The Miller Method

The Miller Method

Dr Todd Miller is an Associate Professor of Exercise Science and an expert in the field of Strength & Conditioning. Stephanie Mull is a Registered Dietitian specializing in weight management and sports nutrition.

Happy birthday Todd!!!

We have the best clients ever! Our friend Cathy not only made us cookies, but she figured out the macros as well! #metabolismbasedeating

We do what we do because we love it and we know we are changing lives. Our passion is sharing our knowledge with others. This morning we got to do just that by sharing #metabolismbasedeating strategies based on #metabolism and #bodycomposition measurements at #NSCACon19

We are grateful for every opportunity to present, teach, and empower others so we can change the weight management industry!

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Answers to our food quiz

[07/07/19]   Poll #4 and the final one! Pick the food item you think will better support fat loss. Remember, each poll will be active for 24 hours before a new one starts.

[07/05/19]   Poll #3! Pick the food item you think will better support fat loss. Remember, each poll will be active for 24 hours before a new one starts.

[07/04/19]   Poll #2! Pick the food item you think will better support fat loss. Remember, each poll will be active for 24 hours before a new one starts.

[07/03/19]   Poll#1! Pick the food item you think will better support fat loss. Each poll will be active for 24 hours before a new one starts.

Let's have some fun the next few days! We will be creating a poll each day for the next few days. The point of the poll is to generate conversation about specific foods and their nutrient content as they relate to body composition changes. On Monday 7/8, we will do a LIVE to reveal the answers and discuss them!

VERIFY: Do 6 doughnuts really have the same amount of sugar that's in one bottle of soda?

You can't believe everything you see online, and understanding portions can shift your perspective. You have a sweet tooth. But should you go for both the doughnuts and a fully sugared soft drink? Our Verify team checked out the claim in this viral tweet.

Here's what we are learning about processed foods, thanks to Kevin Hall and his research team at the NIH. It's really easy to overeat processed foods. This means that it is easy to put yourself in a calorie surplus and gain fat if you aren't accounting for how much you are eating.

The #millermethodmessage is this:
*Tracking your food keeps you accountable and allows you to enjoy foods you like.
*Processed foods can be worked into your diet if you are tracking them. See ☝️

Notice the key elements of this picture. Todd is eating cereal out of beaker we lined with a Sharpie so he knows exactly how much to pour in without actually measuring it. Saves time and thought. Win win!!

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Making smoothies with Steph and @LesliFosterWUSA

@saradelucaa came to visit from NY and spend time with us! Sara is a private practice dietitian who has been implementing #metabolismbasedeating in her clients since seeing our #fnce presentation last fall. We are changing the #nutrition and #weightloss industry one practitioner at a time! If you are interested in learning from us and implementing Miller Method Nutrition, let us know! Training programs are currently being developed.

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Miller Method Apparel May 2019

Get your Miller Method gear here!! Online store closes TONIGHT! Tees, tanks and hoodies are available.

The #millermethodmessage is at the bottom of this post!

Muscle mass can change or bounce around between body composition measurements. It's normal! This is due to water shifts in and out of the muscle. Remember, muscle is 70% water. Females can see big shifts due to hormonal changes too.

Todd and Steph measure their body composition regularly. The picture shows the fluctuations in their lean body mass per the #dexascan but other body fat tests would show the same thing.

The #millermethodmessage is this:
*Don't panic if you see your muscle mass fluctuate. You are doing nothing wrong! This is normal.

*Coaches/dietitians - educate your clients on these expected shifts. You need to manage their expectations. Only if you see a consistent decline in muscle do you need to be concerned and review their eating and exercise habits.

*Notice anything interesting about how the muscle changes in both Todd and Steph? The changes are almost identical. Your environment, including the people in your life, will affect your body composition.

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When life throws you curves

We're back today at noon!

This is what 14 lbs of fat loss looks like in a cyclist who said he's now at his "ideal bagel consumption". He wasn't eating bagels thinking they were preventing him from losing fat.

Guess what? Fat loss can occur while eating bagels! It's all about what YOUR body needs. Don't create stories in your head about foods that may or may not be contributing to your weight. Get out of your head by measuring things such as body composition and metabolism, and tracking your food. It keeps you objective.

Hoodies, tees and tanks are available to purchase!!! This link is active for the next 2 weeks. Our online store will close on May 24th.

Everyone who has purchased something has raved about the quality. The hoodies are our personal favorite. SUPER soft and comfy for any time of the year.

Everything fits TTS. If you are unsure, we can send you the Next Level Apparel size guide. Hoodies and tees are unisex sizing; the tanks are women's sizing.

Certain messages or themes repeatedly come up with our clients who successfully and consistently lose fat while preserving their muscle and metabolism.
1. Dieting is not black and white. It's not all or none. Dieting is full of gray. There is a middle ground where balance is achieved.

2. You must have an open mind and be willing to learn if you want to change your body. You don't know it all. Using science to guide you takes a lot of the guesswork out. For starters, measure your body composition and metabolism.

3. Manage your expectations. Understand how much fat you need to lose to reach your ideal weight and body fat %. How do you do that? See #2.

These images are from our client Catherine who has done AMAZING over the last 10 months. And she's not done yet. She is down 40 lbs of fat and up in muscle. Her metabolism has improved as she has gotten lighter. She feels amazing! You can see from the numbers that Catherine had a lot of fat on her initially.

It doesn't matter where you are at when you start. Just freaking start or you will never see a change.

We are extremely excited for our business partner and friend, TJ Houske, because he opens his very own Miller Method and Functional Physique lab this weekend! He'll be offering metabolism and body composition testing, nutrition and exercise programming, and small group training. If you are in the Indianapolis area, do yourself a favor and go see him! And send everyone you to know too.

[04/15/19]   Visit our friends at LiveLeanRX, or look for one near you soon!

So great to be working with Lesli Foster from WUSA. Stay tuned for future updates!

This post is about not judging a book by its cover. Four weeks ago, I embarked on a story/journey that involves tackling weight loss through a customized plan with a body scan and metabolism test. What it revealed is that I am considered #SkinnyFat.

To my surprise, the scan determined that I have 35% body fat. That is very high and can lead to other health issues if I don’t get it in check.

So, how did a vegetarian who is gluten free with digestive issues end up with such an imbalance? Good question. And it’s one I’m seeking answers to thanks to a dynamic team at the GW Weight Management and Human Performance Lab lead by Dr. Todd Miller and Dietitian Stephanie Mull.

I hope that what I learn will help you in your quest for better health and well-being.

I am changing my diet (which is hard because I love nuts and avocados - which are both high in fat), tracking everything I consume and doing a regimented strength training program 3xs a week.

I’m inspired by how many of you have reclaimed your health and I look forward to better days ahead too. Oh... and big paradigm shift in this plan. No scales ⚖️... @wusa9

Testimonial Time! While we love seeing improvements in body composition and metabolism, we take extra joy in seeing the shifts in people's mindsets and relationships with food. Because we know if we can improve those two things, then the body changes will happen easier! Check out what our 42 year old female client had to say recently:

"Today I had a new personal best at the gym and deadlifted 193 pounds! I am definitely getting stronger, so hopefully my next dexa scan will show muscle gain. My clothes are fitting much better, with some old favorites wearable again. And overall, I feel great. I love that I am getting better results with less time working out. While I am curious as to what the scan will show, I don't even care that much because I feel so much better than I did a few months ago. My food and exercise right now feels very sustainable. I greatly appreciate you helping me find the right balance for me."

As promised, here is our list of top non-supplement protein foods. Enjoy!

The "best" sources of protein.

Monitoring progress without the scale

Quote of the day from our 39 year old male client who lost 7.4 lbs of fat in 6 weeks with a 1.0 lb increase in muscle.

One of the many valuable lessons you learn when you remove yourself from diet culture and mentality, and follow a plan tailored to YOU and your body.

A long standing debate exists as to whether diet or exercise is more important for fat loss. As long as we can eat food faster than we can burn it, diet will always trump exercise as the driver for fat loss.

The Hierarchy of Dietary Priority or HDP - how you should prioritize what you focus on in your diet to support positive body composition changes.
1. Food quantity
2. Macronutrient balance
3. Food quality

A recent study supports this. Kevin Hall, a researcher at NIH, and his team studied the impact of processed vs. non-processed foods on body weight. The processed food eating group gained weight during the study period but it was not due to insulin or inflammation. It was due to eating more calories! The group eating processed foods simply ate more.

If you want to lose weight, focus on how much you consume. Food quantity must be a higher priority to you than food quality.

Villanova University | Zoom

For those interested in learning about metabolic adaptation, here is a link for the webinar we did with Villanova University's COPE program. This presentation is geared toward weight management professionals and is a condensed version of all the data and information we usually share. Enjoy!

Silencing the noise in your head

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I'm stuck - breaking the weight loss plateau (guest TJ Houske)

I'm stuck - breaking the weight loss plateau

Learning about weight plateaus - what they are and how to break through them. This is our topic today on Live with special guest TJ Houske! Join us at 12 PM Eastern.

Maximize fat burning during exercise

Miller Method Live: Maximizing Fat Burn With Exercise. Today at noon EST!

Miller Method Apparel

We have apparel for sale!!! T-shirts are available for purchase NOW! Deadline for orders is February 15th. Buy one (or 3) for you, a loved one, and everyone you know! Online ordering for Miller Method Apparel ends on Friday February 15th, 2019 (11:59pm EST)

The key to long term weight loss

Webinar Series | Villanova University

Interested in learning about metabolic adaptation? Todd and Stephanie will be sharing their knowledge and experience as part of Villanova University's COPE program in a FREE webinar on Wednesday 2/6 at 12 PM EST. Register here! Standard interventions for weight loss include dietary calorie restriction and an increase in cardiovascular exercise but do not typically include a strategy for preserving metabolic rate during weight loss. Using weight as the primary measurement tool for success and compliance increases the risk o...

Tackling Weight Loss - Healthy You

Listen to us discuss New Year's resolutions on GWU's Healthy You podcast! For many, the new year provides a perfect opportunity to start over or try something new in your life. But do New Year’s resolutions work? In today’s episode, we speak with Todd Miller, director of the Weight Management and Human Performance Lab at GW’s VSTC, and Stephanie Mull, a dietician at...

Happy Birthday Steph!

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