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For the Brits that are hoping to gain grants from the Army Sports Lottery: BLUF - Last paragraph! Please see below the latest update from the Army Sport Control Board in respect of Covid-19 UPDATE 8 – LOC FRAGO 20-247 to PROJECT PHOENIX OpO 20-239: CANCELLATION OF ARMY OVERSEAS ACTIVITY (INCL OSVs) TO 30 SEP 20 Reference: A. LOC LOC_FRAGO_20-247 dated 15 May 20. In consultation with the MOD, PJHQ and Formations (incl ASCB), all Army overseas activity planned to commence up to 30 Sep 20 inclusive has been reviewed by the LOC. The Army will continue to minimise overseas activity in accordance with Pj PHOENIX direction; all activity that does not contribute to operations, VHR, overseas resilience, or is deemed non-essential to international engagement is to be cancelled. Included within this review are Overseas Sports Visits (OSVs). Acknowledging that the COVID-19 pandemic will not be a short-term issue, nor will its impact be equally reflected across the globe, Reference A confirms that all previously authorised OSVs between 1 Jul and 30 Sep are to be de-authorised. Any additional applications for OSVs, submitted to ASCB that are due to commence during the period 1 Jul to 30 Sep, will not be authorised whilst LOC FRAGO 20-247 remains in force. Army sports should remain cautious when looking to organise any OSVs from 1 Oct to 31 Dec 20. In the current COVID-19 environment, where discretional overseas travel (which includes OSVs) is currently cancelled, OSV organisers are advised not to commit any funding to tour operators or travel companies/airlines etc. prior to receiving authority from ASCB and advice from the ASL on any potential ASL grant. See 2019DIN 10-001 (Army OSV and OTC) and 2019DIN10-015 (Army Sport Lottery) on the Publications section of the ASCB website. Organisers who commit funds against an OSV prior to receiving authorisation from ASCB do so at their own risk. At a future date, LOC will be conducting a further series of estimates to review Army overseas activity from 1 Oct to 31 Dec 20.
Today is the United States National Medal of Honor Day. The highest award for our military members that have distinguished themselves by acts of valor. There have been 3,525 Medals awarded to 3,506 individuals (19 men were awarded 2 Medals of Honor). 40% of all Medals were awarded in the Civil War
A cheeky cateran yomp, thought I'd get some training in for my challenge in may 38 miles to go 🧡
Worth recognising & blowing the AFF's trumpet......not even going to mention 7 SCOTS support for Cateran Yomps! 7 SCOTS Teams bolstered by 6 individuals over the last two years from 3 SCOTS have had 4 Teams of 10 runners over 4 years head out to Washington D.C. Money Matters: Raising over £60k to assist in getting all my teams' to the @Marine_Marathon USA, with a roof over there heeds, fed & watered during the visits. Big thanks to Steve Lamb Some Statistics: 38 brand new people exposed to the Marathon and the USA's capital, along with stating that they were in NCIS/CSI labs.....not a lot of folks can claim that feat. 6 pipers and 1 drummer adding the Pentagon to their piping C.V. Big thanks to John Wayne Troxell Raising over £15k for UK service charities incl @AFF_Team $6k Beneficiaries over the 4 years - @SSAFAPerth @Erskine1916 @LegionScotland @hrfca If it weren't for the following, it would not be possible for these trips to happen: #ArmyScotlandTrust #RoyalEdinburghMilitaryTattoo #51BrigadeandHeadquartersScotlandWelfareFund #HighlandReservesForcesandCadetsAssociation #TheRoyalRegimentOfScotlandWelfareFund #ArmySportsControlBoard #ArmySportsLottery #PeoplesPostCodeLottery #AntecedentBlueBonnets that were in a skip! #Current&Previous7SCOTSCommandingOfficers #PersonalContributions Oh, and Gerry Haughey lol for keeping me on track with the #RedTape
Trailer Sponsorship Vermont Combat Motorcycle Ass'c.
New Trailer.
The New Hand Cycle Trailer will be at the MCM, in full graphics
Hi folks, some of you will know me from the last 2years of the yomp. I've got to say that I'm humbled by the support and camaraderie of all who have been part of this amazing event. Next year starting May the 16th, I will be doing 4 consecutive loops of the cateran trail(220 miles) hopefully within 90 hours. The first loop is the cateran ultra marathon and then I'll just keep going 😁😂. I'm looking for some of you to help with support, on the ground and also promotion of the event, I'll be raising money for the AFF so let's get as much exposure as possible! Lots to plan and plenty training but I'll do it with your help. Wether it be a kind word of encouragement or helping me change my socks😂 ever tiny thing will get me closer to the finish line 💪. Cheers Neil
That's 9 of a Team of 10 from both 3 and 7 SCOTS registered for the 44th Marine Corps Marathon #MCM trip to Washington D.C. USA. Supporting the Allied Forces Foundation #AFF for the fourth year.
See you all very soon. All day setting up for what is surely going to be a cracking Regimental Dinner at 7 SCOTS for the Wounded Warriors from the Allied Forces Foundation.
Happy to announce that 7 SCOTS will be providing #LifeSupport in the way of accommodation, chefs and drivers for #CY19. #Scotland

The Allied Forces Foundation, Inc. is an all volunteer organization incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA. 'Carry a Comrade'™, 'Team SideXSide'™ & 'Marathon Miles'™ are sub-brands of the AFF.

is designed to recognize and further the Steadfast Alliance of the United States and the United Kingdom, which nations' long history of cooperation and comradeship has been reinforced by the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mission: The mission of the Allied Forces Foundation, Inc. is to raise funds for Allied comrades wounded in recent conflicts and to raise awareness of the ongoing and long term challenges faced by injured soldiers and their families. The main effort is facilitating challenge events such as The ABF Cateran Yomp, which allow AFF team members to experience comradeship whilst being amongst like-minded people who have experienced similar hardships and focusing on the abilities that they still have to strive forward in life.

Operating as usual

Amazing day at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial for the grand opening of The Pledge the statue honoring servicewomen and military working dogs. Amazing. Had the honor to be invited by Phyllis Wilson Chairwomen of WMDAM and to meet Général John Nicholson (Retired) #HerMemorial

Allied Forces Foundation CEO Stuart Taylor will be attending the unveil its first statue—The Pledge—in a private, invitation-only event on Saturday, October 17 Women In Military Service For America Memorial. The statue was sculpted by internationally recognized sculptor Susan Bahary and sponsored by the U.S. War Dogs Association. According to Bahary, “The Pledge honors the commitment of our brave servicewomen in all the jobs they do.” Thank you to Chairwomen of the WMSAM Phyllis Wilson for the honor to attend and enjoy this amazing ceremony to celebrate women’s service to their nation.

The public will have an opportunity to view the statue on our 23rd Anniversary on Sunday, October 18th, in an Open House event. Due to COVID-19 restrictions in Virginia, you must reserve a free ticket through Eventbrite to attend the Open House and masks are required inside the Memorial. There will also be plush puppies for sale in the Gift Shop during the Open House. We look forward to seeing you on our anniversary! #HerMemorial #HonorOurHeroes #alliedforcesfoundation

Appalachian Yomp (AY) virtual participants collective achieved 1130 miles of the 2190 mile Appalachian Trial which we tried to complete over 24hrs 3-4 October 2020. Next year the AY21, 2-3 October will be both LIVE from Boulder Crest Foundation (BCR) Bluemont VA to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park WV and back BCR 54 miles and Virtual taking part from your own location.

See the distance all the participants taking part this year accomplish by teamwork, sharing and communication. You can achieve anything if you challenge yourself and team up. #adventuretime #challengeyourself #AY21

With great gratitude CW04 Charles Evanson, for a distinguished career to the United States Marine Corps and the United States of America.

All the best in your retirement and all your future endeavors.

Who We Are | Allied Forces Foundation

Join us in our next episode of The Ron and John Show with Stu Taylor - Allied Forces Foundation President & CEO!

Stuart Taylor is formerly a Warrant Officer (Class 1) of the British Army, and now Owner and CEO of Stucan Solutions. In 2011 Stuart helped train and deploy the Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Task Force prior to taking post as the Task Force Command Sergeant Major supporting 16 (Air Assault) Brigade in Afghanistan, working alongside U.S. and Coalition forces.

After 25 years experience in counterinsurgency and counter-terrorism interdiction operations, Stuart and his family have relocated to the USA where he has established a specialized counter threat consulting firm advising governmental and commercial organizations in hostile environment activity and domestic security enforcement.

Join us LIVE, Thurs Oct 8th at 4pm PST - get your reminder for the show here -


(Photo Credit:, Sources: Who We Are Allied Forces Foundation is created and managed strictly by volunteers, which allows donations to go directly to supporting our wounded, ill and injured service men and women. AFF Board Members, Honorary Board and Advisory Council AFF Board Members Honorary Board Members Advisory Counci....

Appalachian Yomp (AY) 2020 completed and was a amazing success. Thank you to all our support staff, sponsors and wounded warriors who bravely took on the challenge 59 miles on the Appalachian Trail. The challenge is not for the faint hearted and puts you through some physical and mental obstacles during the time on the trail. When completed the AY at any stage you feel you and your fellow Yomps have accomplished a herculean achievement. So well done all you Yompers and hope to see you again next year October 2-3, 2021.

Still time to donate and support.

Thank you to MISSION BBQ Boulder Crest Foundation Women In Military Service For America Memorial Team Unbroken The Scottish Government in the USA Robert Irvine Foundation

Nations who took part: 🇺🇸🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇳🇿🇺🇦🇬🇪🇳🇴🇩🇰🇵🇱

RIF AFF AY2020 Video

Thank you Chef Robert Irvine and the Robert Irvine Foundation for the amazing support and shout out for the AFF Appalachian Yomp 2020. We had amazing participation from wounded, Ill, and injured warriors, veterans and active duty service personnel here in the US and international partners. 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇦🇵🇱🇬🇪🇳🇿🇳🇴🇩🇰 #supportourtroops #alliedforcesfoundation #challenge2020 #appalachianyomp

This video is about RIF AFF AY2020 Video

Team M:X that is a great accomplishment over 24hrs and 63miles. You have achieved Gold medal place on Appalachian Yomp 2020. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏅🇺🇸 The Scottish Government The Scottish Government in the USA

#AppalacianYomp2020 complete!

In 24 hours, we covered 63 miles of the #WestHighlandWay unsupported, with 6887ft of ascent (1.5x the height of Ben Nevis).

Massive thanks to everyone who tracked, gave us support online and generously donated to the Allied Forces Foundation.

You can still donate here ➡️

#AppalachianYomp #AlliedForcesFoundation #Charity #Challenge #WHW #AFF #SideXSide #MXITUP

Appalachian Yomp CP 3 finishers. Amazing

Teams still on the trail coming in to Check Point 4 and 4 Miles to Silver at Baltimore National park 35 miles.

This has been very tough and hard under foot for the teams.

Mission complete the Appalachian Yomp Bronze.  thank you Mission BBQ for the amazing food all the teams taking part completing bronze.

Just crossed the State line now in West Virginia. Great route so far.

Virtual Appalachian Yomp 2020

Great stop at Check Point 1. thanks Phyllis Wilson Alex Isaac keep the support coming. Allied Forces Foundation unites wounded, ill, and injured (WII) service people and veterans from the US, UK, and allied nations on their journey to recovery. Through a series of outdoor, peer-led events that challenge the mind and body, Allied Forces Foundation provides opportunities that reinvig...

Appalachian Yomp start talk from Boulder Crest Foundation Dusty.

Start Appalachian Yomp 2020 0700hrs with these amazing warriors. Thank you Boulder Crest Foundation for hosting.

Team MixX hope you are well and having a great time on the West Highland Way. We are up here and getting ready to start our Appalachian Yomp. 😀

At the start line! We’re off on our 24hr unsupported challenge, attempting to cover as many miles of the #WestHighlandWay as we can as part of the #AppalachianYomp2020.

We’re raising money for the Allied Forces Foundation, which supports ill and injured veterans and their families in the US, UK and other allied countries.

You can track us and donate here ⬇️

#AppalachianYomp #AlliedForcesFoundation #Charity #Challenge #WHW #AFF #SideXSide #MXITUP

Appalachian Yomp Virtual 2020 is going live 3-4 October 2020 both virtual and LIVE from Boulder Crest Foundation Bluemont to Pen Mar PA 59 miles.… still time to sign up. Thanks to partners Robert Irvine Foundation MISSION BBQ Scottish Government USA Women In Military Service For America Memorial

AFF 2020 Yomp

Appalachian Yompers if you are taking part on the 3-4 October on the trail or out locally, take time to relax and restore with our own Yoga lesson from Denyse LeFever who has kindly shared this post on youtube.

To reach Denyse please email: [email protected] or visit her website at

A few gentle movement to kick of the October 2020 Appalachian Yomp

Virtual Appalachian Yomp 2020

8 Days to go before we step off on the Appalachian Yomp (Virtual) 3 October. Sign up it is free and will be great fun. Allied Forces Foundation unites wounded, ill, and injured (WII) service people and veterans from the US, UK, and allied nations on their journey to recovery. Through a series of outdoor, peer-led events that challenge the mind and body, Allied Forces Foundation provides opportunities that reinvig...

Register at the link below and join the AFF Appalachian YOMP either virtually or meet up with one of our local groups hiking in the Bluemont, VA area or the Seattle, WA area.

The event is free and open to everyone, we just want to encourage everyone to get out of their homes to exercise and enjoy nature.

You can raise funds to support wounded, ill, and injured service people and veterans whilst you’re out challenging yourself.

Register at the link below:

Or email [email protected] with any questions.

#appalachiantrail #ay2020 #hiking #yompyouryard #alliedforcesfoundation #supportourtroops #supportourveterans #mentalhealth #physicalhealth

Sign up to take part in the AFF Appalachian Yomp Live and virtual 3-4 October. For information follow link and sign up for FREE.

Website for more information For LIVE route.

Please share and post.

We can’t host our planned Appalachian YOMP this year so join us virtually on October 3 & 4, 2020 and hike wherever you are!

Register at the link below for our free event, which is open to everyone:

#appalachiantrail #ay2020 #hiking #supportourveterans #supportourtroops #mentalhealth #physicalhealth #YOMPyouryard

Thank you Josh Coghlan for the amazing support by taking on the UK 3 Peaks Challenge for the AFF. This is a great way to get out and support your community.

Happy Fourth of July to all of our US team members, families and supporters! Have a great day! 🇺🇸

#happy4thofjuly #military #veterans #USA

Happy Armed Forces Day to all current and past members of the British Armed Forces!

Our thanks for your service go out to you all.

#alliedforcesfoundation #sidebyside #military #veterans #britisharmy #royalnavy #royalairforce #royalmarines #armedforcesday

YOMP Your Yard!

Wow! Thank you for everyone who joined in for YOMP Your Yard last weekend.

Together you raised almost $10,000 to help wounded, ill, and injured service people and veterans. As important as the money, we hope you enjoyed it and benefited from getting out there and getting after it. Remember that feeling and get out there when you can.

#yompyouryard #alliedforcesfoundation #sidebyside #supportourveterans #supportourtroops #mentalhealth #military #veterans

We can't thank the Robert Irvine Foundation enough for their support - they have donated $5,000 in sponsorship of all of our YOMP Your Yard participants!
Chef Robert Irvine and David Reid have joined us in Scotland and supported our teams on our trips there for the last three years.
#yompyouryard #alliedforcesfoundation #robertirvinefoundation #chefrobertirvine #military #veterans #usa #uk #scotland

We are so close to completing our mission to reach the $10,000 magic number. Thank you everyone for joining in and supporting. #YompYourYard #SidebySide #Strongertogether

Fabs Landragin on Twitter

Look at this!! UK & US officers did #yompyouryard together at Fort Leavenworth in support of #alliedforcesfoundation “UK and US officers together at #FortLeavenworth for #YompYourYard in support of the #AlliedForces Foundation”

Kevin Flynn joining #yompyouryard for #alliedforcesfoundation in Michigan, USA

Well done to the team in Ukraine!! 🇺🇦

#yompyouryard #alliedforcesfoundation

Ветеранський забіг на 10 км YOMP Your Yard 21 червня на Трухановому острові в Києві.
Спека та вологість додали емоцій.
Частина цих хлопців поїде на Marine Corps Marathon , який відбудеться 25 жовтня у Вашингтоні.
Дякуюємо наших партнерів з Allied Forces Foundation за ініціативу YOMP Your Yard (Подолай свій ярд).

Day two and we’re off already!! Thanks to Lisa Watson and Anthony John McAlister who did their #yompypuryard in their home town of Tumut, New South Wales, Australia 🇦🇺. Well done guys!

More YOMPers in the USA! Even the little ones are getting involved!! #alliedforcesfoundation #yompyouryard

Competition time!!! Tag us in your YOMP Your Yard photos and videos and the winner will receive a 24”x26”print of this Side by Side picture, commissioned for AFF!

Remember the #alliedforcesfoundation and #yompyouryard and to make sure your post is public!

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YOMP Your Yard!



712 Montauk Ct.
Leesburg, VA

General information

For more information or to become involved in this important initiative, please contact AFF team at [email protected]
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