The Miller Method

The Miller Method


Join us right here in 5 minutes as we review the new film The Game Changers
Happy to be ME in my "MILLER METHOD TEE" 😊 feeling positive!
I have some ideas/questions for future podcast. What are your thoughts on only eating when you're truly hunger vs what the clocks says (or the advice that you need something every 2 to 3hr). And what are your thoughts on whether you should stop eating carbs after a certain of day? After your last video, it got me thinking of what things I have heard out in health and fitness world that may or may not be true like the "best" protein being PB, NOT!!
Doctor Miller are there any exercises that target the neck muscles?
Hey guys!! Would love to see a video talking about all these new veggie noodles that are out there!! Are they really a good choice or are we being fooled by seeing the word "veggie" on a package? :)
Had my follow up this morning with Stephanie and the GE iDXA 😊 In the last 100 days - 11 pounds of body fat gone, 8 pounds of muscle added, 15% increase in strength across various compound resistance exercises, never feeling hungry, and still enjoying my pizza or steak on occasion without guilt. Since I started in the beginning of 2017, I’m 70 pounds lighter, have lost 12 inches off my waist, and down three shirt sizes. And I can’t even begin to quantify the quality of life improvements because there’s way too many facets to that. Did I mention I’m almost 50 😂 I would like to give a sincere shout out to my “math” teachers on this journey - Stephanie Mull and Dr. Miller See you in three months guys 🙏❤️
Hi guys—what are your thoughts on this new device to measure body fat? Do you think it actually works? Would you recommend trying one?
Misty Garretson Ansted, this should help you tremendously. This team knows exactly what is going on. Please see all videos to educate yourself.
Melis Peters you gotta see this guy's videos. He really really knows his stuff. This should help you out with your workouts.
Hey everyone! Just a FYI, Muscle Egg has free shipping through December 19th!
I tried to download the Big 5 free report , but said error?

Dr Todd Miller is an Associate Professor of Exercise Science and an expert in the field of Strength & Conditioning. Stephanie Mull is a Registered Dietitian specializing in weight management and sports nutrition.

The Miller Method

"Despite the proposed lower anabolic properties of plant vs. animal proteins, various strategies may be applied to augment the anabolic properties of plant proteins."

Plant proteins are not as superior or anabolic as animal proteins due to lower digestibility and lower animo acid content, especially leucine. That doesn't mean muscle growth can't occur on a plant based diet. It absolutely can! You just have to be smart and strategic. Our eBook provides such information and tips on how to maximize your nutrition on a plant-based diet.

Why is Todd benching a whoping 65lbs? We all have struggles. For the past 6 months or so, mine have involved a likely torn labrum that I'm attempting to rehab on my own. While its easy to get discouraged, I avoid this by focusing on the consistent behavior of lifting, and not on how much I'm lifting.
This is how we like to teach weight loss strategies. Focus on the daily behaviors and not on your results, and before you know it results will be there.
Tell us what you're currently struggling with and how you're handling it. We'd love to know!

Food is a big part of our cultural and family traditions. We use it to celebrate, to come together in a social event, to reward, and for comfort. Steph's favorite thing on her birthday is a cookie cake (from the Great American Cookie Company of course!). Todd's favorite is chocolate cake (he loves boxed cake!).

What food traditions do you have? Share them with us by commenting below!

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This is the result of not being prepared for lunch and having limited time to eat. How do you handle those situations? Do you skip lunch and end up overeating on everything in sight later that day? Do you do fast food but think that will derail you so you get whatever you want? Do you hit up a vending machine? 🔸🔸🔸How well do you think those strategies will support your efforts to change your body, manage your appetite, and keep your mind in a healthy, balanced place?🔸🔸🔸This may look like a lot of food and it is but it meets our individual nutritional needs. The salad didn't have enough carb or protein. So we got grilled chicken nuggets on the side and a Greek yogurt parfait with cookie crumbles.🔸🔸🔸Thank you @chickfila for providing plenty of options to support nutritious, balanced eating!

Eating strategies should be flexible and adaptable. That's the beauty of #metabolismbasedeating

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Currently working on an online course and while putting some thoughts together(things we say ALL the time) for the final module, we felt the need to share them with everyone. Our minds are usually the reason we don't reach our goals - whether they are health, fitness, nutrition or body related.

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The best and worst diets of 2020!

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all of our amazing fans!

Half of U.S. adults to be obese by 2030 with one in four severely obese

No. Absolutely not. We refuse to accept this. By 2025, Metabolism Based Eating created by the Miller Method will be taking the nation by storm reversing this obesity trend! (Reuters Health) - A new analysis is predicting that by 2030, 48.9% of adults in...

This is why we always MEASURE the RMR (resting metabolic rate)....we provided a nutrition plan to a client last year without a measured RMR. We estimated his needs. He wasn't able to stick with it. There was no follow up but he circled back to us a couple weeks ago. This time, he got his RMR measured. Check out the difference in calorie goals! His RMR is 26% FASTER than predicted. Using a prediction equation made us underestimate his calorie needs so he was underfed and underfueled! No wonder why he couldn't stick with it!

We assess everything else before a treatment plan is implemented. Cholesterol, glucose, x-rays, MRIs, etc. Let's adopt assessment of the RMR before any nutrition plan is put in place!
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#metabolismbasedeating #RMR #bodycomposition #nutrition #weightloss #fatloss

Because we got so many requests to write this, we've just completed our ebook: The Miller Method's Guide to Plant Based Eating. The book can be purchased here:

Upcoming seminar you don't want to miss! Villanova University's COPE program is hosting a "Nutrition Future Forward" seminar with non-conventional topics in the field of nutrition. We are presenting on "Preventing Metabolic Adaptation during Weight Loss."

Options to attend are either live or virtually. See attached flyer for details on topics, speakers and registration!

Here are our Thanksgiving Day Eating Tips
🔸🔸🔸It's one day and it will not detail your progress.
🔸🔸🔸To reduce your emotional stress you may feel as a result of eating more than usual and eating off your plan, take ownership of everything you consume.
🔸🔸🔸Make sure it's worth it! The food and drink you consume should taste good to you. Don't eat just because food is in front of you.
🔸🔸🔸When your body says you are full, stop eating!
🔸🔸🔸Do not let feelings of guilt and shame take power over you.
🔸🔸🔸Hit reset after the day is over and resume your normal, balanced pattern.
🔸🔸🔸Most of all, be grateful for the food and family in front of you. Having too much food is a better problem than not having enough.
#MillerMethodNutrition #practicegratitude #balancedeating

There is no passing this up.

5 months. Over 10 lbs fat lost. Over 6 lbs muscle gained. Dropped to 15% body fat (from 26%). INCREASE in resting metabolism, now 32% faster than predicted.
The goal for any client is to have them eat more as they get lighter and leaner.
Our 60 year old client John is crushing his composition and training goals!!!

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Our take on "The Game Changers"

The Miller Method Affiliate program is live!

The Squishy Definition of Ultra-Processed Foods - ConscienHealth

You hear us talk about processed foods regularly, and if you've followed us for any length of time you know we believe in making all foods fit into a nutrition plan. However, more research is emerging on the definition of processed and how it impacts caloric intake.

Our message to you is: Remember to be mindful of your caloric intake. When you eat anything processed, portion it out so you know exactly how much you are consuming. Never eat out of a box or bag, unless you are prepared to acknowledge the fact that you ate an entire package of something (or however much you ate!). Food tracking is a way to stay objective and accountable to your food consumption. At FNCE, Kevin Hall and Amber Courville dug into the squishy definition of ultra-processed foods for insights into how they might cause weight gain.

How I Got This Body: A Student-Athlete Working With GWU's Human Performance Lab to Lose Weight and Maintain Muscle | Washingtonian (DC)

An awesome media article on our GW lab client Nicole! She was 17 years old when we worked with her and now she's studying nutrition in college! "I am now a lot more confident in my appearance and am just overall more comfortable in my own skin."

Thought of the day :)

What's going on at the Mars corporation? It appears as though the caloric content of peanut M&M's decreases as the size of the bag in which they're purchased increases. An ounce of M&M's eaten out of a 10 oz bag contains only 140 calories according to the front label. However an ounce of M&M's eaten out of a 3 oz bag contains 160 calories according to the label.


Too good not to share.

This is why you can't trust anything you read about nutrition:

Another example of misleading labeling, this time the guilty party is our favorite- peanut M&Ms. The pic on the left is of a regular size bag and a "sharing" size. Notice the small bag lists total calories per bag, but the large size lists calories per serving. At first glance one would think the large bag contains fewer calories. The take home message? Know the difference between serving size and portion size.

Miller Method Apparel September 2019

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Miller Method Apparel September 2019

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Miller Method Apparel September 2019

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We couldn't agree more. In our opinion, the science involving genetic testing and diet is in its infancy, and may never has as much utility as many would like it to.

Sorry, we disagree with the "smart snacking" advertisement. This bar is not macro balanced. It is plant based protein which is nice for variety but it has more fat than protein. The higher fat content is driving up the calories in this bar.

Our suggestion for an optimal macro balance in a bar is to have at least 1.5 grams of protein for every gram of fat. So if a bar has 10 grams of fat then it should have at least 15 grams of protein.

The bar should also have some carbohydrate and natural fiber (ideal ranges are 20-30 grams of fiber with ~5 grams of fiber).

Pay attention to labels. Ignore the marketing and advertising by companies and food stores.

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Remember Shawn from our post yesterday? Well here he is, 50 lbs of fat lighter. This is what Metabolism Based Eating is all about. An eating plan based on what your body needs to support your goals with flexible food choices. We give you the tools and resources to apply it in your life. It works for anyone, anywhere. It's designed for lifelong results!

Had to post the results of our client Shawn. At 53 years old and in only 5 months he's lost just under 50 lbs of fat with a 1 lb gain in muscle. No keto, no carb restriction, no starvation. This is what happens when you combine strength training with appropriate macronutrient distribution based on your metabolism. What was the main piece of advice we gave him during our initial meeting? Decrease the amount of healthy fats in the diet. Contact us and we can help you too!

Happy birthday Todd!!!

We have the best clients ever! Our friend Cathy not only made us cookies, but she figured out the macros as well! #metabolismbasedeating

We do what we do because we love it and we know we are changing lives. Our passion is sharing our knowledge with others. This morning we got to do just that by sharing #metabolismbasedeating strategies based on #metabolism and #bodycomposition measurements at #NSCACon19

We are grateful for every opportunity to present, teach, and empower others so we can change the weight management industry!

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Answers to our food quiz

[07/07/19]   Poll #4 and the final one! Pick the food item you think will better support fat loss. Remember, each poll will be active for 24 hours before a new one starts.

[07/05/19]   Poll #3! Pick the food item you think will better support fat loss. Remember, each poll will be active for 24 hours before a new one starts.

[07/04/19]   Poll #2! Pick the food item you think will better support fat loss. Remember, each poll will be active for 24 hours before a new one starts.

[07/03/19]   Poll#1! Pick the food item you think will better support fat loss. Each poll will be active for 24 hours before a new one starts.

Let's have some fun the next few days! We will be creating a poll each day for the next few days. The point of the poll is to generate conversation about specific foods and their nutrient content as they relate to body composition changes. On Monday 7/8, we will do a LIVE to reveal the answers and discuss them!

VERIFY: Do 6 doughnuts really have the same amount of sugar that's in one bottle of soda?

You can't believe everything you see online, and understanding portions can shift your perspective. You have a sweet tooth. But should you go for both the doughnuts and a fully sugared soft drink? Our Verify team checked out the claim in this viral tweet.

Here's what we are learning about processed foods, thanks to Kevin Hall and his research team at the NIH. It's really easy to overeat processed foods. This means that it is easy to put yourself in a calorie surplus and gain fat if you aren't accounting for how much you are eating.

The #millermethodmessage is this:
*Tracking your food keeps you accountable and allows you to enjoy foods you like.
*Processed foods can be worked into your diet if you are tracking them. See ☝️

Notice the key elements of this picture. Todd is eating cereal out of beaker we lined with a Sharpie so he knows exactly how much to pour in without actually measuring it. Saves time and thought. Win win!!

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Making smoothies with Steph and @LesliFosterWUSA

@saradelucaa came to visit from NY and spend time with us! Sara is a private practice dietitian who has been implementing #metabolismbasedeating in her clients since seeing our #fnce presentation last fall. We are changing the #nutrition and #weightloss industry one practitioner at a time! If you are interested in learning from us and implementing Miller Method Nutrition, let us know! Training programs are currently being developed.

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Miller Method Apparel May 2019

Get your Miller Method gear here!! Online store closes TONIGHT! Tees, tanks and hoodies are available.

The #millermethodmessage is at the bottom of this post!

Muscle mass can change or bounce around between body composition measurements. It's normal! This is due to water shifts in and out of the muscle. Remember, muscle is 70% water. Females can see big shifts due to hormonal changes too.

Todd and Steph measure their body composition regularly. The picture shows the fluctuations in their lean body mass per the #dexascan but other body fat tests would show the same thing.

The #millermethodmessage is this:
*Don't panic if you see your muscle mass fluctuate. You are doing nothing wrong! This is normal.

*Coaches/dietitians - educate your clients on these expected shifts. You need to manage their expectations. Only if you see a consistent decline in muscle do you need to be concerned and review their eating and exercise habits.

*Notice anything interesting about how the muscle changes in both Todd and Steph? The changes are almost identical. Your environment, including the people in your life, will affect your body composition.

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