Redken Artist Laura Trittipoe

Redken Artist & Certified Colorist. SKW Extension Artist. Stylist in Leesburg, VA.

Yesterday was a great day of learning, with the #redkenartisttribe ! ⁣

With stay at home orders and shelter in place orders, many companies have started offering digital education - @redken is one of them. As Redken Artists, we are continually bettering our best, training to be better stylists and educators so we can offer the best education to class attendees! ⁣

With all live classes cancelled through at least the end of June, we’ve gotten creative. The training yesterday was amazing, with over 500 attendees learning new information and techniques to share when we can be together again. ❤️⁣

We learned so much about the Redken x Mizani collaboration coming this fall - I’m so excited to share #fortheloveoftexture with everyone! ⁣

Thank you so very much to everyone at @redken and @mizani who made this training so phenomenal! ⁣

#redkenbrandambassador #redkenxmizani

What a great virtual training today! We learned so much about the NEW Redken x Mizani collaboration, coming this fall!

Thank you Redken and Mizani USA! ❤️❤️

Sam Villa Professional

Don't wait... be sure to register for "The Show Must Go On" where we will host 2 days of online education!

Register HERE:

Sam Villa Professional


Discover the foundations of layering hair as Education Director Andrew Carruthers walks you through different levels of elevation and how those effect the weight balance vertically (top to bottom) in a layered haircut.

Stuck at home and need inspiration? Join us for our first ever FREE 2 Day Online Hair Show called "The Show Must Go On" with the entire Sam Villa ArTeam! See Sam, Andrew Carruthers, Anna Peter, and Jesse Linares Live 4/19/2020 and 4/20/2020 in an open forum where you can ask questions and interact with the team. Click for more details:


Redken loves you 🖤

Are you going crazy wanting to change your hair while we’re all staying at home? Are you planning your summer hair? ⁣

Or planning new looks for your clients? ⁣

There’s been so much awesome free education available right now that if you’re like me, you’re thinking about all of your amazing clients and how to use what you’re learning now for them! (And trying time resist highlighting your own hair. I’m pretty sure I’ll do it, but every day I don’t is a victory! 🤣)⁣

But..... this is my beautiful pre-quarantine client. Warm, bright blonde is what she loves - winter or summer! ⁣

I wish I’d taken a before photo, but I seem to forget more often than I remember. I hadn’t seen her in 6 months, if that helps. ⁣

Formula - Flashlift Bonder Inside with 20 Volume for a full woven foil. Her base is her natural color, for dimension and depth. Shades EQ Gloss in 09Gi + 000 Crystal Clear to add shine and a tiny bit of tone. ⁣

What do you think? Any color techniques or formulas that you can’t wait to try on your clients (or yourself?) ⁣

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A Message To Our Redken Family | Redken

💖💖 In an effort to bring our community together during this time, we are excited to offer support, advice and education at your fingertips through a series of upcoming online events, Instagram series and resources.

I’ll see you when it’s safe for us to be together again. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Look what’s coming! I’m so excited for these!

(Well, I’ll be MORE excited when I get to use them on actual clients instead of doll heads!)

Are YOU excited? Which one of those are you most looking forward to? I love, love the P series so much, I think 010P will be my new favorite! 😍😍😍😍😍

#redkenshadeseq #redkenbrandambassador #redken

Have you started to freak out a little about your roots?

THIS is what I recommend for pandemic hair. You can get it at Target, Walmart, or Amazon. It comes in 8 colors, and it designed to blend your roots away.

Shake, spray on your roots, let dry (or blow dry), and then comb. I’ve used this product with very good results, and I’m sure you’ll like it too.

Just choose the color that looks closest to yours - I use a lot more than 8 colors ! 🤣🤣 - but one will blend.

Stay safe and healthy!!

It’s so wonderful that Redken is offering stylists so much amazing FREE education during this time!
Stay home, stay safe, and learn from the BEST!! 🖤🖤


I reached out to the Governor’s office and the DPOR regarding the shut down - I have had several clients ask me if it applied to me because I am in a suite, and I have seen other stylists saying that it did not apply to them because they have a home salon. 🤷🏻‍♀️

This is what I received back from the DPOR - if you have a salon license, you are closed. Period. Suite, home salon, whatever, you need to be closed. I haven’t heard back from the Governor’s office yet, but this was the response from the board.


‪This is Peach. She doesn’t even need a haircut. Just likes that the chair spins in circles. 13/10 please spin her she is a paying customer‬ (follow @doggosofhellsbottom on Instagram)

So who’s winning?

The Redken Exchange LIVE Cutting with Chris & Sam

If you missed this LIVE - or just want to watch again! - it’s been posted! 💖💖💖 Take your skills to a higher level with two of the industry’s most phenomenal artists – Sam Villa and Chris Baran. Free your imagination, use your clippers and shears in new ways, and explore non-traditional cutting methods that deliver design trends that are spot-on and hot.

The Redken Exchange LIVE - next broadcast!

🚨🚨🚨🚨Due to high demand , we have opened this LIVE to 10,000 stylists! Go register and tell all your hairdresser friends!🚨🚨🚨

Join us for a FREE 2 hour Live stream of Toning with Shades EQ with @lorizabel and @tara_abramowicz !

The Redken Exchange LIVE stream will take place this Tuesday March 31 from 2PM – 4PM Eastern time

Our mission is to empower YOU to learn better, earn better and live BEST! While the 🌏 has changed, our mission has not 🖤. We are here for you! Community is 🔑get 💻📲 and connect with us.

Let’s lean on each other 👥 support one another and get creative together! Click on the link to register 🙌🏼

Governor Northam just announced that all hair and nail salons and spas in Virginia are to be closed for the next 30 days (minimum), effective immediately.

I don’t even have words .... I know this is for the best, but it doesn’t hurt any less.

As of right now? I plan on reopening April 24th. See you then - stay safe and healthy! And maintain that social distance! 💖

What an awesome opportunity ! I signed up - will I see you there??

Join us for a FREE 3 hour Live stream haircutting class with Sam Villa & Chris Baran!

The digital debut of The Redken Exchange Live is happening this Monday March 23 from 11AM – 2 PM.

Our mission is to empower YOU to learn better, earn better and live BEST! While the world has changed, our mission has not. We are here for you! Community is key, get online and connect with us.

Let’s lean on each other, support one another and get creative together! Click on this link to join the class

Redken Loves you!

@ The Redken Exchange

[03/19/20]   All Redken classes are cancelled until at least April 30th. I am so sorry to anyone who was looking forward to a class with me - fingers crossed that they will be rescheduled!

In the meantime - this is a great time to do some distance learning! Would you like me to make some videos? What would you like to learn? Just LMK!

Stay healthy & safe, everyone! 💖💖

What a great Color Bash today at SalonCentric - so many amazing stylists!

Thank you all so much for your time and attention today. Stay well. 🙏🏻

There is no higher priority then the wellness of my guests and all of our families. The spread of the Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19) has been a matter of real concern and focus. ⁣⁣
It is my goal to ensure I provide a safe, clean and healthy environment for your visits...⁣⁣
I am closely monitoring the situation and following guidance from public health officials and government agencies.⁣⁣
The cleanliness of my suite and the salon as a whole is always the top priority and is now even more so. In addition to our regular cleaning procedures, increased sanitation measures are being added as well.⁣ ⁣⁣

As I am taking every precaution to protect you, I also ask that you do the same for me. Please do not come in to your appointment if you are sick, have been exposed to illness or are still contagious. During this heightened time, I will be waiving cancelation fees if you are sick and will make every effort to ensure I get you rescheduled in a timely manner. If you do come into your appointment with any illness, we will have to reschedule.⁣⁣
I appreciate your cooperation, understanding and support.⁣⁣
Thank you 💖

Join me at SalonCentric in Hagerstown, MD, on Monday, March 16, for a Redken Color Bash!

What a great class today at SalonCentric! Foilyage and Teasylights EXPERTS, now! 💖💖💖

Slightly shaggy, slightly messy, super texturized. ⁣

⁣Lightness and movement are created by adding texture - enhancing her wave and giving her a deliberately messy look. 😍⁣⁣
Her color and highlights enhance her natural texture - light expands and dark recedes visually, so her highlights add airy volume visually. I use CoverFusion 9NN for her base, and Flashlift with Bonder Inside for her highlights. I actually don’t need a toner since she is already light and likes a warmer look. A Chemistry Shot in Extreme and Shot Phix in 3.5 helps normalize her hair’s pH and adds protein. ⁣

I love to talk about all things color and chemistry! Have you attended one of my classes? I have several coming up in the DMV area - I’d love to see you! You can register for classes on the @saloncentric website, or contact your SSC. ⁣

#redkenbrandambassador #redkencertifiedcolorist #ittakesapro #redkenobsessed #redkenartistlauratrittipoe #btconeshot2020_overallhaircut

Posted @withregram • @redken The proof is in the Pod. Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside is our 🆕 breakthrough innovation – a 2-in-1 lightener powder with built-in bond protection in a precision-dosed, 15g pod. Now, blonding services are as easy as grab, mix, and go.⁣

Drop a 🙌 if you are excited for this innovation.


You asked, we listened 🙌🏻

Excited to share our NEW Detox Hair Cleansing Cream, the formula you know and love from our original hair cleansing cream, now available in a retail size!

This must-have clarifies product build up, excess oil, and pollution residue in one use.

Are you excited? 😍

Learn more about Detox Hair Cleansing Cream here:

What a great day with a great group! Thank you all for an awesome Color Bash, I had a wonderful time! ⁣

I’ll be back at @saloncentric_alexandria on April 6 for Blur, Smudge, Melt and Tone. Will I see you there? 💖⁣

#redken #redkenobsessed #redkenartistlauratrittipoe #ittakesapro @ SalonCentric

What is foilayage? Teasylights? How do you do them? Can you combine these? What does it look like? Why would you choose one of these methods over another?

Have you ever wondered about any of those questions? I can help you out!

I LOVE doing foilayage and teasylights. I can get more brightness in less time with foilayage - which is balayage techniques using foils to isolate your highlights. And teasylights gives me a soft base/shadow root while giving a beautiful blend.

Foilayage through the bottom of her hair, teasylights on the top. Lower maintainance, but lots of brightness.

Check out the @saloncentric app under “learn” to see a list of classes in your area- including the Teasylights and Foilayage class! I’ll be at @saloncentrichagerstown on March 9th facilitating a hands in workshop to create this gorgeous look!

#redkenbrandambassador #foilayage #teasylights #redken #redkenobsessed #ittakesapro #redkeneducation #redkenflashliftbonderinside #redkenshadeseq

More texture = more fun! ⁣

This shaggy pixie is so cute -and versatile! If she tucks her hair behind her ears, it’s a pixie. If she pushes it forward, it looks more like a bob. ⁣

But the big story is the texture! Lightness and movement are created by adding texture - enhancing her wave and giving her a deliberately messy look. 😍⁣

What do you think? Would you like a new and fun look for Spring? You can book your appointment anytime - just click the “book” link on my profile. ⁣

#leesburgva #leesburgvastylist #loudouncounty #redkencertifiedcolorist #dmvhairstylist #loveloudoun #ittakesapro #redkenartistlauratrittipoe

Do you have burning questions about Redken color? Do you want to know more about Redken lighteners? Join me at SalonCentric in Alexandria, VA on Monday, March 2nd at 10:00!

#redkenobsessed #redkenbrandambassador #redkenartistlauratrittipoe


Invest in yourself!

Are you ready to learn, earn, and live best? ✨

Check out the 2020 class calendar at the Redken Exchange, our education destination in the heart of New York City!


Amazing class at @thehaircompanymd ! Lots of ah-has, lots of knowledge being shared! 😍😍 I had a wonderful day at your awesome salon!⁣

Thank you so much for your open minds and open hearts - see you soon! ⁣

#redkenobsessed #redkenbrandambassador #redken @ Leonardtown, Maryland

Let’s play a game!

As hairstylists we determine how light or dark your natural hair color is by a numbered level system.


1️⃣ being Black & 🔟 being Blonde

We need this number to know how to customize and formulate the desired color.

Guess which number you think you are and I will tell you if I think you’re right!

Redken Artist Laura Trittipoe's cover photo

Say hello to our toning trifecta!

Wondering which one is best for your hair?:

👉 Reduce yellow for icy silver hair with Color Extend Graydiant
👉 Reduce orange for cool, brunette hair with 🆕 Color Extend Brownlights
👉 Reduce yellow undertones for a cooler, brighter blonde with Color Extend Blondage

Have you tried new Brownlights yet?

Pretty hair doesn’t stop when you reach “a certain age.” ⁣

Women have asked me for years, “do I need to cut my hair now that I’m over 40?” ⁣

Or worse, sat in my chair, sighed, and said, “I love my long hair, but now that I’m 40 (or 45, or 50, or whatever) I HAVE TO CUT IT SHORT.” ⁣

Why? ⁣

Why do women feel that at a certain point in their life, they “have” to cut off the long hair they love? ⁣

Some women do find shorter hair more flattering (no matter what their age). ⁣

Some women find it harder to take care of and style long hair as they get older (but 40 is NOT old. 40 is so young in today’s world!) ⁣

But no one should make you feel like you “have” to wear your hair in a way you don’t like! If your hair is healthy, shiny and full, wear it as long as you want for as long as you want! ⁣

Wanna know a secret? The lovely in this photo is ..... well, I won’t tell her age, but she’s definitely over “a certain age”! She loves her long hair, and maintains the color and health beautifully. ⁣

I’d love to talk to you about maintaining healthy, long (if you want) hair. And Redken has some exciting new products coming VERY soon to help! ⁣

#redkencertifiedcolorist #leesburgvastylist #loudouncountyva #leesburgva #loveloudoun #dmvhairstylist #ittakesapro #823hstudios #redkencoverfusion #redken

Happy Valentine’s Day!⁣

❤️❤️❤️❤️ ⁣

#leesburgva #loudouncounty #leesburgvastylist #dmvstylist #redkencertifiedcolorist #823hstudios

Sshhhhhh .... there are 20” extensions in her gorgeous curly hair.

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