Heroes Thanking Heroes

Heroes Thanking Heroes


🔥How many vets are medically retired in this community? 🔥 You don’t have to answer.. but if you are I would like for you to read about 🔥H.R. 333🔥 Visit ....LIKE and SHARE Support H.R.333 on Facebook This is something that I highly encourage all of you to get involved with in order to make a Positive change for us!!! 🔥🔥🔥It’s time to make our our voices heard on The Capitol Hill 🔥🔥🔥 👍YOU MUST CONTACT your State Representative 👍via Facebook Messenger or email and let them know that you support this HR 333!!
What is your birth month?
My Memorial Day Eulogy fits well--
Thank You For Your Invite
A Noble endeavor Hugo.
There but for the grace of God...
☆☆☆Share☆☆☆ FRIENDS, please pass this to anyone in Houston area or any that was affected. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints along with numerous others, currently have a hotline available to submit work orders for specific need requests related to the damages and for cleanup efforts. There is no charge if these services. They are mobilizing thousands to come and help mucking out homes, cleaning etc. This has been done in many cities throughout the world. Last year 5000 were mobilized to Louisiana. It may make a week or two, but bishops in the area have already submitted an estimation of homes damaged and preparation is underway. By calling the hotline number, a volunteer will take down the information you need and create a work order and then attempt to send a volunteer crew out to help. This includes removing carpet, cutting down tree limbs, etc. Obviously there's still difficulty getting crews into the neighborhood, but this will allow us to start the rebuilding process, and they will come as they are able. The volunteer groups will come from the LDS Mormon Helping Hands, Catholic Charities, Etc. Hotline numbers: 800-451-1954 844-965-1386
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Got my grill in from the Heroes Thanking Heroes auction! Can't wait to use it.

A special employment program of the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes. Rebuilding Lives. Restoring Hope.

The Heroes Thanking Heroes provides part-time, flexible employment to wounded veterans or their primary caregivers by making thank you calls from their home to donors who have supported the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes.

Mission: Our mission is to help wounded veterans or their care givers to obtain temporary part time employment to help during hard financial times or when transitioning from DoD to VA pay.

Maxwell, one of our #HTHKids, found a sandstone in the garden. He discovered it breaks when you drop it. It gets really hot in the sun, and it works as chalk on concrete.

What have your children learned while completing their studies at home? Share a photo or comment below.

#LittleHeroes #MonthoftheMilitaryChild #MOMC

Hop over to the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes' page today!


All month long, we have shared about our heroic #MilKids and how their resilience has prepared them for this quarantine! Now, we want to hear from YOU- Share your memories below for a chance to be featured on our page AND We will also be randomly choosing followers to send a free children’s book to! 📖 🇺🇸 No Kiddos? We love fur babies too! 🐶 #SaluteHeroes #MakingMemories


VA.gov | Veterans Affairs

Learn what’s important to know about stress, view self-help tools, and access resources to assist in managing the demands of life via U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Go Here: https://www.prevention.va.gov/Healthy_Living/Manage_Stress.asp

#stressawarenessmonth #wearehereforyou

prevention.va.gov Apply for and manage the VA benefits and services you’ve earned as a Veteran, Servicemember, or family member—like health care, disability, education, and more.

Happy #NationalTelephoneDay!

Six days a week, veterans and caregivers working remotely in the Heroes Thanking Heroes program call donors to say "Thank You" for your contributions to the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes.

Among the thousands of veteran service organizations across the country, the Coalition is the only one with a flexible, remote employment program for wounded veterans and their caregivers to help give them a mission, financial support, and self-worth!

Thank you, supporters, for making a difference!

#ThankYou #SaluteHeroes #HeroesThankingHeroes #HeroesWorkHere

After a veteran is injured, children often play a valuable role in their recovery and transition. Hear how this #LittleHero helps her dad after he sustained a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom.

#MOMC #SaluteHeroes #MonthoftheMilitaryChild #HeroesThankingHeroes


April Heroes Thanking Heroes Newsletter

Our April Newsletter highlights one of our HTH Representatives & caregiver, Jessica Temple. Read how she was struggling to find herself between the titles of Wife, Momma, and Caregiver and how employment in our remote work from home program restored her hope and provided financial stability along with increased self-worth.

#Newsletter #SaluteHeroes #CaregiverStrong #HeroesWorkHere


Buddy the Soldier Bear

Come along on a storytime adventure as an Army veteran from one of our Heroes Thanking Heroes' families reads "Buddy the Soldier Bear" written by Marie Joy & illustrated by Brandon Pollard.

To check out Buddy's website, go here: www.buddythesoldierbear.com

#buddysarmy #buddythesoldierbear #readacrossamerica #ilovereading #heroesthankingheroes #saluteheroes #coalitiontosaluteamericasheroes #MOMC #LittleHeroes

Happy Birthday to the U.S. Army Reserve! Today, we celebrate 112 years of service that the men and women of the Army Reserve have dedicated to our great nation!

#USARBirthday112 #HappyBirthday

Thank you for your support of our nation's wounded veterans & your faith in our mission! We are grateful to still be serving our veteran families by continuing to provide part-time, flexible employment to veterans & their primary caregivers through our remote work from home program.

#thankyou #saluteheroes #veteranstrong #caregiverstrong #heroesthankingheroes #rebuildinglives #restoringhope #helpingheroes #coalitiontosaluteamericasheroes

H is for Honor- A Military Family Alphabet

It's storytime time with Antoinette Batchelor, the Veteran Circle Program Manager for the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes. Gather your family together and enjoy listening to "H is for Honor" written by Devin Scillian and illustrated by Victor Juhasz.

#ReadAcrossAmerica #ILoveReading #Storytime #SaluteHeroes #LittleHeroes #MonthoftheMilitaryChild #MOMC #PurpleUp #HisforHonor

Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes continues to help our nation's veterans & their families in many ways.

For most of us, this pandemic is unlike anything we have ever experienced, however, for those who have served in the U.S. military, being socially distant from family and friends is nothing new.

“Then we were fighting a war, we were overseas … but now we are at home, we are in our own country, on our own soil,” said Mary Herrera, a spokesperson for the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes.

The enemy here is invisible. With stay-at-home orders in place to fight the spread of COVID-19, Herrera says many veterans are struggling.


Our #HTHKids have been hard at work all month long! Let’s give them recognition for their diligent efforts in gaining knowledge despite the recent changes and challenges. These #LittleHeroes are strong and resilient!

#InThisTogether #MOMC #MonthOfTheMilitaryChild

Join us in sending a shout-out to all the AWESOME #MilKids! Thank you, military children, for your strength and sacrifices!

#Purpleup #MOMC #MonthoftheMilitaryChild #HTHKids

Please join us in sending Happy Anniversary wishes to the lovely couple. Trey and Joy, our HTH Quality Assurance Assistant Team Lead, are celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary today!

#HappyAnniversary #Love #SaluteHeroes #HeroesThankingHeroes


Stand With MilKids | Month of the Military Child

During Month of the Military Child, #MilKids can receive a free Appreciation Kit. All thanks to the teams that support kids at the Department of Defense.

See details and sign up for a kit here: https://www.militaryonesource.mil/stand-with-milkids

#PurpleUp #MOMC #LittleHeroes

militaryonesource.mil During the Month of the Military Child, Department of Defense programs and services through schools, health and family readiness programs come together to make sure kids and parents have what they need to thrive. This includes new resources for positive parenting and a free giveaway for MilKids.

Every day you have the ability to inspire, teach, and encourage those around you. While you "stay at home" take full advantage of the opportunities to make every moment count with those in your household.

Hear how this #LittleHero likes to spend time with her AMAZING dad who is also an AWESOME #veteran.

#HTHKid #SaluteHeroes #MonthoftheMilitaryChild #PurpleUp

Heroes Thanking Heroes understands the unique needs of our veteran families. Providing financial stability & empowerment through our part-time, flexible employment program to caregivers who otherwise would have had to quit their job to maintain their caregiving responsibilities is one of the reasons we exist. Through your generous donations, together, we are making a difference!

#ThankYouDonors #SaluteHeroes #VeteranStrong #CaregiverStrong #HeroesThankingHeroes

In the midst of the Covid-19 situation, we are standing ready to serve our severely disabled veterans & their families.

During this time, our services are critical. While we continue to help our nation's veterans & their families in many ways- we are specifically focused on emergency financial assistance to alleviate the stress many veterans are experiencing right now. Please consider a donation if you are in a position to give back. Fundraising events have been postponed but nonprofits still need support to help those in need. #SaluteHeroes #StrongerTogether

Support our mission by visiting www.saluteheroes.org.

Did you know?

The Heroes Thanking Heroes program provides a six month transitional part-time, flexible employment to wounded veterans or their primary caregivers. This unique job enables them to make phone calls from their homes, most often to personally thank donors for their contributions to the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes. The program also offers qualified participants basic training and experience working in a “virtual call center,” thereby preparing them for other potential jobs requiring similar skills.

Go Here to Learn More: https://saluteheroes.org/get-help/heroes-thanking-heroes/

#HeroesThankingHeroes #SaluteHeroes #HeroesWorkHere

Storytime with one of our Heroes Thanking Heroes caregivers!

Listen as Tiffany Steinmann reads "A Paper Hug" written by Stephanie Skolmoski and illustrated by Anneliese Bennion.

Visit www.apaperhug.com to see more of their creative work!

#MonthOfTheMilitaryChild #ReadAcrossAmerica #ILoveReading #HeroesThankingHeroes #LittleHeroes #APaperHug

Join us Live on Facebook today at 12:15 EST to hear one of our HTH caregivers read "A Paper Hug" written by Stephanie Skolmoski.

#ReadAcrossAmerica #ILoveReading #HeroesThankingHeroes #APaperHug

You can tell from this #LittleHero she thinks the world of her #Marine dad and we do too!

#CoolDad #MonthoftheMilitaryChild #HTHKids #HeroesThankingHeroes #MOMC

Asking for assistance can be tough, but our veterans have earned it. Confidential help for veterans and their families is available for free 24/7 through the Veterans Crisis Line.

Call 1-800-273-8255 Press 1
Text to 838255
Chat Online www.veteranscrisisline.net
Support for Deaf and Hard of Hearing 1-800-799-4889

#YouAreNotAlone #HelpIsAvailable #SaluteHeroes

Happy Easter! May this day bring you all blessings of joy, love, & hope.

#easter #happyeaster #blessings #joy #love #hope #Heisrisen #eastersunday #family #traditions #saluteheroes

Let's spread some 🐾 Pawsitivity on #NationalPetDay!

Share your pet pics in the comments!

#SpreadPositivity #WeLovePets


Alone Together

"As we continue on this path, whatever that means for each of us, I invite you to not run from these moments, to sit in yourself, to pick the parts you love the most and do them more, to dig into the parts that make your skin crawl and ask why, to let your soul speak to you, and, most importantly, I invite you to discover the courage within that allows you to listen. Remember, the entire earth right now is ALONE TOGETHER."

No truer words could be said about what is going on in the world right now.

Use this time that you are home with your family, or even alone, to reflect, think about things you want to do differently when we are released back into society. Use this time to try to better understand yourself, we lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Use this time to hold your babies, and other loved ones closer. Make memories with your family that you can share on social media, or with your friends once this is over. Use this time wisely.

It may seem like time is being wasted sitting home and not being able to do much, but use this time to learn a craft, or write letters to family and friends you haven't seen in a while.

All of these things can help us be together while we are alone.

retiringyourboots.blogspot.com We arrived at the park, pleased to see it was not only open but that the few people that were there were respecting social distancing and...

Happy #NationalSiblingsDay!

These #HTHKids have smiles full of gratitude from the past Summer Camp Scholarship received from the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes!

Give your sibling(s) a shout-out by tagging them below!

#LittleHeroes #SiblingsDay #MonthOfTheMilitaryChild

Your best is all you need to give
Be gentle with your kids
But first gentle with yourself
Be realistic
Be patient
Allow yourself and your children to just be

~Brie Entralgo, HTH Representative

Wise words from one of our HTH Representatives. In these unprecedented times and always, remember to be gentle to yourself.

When the lesson doesn't go as planned, the house is a mess, and you are feeling overwhelmed, remember your best is all you need to give!

#WeAreInThisTogether #BeKind

Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

“Thank you Lord for the opportunity of second chances, time with my family and friends and the gift to be able to pay if forward by helping my Veteran Brothers and Sisters.” - Juan

Today, we celebrate the Alive Day of the Heroes Thanking Heroes Assistant Director, Sgt. Juan Perez, U.S. Army (Ret.) 4/9/2005, 15 years alive.

Having undergone several surgeries for his shoulders, extensive physical therapy for his TBI and losing sight in his left eye, Juan has become an example of perseverance through his work in the veteran community, the Heroes Thanking Heroes program, and spreading the mission of the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes. We're happy to have his great spirit, humor, & "PopPop" Jokes here with us today & every day!

Show your support and share the love for Juan! To hear more of his journey, go here:

🎶 by Tom Dixon - Download on #Itunes

#TBI #ArmyStrong #physicalwounds #saluteheroes #mentalwounds #AliveDay #veteranstrong

Every morning these #HTHKids listen remotely to announcements and recite The Pledge of Allegiance before beginning their learnings.

How do you start your day?

#MonthOfTheMilitaryChild #PledgeofAllegiance #LittleHeroes #InThisTogether #YouAreNotAlone

Did you know the Dandelion is the official flower of the Military Child!? 💜

Both Military Children and Dandelions show beautiful strength and resilience. Stay tuned all month as we continue to honor these little heroes.

#MonthoftheMilitaryChild #KidsServeToo #heroesthankingheroes #littleheroes #dandelion #didyouknow #militarychild #veteranfamilies #survive #adapt #milkids #motmc #purpleup

It's a "homeschool ice cream break" kind of day!

There's no doubt it's been an adjustment for families across America transitioning to distance education. Our Representatives are thankful for the opportunity of flexible, remote work schedules so we can make the most of every moment.

Thank you for supporting the Heroes Thanking Heroes program!

#LittleHeroes #MonthOfTheMilitaryChild #DistanceEducation #InThisTogether #HTHKids

Buddy Check time!

While maintaining social distance is important at this time, it’s vital we remain connected through technology. Take five minutes today to check in with five of your friends, family, or neighbors. A simple call, text, or video chat can mean the world!

Put a checkmark below once you’ve completed this mission!

#InThisTogether #SaluteAmericasHeroes #ComeTogether

What does it mean to be a #MilitaryKid?

Tyelen Gray, Sophmore at The Citadel, #military college of #SouthCarolina, shares his perspective.

"As a military child, I have had many experiences and learned a lot of life lessons along the way. During my stepfather's service, things were difficult yet exciting with the constant movement and the military lifestyle that was not a normality among my parents or their parents. Having this different lifestyle meant that there was a distinct difference in mindset and attitude than the rest of my family and gave me many opportunities to share what it was like being in a military household. During my childhood, I could tell there was a much larger difference between the kids that lived with a military family on base and those who have never even had the thought of a military lifestyle cross their mind.

In many ways, I have always felt like I see things more professionally and I feel like the word 'integrity' has a greater meaning to me from watching how my stepfather worked as a soldier and at home. This has made me a person who is more of an independent thinker and not always willing to easily go with what is popular or most liked and to take a road less traveled that feels right both morally and ethically. My mindset and attitude are now a lot more comparable to my stepfathers and though I have not chosen the military route for myself I have chosen to go to a military college and also plan to work in a federal job such as DHS or law enforcement."

#MonthOfTheMilitaryChild #HTHKids

Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

Looking for a way to make a difference?

Hear Donny Daughenbaugh, Vice President of Field Operations, share about the needs of our nation's wounded veterans and their families during the COVID-19 crisis and how together we can support our country's heroes.

To Get Involved, Go Here: https://saluteheroes.org/give-help/

#SaluteHeroes #InThisTogether #YouAreNotAlone #SupportOurHeroes #VeteranStrong #CaregiverStrong

What can you do to support wounded veterans during the coronavirus pandemic? Watch here as Donny Daughenbaugh interviews with Kristen Berset-Harris & Great Day Washington about the unique needs of the veteran and caregiver communities and how you can help: https://bit.ly/2X6GWoQ

#SaluteHeroes #HeroesWorkHere #RemoteTeam #Breaking #Veterans #Caregivers #InThisTogether

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