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Creating your best hair, in a cozy private suite in Leesburg, VA. Redken Artist, Color Certified Educator, and extension certified in various methods. Available by appointment only.

I have availability this week! ⁣

Do you need your roots touched up? ⁣
Fresh highlights? ⁣
A beautiful new cut? ⁣
All of the above? 💖💖⁣

I’m here for you, in my cozy private suite in Leesburg. ⁣

My current availability - ⁣

Thursday 7/23, 1:45 - ⁣
Color or highlights, haircut and style. ⁣
OR ⁣
Brazilian Blowout. ⁣

Friday, 7/24, 11:00 or 3:30 - ⁣
Color or highlights, haircut and style. ⁣
OR ⁣
Brazilian Blowout. ⁣

Message me here or text me at 540.398.0591 to reserve one of these openings! ⁣

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This gorgeous client was scheduled to touch up her balayage (from last Fall) - she felt like her new growth was really dark, and had gotten darker with time. I wish I had a before photo.....

When I talked to her about different factors (home care, 👍🏻) ( water ... 😱

I love a beautiful coppery redhead, don’t you? ⁣⁣
It’s just so pretty and sunny and bright for summer. Have you ever thought about adding some copper to your mane? ⁣⁣
LMK 👇🏻 in the comments! ⁣⁣
Her look was created with Redken ColorFusion for her base, a mini highlight, and glossed with Shades EQ, all in gorgeous red/copper tones. ⁣⁣

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Have you ever wondered what you would look like with extensions?

This gorgeous girl has worn Cinderella Hair extensions for years, and loves them. 💖💖

5 1/2 packs of 22inch extensions for that beautifully full, almost waist length hair. How long do you think her hair is without the extensions?

Starting the transition to her natural silver! The photo on the left is her “BEFORE” photo - she mainly colored her hair at home. The photo on the right is her “AFTER” - a silvery shade that blends with her natural beautifully.

Process -
1️⃣ Malibu-C Color Disruptor, processed under heat for 30 minutes. Shampoo’d with Un Do Goo Shampoo.
2️⃣ Malibu-C CPR, processed under heat for 30 minutes. Shampoo’d with Un Do Goo (3x)
3️⃣ lightened from her new growth to ends, with Redken Flashlift with Bonder Inside + 20V. Some sections were sliced, some weaved to leave more dimension, depending on her natural color. Processed until desired color - some pieces were darker as there was still some color remaining.
4️⃣ Tone with 07T + 09B to reduce warmth and create a cool silvery tonality.

Shampoo’d with Redken Bleach Recovery and Lamellar Treatment. Finished with Cica Cream leave in treatment. 💖💖💖

Virginia enters Phase 3 today! What does that mean for you and me?

Being in a suite, honestly.... nothing really changes. Everything is the same for me - so we will continue as we’ve been doing!

There are changes in other areas and industries - here’s the full info:

Be safe and wear your mask!

Laura Trittipoe Hair's cover photo

Have you heard about NEW #ExtremeBleachRecovery from @Redken? Let’s break it down ⬇:

💙 Gentle shampoo - Introduce this to those double- processed clients. It’s a gentle, fortifying shampoo perfect for lightened hair

💙 Lamellar water – 10 seconds is all it takes for shiny, healthy, nourished hair with this innovative lamellar technology. This lightweight treatment is applied from mid-lengths to ends on wet hair after shampooing. Massage it in for 10 seconds (it warms up!) and then rinse.

💙 Cica cream leave-in treatment – Want to keep conditioning that color-treated hair? Apply this leave-in conditioner from mid-lengths to ends on towel- dried hair. Style as desired!

Ask me about #ExtremeBleachRecovery!


Back behind the chair? You probably have some color corrections booked!

Offer your guests 🆕 Extreme Bleach Recovery to care for their hair post-color service.

It's a 3-step system that nourishes, strengthens, and hydrates color-treated hair with the help of cica, a trending ingredient in skincare known to soothe and calm that we've brought to haircare!

Have you tried it yet? 💙

An absolutely stunning blonde, with some pale strawberry added for depth.

She felt like she was getting a little too blonde, and Shades EQ in 09Rb/08Cr/000 made the perfect strawberry lowlight.


Have you ever thought of adding some strawberry to your blonde? 🍓

This gorgeous redhead is growing her hair out, and we’ll be changing her color as well! ⁣

Follow her journey to a bob, and see what color she decides on, right here! ⁣

Are you thinking of changing your color for summer? Growing out your hair some (since it had about three months to grow on its own)? Or cutting it short (cause you haven’t been able to get a cut for three months)? I’m curious - let me know what your hair goals are! ⁣

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On June 12, Northern VA entered Phase 2 of our Safer at Home recovery plan! ⁣

What does this mean for Laura Trittipoe Hair (and for other salons and personal care businesses)? ⁣

Quite honestly, nothing. The only mandate that has changed is that we are allowed to double book again, which means that while your color is processing, I *may* have a haircut only client booked. But for right now - probably not. ⁣

Everything else that is outlined in my temporary safety policy (masks, hand washing, etc) still stands. ⁣

But we’re moving forward! This Phase just didn’t affect the salon industry very much. ⁣

Much love and I’ll see you soon! ⁣

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Have you ever tried Brazilian Blowout? 💖

Digital education! Thank you so much Redken - love my tribe! 💖💖💖💖💖

Welcome back!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again, catching up, creating beautiful hair!

I still have not reopened my online booking, as I am catching up on everyone who couldn’t get in for their regular appointment.

If you would like an appointment, PLEASE EMAIL ME at [email protected]. Having all inquiries and requests in one place is the only way I can keep track! I will email you back as soon as possible, definitely in 24-48 hours.

Thank you and see you soon!


Hello my friends!

I love and miss all of you, and I am so excited to see you again and create gorgeous hair!

I am able to reopen on May 29, but I do have some previously scheduled appointments that may affect my availability. I will be adding days and times to my schedule as needed, to make sure everyone gets their hair done in as timely a manner as possible!

If you had an appointment that was cancelled during the time I was closed, I will be reaching out to you (or you can respond to this email if you haven’t heard from me!) and I will get you rescheduled for your best day and time.

If you need an appointment and didn’t have one cancelled, please just reply to this email. If you have a preferred date and time, please let me know - I will add you to my wait list and get you scheduled as soon as possible.

There are a few new guidelines and restrictions right now for your appointment. Hopefully these are temporary, but for now I ask you to read the following carefully and abide by these policies.

- Please don’t bring friends or family members with you - our waiting area is very small and there is no way to maintain social distancing.

- Please wear a mask! I will be wearing one, and you are required to as well.

- If you want to bring your own mask, great! If not, I will have a disposable mask for you. I will add $1.50 (my cost) onto your service.

- As soon as you come in, please wash your hands at the sink near the waiting area. I will have hand sanitizer available as well, but please wash with soap and water.

- If you refuse to wear a mask, I will be unable to perform your service. I will be happy to reschedule your appointment for after mask requirements are lifted.

- If you have any symptoms, such as fever, cough, loss of taste or smell, or any other COVID-19 symptoms, please reschedule your appointment.

- If you suspect you have been exposed, or have been tested and are waiting for results, please reschedule your appointment.

- If you have traveled outside of the state or country in the 14 days before your appointment, please reschedule.

Thank you so much for your love and understanding!

This is going to be a great class! Stylists, make sure to register!

Learn to elevate your balayage hair coloring skills through multiple application methods. Join Redken Artists Lori Zabel and Michelle Marshall on Tuesday, 5/26 @ 2PM EDT

Register now:

A quicker update than I thought! ⁣

This morning, Governor Northam officially announced that for Northern Virginia, our Phase 1 opening has been pushed back two weeks - to May 29. ⁣

I’ll be reaching out to re-schedule all appointments, starting the 26th. I’m sorry you all have to be shaggy and root-y for a little while longer! ⁣

Stay well, stay healthy and I’ll talk to you soon! ⁣

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So Governor Northam updates us on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week.

Virginia was forecast to move into Phase 1 of reopening on Friday, May 15, if new cases continued their downward trend.

Although in new cases have begun trending downward in the majority of Virginia, this is not the case in Northern Virginia. Cases continue to rise.

The Governor was approached by leaders of Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William Counties, as well as Alexandria and Arlington, about delaying moving into Phase 1 for their particular areas. He has not made a decision yet, and has said he will announce his decision on Wednesday.

So.... I’m super sorry, but I am not comfortable scheduling appointments just yet. There is a very real possibility that salons will not be allowed to open on the 15th.

I’ll update again on Wednesday, with more information!

Northern Virginia Officials Request Regional Delay for 'Forward Virginia' Reopening Plans

We will learn more this week. Local health officials collectively 'do not believe that the Northern Virginia region has met the criteria for moving into Phase 1 at this time.'

Happy Mother’s Day! 💖 ⁣

To all the Moms out there - whether you are a mom, want to be a mom, have a mom, had a mom, or are a dog or cat mom, you are loved.⁣

Have a wonderful day! ⁣

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Are you here for it? It’s not too late to join!!

It’s not too late to join - every hour we’re giving you the chance to win a Redken prize pack!

Join now as Redken Brand Ambassadors Cassandra Mcglaughlin, Elizabeth Faye, and Leysa Carrillo along with Redken Artists Lori Zabel, Sean Godard, and Justin Isaac teach all the things you need to know as salons are reopening.

Tune in now:

Tune in Saturday! 🖤🖤

Thinking about how to prepare for salon reopenings? We’ve got you covered. Tune in this Saturday to join Redken Artists and Ambassadors for:

✓ Business Expertise
✓ Color Correction Techniques
✓ Express Techniques
✓ Giveaways!

Make an impact with your comeback and register today:

[05/04/20]   Hello loves!

Today, Governor Northam extended our tentative opening date to May 15. I say “tentative” because there needs to be a downward trend in new cases for 14 days before salons are allowed to open, and that’s not currently the case.

So - the date may be moved again, that’s a real possibility. But as of today, it’s May 15.

If that date stands, I will be reaching out starting May 12 to get everyone rescheduled. I am not scheduling anyone yet due to the uncertainty of the date!

I miss you, I’m looking forward to seeing you again, when it’s safe for us to be together again.


Here’s a #saturdayslay from a few years ago. This gorgeous lady moved across the country, and I miss the fun I had doing her hair!

Right now, I miss the fun I have doing ANYONE’S hair! 😂 I miss you ALL! ⁣

Hopefully on Monday Governor Northam will give us more guidance as to when salons will be able to open. I know it’s a tricky decision, because cosmetologists, barbers, nail techs, and others in this field are very well trained in sanitation and safety. Which is great, right? BUT.... we also work so physically close to people. There’s no way to be socially distant while getting your hair cut or your nails done! ⁣

I’ve seen people saying, stylists know how to sanitize much better than the grocery stores. Well, yes, I’ve taken sanitation courses as part of my licensing procedure, the State issues guidelines for safety and sanitation, and if nothing else - my tiny suite with one client at a time is easier to sanitize than a large retail store. But going to a grocery store (hopefully) doesn’t involve close personal contact for anywhere between 30 minutes and 3+ hours. ⁣

Also, we all need food to live. No one has ever died from not getting their roots done. ⁣

I’m SO looking forward to getting back to work. But I want it to be a safe as possible, for both my clients and myself. As other states start allowing salons to open, there have been more restrictions - in some case a LOT more restrictions! on how salons do business. I don’t know what Virginia’s going to require, but I think the salon experience is going to look a bit different, at least for a little while. ⁣

That’s ok, though! It will be so wonderful to be back at work, doing what I love - creating gorgeous hair! ⁣

I will let you know more as soon as I do. I will post on all of my social media, bd if you are on my email list, you will get an email. If you would like to be on my email list, just let me know! ⁣

#redkencertifiedcolorist #redkenartistlauratrittipoe #leesburgva #loudouncounty #leesburgvastylist #dmvhairstylist #823hstudios

Sam Villa Professional

Folks, I don't know that I have ever been more proud than I am of this line up! Over 20 of the Hair Industry's most talented artists are joining me for a full day Socialathon fundraising benefit raising money for the Professional Beauty Association Covid-19 Relief fund.

You'll see cutting, color, finishing and enjoy inspirational talks from brilliant minds like Robert Lobetta, Tabatha Coffey and more. Don't miss this epic event May 17th!

Click HERE to register for the Sam Villa and Friends Socialthon Fundraising Benefit:

[04/30/20]   To all of my hairstylist friends..... Happy Hairstylist Appreciation Day!
I appreciate you all, more than you know!

Hey blonde babes! Or even not so blonde.

You already know that bleached hair needs extra care. Here's how 🆕 Extreme Bleach Recovery can help.​⁣

The system is an ultra-caring formula designed to combat damage & dryness from bleach at the cuticle level.​⁣

Formulated with Cica, catanionic polymers and glycerin, Extreme Bleach Recovery​ instantly provides softness and repairs bleached hair.​⁣

You can order this amazing trio from using my affiliate link -


Are you running low on shampoo, conditioner or styling products? I have a solution for you! Simply place your order through the link below, it will be shipped directly to you, and you will still be supporting me and my business!
There’s even a 15% discount on your first order!

Please message me if you have any questions about what products I recommend for you! And THANK YOU!"

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