Lucketts Elementary School PTA, Leesburg, VA Video June 9, 2018, 2:43am

Videos by Lucketts Elementary School PTA in Leesburg. The Lucketts Elementary PTA is an organization of parents, teachers, and administrators whose aim it is to provide our kids with a great elementary school.

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Video of our sensory path gifted to the school through a Lucketts Ruritans grant. One of the resource teachers told me she had a sleepy kiddo today who perked right up after some sensory brain exercise! Thank you Lucketts Ruritans! #lovelucketts #luckettsva #sensoryplay #springahead

Lucketts 5th Grade Promotion 2019 - Emily Larrick
"The amount of work you put into the goals you set now determines your accomplishements in the future. And I believe that you all have the extraordinary capabilities to go after your goals and dreams, and work hard to reach the future you see for yourself now." --Emily Larrick, #LuckettsPTAScholarship Winner 2019 speaking to our 5th grade #LuckettsLions. Thank you, Emily, for inspiring our rising Smart's Mill Mavericks! We wish you the best as you begin your studies of Business at Virginia Tech this fall! #LuckettsPTA

Hardly a dry eye in the school this morning as we cheered for our #LuckettsLions Class of 2012 and now #TuscaroraHuskies Class of 2019! Congratulations and best wishes to all of our graduates! Carry your #LionPride with you wherever life leads you 💙🦁💙 Have a #LuckettsSeniorWalk2019 photo or video to contribute? Please add to the comments below and we will be sure to add it to the Facebook album. #LUC #Lucketts #LuckettsPTA

🌈1st Annual Lucketts Color Fun Run 5K!🌈 Thank you to Hatsumi Mann for organizing our 1st Annual Lucketts Color Fun Run at Tarara and to our PTA Chaos Coordinators Julie Kaiser, Corey Lawson, Amy Tribié, and Lauren O'Laughlin for an exciting day in beautiful Lucketts, VA! A huge #LionPride thank you to our Running Club Volunteers lead by Ashley Carlson and Matt D’Anna for running miles and miles with our kiddos each week to get them ready for the race! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ Our Lucketts Lions had a BLAST! 💙🦁💙 Please help us thank our amazing #LuckettsColorRun sponsors for making this event possible and for supporting #LuckettsElementary: ❤️ Hancock Orthodontics 🧡 Fine Landscapes 💛 Mathnasium of Leesburg 💚 Super Kicks Karate Leesburg 💜 Tarara Have a #LuckettsColorFunRun photo or video to share? Post it in the comments below! #LuckettsPTA #LoveLucketts #ItTakesVillage #Lucketts #ThisIsWhyWePTA #LuckettsRunningClub #ColorFunRun

Our #LuckettsLions enjoyed an engaging, educational, and FUN assembly today with Percussionist Tom Teasley!! If they came home today playing rhythms on your pans or beatboxing all over the house now you know why! Thank you so much, Mr. Teasley, for sharing your talents with us!! And thank you to the VCA, NEA, and #LuckettsPTA members & donors like you for making this event possible! Tom Teasley's stellar performance was generously funded in part by the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts! THANK YOU! Mr. Teasley ran out of time at the end to answer all of the kids’ great questions, so please encourage them to have you post here in the comments, write a note to their classroom teacher, or send an email to [email protected] and he will be happy to answer! You and your kids can also check out Tom’s YouTube page here: #LUC #LoveLucketts #ItTakesAVillage #TomTeasley #VCA #NEA #PTA #HuntDistrictPTA #VirginiaPTA #ThisIsWhyWePTA

We have the BEST Staff at #LUC!! Thank you to all of our staff members for putting on a fun rendition of “12 Days of Christmas” at the annual Winter Sing-A-Long! And thanks to Chris & Amy Tribié for leading the song. What a fun tradition to kick-off Winter Break! 🎄☃️🕎🎅🏼❄️ Our Music Specialist Mrs. Nei did an outstanding job leading our 3rd graders in a performance that incorporated bells, singing and dancing! 🎼 Have a photo or video to share of today’s #WinterSingalongLUC ? Please post in the comments below! #Lucketts #LoveLucketts #LuckettsPTA #ItTakesAVillage

BRAVI TUTTI to Mrs. Nei and our Lucketts Chorus! They had a fantastic performance tonight at the National Christmas Tree in Washington, DC! Have more videos or photos to share? Add to the comments below! 🎼 #LuckettsChorus #LuckettsPTA #LUC

🎓CONGRATS to all of our 5th grade #LuckettsLions! We are so proud and can’t wait to see what your futures hold! Also, congratulations to our 2018 #LuckettsPTA $500 Scholarship Winner - Lexy Slone! Listen below to her speech from tonight’s 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony. Lexy will attend the Culinary Institute of America in New York this fall. Way to go, Lexy!!! #LionPride #LuckettsAlum

#ICYMI - 3rd Grade created a “Mobile Museum” to share with the school! Visitors enjoyed exhibits about Meerkats, Salmon, Alligators, and more! Check out Zach’s group’s exhibit about Coral! 🦁🐯🐻😲 THANK YOU to all of our #LuckettsPTA Members’ and Business Partners’ generosity that makes exciting learning activities like these possible for our #LuckettsLions 💙🦁💙 #LoveLucketts

"Just be open-minded and don't let your own thought process limit your opportunities. Pursuing your interests deepens your character and is critical to your success." --Brenna Cochran, our 2017 Lucketts PTA Scholarship Winner, speaking to our rising 6th graders at their Promotion Ceremony. Congratulations and best wishes to all of our Lucketts Lions heading off to middle school! And to our High School graduates as well! #LoveLucketts #LuckettsLions

Congratulations to Max Tagg, the winner of the 2014-2015 Lucketts Elementary School PTA Scholarship award. Max is a strong academic student, a super athlete and what we really admire: a pillar in community service to those who live in and around Lucketts. He came to speak to the graduating 5th graders at the ceremony this evening and spoke of three things he wanted to impart: Go to school to LEARN, not just to show up, Be KIND and be ready for change!! AND??? A HUGE LIONS ROAR AND CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 5th graders. We wish you all the best on your journey, and congratulations also to Max as you continue your education into college!

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