Kim's Taekwondo & After school leesburg

Kim's Taekwondo & After school leesburg

2017 - 18 Kinder & Elementary After School registration is open! Free pick up / TAEKWONDO Register now!

OUR MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to empower students to develop an indomitable spirit, a positive personality, attitude and a character that will lead to taking responsibility in helping and respecting others

Mission: 'Learn respect others, then teach others how to respect others'

#happy_mothers_day #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgVA Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers of Kim’s TaeKwonDo family!!!

#KimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgVa Great job Mia. And please welcome our new assistant Master, Master Park is now working with us officially. Look forward to have another great year with New master and our Kim’s TKD students!!

#KimsTKDSparring_class at 6:10pm til 7:00pm . Can’t wait to see you guys !!!

Starting this Saturday, May 4th. #TKD_Form_class #Next_level_TKD Poom-Sae class for all ages. It’s all about understanding TKD forms & practice right way to achieve next level. Using our Bio_mechanical method to make class fun and goes fast. All age level/ $20 per student

#kimsTKD #belt_testing #Leesburg #leesburgVA New belt level to these kids!!! Great job!

#VA_state_TKD_tournament #Winners #Gold_medals #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgVA It’s a blessing Saturday at Virginia TaeKwonDo tournament with these awesome students. Owen, Jasmine, Edgardo, William, Vladimir, Jonathan, Mira, all of our students got Gold 🥇 medals. It pays off after many days of practice at Dojang. One down, many to go. Let’s make a next goal!! Great job all of you!

#VA_state_tournament Tomorrow, April 27th 2019 is State Tournament. All participants please be ready with white uniform for state tournament. Good luck !! 8am sharp, See you at Osborn high school in Manassas, VA

#TKD_belt_testing #kimsTKD #Leesburg #LeesburgVA Today is Testing Day! All testing participants please be ready with Uniform.
NINJA - 5:30pm / Children - 6:30pm

#Think_like_black_belt #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgVA It’s a never-ending process. Even to Masters. Happy Easter!!

#spring_break #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgVA #air_space_museum Spring break is ended and memories forever! Good time together. It’s preview of #Summer_Camp . We missed many friends who took vacations out of state this week.
See you all on Monday, have a great weekend.

#spring_Break_camp_2019 #spring #Camp #KimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgva Can't wait until next week!! Beautiful days ahead of us!

Hard work paid off at tournament! Alexa's awesome Poom Sae moments.

#Alexa_maldonado #KimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgva #mtkim_tournament #tournament #TKD #Taekwondo

#mtkim_tournament2019 #바람부는날_태권도 #토너먼트 #kimsTKD #leesburg Great day with good memory

#Belt_promotion_test #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgVA #Never_giveup Great job to all our Students who tried their best! Many students got awards for their excellency! Let’s keep up on every classes!

#kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgVA #TKD_tournament_life Be ready for State Tournament - Official qualifier for National Championship.

Abigail’s best balanced sparring at #mtkim_tournament great job!

Elena’s Breaking at #mtkim_tournament Great job!!

[03/17/19]   We had such a great time together today at Mt.Kim Tournament.
I’m so proud that all of our students gave their best effort. Great job!

Photos from Kim's Taekwondo & After school leesburg's post

Photos from Kim's Taekwondo & After school leesburg's post

[03/13/19]   Attention all Tournament participants, as announced please bring check or money order with application today if possible. We will submit all applications & checks tomorrow. Thank you!!

#kimstkd #Leesburg #leesburgva #kimsTKD_SWAT_team Excellent job SWAT TEAM members at FDES!! So proud of them. #spring_festival_at_FDES

#Tournament_Mode #kimstkd #leesburg #leesburgva Our students practice TKD forms, Breaking boards, Sparring for Mt.Kim Tournament. It’s 10 days away!!

6 days away from SWAT TEAM Performance at Frederick Douglas Elementary school! We are excited to see all our families and friends! Saturday, March 9th @ 12:00 noon! #FDES_Spring_Festival #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgVA

[03/01/19]   #LCPS #SNOWDAY #2hr_Delay
2 hour delay tomorrow for LCPS.
Kim's TKD will open at 7am tomorrow morning. Join us for before school. we will drop kids off school 2 hrs later at schools.
#stay_positive #maybe_no_school_tomorrow #KimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgva

#well_done #Great_spirit #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgva Great job teen & Adult level Testing participants!!

#Camp_day_no_school #LCPS_Closed #No_School #Leesburg #leesburgva #kimsTKD
Today, Thursday 2/21/19 Public schools will close due to weather condition.
Kim's TKD will open at 7am for camp. Bring Lunch & lots of snack.

ASP 15 / TKD 59

[02/20/19]   #LCPS_2hr_delay #LCPS #leesburg #leesburgva #think_before_school #we_will_drop_kids_at_school #No_worries_be_happy
Tomorrow schools in Loudoun County will open 2hr delay. Drop your kid off as early as 7am at Kim’s TKD we can drop them off at school as before school. No worries, be happy!!

10 / student

#schools_out #snowday_camp #lcps #KimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgva
LCPS schools will close tomorrow due to weather inclement.
Kim’s TaeKwonDo will open 7am tomorrow for snow day camp.
Bring your own pillow and watch Disney movie and play LEGO blocks with us.

ASP 15 / TKD 59

Lunch & lots of snacks and extra socks!!

#summer_camp_2019 #kimsTKD #fun_fun_fun can’t wait for summer!!!

#fun_day_campday #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgva #dinosaur_park #presidents_day_camp We couldn’t get enough pictures. But best photogenically are below! Funday at park and Movie with Pizza party!!! Let’s do it again!

Happy Valentine’s Day to Kim’s TKD families!!!

#Presidents_Day_All_Day_Camp #FUN_CAMP #MONDAY_IS_CAMP_DAY #KimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgva #Camp #Daycamp #Day_camp

Register today for Monday 2/18/19 'President's Day Camp'
Drop off time: 7:00am ~ 10:30am
Pick up time : 3:00pm ~ 6:00pm

After school student : $15
All other student or new student : $59

*Lunch & lots of snack!

#summercamp #summer_camp #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgva #fun_camp #camp_2019 Early bird Summer camp enrollment ends end of March.
Join us for all new 2019 fun Summer camp. Culinary art week and late night camp day, adventure with pool every week, picnic day, etc!!

[02/12/19]   Today, Tuesday LCPS 2hr delay.
We will open at 7am for before school. If you want us to drop kid off at school please bring them in between 7am ~ 9:30am.

$10 / student

#kimsTKD #strong_quotes_for_better_life #respect_others_first #Leesburg #leesburgva Monday today and very freezing rain outside. But we keep our personality straight as usual. TaeKwonDo martial artist, our kids, are learning everyday for respecting others first!!

#Snow_day #2hr_delay_is_no_problem #kimsTKD LCPS 2 hour delay tomorrow Monday morning so far. We will let you know if any changes between now til tomorrow morning. Stay alert our page.
We will open 7am for before school.
If any student needs to be drop off at their school 2 hours later then their normal school drop off time please drop them off at our Kim’s TKD at 7am.

$10 per student

#Black_belt #brendan_palmer #kimsTKD #never_given_up Brendan successfully passed black belt promotion test Saturday! Congrats!!

#love_this_quote #Become_a_black_belt #Give_yourself_time #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgva Give yourself time. It takes time to be the one you imagined of yourself. #Never_give_up

#Ethan_harris #kimsTKD #ninja_graduation #glory_day #remember_all_these_days Bit late to post it but congrats Ethan!! Graduated Ninja School and promoted to big kids class!!!!

#black_belt #thewaytobe_black_belt #kimsTKD #leesburg#leesburgva We are here with Brendan & Mr. Thierry Palmer for Brendan’s black belt physical testing at Simpson middle school. And Brendan ran on track sets new records! Congrats Brendan! Next is Traditional Black belt testing at Kim’s Tae Kwon Do. Pil Seung!!

[02/01/19]   Today, Friday Public schools will close due to weather.
Kim’s TaeKwonDo will open at 7am for all day camp.
*lunch/lots of snack
15/ASP student, 59/TKD student

#LCPS_snowday_closed #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgva Due to weather condition LCPS will close tomorrow , Thursday. Kim’s TaeKwonDo will open at 7am for All day Camp.
Please pack lunch, lots of snack!

Field trip to library or staying indoor with Bounce house!!!

15/ASP student , 59/TKD student

Stay warm everyone!!!

#alldaycamp #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgva. Tomorrow LCPS closed to due to weather inclement. Kim’s TaeKwonDo will be open tomorrow at 7am for all day camp!! Ready for Movie / pizza day!? Bring your pillow for Movie! No more than One per student.

Drop off time between 7:00am ~ 10:00am
Pick up time between 3:00pm ~ 6:00pm

Lunch & lots of snack!!!

15/ASP student, 59/TKD student

[01/29/19]   Due to weather inclement we have cancelled our last class of today as Teen/Adult class. Please stay warm!

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707 E Market St
Leesburg, VA

General information

Master Kim's Tae Kwon Do school 'AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM school with Character Education' *Character Education : Learning about - Morality, Creativity, Spontaneity, Problem solving, Lack of prejudice, Acceptance of facts. Self-esteem, Confidence, Achievement, Respect of others, Respect by others. Friendship, Family. K-12 Math, Science & Leadership, recreation teachers will help homework, give yoga, origami, Arts, Spelling bees classes etc. Parents will get Report cards each semester and students will have their own web-based page(student portal) from our website so they can manage their homework and pictures, TaeKwonDo belt ranks and Feedback between our school and students. 'Higer than standard', by many ways but We are getting lots of appreciation from our parent(s) because We been making our promise to our students and their family. Now, when we pick up kids from their schools, parents will get automated text massage as 'Picked up Notice' and soon as they arrived at school, thet scan student ID and parents will get 'Check-IN' notification. We are very secure about that. and we repect State of Virginia school code. Let's share this benefits with your child(ren) at Master Kim TeaKwonDo Martial Arts. Life journey with TaeKwonDo. Please look around our website and try our Trials We do have trials for Taekwondo and We do have trials for After school programs. We try to get closer to our future families. Master Kim TKD Leesburg provides top notch martial arts instruction to residents of Leesburg, Ashburn and its surrounding areas. We are official club members of USA Taekwondo, which is the National Governing Body for Taekwondo in the United States. We issue only official Kukkiwon Poom/Dan certifications for black belts and all our credentials are valid. Visit our studios to see the difference for yourself.

Opening Hours

Monday 07:00 - 20:30
Tuesday 07:00 - 20:30
Wednesday 07:00 - 20:30
Thursday 07:00 - 20:30
Friday 07:00 - 20:30
Saturday 08:00 - 15:00
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