFinance

How to talk about money when the time comes to care for your parents. Mom may have taught you it's not polite to talk about money, but when it comes to discussing finances with her and dad, the consequences of polite silence can be disastrous.

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