Kim's Taekwondo & After school leesburg

Kim's Taekwondo & After school leesburg


Last day for Summer 2019. Thanks for helping to make my grandsons happy. You are the best!
We will be open tomorrow 7am for All day camp! 7am - 6pm All Day Camp TKD student - $49 ASP student - $10 * LUNCH + lots of snack! See you all tomorrow!!!
Due to cold weather, LCPS public school will be closed for today. We will be open at 7:15am - 6pm for All day camp! *pack your lunch and lots of snacks! - TKD student $49 - After school student $10

2020 - 2021 Kinder & Elementary After School registration is open! Free pick up / TAE KWON DO Register now!

OUR MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to empower students to develop an indomitable spirit, a positive personality, attitude and a character that will lead to taking responsibility in helping and respecting others

Mission: 'Learn discipline, become a leader!'

Loudoun's Favorites 2020

#Loudouns_favorite #Best2020
We are participating this event again🤩 this will help our school to show how much we work as one Kim’s TaeKwonDo family!!
If you have a chance please answer this survey

No.13 . Click on ‘Others’ then fill out ‘Kim’s TKD’
No.127 Click on Master Kim’s TKD,
No. 175 Click on Kim’s Taekwondo.

keep click on ‘Next’.

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Kim's TKD - Free trial class now!

#All_NEW_KIMSTKD #Newly_updated #kimsTKD #Leesburg #LeesburgVA Please check & share our Newly updated Website ( /

#SUMMERCAMP_BEGINS and #TaeKwonDo_in_person begins on #MONDAY_IS_THE DAY #NEW_Schedule #TOMORROW_CAMPDAY
Please check New Schedule
We are happy to announce all we will RE-OPEN our Kim's TKD on Monday for All taekwondo classes as in person(back to normal with restriction-Mask on) and students who still want to take Virtual class, Yes we still have our virtual classes on Tuesday to Friday.
We will all see you next week!

SUMMER CAMP begins tomorrow!

#last_day_of_school #Congrats
Today is the officially Last day of School. Congratulations to all our student who graduate from current grade! Master and all Kim's TKD staffs are looking forward to see soon!

#KimsTKD #Re_opening #Leesburg #leesburgVA #NEW_schedule
New schedule effective Monday 6/8 for Virtual class. No inperaon class until 6/22.
We've changed bit of schedule time along with Virtual class for simple look. please check time.
Kim’s TaeKwonDo will Re-Open on Monday June 8th with New schedule. Please check our New summer schedule.
Summer camp will begin on Thursday June 11th! See you all next week!

[06/01/20]   This Friday, June 5th, Kim’s TaeKwonDo re-open with small group class(schedule online) + Virtual Classes(everyday) + Outdoor Classes(saturday).

Next week, Thursday June 11th, Summer camp begins! Currently we have open enrollment for summer camp! Please give us call (703-336-7400) or email [email protected]

#TKD_passion #Sunshine_smile #Leesburg #LeesburgVA #KimsTKD
Outdoor TKD practice was successful today! Many our Kim’s TKD family showed up and kids practiced TKD together with Mask on. Sure enough everyone had excellent social distancing at the park. It was fresh air out! Good to see many kids. Hope many other kids see this post and encouraging to be out for Saturday’s outdoor practice. Let’s do this together! See you all next week!

Kim's Taekwondo & After school leesburg

Make sure to join our outdoor class Saturday, tomorrow at 10am - All Children, 11am - All Ninjas, 12 noon - Teen & Adult at IDA Lee park . Any questions please text or call us at 703-336-7400 see you tomorrow all!

#kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgVA Outdoor classes Begins This Saturday at IDA Lee park. 10am - all children / 11am - all Ninjas / 12noon - Teen & Adult.
*please wear mask , bring bottle of water, sunscreen. See you there!!

[05/26/20]   #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgVA Outdoor classes Begins This Saturday at IDA Lee park. 10am - all children / 11am - all Ninjas / 12noon - Teen & Adult.
*please wear mask , bring bottle of water, sunscreen. See you there!!

#Memorial_Day #Remember_Honor #KimsTKD #LeesburgVA #Leesburg all Kim’s TKD Family stay safe for Meomorial Day weekend!!

Kim's Taekwondo & After school leesburg

#Stay_Strong #KimsTKD #LeesburgVA
- On Friday May 22, you will able to download special Memorial Day Coloring Page from the Kim's Tae kwon Do page ( and our Website ( These Memorial Day Coloring Poster for window display to respect our soldiers.
- On Monday May 25 is Memorial Day!
There in no Virtual Classes for Memorial Day.
Let's take pictures with your Memorial Day Coloring poster with your family. please send picture(s) to 703-336-7400 via Text message. Master Kevin will send a surprise patch for student who participated it.

Stay Strong Kim's TKD Family!

Master Kevin Kim

2020 - 2021 Kinder & Elementary After School registration is open!
Free pick up / TAE KWON DO
Register now!

Hello, Kim's TaeKwonDo families! Hope all our families stay strong and healthy! Please share this post for all of your friends and neighbors.
Many of our Kim's TaeKwonDo students are joining Virtual Classes in this uncertain time. It can be stressful for kids & parents. Many Sports for summer are canceled. We are here for all of you. We are calling all our Students who used to be Kim's TaeKwonDo student and current. Let's do it together. So far it's very successful for many kids following unlimited classes + Weapon class + Korean Language class + Black Belt class. simply call us 703-336-7400 or [email protected] for the password of zoom(ID: 348-345-8027) classes. #KimsTKD #Leesburg #Leesburgva #virtual_class #VirtualTKD #onlineTKD #Go_kimsTKD

Sorry for confusion. Fitness & School can’t open until end of Phase 3, according to Governor’s outline. We will continue to provide Virtual classes until then. We miss you all!!

#coloring_math #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgVA 2 pages of coloring. Print and share!

#kimsTKD #Virtual_TKD_class #Training_Planner
Any student can download and print out for the Weekly Training Plan. ' Planner ' for you!
Let's do it together! We can do it!

#workout_at_home #it_will_work #TaeKwonDo_Mind #Never_stop #we_can_do_it Do it today see ho much you can!!!

#World_autism_awareness_day Today is World Autism Awareness day. Kids who has Angel mind and give us joy of life. I personally think these angels are our mirror so we can reflect our selves how much we care each other. And God bless all parents and family members who are in these angels life. Have a wonderful day all!

#Virtual_Class #KimsTKD #Leesburg #LeeburgVA Congratulations to Ethan & Declan earned Silver Star from Class! 1st level of Patch! Let's keep up the good work! Next Star is Blue Star!

#Virtual_TKD #KimsTKD #Leesburg #LeesburgVA Congrats Ben & J.J earned Silver star from virtual TaeKwonDo Class!
Let's keep it a great job!!!
Remember, any student who joined Virtual Classes and answers Korean Terminology right can earn Stars quicker!

#virtual_Taekwondo Virtual classes are getting crowded!! See you all in classes!

I just sent an email but I'm posting for Facebook user parents.

Dear Kim’s Tae Kwon Do Family:

Kim’s Tae Kwon Do is continuing to live stream its classes as scheduled Monday through Friday. In an effort to provide our staff with some relief during this time, we will no longer be streaming Saturday classes until further notice. However, since the Saturday classes were essential to many in reviewing color belt curriculum, the following links will provide our students with the necessary instruction for review.

Zoom account Meeting ID: 348 345 8027

All Ninja Class Level Curriculum Help page
All Children Class Level Curriculum Help page
All Teen & Adult Level Curriculum Help page
Korean Terminology Help page

We advise all eligible students to access these links at their convenience to review. Current Ninjas belt students are welcome to participate in the All Ninjas classes. It is expected that higher ranks continue to practice past forms and self-defense.
In addition, we are recording these classes for future use in the event that this current situation becomes even more extended. If you wish to review a particular class, we should be able to send you a link to view it again upon request.

The latest word from Governor Northam is that the target date for schools across the state to return to classes is End of Summer and Business will be back after 30days of closure. We will be sending out more information in the coming days regarding this process so please keep your eyes on your email.
Remember we will send you a New Virtual Class Schedule for everyone. Please check the email.
For those of us who are truly dedicated, we will find a way while those who are not... will find excuses.

Go Kim’s Tae Kwon Do!

-Master Kevin Kim

#Virtual_TKD_Classes #Have_Fun_time_together #All_Virtual_TKD_Begins_tomorrow
As you know Governor Northam asked almost every business stops for next 30days. So we will provide all our eligible students Virtual Class (Zoom app) starting tomorrow 3/25/20
If you don't know how to get Zoom Apps or you didn't get our email with Access code Please call or text 703-336-7400 / [email protected]
We will post New Schedule with more classes tonight. Otherwise we will see you at below scheduled time today!
See you all in Virtual Class!!
-Master Kevin Kim

Summer Camp | After School | Kim's Taekwondo & After school leesburg

#Virtual_TKD_class Good morning, Kim’s TaeKwonDo family!!! As you know we have private classes but only til today.
*There are 4 spots left for today as below
12:40pm-1:10pm / 3:20pm-3:50pm / 4:40pm-5:10pm / 6:40pm-7:00pm
-> please let us know by phone or to reserve your spot.
We had great classes yesterday in Virtual class!
If you didn’t get any email or don’t know our ID meeting numbers in please let us know.
Schedule is attached but we might add more classes. Stay Tune! Master Kim Martial Arts Taekwondo Leesburg 707 East Martket st. Leesburg VA 20176 (Del RIO shopping center) CALL @ 703-336-7400 [email protected]

#KimsTKD #Leesburg #LeesburgVA #Virtual_TKD_Class for Ninjas and Children were working great today. We have a Teen & Adult VIrtual Class as well. We will See you all in Virtual Classes!!

Virtual TaeKwonDo Live Classes Are Now On!

* For all eligible Kim's TKD students: if you have already paid TKD tuition there are no additional charges for Virtual / Private lessons during this time.

*After School and Tae Kwon Do students who want to

join our Virtual Tae Kwon Do + Private lesson :

'Zoom' Virtual Kim's Tae Kwon Do (No limit to join) +

Private Lesson ( 2 classes per week): Click the link to reserve a seat

**Please check your email and download the 'Zoom' app before class and click on the link you received in an e-mail to join the class. (

*All Day Campers: Automatically join our Virtual Class + Private lesson during the Camp session.
(ASP Camper : 180/130/50 , TKD Camper: 220/160/60)

Click Schedule below to download and See you in Virtual and Private Classes!!!!

[03/22/20]   #All_Day_Camp #KimsTKD_Virtual_Class Still open for Camp everyday! We are cleaning everywhere with Hydrogen Peroxide before and after classes.

Virtual classes are open tomorrow. Please stay tune for email today!!


[03/20/20]   *Updated SWAT team & Sparring

Good afternoon, Kim’s TaeKwonDo family!

We do have regular classes for All Ninjas Nd All Children.

But Due to safety we cancelled Sparring classes and SWAT team practice for today.

Stay tune for exciting News from us Next week!!

Thank you,

Master Kevin Kim

[03/13/20]   #LCPS_No_school_until_27th #AllDayCamp #KimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgVA
LCPS just announced schools out until 27th.

Make sure register kids for Camp until 27th with us!

Loudoun County Public schools are closed Today Thursday, 3/12/20 until 3/23/20
Kim’s TaeKwonDo will open for All day camp.

#Teachers_work_day Next Friday 3/20/20 is #All_Day_Camp and following Friday 3/27/20 is also #TeachersWorkDay #KimsTKD will have All day camp with kids !!! Register now!
Drop off time 7:00am~10:30am
Pickup time 3:00pm~6:00pm
*Lunch & Lots of snack (No peanuts please!)
ASP $15 / TKD $60 per day

[03/10/20]   ****Mt.Kim Championship has cancelled for 3/14/20****

Dear, all parents We have informed from Grand master Mt.Kim that Mt.Kim championship has cancelled due to CODIV-19, Corona virus concern across the country. which already is in the Northern Virginia area. Our utmost concern is for the health, safety, and well-being of our competitors, families, referees, judges, and staff. We hope you will understand this difficult decision.
All checks will returned to parents.

We sincerely thank you all for your continued support of this event and your patience during this difficult time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email or phone.
Master Kevin Kim 703-336-7400

#Mtkimtournament #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgVA Tournament participants shared their experiences of tournament to first timers at Pizza time!

#for_tournament #Mtkimtournament #kimsTKD #leesburg #leesburgVA Our students practice hard for Mt.Kim tournament ! Why not to give them pizza break for awards, right!? #pizza_break for #good_students

#AirandSpace_Museum #Museum #KimsTKD #FieldTrip #Leesburg #LeesburgVA
Lucky day, rain stopped right before we get there. Air and Space Museum for all ! They actually added about 10 more air planes!! We’ve been here before but New air planes every visit! We can t wait to visit again for summer!!!!

Make sure turn your application in soon as possible. There are two practice session on this Saturday 12pm-3pm and Saturday, next week 12pm-3pm #Mtkimtournament #LetsDoIt

House of discipline

Courtesy | Respect | Confidence

Korean martial arts is TaeKwonDo

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Kim's TaeKwonDo Summer Camp Week 10
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' Summer & Friends & Smiles ' at Week 5



707 E Market St
Leesburg, VA

General information

Master Kim's Tae Kwon Do school 'AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM school with Character Education' *Character Education : Learning about - Morality, Creativity, Spontaneity, Problem solving, Lack of prejudice, Acceptance of facts. Self-esteem, Confidence, Achievement, Respect of others, Respect by others. Friendship, Family. K-12 Math, Science & Leadership, recreation teachers will help homework, give yoga, origami, Arts, Spelling bees classes etc. Parents will get Report cards each semester and students will have their own web-based page(student portal) from our website so they can manage their homework and pictures, TaeKwonDo belt ranks and Feedback between our school and students. 'Higer than standard', by many ways but We are getting lots of appreciation from our parent(s) because We been making our promise to our students and their family. Now, when we pick up kids from their schools, parents will get automated text massage as 'Picked up Notice' and soon as they arrived at school, thet scan student ID and parents will get 'Check-IN' notification. We are very secure about that. and we repect State of Virginia school code. Let's share this benefits with your child(ren) at Master Kim TeaKwonDo Martial Arts. Life journey with TaeKwonDo. Please look around our website and try our Trials We do have trials for Taekwondo and We do have trials for After school programs. We try to get closer to our future families. Master Kim TKD Leesburg provides top notch martial arts instruction to residents of Leesburg, Ashburn and its surrounding areas. We are official club members of USA Taekwondo, which is the National Governing Body for Taekwondo in the United States. We issue only official Kukkiwon Poom/Dan certifications for black belts and all our credentials are valid. Visit our studios to see the difference for yourself.

Opening Hours

Monday 06:30 - 20:30
Tuesday 06:30 - 20:30
Wednesday 06:30 - 20:30
Thursday 06:30 - 20:30
Friday 06:30 - 20:30
Saturday 08:00 - 15:00
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