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Great training results...happy student!

LearningRx testing & training online - working for kids and adults, improving core cognitive skills a brain uses to think, read, understand, learn, remember, go faster & pay attention.

LearningRx specializes in one-on-training, specifically targeting the cognitive weaknesses of each student changes the way the brain functions in memory, attention and with lasting results! We measure our training success according to pre-training testing and post-training results but the real results show in school, in sports and in life successes. Our ReadRx program averages over 3 years in gains--in as little as 24 weeks of training. Our average gain in IQ is 10+ points! Evening and weekend hours available by appointment. Contact us today!

Mission: We change lives through brain training.


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New Research Predicts Steep COVID Learning Losses Will Widen Already Dramatic Achievement Gaps Within Classrooms

Here is some unsettling data... https://www.the74million.org/article/new-research-predicts-steep-covid-learning-losses-will-widen-already-dramatic-achievement-gaps-within-classrooms/

the74million.org As they attempt to plan for anticipated student learning losses next year, teachers and school administrators need to prepare for an additional pandemic-related challenge: Students in individual classrooms are likely to show up with a dizzyingly wide range of academic abilities. Before pandemic-rela...


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LearningRx Leesburg's cover photo

LearningRx Leesburg's cover photo

LearningRx Leesburg's cover photo

LearningRx Leesburg

LearningRx Leesburg's cover photo

LearningRx Leesburg's cover photo

We train adults too! Looking for a way to revitalize your cognitive process? We are ready to help.

Free downloadable book! http://www.unlocktheeinsteininside.com

LearningRx Leesburg's cover photo


7 Secrets to Engage Online Learning for Students with ADHD; Tip #3


learningrx.com Today we're sharing Tip #3 from ADDitude Magazine's article on strategies to help children with ADHD get started and stay motivated to finish their school work.  This tip—"Use audiobooks to improve comprehension and spark more interest"—is especially helpful to children with language processing...

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LearningRx Leesburg

LearningRx Leesburg

LearningRx Leesburg's cover photo

LearningRx Leesburg

A person’s ADD ADHD symptoms depend on the type of ADHD they have. There are three types of ADHD. They are a) hyperactive-impulsive ADHD, which is characterized by hyperactivity without inattentiveness, b) inattentive ADHD (also known as ADD)which is characterized by inattention without hyperactivity, and c) combined ADHD, which is characterized by both inattention and hyperactivity. Combined ADHD is the most common of the three. A child’s ADD ADHD symptoms will vary depending on which of these three disorders is present.

In order to diagnose a person with ADHD, these ADD ADHD symptoms must show up before the child is seven years old. In addition, these ADD ADHD symptoms must be present in more than one setting (at home and at school, for example). Also, it must be clear that the symptoms are negatively affecting his or her ability to function normally in school, work and social settings.

A person may exhibit some or all of the following ADD ADHD symptoms in one of the following three categories:

Has low “attention to detail” skills, tending to produce work that shows careless mistakes and is messy
Can be easily distracted by small noises and sights that would escape the notice of most people
Has difficulty maintaining attention on a project or task
Changes from one task to another without completing either task
Has a tendency to procrastinate
Can be disorganized; forgetful
Does not complete tasks, homework, chores, etc.
Has a hard time listening and paying attention during a conversation
Has Difficulty remembering / following directions during games / in social situations
Has a tendency to be fidgety or squirmy while seated
Frequently leaves seat to walk or run around
Is prone to run or climb on things even in social settings that do not facilitate running and climbing. Teens and adults may simply appear restless in a social setting.
Has difficulty with relaxing or simply playing quietly
Has a tendency to be always moving
Is prone to excessive chatter
Can be impatient
Interrupts others, in the classroom or socially
Answers questions while the question is still being asked; often forgets to raise a hand to answer
Doesn’t wait in turn
Has a tendency to intrude or interrupt to the point of friction / conflict with others

Neuroscientist reviews LearningRx and talks about why brain training works

See what a neuroscientist says about brain training at LearningRx! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsX_rlW4jl8

http://www.learningrx.com Neuroscientist Dr. Christina Ledbetter reviews LearningRx and talks about the reason it works: "One of the things that most impress...


How This Skill Is Helping Me Survive COVID-19 With Depression and Anxiety

Hey stressed moms & dads... maybe this helps a little? https://themighty.com/2020/05/breathing-help-survive-covid19-mental-illness/?utm_source=newsletter_coronavirus_list&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter_coronavirus_list_2020-05-12&$deep_link=true

themighty.com "This is not a vacation. This is survival."

[05/14/20]   How about a free resource to help break the boredom and do something good for young brains? Just email us at -- [email protected] Ask for the "FREE FUN BRAINY STUFF"


National Aquarium | Broadcasting Live from the National Aquarium

Here's a great break for your brain! https://www.aqua.org/Experience/live

aqua.org View live stream video from the National Aquarium's Jellies, Blacktip Reef and Pacific Coral Reef exhibits.

LearningRx Brain Training

Episode 6 of "Train Your Brain Tuesday" is here!


Happy Tuesday! Episode 6 of "Train Your Brain Tuesday" is LIVE and this week, LearningRx CEO Kim Hanson joins a virtual classroom of 5th and 6th graders to demonstrate brain training games! With school wrapping-up for many families across the country, these brain training exercises provide fun and educational breaks that your kids may use to fill time over summer break.

We know that many families are still feeling the stress from COVID-19, so we are happy to provide these free activities if and when your child(ren) or you need a little extra brain boost!

In this week's episode, Kim demonstrates brain training exercises that strengthen skills like attention, processing speed, working memory, long term memory, and visual processing; all vital for every day learning. Head to our website (www.learningrx.com/tybt) to download the FREE materials needed for the video if you want to follow along!

[05/10/20]   Testing and training going online! Still offering one on one training-just in the comfort of your home via Zoom!

LearningRx Brain Training

Did you catch last week's episode of Train Your Brain Tuesday? Can YOU beat this U.S. Air Force fighter pilot? We want to see you attempt to beat his speed!

Last week, in our latest video episode of "Train Your Brain Tuesday," we announced a BIG challenge when we asked you to try to complete a brain training exercise in less time than it took to complete by a U.S. fighter pilot!

HINT: He finished in just 35 seconds!

In the video below, meet retired Colonel and US Air Force fighter pilot Jeff Moore, as he reveals what it takes to be a skilled pilot and what brain skills he used to be a star pilot. Then, watch him in action as he performs brain training exercises at (close to) mach speed! We want to see you do the same! When you beat his time (or even just attempt to!), take a video and send it to us here on our page!

You can download additional materials mentioned here: https://bit.ly/2SUanrF


Brain Training Center | Cognitive Skills Training


learningrx.com LearningRx is a brain training center that has helped clients with ADHD, dyslexia, traumatic brain injuries, learning struggles, and other difficulties turn their weaknesses into strengths. We have over 35 years of experience and have helped over 100,000 adults and children.

GET OUT! Next time the sun comes out get out of the house and in your yard!

Lots of activities are good for your kid’s brain: music lessons, board games, learning a second language, puzzles, and personal brain training.

But unstructured play has taken a back seat in our ever-busy, high-tech world. Remember hide-and-seek, dress-up, restaurant, bike rides, roller skating, building snowmen and making up dance routines? That’s “unstructured.” (And fun!)

And here’s some good news: several studies have shown that this type of activity is beneficial not only for physical health and emotional maturity (think sharing, compromise, dealing with disappointment), but also cognitive skills.

In one recent study from the University of Colorado, psychologists studied the play habits of 70 six-year-olds. They kept track of how much time the kids spent doing spontaneous activities (in other words, not structured or organized by an adult), like imaginative play and self-selected reading. They also kept track of how much time the kids spent in “structured” activities (organized and supervised by adults), such as homework, community service, sports practice or music lessons. The results?

The kids who spent more time in “free play” had more highly developed self-directed executive function.
The kids who engaged in more structured activities had less self-directed control.
Why is this important? For starters, when asked to rank the most vital skill for school readiness, kindergarten teachers said “self-regulation.” Early self-regulation levels are also linked to academic achievement later. This high level of executive function helps kids stay focused and independent in the classroom and when doing homework.

When kids get to make their own decisions about what they’ll play, who they’ll be, where they’ll stand in the hierarchy of bullies, bosses and shy kids, they build self-confidence. They learn other important skills, like problem-solving, making decisions based on consequences, calculating risk, creative thinking, visual processing (reading treasure maps) and auditory processing (“Simon Says”), among others.

This isn’t to say you’re doing your child a disservice by enrolling them in soccer camp or an art workshop this summer. Just don’t aim to fill every moment of every day with a planned activity. They’ll have plenty of structure when school starts up in the fall. For now, start thinking about how summer can be about fun. Don’t try to dictate the play time, but if you happen to be invited to join in -- get out!

This may be the largest "Summer Slump" we've seen. Its real. See our website to see how we can help!

A big thank you to all the people that have liked or shared our links here or our webpage! Small businesses like ours are really struggling right now and your support means we can stay in the business of helping people!

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Remote Training Online means its still up close and personal!

Personalized one-on-one metacognitive, with a certified trainer, live, online testing and training via Zoom (live streaming to your home), specifically targeting the cognitive weaknesses of every student changing the way the brain functions in memory, attention and with lasting results--that’s LearningRx! We measure our training success according to pre training testing and post-training results but the real results show in school and in life successes.

Our ReadRx program averages over 3 years in gains--in 24 - 32 weeks of training.

Our average gain in IQ is 12+ points!

Our approach is what sets us apart from other brain training methods. Unlike online brain games, we set clients up with their own personal trainer for one-on-one mental workouts. This relationship allows us to:

  • Customize our services to the unique needs of each client

  • Challenge clients to push themselves to reach their potential

  • Reassure clients that failure is not something they should avoid, yet a stepping stone to success

  • Encourage struggling clients to embrace the challenges and celebrate their gains
  • Call us today -- evening and weekend hours available by appointment.

    Train your brain with a live trainer online-- train to learn differently!

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