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Because you are INNOCENT until proven guilty! We are a boutique practice with a heavy concentration on DWI and other Serious Traffic cases.

DWI, Reckless Driving, and Driving on Suspended License are serious offenses, a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Virginia. A first offense is punishable with up to one year in jail, up to a $2500 fine, a one year suspension of your privilege to operate a motor vehicle and other sanctions. Higher blood alcohol levels, subsequent offenses and other aggravating factors include additional sanctions and mandatory active jail sentences. The determination of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is ultimately up to a Judge or Jury. We prepare every case as if is going to trial and preserve every factual, Constitutional and technical defense. We work closely with our clients to prepare a defense for their specific case. If you are charged with DWI or any other serious traffic offense, such as Reckless Driving or Driving on a Suspended License, give us a call for a FREE confidential consultation. We are conveniently located one block from the Loudoun County Courthouse. 571-252-8315

DUI Checkpoint Necessitates Zero Arrests In Ashburn: Police

Glad to hear this. Of the 232 vehicles that passed through Friday night's sobriety checkpoint in Ashburn, all were clean: LCSO.

Law Office of Scott N. Kazem, PLC

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The Experience you need, the Commitment you deserve to get you the Results you desire.

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Thousands cited for slow left-lane driving under new Va. law

Most people are unaware of this new law that took effect on July 1. WASHINGTON (AP) -- Thousands of people have been fined since Virginia implemented a law setting penalties for driving too slowly in the left lane of a highway.WTOP-FM obtained data on the citations through a public records request. The station reports that

Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad

LCSO Announces Dates for 30th Annual McGruff Safety Camps

Interested in getting your kid involved in McGruff Safety Camp? Applications will be available staring April 16.

The camp sessions are a week long and run July 9 through 13, and July 16 through 20, at Evergreen Mill Elementary School in Leesburg. The camp sessions run Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 11 a.m. and 12:30 to 3 p.m.

The camp, now in its 30th year, is held jointly between the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and Loudoun County Fire and Rescue.

#LCVRS #McGruffSafetyCamp #LCFR


Virginia is tough on drunk & drugged drivers. Drugged drivers may face the same penalties as drunk drivers. Always plan for a safe, sober ride home. #ArriveAlive

U.S. teens often ride with impaired drivers

Where is the outrage about this? Thousands of young people are injured or die in accidents related to impaired or distracted driving. Please have a conversation with your kids about the dangers of riding with an impaired driver. (Reuters Health) - In a U.S. study, about one-third of young people just out of high school admitted to riding with a driver who was under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.

DUI Checkpoint Friday in Loudoun County

You have been warned! DWI checkpoint tonight. A DUI checkpoint will be held Friday night somewhere in Loudoun County, so beware. That's the word from the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Robert Saunders, MD

If someone you care about, young or old, has a problem with substance abuse the best and only thing you can do is to refer them to an addiction specialist or specialist center. Promises of change, improvement, hoping and praying are going to be ineffective and time matters. Contact your healthcare professional for urgent guidance. Addiction is not a choice but a disease.

Getting ready to battle it out this afternoon in Fairfax.

Law Office of Scott N. Kazem, PLC

The Experience you need, the Commitment you deserve to get you the Results you desire.

DWI, Traffic and
Criminal Defense
Auto Accident Injuries

Medical marijuana bill passes Virginia Senate 40-0

About time! Once more than 26 States have common sense marijuana laws, the Feds will finally come around and take MJ off of Schedule I.

Loudoun County Sheriff's Office

Loudoun Sheriff Mike Chapman joined leaders from #Loudoun County and the Washington, DC region for a regional substance, opioid dependency meeting held by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments in Washington, DC.

Regional representatives from law enforcement and emergency services, substance abuse agencies, and state health departments discussed the success of initiatives within their communities to help support member jurisdictions.

Sheriff Chapman discussed the Loudoun County's whole-of-government approach as part of the Heroin Operations Team which was initiated in 2015. Last year, the LCSO saw a 9% decrease in non-fatal overdoses and 18% decrease in heroin fatalities from 2016.

Loudoun County was the only jurisdiction in the entire Baltimore-Washington region to see such a decline. The remainder of the region saw increases in opioid overdoses and deaths averaging well over 50%.

Snapchat Child Predator Arrested In Prince William: Police

Parents. It is important to monitor your teen's social media. You may be shocked by what you find. A social media predator who befriended young girls and engaged in inappropriate behavior was arrested in Prince William County: Police.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Every death from drinking and driving means a failure of the system: excessive alcohol service, lack of transportation alternatives, or lack of effective policies or enforcement. A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine outlines policy solutions to #stopDWIdeaths. Read the report at

Law Office of Scott N. Kazem, PLC Loudoun Criminal & DWI Defense

Check out Scott N. Kazem, Law Office of Scott N. Kazem, PLC.

Vote for 2018’s Best of Loudoun |

Your nomination and vote is greatly appreciated. Arts/Entertainment category has Performing Arts Group listed twice.  Some groups appear in both, others in only one or the other.  Should the two sets of Performing Arts Groups be combined into one?

Loudoun County Sheriff, VA - Official Website

Please don't drink and drive tonight. LCSO checkpoint tonight. The last one was in Sterling, so we would assume that this will be in Ashburn or on Route 9. +myConnections: Engage your community - connect to news, events and information you care about. View more information...

Actress Rose McGown will appear in the Loudoun County General District Court today at 11:15 to for arraignment on a cocaine possession charge.

Virginia lawmaker preparing bill for marijuana decriminalization |

We fully support this effort.

Please do not drink and drive tonight. You really do not want your Halloween party mug shot on the Jailbase app or in Crime Times. Plan your ride home before you head out. Take Uber or Lyft, or if you are partying in Leesburg use Road Yachts. Be safe, but if you do make a poor choice and wind up in trouble, we are here to help. 571-252-8315

LCSO to Conduct a Sobriety Checkpoint on October 27th

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office will conduct a joint sobriety checkpoint on October 27, 2017. The sobriety checkpoint will begin shortly after 10 p.m.

“The joint sobriety checkpoint is a reminder to residents to make the smart choice, don’t drink and drive,” said Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman.

Members of the Loudoun Sheriff’s Office Auxiliary Unit and volunteers from the Loudoun Chapter of MADD will assist with the checkpoint.


Report finds state lab withheld breathalyzer test results - The Boston Globe

Unconscionable! Public safety officials concluded that the Office of Alcohol Testing routinely withheld documents from defense lawyers

Supreme court ruling could change Georgia DUI cases forever

We track the law throughout the country. A new ruling from the state supreme court may make it harder for the state to use breathalyzer test...

Law Office of Scott N. Kazem, PLC

I got the official word that I will be admitted to the Bar of the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday.

Knife-Wielding Drunk Arrested In Sterling: Police

Skip Wood does not bury the lead on this article. A knife-wielding drunk guy also wanted for probation violation was arrested early Monday morning in Sterling: LCSO.

These New Laws Take Effect in Maryland on Sunday

For our friends in Maryland. The marijuana expungement law is especially interesting. Here's a look at some of the laws that are set to take effect Sunday:

Virginia's Violent Crime Rate Increased In 2016: FBI Data

It seems as if there is going to be a steady flow of clients. Violent crimes are on the rise across the nation, according to the latest FBI statistics. Virginia's murder rate increased.

SJC decides field sobriety tests not scientific evidence for pot

We advise our clients to politely refuse to take any field sobriety tests and ask the Officer if they are free to go. You may be arrested, but have not given additional incriminating evidence. The court decided there is currently no reliable, scientific test for marijuana impairment.

Law Office of Scott N. Kazem, PLC Loudoun Criminal & DWI Defense

Don't give law enforcement a reason to pull you over.

Are your headlights turned ON and off daytime running? Remember if your wipers are on, your headlights must be on! It's the law!

Dashboard cam helps exonerate area driver WINCHESTER — Dashboard camera video has vindicated a man falsely accused in a road rage incident.

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Law Office of Scott N. Kazem, PLC

Please see this Press Release that we issued today.

September 7, 2017 10:00 a.m.

Independent Dash-Cam Video Leads To Dismissal of Road Rage & Gun Charges

WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA…Wounding and Gun charges will be dismissed on September 12, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. On March 7, 2017 John David Ault, II was arrested and charged with Unlawful Wounding and Brandishing a Firearm in an alleged “Road Rage” incident in Frederick County, Virginia. Due to the nature of the charge, Mr. Ault, a concealed firearm license holder, had his weapon confiscated and his security clearance has been placed under review. Mr. Ault is represented by Scott N. Kazem, Esq. of Leesburg, Virginia.

The purported victim in the case, Mr. Lonnie Hitchcock, of Frederick County, alleged that John David Ault, II nearly hit him while driving in the opposite direction on Brucetown Road and then pulled over to confront him. Mr. Hitchcock further asserted that the defendant exited his vehicle and pulled a gun from his waistband, and that once the encounter was over, that Mr. Ault hit him with his car.

Diligent legal work and investigation uncovered evidence in the form of an independent witness who had dashboard camera video which clearly demonstrates that the statements given to law enforcement by Mr. Hitchcock were patently false. The video, in fact, shows Mr. Hitchcock as the aggressor, travelling in the same direction on Brucetown Road, running Mr. Ault off the road, and that Mr. Ault never exited his vehicle. As a result, all the charges pending against Mr. Ault are being dismissed. The case will be heard by the Frederick County General District Court at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, for the Judge to enter his Order dismissing the charges. Mr. Ault’s firearm will be returned to him once the case is dismissed. The next step is to have the record of the arrest expunged from Mr. Ault’s record and clear his name so that he can put this horrible nightmare to rest.

Defense counsel believes that the Frederick County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is considering criminal charges against Mr. Hitchcock for filing a false police report. Mr. Ault is also considering his civil remedies against Mr. Hitchcock.

Law Office of Scott N. Kazem, PLC is a diverse practice located in Leesburg, Virginia and practicing throughout Virginia primarily in the areas of criminal defense and accident victim’s rights. Mr. Kazem also holds a C.P.A. license and has been practicing law in Leesburg since 2001. He has represented thousands of clients against Insurance Companies and in the State and Federal Courts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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The Chewbacca defense 22

It does not make sense...

(With edited Captions)

Fourth Of July Travel: Virginia Drunk Driver Crackdowns, Gas Prices And More

Please do not drink and drive as you celebrate America's Independence this weekend. Have a plan for how to get home before you head out. If you do wind up in trouble with the law, remember that we are here to help. 571-252-8315 Northern Virginia will see record travel during Fourth of July. Here's what you need to know about DUI enforcement, gas prices and more.

Sobriety Checkpoint Friday Night In Loudoun County

The last one was in western Loudoun. Generally, they alternate west/east. But the last one was cut short due to weather, so all bets are off. Don't drink and drive tonight. A sobriety checkpoint conducted by the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is scheduled to begin shortly after 10 p.m. Friday.

Loudoun Times-Mirror

Seems like more and more alcohol arrests every weekend.

It's Nearly Impossible to Test for Weed in DUI Cases

This is the front line of DWI law. It is also, in our opinion, the biggest hurdle to legal marijuana. The latest episode of 'Weediquette' looks at the issues facing law enforcement and impaired driving.

Please don't drink and drive. You can take a helicopter home for what a DWI will cost you.

LCSO to Conduct a Sobriety Checkpoint on May 12th

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office will conduct a sobriety checkpoint on Friday, May 12, 2017. The sobriety checkpoint will begin shortly after 10 p.m.

“The sobriety checkpoint is a reminder to residents to make the smart choice, don’t drink and drive,” said Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman.

Members of the Loudoun Sheriff’s Office Auxiliary Unit and volunteers from the Loudoun Chapter of MADD will assist with the checkpoint.


[05/08/17]   Court went very well for my DWI client today. He asked me how I worked out such a great deal. I told him that it is all about relationships and knowing how to work through the system.

Service offering free Lyft rides on Cinco de Mayo

If you are taking part in a fiesta today, please have a sober ride home. If you do get arrested, we are here to help. (571) 252-8315 The Washington Regional Alcohol Program’s SoberRide service will provide free rides home to those who have had too much to drink this Cinco de Mayo.

James O. Rice, Jr., Attorney & Counselor at Law

A #DUI isn’t always just alcohol.

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