Workhorse Coaching by Brian Wright

Workhorse Coaching by Brian Wright

Workhorse consulting & training provides simple/effective coaching in the areas of strength and fitness through online coaching systems primarily for women

We help women who are trying to do amazing things, such as: - Lose that last 10-20lbs, to really bring out their muscular definition. - Get stronger for a sport, recreational activity, or life in general. - Do their first pull-up or five. - kKck-out 20 badass push-ups, pull-ups or do some serious head turning deadlifts or squats. - Train for an obstacle race or other events. Want to get stronger, fitter, and leaner? Want to get better at your sport or recreational activity? Or even just want to feel more relaxed, happy, and healthy? What you need is excellent coaching, support, and a proven process that has helped transform thousands. If you are ready to take your training to the next level, I can work with you to ensure that all of your hard work is actually gaining traction and bringing you the results you want. Your training program will be designed specifically for YOU, based on your individual profile (including age, exercise history, fitness level, goals, available equipment, schedule availability, medical history, etc.). A library of exercise demos support all training programs, that you can access anywhere at any time. No need to wonder if you are doing a movement correctly. Videos provide step-by-step instructions and your trainer is available to answer questions and provide feedback on your movement videos.

Another great StrongFirst course in Northern VA!
If you haven’t come to one of these-don’t worry, more on the way!

Hers the loose plan for the challenge at the Friday night BBQ this week at Old Glory Gym in Ashburn. This is free food/beer. Come, and do what you can on the lifts. (Don’t worry about weight-just push!)

StrongFirst Team Leader, Brian Wright’s Strength Event and Cookout

Free food and lifting!!

Next Friday night in Ashburn VA

I hope you are paid up for All Terrain Conditioning (where you can also recertify all SF schools of strength). This event starts Sat the 22nd.

The food and lifting on Friday is for all, not just StrongFirst instructors or for registered attendees to All Terrain Conditioning. Come celebrate with the StrongFirst strength tests and a cookout the evening before the StrongFirst All Terrain Conditioning.

This year-my 40th year, has some big goals. Not listing them all here- but super happy to report a step in the right direction. This is my second week on my new running program. I jun just on Saturdays. I am on a StrongEndurance KB swing protocol now just completing week 3 of 6. (Before that I was on another StrongEndurance plan for GPP).

Finished mile one in 7:32, mile two in 7:14, and mile three was 7:19. Not bad!

Conclusion-kettlebells make you strong! AND ready for anything!

The NEXT big StrongFirst course in norther VA is in June

[05/22/19]   Eat less, Lift weights (like 4-8reps so it's freakin hard) when you see a hill, run up it! Work to be happy in life! (reduce stress) This works for 99% of guys! If you are looking to get 6 pack abs like a fitness model, its gets a bit more complicated than this.

My recent post to a question in a men’s group for a dude looking to drop body fat. The point - stop over thinking things. It’s not about the macros or the fat burners. It’s about consistency and patterns. Drink some beer and whiskey! Have fun with life, AND lift and eat a few veggies!!!

Workhorse Coaching

Last day for BIGGEST discount on the 2019 Women’s Retreat to the Blue Ridge. Check out the details, but PM me to get your special discount code! (Bring daughters, mothers, sisters, or friends). Cynthia has always been active from preforming and teaching theatrical dancing to earning a black belt in taekwondo. She earned a PhD in geography and taught classes in a university. But, left academia to pursue her passion helping men and women from teenagers to senior citizens, get stronger, more....

Tactical Strength Challenge Registration Complete. This will be my first one since the Fall of 2017. Let’s do this thing!
(All smiles so far!) to register - open to all ages and levels.

Anyone interested in getting into the open gyms I run on Sundays for a little barbell, Bodyweight, and kettlebell focus for this event specifically (or for everyday fitness if that’s more your thing?)

Girls Gone Strong

This is exactly the type of thing Karen is so gifted at. She narrows down the complex to make simple takeaways!

She is one of the few featured speakers at my one of a kind women’s event in the Blue Risge mountains (at the historic and charming hotel Roanoke) on April 5&6.

Learn more about the event at the link, and make sure to PM me directly for a special reduced offer if you read this post.

[The 4 Most Effective Kettlebell Exercises for Conditioning]

Kettlebells are a FANTASTIC tool to improve your conditioning!

In this article, Master StrongFirst Instructor Coach Karen Smith shows you the 4 most effective KB exercises for conditioning.


I’ve shared this before. This is a great example of the StrongFirst system-the type of smart teaching, the notion of SKILL development not just “strength” development. This is what a school of strength is. Here in northern VA, invest in your skill development on March 10th at the one day StrongFirst Kettlebell Course. (Image below in comments , and sign up info on the main StrongFirst site).

Strength is a skill.

But what does that look like? Here is one example: a 90-second clip from an SFG Certification pressing lesson by Joe Sansalone.
1. Push through the ground.
2. Maintain posture & alignment.
3. Build the pattern & the path.
4. Don't worry about pressing heavy right now, worry about pressing WELL.

For more about the center of mass, see this earlier article from Chief SFG Brett Jones:

[12/17/18]   Anyone in this group looking for strength/conditioning coaching 1xweek. I have an open gym on asundays forming for the winter and a youth athlete strength development program starting in Jan.

- Strength first! We are looking to get stronger! With this 1xweek program paired with 1-3 GPP sessions weekly, this winter stands to be one of the best programs you can go through.

- power production and power endurance -we are looking to build fatigue resistance through the hips. Whether your goal is the TSC or just to be strong through sports, running/daily activities the hips will be the center of your ability to keep going!

- hypertrophy-muscle growth. With higher levels of DOABLE tension, you stimulate more HGH and other hormones to generate muscle growth. That leads to healthier body composition and better overall athletic functionality.

- cardiovascular base level training. This was a big help in one of our open gym sessions in the past-a 15-20min steady state cardio block. This group activity reminds us all that we are here for total health. For those of us getting older-this is the BEST way of maintaining lower BP, lowering LDL cholesterol, and improving stroke volume capability.

PM me
Can be as low as $6/hour. Which is clearly just an attempt to cover facility costs and just help you/your friends/our community get STRONG

Workhorse Coaching

A brother in my Strength education community recently went to an event that is pretty much exactly what I am creating with my Women’s Retreat to the Blue Ridge. Clearly, my event will be its own experience - with world renown instructors teaching
- keys to unlocking strength specifically for the busy woman
- hormonal responses to the foods most women eat often
- connecting self acceptance, and self celebration through exercise
- physical therapy that can be done in minutes each day
- keys to unlock cardiovascular training for health, fat loss and performance

Instructors include Karen McDowell Smith, Donald Blake Berry, Cynthia Croissant, Kristen DeBruycker, Jess Mather

Check out this other event taking place in CA. It certainly looks cool. Our event is just for women (mothers/daughters, sisters, and best friends). PM me for a special payment plan.

Early bird sign up still available - but not for long
(Copy the below link for more information) Cynthia has always been active from preforming and teaching theatrical dancing to earning a black belt in taekwondo. She earned a PhD in geography and taught classes in a university. But, left academia to pursue her passion helping men and women from teenagers to senior citizens, get stronger, more....

The School of Strength | StrongFirst

To all strength enthusiasts:

Those seeking to train for performance, resiliency, and enjoyment

It is to this group that I have spent my 20-year strength and conditioning career offering educational resources.

Please see how BIG 2019 is going to be. It actually marks the 20th year exactly for me as I started in 1999 in personal training.

-Early March-StrongFirst one day Kettlebell course with an additional course on maximizing heavy press skills, weighted pistol and extreme weighted pull-ups (known as the beast tamer and Iron Maiden challenge). StrongFirst does just 1 or 2 of these in Northern VA a year. Don’t miss this opportunity to significantly improve your understanding of leveraging the Kettlebell to help get stronger, improve conditioning, and bullet proof with residency training.
We are offering this in Alexandria, VA.
(Sign up under courses)

-2019 Women’s strength and fitness retreat to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Join me and a panel of speakers including Master StrongFirst Instructor, Karen Smith, Dr. Donald Berry SFG, Martial arts expert and multi-discipline black belt, Kristen DeBruycker, and more for a weekend of learning, excursions, relaxation, and exercise. April 5&6 at the historic and charming Hotel Roanoke. Super early bird registration is now available.

-Just announced, StrongFirst Chief Science Officer, Craig Marker is bringing his All Terrain Conditioning course to Ashburn VA. Sign up on for late June. This course is a scientifically proven method of training without chasing exhaustion. It’s the way elite forces train, top athletes, and can give all of the over stressed and rushed northern VA strength enthusiasts a way to train without feeling beaten but gaining a level of readiness and conditioning that surpasses anything you may have tried before. Read more on these StrongEndurance protocols on the webpage. Register early for the early bird rate. StrongFirst is a global provider of strength education. Our Instructors specialize in safe and effective kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight training.

Workhorse Coaching

My biggest fitness event in the my 20 years of training. Invest in this getaway weekend for a star studded line up of instructors and a ton of fun activities. We welcome any woman of any fitness level! Super early bird rate is live now. Cynthia has always been active from preforming and teaching theatrical dancing to earning a black belt in taekwondo. She earned a PhD in geography and taught classes in a university. But, left academia to pursue her passion helping men and women from teenagers to senior citizens, get stronger, more....

Workhorse Coaching

2019 Women’s health and fitness retreat to the blue ridge!

Registration link is live n the site connecting to PayPal.

Sign up early. For a special offer for you and your family/friends-just email me if you are registering with a small group. Cynthia has always been active from preforming and teaching theatrical dancing to earning a black belt in taekwondo. She earned a PhD in geography and taught classes in a university. But, left academia to pursue her passion helping men and women from teenagers to senior citizens, get stronger, more....

Pay Workhorse Consulting using PayPal.Me

2019 Women’s Fitness Retreat in the Blue Ridge

This event has been a long time in the making. I have planned and run a 100 person charity event for Mobile Hope here in Loudoun, chaired a 5k race with over 300 runners, and done tons of strength seminars for various groups like StrongFirst and The National Strength and Conditioning Association.

This is an event that will combine all the great things I want to and have been able to promote in my coaching career.
Total health:
-Positive mind sets, meditation and relaxation
-Strength secrets for better results
-Rehab and recovery techniques
-Nutrition and how they affects hormones
-How to optimize cardio for real results in cardiac output, blood chemistry manipulation, and as a fat loss tool
-Real world practical women’s self defense

All these great interactive learning sessions geared for ANYONE at any fitness level plus two nights stay at the charming old Hotel Roanoke in the heart of the blue ridge mountains.

Here’s what you can expect:
-Arrive for check in and a group happy hour Friday April 5
-Sessions Saturday morning (attend any and all that you like) breakfast included.
-Saturday afternoon hike excursion in the cool early spring weather!
-Saturday night drink and sit down dinner with featured speaker and raffles and giveaways.
-Check out Sunday morning

Your early early bird rate is exclusive to the first 10 people. The entire event is limited to 30 people. This includes access to the full retreat and all meals stated above. (Your rooms are not included but we will have a group rate-that code will be sent to you after registration).

439$ for this event.
You are welcome to send this to friends but again, once I get the 10 spots, registration at this rate will expire.

Looking forward to it!
(Event website for more info coming soon) Go to and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries.

Coming VERY soon.

Health and Fitness Retreat to the Blue Ridge (by Workhorse Consulting and a team of fantastic teachers and speakers)

Details coming
Event will be early spring 2019

Reply to make sure you get the even EARLIER bird special
(30 women max at this exclusive get away event)

[07/21/18]   Health Tip

For those of us nearing/in our 40’s.

Eating veggies
Learning to meditate/relax your muscles
And finding peace within our lives

Is WAY more beneficial than working toward your first pull-up, snatching 100x in 5 mins, or losing the last 10-20lbs.
Don’t get me wrong - that’s all cool! And in some ways - can help lead to the aforementioned list.

Breathing practice tomorrow for those interested in learning tricks to REALLY let your muscles go. (Cold therapy included).

DV8Fitness, Inc - - Phil Scarito

No matter the size of the bell, your technique and breathing remains the same. •💪•

I tried the Wim Hof Breathing & Cold Therapy Method for 7 Days | Sorelle Amore

I’ve been researching on and off the benefits of environmental conditioning for health and mindset for about a year now. I’ve been trying to find all the good and bad (what’s coachable and what’s not). I’ve come up with something I think could be really great.

I’m branding it the Viking Resilience Program. It’s tough, it’s cold, it’s kick ass-you see the parallels.

If you want to come try this out, the first session will be July 7 in Leesburg. Comment below. (First session is $20) the Program will be 8 weeks with every step laid out to get the most from this.

Here’s a quick intro from a young Icelandic woman than jumped both feet in (so to speak)

I tried the Wim Hof Breathing & Cold Therapy Method for 7 Days. The results are pretty profound, but not in the way I expected it. The method is pretty inten...

StrongFirst Bodyweight course
One arm push-up progressions in northern VA just got a ton better!

3 keys to fat loss

This is my 19th year Personal Training. I am extremely fortunate to have made a career in such a volatile and changing field. This field is plagued with hot new trends, ever compounding bullsh*t, and emotionally fueled answers passed off as the next quick fix.

Fat loss is not just hard science. If it were that simple, it would not be a multi-billion industry in this country. Below are a few bullet points that factor into fat loss.

-behavior modification (food and exercise adherence)
-psychological outlook on progress
-stress management
-timing in life (how much energy can we give to this goal)
-individual variation (many plans to choose from and not all of them work for every individual)

That’s why we all need coaches.

Building strength is a more straightforward approach. Whether that be for performance or rehab, it’s about smart programming with progressive overload at the right pace; then managing recovery and adequate muscle nutrition. I would argue that this is the approach that 99% of is working professionals should focus on because this approach:

-is easier to manage
-has a more positive and rewarding journey often times
-impacts base metabolism and helps in fat loss in the long run (albeit slower than a dedicated fat loss program)
-builds resiliency to potential injury and allows for one to be more active-making everything in life easier.

Still, fat loss is a major goal and should not be discredited as a worthy effort. (You should do this in cycles-meaning 6-12 weeks of concentrated programming).
Again-working with me or any coach can help navigate the complications-not just the science. (It’s more than just programming and recovery). As stated above, it’s a lot of behavior strategies.

Below is a video detailing the three keys to fat loss. I’ve found that despite the complications-primarily coming from individual response variety-that three universal truths stand out.

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